Ansalon area map 2

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This is a photoshop drawn map of a area in Ansalon. The map has a high resolution which you can zoom in quite a bit and if you want you can without problem scale it up. 


Included versions:

  1. Area map of a part of Ansalon TEXT and SYMBOLS
  2. Area map of a part of Ansalon no text

These maps include a commercial license, as such, you can add them to your DM’s Guild products. You may not use this image as a selling point or include these illustrations in another stock art collection, other specific actions not admisible are described in the attached copyrights document.Skrmavbild_2024-07-18_kl._10.56.34.png

Ansalon area map 2Price: $4.50

The Deadeye Class – A unique take on a gunslinger class

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Firearms are an exotic and powerful weapon, as they are usually expensive and hard to make or come to. Because of this, those who specialize in this kind of weaponry usually are feared and respected.

Deadeyes are precisely people who have reached an innate understanding of firearms and its ammunitions, capable of wielding them like no other.

This module includes:

  • Base Deadeye class, a martial class with a focus on ranged combat, with features from levels 1 to 20.
  • Seven full subclasses: The Ammomancer, The Duelist, The Gunsmith, The Monster Hunter, The Sniper, The Spellslinger, and The Sheriff.
  • An entire new category of martial ranged weapons: Firearms
  • An entire system to modify firearms and ammunition, allowing you to create powerful combinations.

The Deadeye Class - A unique take on a gunslinger classPrice: $1.99

Sacred Oath – Oath of Love

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


Help your friends and fill your life with empathy with this new Paladin Subclass

Subclass features:

– Oath of Love Spells

– Channel Divinity

– Aura of Unity

– Heart’s Resolve

– Avatar of Love

Sacred Oath - Oath of LovePrice: $0.50

R12: The Great Spire

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This is the 12th  adventure in the R series, taking place after R11: Whispers of the Serpent. It can also be run as a standalone adventure or even scavenged for individual encounters.

In this adventure, the PCs enter the Great Spire, the tomb of the D’Aroine wizard Draoi Crann. At the command of Narsesux, the lich Valyssa-Teth has arisen to serve the will of his chosen one, Edina. The fate of Rel lies in the PCs hands as they must secure a Sacrificial Orb, said to be entombed with Draoi Crann, to have any hope of defeating the lich.

While not malicious, the builders of the spire wanted no one to disturb the eternal rest of Draoi Crann. To ensure her peace, the spire is protected by unsleeping guardians and deadly traps. Will the PCs secure the orb, or will their sacrifice be in vain?

The companion ZIP file contains JPEG versions of the maps (with and without grid), the Word file of the adventure and a Fantasy Grounds Unity Module file. This adventure is suited for a party of 3-6 characters of level 8-12

Videos for my D&D products are available on my Eternal Library: Random Universes YouTube channel.

Information about my other D&D products is available on my web site,


The adventure includes:

  • History/Background
  • New Monsters
  • NPC Stats
  • Color Maps
  • Encounters
  • New Magic Items
  • The Semi-Lich option for PCs

The companion ZIP file contains:

  • Maps (with and without grid)
  • Illustrations
  • Fantasy Ground Unity Module
  • Word File of the adventure

R12: The Great SpirePrice: $5.99

Dragonguts (2nd ed) [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

450222-thumb140.png Dragonguts (2nd Ed)
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
Have you ever walked around inside a dragon? Zoth is ill and needs some adventurers to find out what’s happening in his body. This contains a complete Dungeons & Dragons one-shot adventure for 4-6 3rd level characters, as well as maps and tokens for each location and monster….
441920-thumb140.png Dragonguts (2nd Ed) | Roll20
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
 Roll20 VTT
Have you ever walked around inside a dragon? Zoth is ill and needs some adventurers to find out what’s happening in his body. This contains a complete Dungeons & Dragons one-shot adventure for 4-6 3rd level characters, as well as maps and tokens for each location and monster….
Total value: 0
Special bundle price: 0
Savings of: 0 (45%)

Dragonguts (2nd ed) [BUNDLE]Price: $5.90

PF1sday brings Mediterranean Races, new Roll20 modules, and Sea Monsters!

We are excited to unlock even more amazing Pathfinder RPG options for your campaign with Mediterranean Races, bringing you over 100 racial traits, abilities, feats, spells, and more for a dozen playable races from Greek mythology and Mediterranean legend, including brand-new races like the fey melia and naiads and expanded options for changelings, tritons, sirens, atlanteans, spartoi, sthenoi, and more! If you want a dash of Bronze Age flavor in your campaign, grab this new 30-page book by Margherita Tramontano today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazon, or DrivethruRPG!

PS – This book is an ideal companion to our Mediterranean Monsters bestiary for PF1, also available at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazon, or DrivethruRPG!


