Dark Tower Kickstarter Enters Week Two!

Our massive Dark Tower Kickstarter is set to break all records!

Right out of the gate, our Original Adventures Reincarnated #7: The Dark Tower Kickstarter has been nothing short of amazing! ALL of the initial stretch goals that we set in place have been met — so we’re hard at work on some new ones!

So far, you’re tremendous support has unlocked upgrades to the books themselves like integrated ribbon bookmarks, foil printing on the slipcase, and full color painted endsheets with new art. But it’s all the extra content that fans have achieved so far that really gets the gamer blood pumping — the inclusion of the complete The Sunken Temple of Set adventure as well as an all-new adventure, The Secrets of the Sphinx, a new sub-level to the original dungeon, new patrons for DCC and magic items for 5E, and player aids like a ready to use pre-gen character booklet and a full color poster map of the region. And just wait until you see what we’ve got planned next!

Of course, in addition to stretch goals, there are huge add-ons to be had as part of the Kickstarter, including our First Time Fan Kit, Dark Tower themed dice sets, miniatures, and a t-shirt, even the opportunity to purchase other titles in the Original Adventures Reincarnated line at a discount from the cover price!

All of this on top of the already impressive update and conversion of this classic mega-dungeon of yesteryear for both DCC and 5E in an heirloom-quality format. It’s a slice of history that isn’t meant to just sit on your shelf (although, talk about shelf appeal . . . hubba hubba!) but to be played and appreciated by a new generation of fans.

This classic adventure is getting the full OAR treatment, with reprints of the original module and an updated version for 5E! On top of that, there will ALSO be a version that adapts the module for DCC RPG!

OAR #7: The Dark Tower will be a slipcased 3-book set, collecting old and new material. Volume 1 reprints the original module with introductions and historical commentary. Volume 2 is the 5E rules conversion of the original adventure, The Dark Tower. And volume 3 is an entirely new series of adventures entitled The Chosen Sons of Set, building on the concepts presented in the original

Only Monsters Here

Publisher: Chthonstone Games

Only Monsters Here is a setting supplement for The Nightmares Underneath (second edition) that focuses on overland exploration in a hostile wasteland full of monsters. It is a product of the Monthly Monsters patreon.

Both pdf and print versions are letter landscape (11 x 8.5). DriveThruRPG only offers the premium colour option for this format, but you can find a standard colour version on Lulu.

Only Monsters Here contains:

  • An overland hexcrawl exploration setting, with factions, landmarks, a hex map, and new rules for travel and vehicles. There is both a dangerous wasteland AND a ruined city to explore.
  • Numerous random tables for generating dungeons, encounters, events, settlements, and other locations.
  • Playable monster types, including chaos riders, dark elves, goblins, mutants, pirates, orcs, spider people, and trolls.
  • A complete bestiary with over a hundred different monster stat blocks.
  • A conversion guide for other old school fantasy role-playing games, in case you want to use this setting with a different set of rules.

A note of caution: This is an open world, sandbox style setting and it leans heavily on random tables and wandering monster encounters. There are a lot of monsters in it, but if you are looking for already-detailed dungeon maps or adventure scenarios, this may not be the book for you.

You can find the free no-art version of The Nightmares Underneath HERE.

Only Monsters HerePrice: $25.00

100 Hooks and Rumours to Hear in or about the Glorious Empire

Publisher: Mongoose

When asking around in the spaceport bar or anywhere else, Travellers may overhear rumours about events on other worlds. They may be insuring about a different matter entirely and stumble across additional information by accident. This supplement has 100 rumours that Travellers could hear. They can be used as misdirection, background information or as potential adventure hooks. The rumours in this supplement cover the Glorious Empire in the Trojan Reach, including current and former worlds of the Empire.

This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.

Here are some sample results:

  • It’s rumoured that one of the generals of the Glorious Empire has been speaking to one of the clans of the Hierate. The assumption would be that they are trying to ensure their position after the fall of the Empire by aiding in its fall. If true, this is not the sort of behaviour that would be considered to be remotely acceptable, and any general discovered doing such would no doubt be executed. So, it’s to be expected that secrecy would be paramount in such an operation.
  • It’s rumoured that the Glorious Empire suffered problems with some of its human dog soldiers recently, as there are reports that some of the units attempted to rebel against the Aslan. Though they were put down, the dog soldiers managed to cause quite a bit of damage before being stopped.
  • Keawoaw is a binary system with two red dwarf stars, one of which has started giving off flares. There have been rumours that the research station in the system caused the flares, using technology acquired from the Darrians. This is unlikely; however, another rumour suggests that the research base is built on an Ancients site, one which had similar technology to the Darrians’ Star Trigger, and that this technology is being experimented with.
  • Khau was conquered by the Triyr’leakhoa clan from the Glorious Empire three decades ago. Under the Empire’s rule, it was left primarily as it already was; an agricultural backwater where Solomani raised genetically modified variants of a Terran cattle. The Triyr’leakhoa are rumoured to be looking at the world as a potential hunting preserve, by releasing predators to eat the cattle, which the Aslan can then hunt. If true, that would likely be disastrous for the Solomani living there.
  • Khireia’khaioka is the Chief of Staff and