We also have been working hard to expand our PF1 offerings for our fans using the Roll20 virtual tabletop, and we want to make sure you check out killer new class books up there like Legendary Druids and Legendary Slayers, beautiful bestiaries like Asian Monsters (PF1 and Latin American Monsters (PF1) awesome adventures like Legendary Planet: The Assimilation Strain and Horns of the Hunted, and even our Kingdom Event Cards for fans of our killer kingdom-building rules in Ultimate Rulership and Ultimate Kingdoms!


Last but not least, our latest Quick-Starter project is nearly ready for you with Sea Monsters: Pirates, Plunder, & Peril, launching on next Tuesday, July 23!

Within these pages, you’ll find over 60 maritime monstrosities and nautical nemeses for your heroes, from low-level minions of the deep like mutant sahuagin and monstrous mythic merrow, to vast living islands and half-alive coral golems, plus savage predators like the devilfish and slaughtermaw lamprey, and legendary foes like the scylla, charybdis, and even the Midgard Serpent, all available for Pathfinder RPG, Pathfinder Second Edition and DnD 5E!

This project is subtitled Pirates, Plunder, & Peril, because if you’ve got sea monsters you’re going to want nautical adventure, and we have two titanic tomes of all things nautical with the Pirate Campaign Compendium for 5E (448 pages) and Pathfinder RPG (a whopping 500 pages)! Alas, no version yet for PF2. However, if you’ve got pirates, you’re going to want loot, plunder, and swag, and this project has terrific treasure

New DCC and Neon Lords in the Online Store!

We’ve got a fresh crop of awesome third party supplements and adventures new in the online store today! There’s a little something for everyone in today’s new releases — including some mighty deeds for your 0-level peasants!

Let’s check them out!

Mike Curtis Welcomes You to DCC Day 2024!

It’s that special time of year… and no we don’t mean Christmas! DCC Day is THIS weekend!

Director of Product Development (DCC RPG) Mike Curtis bring you an overview of this year’s DCC Day adventures and special items you can find at your friendly local game store! From DCC Day #5 to the foil edition of DCC #104 — and even some third-party goodness like an adventure from Dragon Peak Publishing and Orbital Intelligence — you’re sure to find something grand at participating stores!

Not sure if your store is participating? We’ve got you covered with our DCC Day Store Locator!

We can’t wait to celebrate all things DCC RPG this Saturday (July 20th) with you!

The great wall

Publisher: Arcadia’s Creations

This pack includes :

Great wall entrance (Day | Night)

The entrance to the great wall is under siege by members of the Salvation cult!

Top of the great wall (Day | Night)

The top of the great wall where the cult leader is located, but it could also be the entrance to any castle. The location seems to have been the battlefield of many poor souls.

Comes in 3 different qualities 72DPI(low), 150DPI and 300DPI(high)

Both comes with night variation : included only 150DPI

The great wallPrice: $1.49

Mysterious abandoned mine

Publisher: Arcadia’s Creations

This pack includes :

Mine entrance (Day | Night | Winter | Winter night)

A simple entrance to a mine which seems abandoned, you can find a small camping tent and old miner house near the entrance.

Mine entry

The entryway of the mine which seems to go deeper by either using the railway or the mine elevator next to it.

Mine depth

The elevator cart at the top of the mine didn’t fare well during its journey, leaving the entire area looking disheveled. Despite the chaotic scene, there’s an inexplicable allure emanating from the faint light in the distance, drawing you forward.

Ritual temple

A temple which seems to have been used for a summoning? Or maybe it was something else…


Old catacombs which seems to have been repurposed for other uses…




Comes in 3 different qualities 72DPI(low), 150DPI and 300DPI(high)

Variations are only available in the 150 DPI resolution

Mysterious abandoned minePrice: $4.99

Cthulhu Architect Maps – Palm Beach Bungalows – 35 x 35

Publisher: Cthulhu Architect Modern Maps
“Chuckling to herself, Nancy said aloud, “Romance and detective work won’t mix tonight!

― Carolyn Keene, The Bungalow Mystery

Welcome to the Palm Beach Bungalows! Your investigators may come here to enjoy a nice break, solve a mystery or interrogate the weird neighbors!

Included you will find:
  • all maps without watermark
  • grid & gridless
  • day & night variations
  • splatter & abandoned variations
  • floor plans
  • JPG Files in many resolutions (70 PPI, 140 PPI, 256 PPI)
  • PDF Files with the gridded maps ready-to-print

Palm Beach Bungalows – Day

Palm Beach Bungalows - Day

Palm Beach Bungalows – Night

Palm Beach Bungalows - Night

Palm Beach Bungalows – Splatter – Day

Palm Beach Bungalows - Splatter - Day

Palm Beach Bungalows – Splatter – Night

Palm Beach Bungalows - Splatter - Night

Palm Beach Bungalows – Abandoned – Day

Palm Beach Bungalows - Abandoned - Day

Palm Beach Bungalows – Abandoned – Night

Palm Beach Bungalows - Abandoned - Night

Palm Beach Bungalows – Floor plan

Palm Beach Bungalows - Floor plan

Cthulhu Architect Maps - Palm Beach Bungalows - 35 x 35Price: $2.99

Settings of the Wastelands [70% OFF BUNDLE]

Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
This very special 70% off bundle contains a dozen resources designed to help storytellers run games in places like post-apocalyptic wastelands, ruined cities, and bleak alien landscapes! They include our Platinum-bestselling “100 Oddities for a Wasteland” system-free sourcebook, several RPG supplements, a self-standing scenario that includes all of the rules needed to run it, two sets of mutant miniatures, and more.

204853-thumb140.jpg 100 Oddities for a Found Car
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
Welcome to the “Oddities” series of sourcebooks, each of which presents 100 imaginative elements, curios, and details to add to games and stories in whatever way you like! Oddities are things that stand out from the ordinary, and make you — and your characters — wonder about them.  This edition of the Oddities series looks at items that might be found variously in the trunk, glove compartment, or elsewhere inside a vehicle found by one or more characters. It is primarily intended for use with modern, horror, post-apocalyptic, or near-future science fiction role-playing game scenarios. Oddities are intended as aid to storytellers, turning possibly bland areas or gaming episodes into something more, and the goal of this publication is to make things more fun and to take your imagination i…
197523-thumb140.jpg 100 Oddities for a Wasteland
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
Welcome to 100 Oddities for a Wasteland, the sixth entry in the “Oddities” series of sourcebooks, each of which brings you 100 imaginative elements, curios, and details to add to your games, in whatever way you like.  Previous volumes in this series — including 100 Oddities for a Creepy Old House, 100 Oddities for a Graveyard, 100 Oddities for a Thieves’ Guild, 100 Oddities for a Wizard’s Library, and 100 Oddities for a Wizard’s Tower — have tied in primarily with the fantasy and horror genres, and 100 Oddities for a Wasteland is the first to cross over into post-apocalyptic science fiction. It is thus ideal for adding a twist to encounters for Gamma World, Mutant Future, and many other modern, sci-fi, and post-apocalyptic games.  Oddities are intended to aid GM creativity, turning poss…
64698-thumb140.jpg Creatures of the Wastelands: Habitats
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
Creatures of the Wastelands: Habitats is devoted to some of the possible environments and locations that might exist in a post-apocalyptic campaign setting and how they can be used in

July 18, 2024: Dungeons & Dragons Stamps Available For Pre-Order

Do you want your tax return to depict a hero lost in a maze? Or perhaps your holiday cards could do with the festive colors of the five-headed dragon Tiamat? Good news! Dungeons & Dragons stamps are now available for pre-order from the US Postal Service!

Depending on the geek-type collector you’ve leveled up to, there is a treasure chest brimming with different options suitable for framing, collecting, or giving as potential loot to would-be adventurers. And they’re “Forever” stamps, so you can send letters bearing an archlich with an undead army for decades to come.

According to the Nerdist website, if you’ll be at Gen Con this August, there may be opportunities to get them at Lucas Oil Stadium – the location of different gatherings of gaming enthusiasts.

Steven Marsh

Warehouse 23 News: The City Never Sleeps Because Of All The Action

There are a million stories in the city, and they’re all exciting! GURPS Action 9: The City shows how you can add GURPS City Stats to your GURPS Action campaigns. It also features six sample cities to use with your own action-packed adventures. Download it today from Warehouse 23!

The Underdark Map: 3rd Edition Revisited

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Delve into the Depths: A High-Resolution Map of the Forgotten Realms Underdark (3rd Edition)

Unveil the mysteries and dangers lurking beneath Faerûn with this meticulously detailed map of the Underdark, designed specifically for Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition campaigns or the latest versions. Explore the subterranean labyrinths, encounter strange creatures, and discover lost civilizations in this vast and perilous realm.


  • High-Resolution Clarity: Immerse yourself in the Underdark’s intricacies with stunning 4k resolution, perfect for printing large-scale maps that bring your adventures to life.
  • Customizable Options: Choose between versions with and without text, allowing you to tailor the map to your specific campaign needs.
  • Atmospheric Aesthetics: Select from vibrant color or classic sepia tones to match your preferred visual style.
  • Comprehensive Detail: Navigate the depths with confidence, guided by clearly marked Underdark cities, locations, and points of interest.
  • Campaign-Ready: Enhance your storytelling and world-building with a map that serves as both a visual aid and a source of inspiration.

Whether you’re a seasoned Dungeon Master or a curious adventurer, this map is your key to unlocking the secrets of the Underdark. Prepare for thrilling encounters and unforgettable journeys as you descend into the darkness.

Format: PDF

Resolution: 4k


  • With text
  • Without text
  • Color
  • Sepia

Note: This map is designed for use with Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition and is based on established lore within that Edition. Can be used for Newer versions at your own discretion. 

Embark on your subterranean odyssey today!

The Underdark Map: 3rd Edition RevisitedPrice: $9.00