100 Character Goals and Motivations

Publisher: Azukail Games

Every game has a surface reason for the characters to be adventuring together. Goblins are raiding out of the Kormuroth Caverns, a diplomat needs an escort on their way to an important summit, a lost treasure is waiting to be found on an uncharted island and so on, and so forth. But down beneath that surface reason, there should be something the character is trying to achieve as well; some driving motivation that leads them on. Sometimes it’s connected to the plot, sometimes to the other members of the party, but this underlying motivation is one of the many forces that guides their action as the story goes on.

While there may be some quibbles about the differences between motivations and goals for some of the following entries, the idea is to get players and Game Masters thinking about what these characters care about, and why they do the things that they do. And if they manage to satisfy a particular motivation, then they should find a fresh reason to stay involved with their companions in order to make sure the character remains a part of the adventure going forward.

This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.

Here are some sample results:

You were rejected from membership in a prestigious organization. Whether it was a wizard’s college, a knightly order or an elite mercenary company, you took your shot, and just didn’t quite make it. Perhaps you’re trying to refine your skills so that the next time there’s a position, they’d be fools not to ask you to become a member. Maybe you’re trying to show them what kind of talent they missed by allowing you to get away. But that organization, for good or ill, is something of a focus for you.

You’ve always been a fearful sort. Not cowardly, per se, but you’ve always had an overdeveloped sense of danger out in the world. Your hope is that by facing your fears head on that you’ll be able to overcome them… maybe while helping others along the way who struggle with the same things you do.

You are trying to leave behind an addiction that’s really sunk its claws into you. Whether it’s poppy smoke, unhealthy gluttony or an even weightier burden, you’re trying to pull yourself out of it by getting onto

100 Encounters for Fantasy Rivers (3Deep)

Publisher: Azukail Games

This supplement has 100 different encounters that can be used to enliven a river journey, or for characters to experience when they are near a river. Some are best suited for those on boats, whilst others work for any form of travel, including travelling beside or across the river. They may be used as a source of background events, danger or potential adventure hooks.

This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.

Here are some sample results:

  • From a bluff overlooking the river some distance ahead come several flashes of light, perhaps from a signal mirror or a spyglass (an Awareness (Logic) roll with -1 to identify what’s causing it).
  • Heading in the other direction is a large barge that appears to hold stone that has been mined. The barge doesn’t appear to be well guarded, though there are a couple of outriders (humans mounted on horses armed with short bows and short swords) on the bank escorting it.
  • In the approximate centre of the river is a small, rocky island. Rising from the island are the ruins of an ancient tower whose sides have crumbled with age.
  • In the river is a predatory animal appropriate for the area (such as a crocodile). It will ignore boats, but may attack individuals in the water.
  • Levees have been built along the side of the river, though the earthen banks have been damaged in places.

One page is the front cover, one the front matter, half is ads and one the Open Game License.

The supplement is also available in the following versions: Lore 100, Pathfinder and system neutral. You do not need all versions.

100 Encounters for Fantasy Rivers (3Deep)Price: $1.49

XENOSCAPE – Testo delle Tradizioni

Publisher: Tin Hat Games

Esseri Senzienti, la vostra lotta per la sopravvivenza inizia qui!

State per essere proiettati su Materia, un mondo dove la memoria della civiltà umana è ormai sbiadita, un regno vegetale segnato da deserti radioattivi e foreste di cristallo, popolato da creature letali e bizzarre. La civiltà è regredita al baratto, la scrittura è proibita e l’unica cosa che conta è restare in vita.

Il Testo delle Tradizioni contiene:

Guida a MATERIA, alla sua flora, fauna e alle sue civiltà e ai suoi pericoli

REGOLAMENTO, perfetto per essere giocato da subito

6 SPECIE giocabili: Arbusti, Artropoidi, Cloni, Mecha-Suit, Necrocordiceps e Squamata

17 Cammini per fare evolvere il tuo personaggio in modo sempre differente

Una descrizione dettagliata di Oggetti, Manufatti, Risorse, Materie Prime per vivere pienamente Materia e raccogliere elementi per sopravvivere giorno dopo giorno

10 Spunti di avventura per iniziare a giocare da subito

Differenti modalità di gioco per giocatori esperti, inesperti o anche per giocare senza l’aiuto del Narratore

Scheda del personaggio (scaricabile gratuitamente al sito Tin Hat Games)

Il TESTO DELLE TRADIZIONI è uno dei due manuali che compone XENOSCAPE ed è pensato per essere giocato con il TESTO DELLE CREATURE.


Iscriviti al gruppo GDR dedicato: bit.ly/TinHatGamesGDR

Iscriviti al gruppo Telegram

XENOSCAPE - Testo delle TradizioniPrice: $13.20

May 23, 2022: Learn To Play Munchkin With Watch It Played

Many a new gamer has approached a game of Munchkin with a quizzical look on their face, and while we have over 20 years of resources, we now have another great utility: a Watch It Played video! Rodney is a pro at teaching games in video format, and we know not everyone learns the same way. Some folks love reading the rules, some would prefer being read to; this video is a great way to get a concise and clear explanation without having to pore over the rules. 

If you’re new to the game, or you want an easy way to teach a friend or family member, using this video should make it a breeze! 

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: Is It A Kilohexagram?

The Fantasy Trip gets new treasures, tricks, and threats with the Hexagram Bundle! The first eight issues of the magazine, at a bargain downloadable price – it‘s a bundle of fun . . . dare say we, a fundle? (No, we dare not.) Get it today from Warehouse 23!

Arms of House Rosznar

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Escutcheon displaying the heraldic coat of arms of house Rosznar. One of the noble houses of Waterdeep.

Formats included: PNG with clear background 2000×2000 pixels and PDF

Commercial License: This product may be used in your own products published on the DMsGuild. This product may not be sold as part of a stock art package or similiar product. If used for any commercial purpose, Ole Arnesen must be credited as the creator.

Arms of House RosznarPrice: $2.00

5e Magic Item Handouts | Form Fillable PDF

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A simple form fillable option to create magic item handouts. Only includes the blank form fillable PDF, does NOT come with any pre-filled magic items.

Includes the front with three back options; a standard black back that matches our other handouts, a white ink saver version of the same, and a text back for more complex magic items.

Quickly create your own item handouts to easily give to players and easy to use and remember while playing.

These handouts are great option to get all those bulky books off your table, stop wasting time leafing through papers and notes, and get back to playing dungeons and dragons! We are dnd players first and these were designed specifically to meet our own needs at the D&D table. All our friends love them, especially the newer players. We love using these and we’re confident you will too!

5e Magic Item Handouts | Form Fillable PDFPrice: $4.00

New Dice Sets Exclusively For DCC Day!

DCC Day is July 16, 2022! Check with your FLGS to make sure they’re a part of the celebration!

We are fast rolling up to DCC Day 2022 and this year we have a ton of exclusives to share with fans — including seven new dice sets — one for each of the new patrons in The Book of Fallen Gods! These are 7-dice sets with only the “DCC funky dice”: d3, d5, d7, d14, d16, d24, and d30. Dice of the Fallen Gods sets are available in seven colors: black, blue, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow, each of which correspond to a patron covered in another DCC Day exclusive for this year, The Book of Fallen Gods.

But you can only get these at participating DCC Day retailers. So fans, be sure to ask your local store to sign up and order a set for you. Supplies of dice in particular are limited. Stores that sign up early will have the best chance of getting all seven colors! Suggested retail price is $15.00 per set.

Email [email protected] for details about DCC Day sign-up.

Dice of the Fallen Gods – Chaar’s Shadow Stones (Black Dice)
Dice of the Fallen Gods – Ivyeel’s Entwining Emeralds (Green Dice)
Dice of the Fallen Gods – Olathvee’s Heartmad Hexahedrons (Red Dice)
Dice of the Fallen Gods – Shayl’s Shimmering Shards (Blue Dice)
Dice of the Fallen Gods – The Ianthinian’s Purple Polyhedrals of Power (Purple Dice)
Dice of the Fallen Gods – The Sallow Blight’s Jaundiced Jewels (Yellow Dice)
Dice of the Fallen Gods – The Twin’s Embers of Inspiration (Orange Dice)

Our Dice of the Fallen Gods sets correspond with the new DCC Day exclusive patron supplement, The Book of the Fallen Gods.

Lingering since the dawn of the multiverse are a cabal of deposed deities: the Un-Gods. These entities are the innate forces of the cosmos—entropy, love, power, creation, and life—that influence creatures, nations, planets, and galaxies alike. Each has vast power at their command and are willing to share that supremacy with those willing to forge compacts with them. But all such bonds come with a price, a price not all are willing—or capable—of paying.

The Book of Fallen Gods introduces seven new patrons for use in your Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG campaign. With powers ranging from love to destruction, one of them is bound to tempt

Bloody Awful Business

Publisher: White Wolf

Bloody Awful Business: A Kindred’s Guide to the Circulatory System is a Player’s Guide and Storyteller’s Resource for Vampire: The Masquerade Fifth Edition which explores the methods and manipulations of the Kindred blood trafficking operation known as the Circulatory System. Discover the inner workings of the Circulatory System, the vessels under their control, and how to use this bloody underworld in your chronicle.


  • An in-depth exploration of the Circulatory System, its power structures, the mortals it controls, and how it operates

  • Narrative pieces illustrating the impact and influence of the Circulatory System in vivid, visceral detail

  • Four new thin-blood alchemy recipes, from extra-potent drugs to bagged clots

  • Mechanics for thin-bloods to utilize amalgam Disciplines through alchemy

  • Eight example scenarios to bring the Circulatory System into your chronicle and character stories

  • Seven pre-made SPCs connected to the Circulatory System, including art, plot hooks, and full stats for each character

  • Four new Loresheets providing mechanical advantages for connections to the blood trafficking empire

Your download includes a full graphic PDF in standard and high quality, as well as a plain text version for screenreaders and dyslexia-friendly version using the OpenDyslexic font.

Mature Content Warning: This supplement contains graphic descriptions of human trafficking, abuse, and violence which may not be suitable for everyone. Reader discretion is advised.

Bloody Awful BusinessPrice: $7.95

WebStar Enterprises Table Tent

Publisher: WebStar Enterprises

Table tents have been used in all manner of conventions or other events in otder to identify the person behind it.  Generally, this is a paper or cardstock triangle listing your name and perhaps some other information. 

The WebStar Table Tent takes this concept and makes it more useful to players and game masters alike.  This is a PDF form-fillable document with spaces for the following:
Character Name

  • Race/Species
  • Gander
  • Significant Statistic
  • Statistic Score
  • Character Description
  • Character Portrait/Coat of Arms/etc.
  • Player Name
  • Organization Info (i.e., RPGA/DCI #)

All of these fields can be used for any other purposed needed for your table.

Purchase and download the file, enter your informations, print on heavy paper or cardstock, then follow the printed instructions to folk and display.  Easy as pi!

WebStar Enterprises Table TentPrice: $0.50

S-Class Characters: The Sorcerer

Publisher: Samurai Sheepdog

“The original Pathfinder RPG summoner class is fine.”

I’m glad you think so. In that case, you’re going to love the s-class sorcerer, which has been balanced around the same general power level as the original summoner while still remaining fully compatible with a standard adventuring party. In fact, we are retuning every other class to be on par with that one, and the sorcerer is just one such offering. If this proves popular, we’ll be sure to release more, and eventually collect them into a full book for POD.

What’s Inside

  • A full, 20-level s-class that you can bring to the table right beside others like it, including the original s-class, the summoner.
  • 4 sorcerer upbringing options. Choose from arcane (traditional) sorcerers, divine, occult, or primal sorcerers. Each offers a different take on sorcerous spellcasting that fits the class without breaking the theme or the game. Available for both standard and s-class characters.
  • A sample of 0- through 9th-level spells for easy reference.

In addition to the s-class description, this is a full-use document for your character. No need to look at other books unless you need to know greater details, such as feat prerequisites and such (we intentionally summarize these so they’re usable, but you have a reason to pick those up if you want to use them outside of the context of the s-class character).

S-Class Characters: The SorcererPrice: $1.00

WYC21 – Garden of Discontent

Publisher: Adventures in Filbar

The party is tasked with picking up an item from a nearby herbologist. Easy task and decent pay until the party realize the herbologist is gone and has left the package out in his colorful garden. While pretty, there are some dangers the party wasn’t expecting!

This adventure setting was designed for 5th Edition rules for the Filbar Campaign for four, mid (3rd) level adventurers and DM.  This adventure is easily adaptable to most any game and system. Save yourself some time and utilize it for a one shot adventure or a continuing campaign. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @FilbarRPG for updates and offers!

WYC21 - Garden of DiscontentPrice: $3.00