D&D Bingo!

D&D Bingo!Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Play Bingo at the Table by watching for common and uncommon D&D experiences.  Player rolling 1s?  Character loves to haggle?  Villain always an evil wizard?  Spot these occurances and line them up for Bingo and earn in-game rewards!

DM’s Hand out these Bingo Cards and reward paying attention with one inspiration, one auto success, a 500 point Experience Bonus, or your choice of in-game reward.

7 Bingo Cards with 1 Blank Card for Creating Your Own Bingo Circumstances

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Recipes Of The Realms II: Recipes For Famous Foods In The Forgotten Realms and Beyond

Recipes Of The Realms II: Recipes For Famous Foods In The Forgotten Realms and BeyondPublisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

“Aye, looking to spice things up again are ye? Well here are some removes for you to feast upon before thy next harrowing adventure, where there is a high probability of you being removed from Faerun itself!”

Recipes of the Realms II is a companion document to our best seller, Recipes of the Realms. This addition provides more side dishes, removes, and sauces to bring the realms to life right on your dinner table. Again, we’ve provided game statistics on some items to provide for the opportunity to have a culinary experience in and out of game. Pick up this supplement and taste the realms today!

B. Wraven Wright has ghostwritten over 100 OGL D20 adventures and supplements for publishers large and small and also acted as a Slot 0 (beta tester) on over three dozen adventures for Living Forgotten Realms, the organized game play platform that was sanctioned by Wizards Of The Coast for Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition. He also created the 2Die10 Games imprint and successfully used Kickstarter to publish his own game and setting, Excelsior.

 If you enjoy this product, please check out other DM’s Guild titles by the same author.

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Otherworldly Patron: The Sunken God

Otherworldly Patron: The Sunken GodPublisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Sunken God is a patron inspired by the myths of the sea gods. Beings like Davy Jones, Poseidon, and other creatures of the deep. You gain a plethora of water-themed spells, including two converted spells from 3.5e.

This patron would go well in an ocean-themed campaign such as the upcoming Ghosts of Saltmarsh.

Price: $0.50

Druidic Circle: the Circle of Life

Druidic Circle: the Circle of LifePublisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Get your Lion King jokes out of the way. Make your tabaxi druid named Simba. Go nuts.

This Druidic Circle focuses on the concept of life and death as two-sides of the same coin. That without balance, the cycle will collapse. These druids gain powerful healing abilities and equally powerful destructive abilities.

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Map of Arkham

I have a new Lovecraftian novel coming out later this year and would like to include a map of Arkham for reader reference. Can anyone recommend an Arkham map I could ask permission to reprint?…

Soul for the Ocean Dark DCC Kickstarter!

The amazing cavalcade of third-party DCC Kickstarters continues, adding another new one to the list. This time out it’s from The Keep Studios, the same folks who brought us Sword in the Jungle Deep.

Soul For the Ocean Dark is the new 0-level adventure funnel for Dungeon Crawl Classics that has the characters starting out with a simple task: save the world. Set in a world without a sun, this adventure puts the would-be adventurers on a path to restore the only light the world has ever known, and all of the challenges that go along with it.

Here’s a description from their Kickstarter page:

Players will create characters from a dark and isolated world which has never known a sun. A towering, mystical lighthouse provides the closest thing to natural light for this world. Since time immemorial, it has pushed back against the oppressive darkness of the Void, providing salvation from the endless horrors that await in the dark. Suddenly, the world is plunged into darkness. With the hope of their people on their shoulders, and sputtering torches in their hands, the players must seek the missing light. 

Only a couple of days in to the campaign, the Kickstarter has already reached its goal. Now it’s just a matter of seeing how many stretch goals can be met before the whole thing ends. Head on over to their Kickstarter page to show your love and support! 

And Soul For the Ocean Dark isn’t the only active Kickstarter right now! There are still a couple other live ones in the pipeline at the moment, but they are much closer to the end of their run, so be sure to check the ones listed below before time runs out!

Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad

Back after a four-year hiatus, Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad reunites the original creators to bring you all-new mayhem!

The original band returns as Wayne Snyder, Edgar Johnson, and Adam Muszkiewicz bring your three new issues of this classic zine. The Avenue of One Thousand Gods will welcome many new visitors this outing, no doubt.

Enter Ur-Hadad, the First City of Ore, and discover its secrets!

For Glory #1: The Hexanomicon

Creator Ariel Churi has done something a little different with  For Glory #1: The Hexanomicon. Unlike most zines, this one presents a set of tools that allows the Judge to create a setting from a blank


GenresickPublisher: consilium games

Lovesick is a psychological horror game focusing on desperate, unstable romantics–and with a very unique twist.  Your group will play as the obsessive, dangerous, and painfully sincere main characters in a story of doomed courtship and warped romance.

Genresick is a supplement expanding Lovesick‘s intense, emotional gameplay into six new premises, providing original and unique settings, completely new additional mechanics, and guidance on how to structure a story using relationships and psychological strain as the focus of play.

In Sci-Fi, you’ll find yourselves forced to live and work together to survive–but dizzyingly free to decide who has power, who has responsibility, and . . . who doesn’t.

In Immersive Fantasy, you’ll explore the ancient, complex, and ever-shifting politics of three intertwined peoples, as they turn a page in their shared history–and discover your own path as you guide that of your people.

In Espionage, surrounded by enemies and with no way to know who you can trust, everyone will find their breaking point, and each other’s.

In Noir Crime Drama, your characters will wrestle with wrongful deeds, guilt, punishment, and desperation, and just might get involved in a criminal investigation on top of it.

In Sentai, you’ll do battle with evil and save the day!  But is it really anything so wholesome and simple as friendship that unites the heroes?

And in Ghost-Apocalypse, you’ll explore a truly unique take on apocalyptic settings and the aftermath of disaster, where the past not only isn’t gone, but isn’t even past.

In these thirty-six pages, you’ll find entirely new mechanical rules, compatible with Succession, Chamber+Circle, and The Queen Smiles, as well as other mechanics sourced from Book of Sand, Substitute Reagents, and One Red.  You’ll also find new storytelling and character guidance, and points of departure to incorporate material from these other titles by consilium games.  And in addition to a mobile-friendly EPUB edition, this title features a zip file containing the full resolution files comprising the cover art.

Price: $3.00

No, Really, It’s Me

No, Really, It's MePublisher: Follow Me, And Die! Entertainment LLC

This is my first adventure published on DriveThruRPG.

The player characters are doppelgangers who have replaced an adventuring party and must go back to town and convince other adventurers not to return to the dungeon.

Are you looking for a quick scenario idea that you can easily craft to your own style?

Check out my first adventure PDF which is a quick overview of an outline for one of my four hour convention games.

If this does well, I will eventually add all of my existing convention scenarios to my growing list of PDFs.

Price: $1.00

The Corrupted Jungle Collection

The Corrupted Jungle CollectionPublisher: PPM

This is a series of adventures that builds into a mini campaign. The action starts with the wrecking of the Wight’s Shadow. With the characters washed up on the beach they have many adventures before them and will face many horrors in a strange land of jungle, witchcraft and mutated monsters.

This book is organized into distinct adventures. The first is the entry point and will launch the characters into an adventure of survival. The adventure should cumulate in a confrontation with a powerful undead who has returned to her homeland to exact her revenge and destroy her own people who drove her away centuries before.

These adventures are scalable to a wide range of power levels and party sizes. You should look at the suggested encounters and the number encountered and decide at which level is most suitable for your party.

To make use of these adventures you will need to own a copy of Rolemaster™. The version that you use is not important as these adventures make use of creatures, professions and spells that are found in all versions. This is NOT an official product.

Price: $3.00

The Exodus System Sci-Fi Core

The Exodus System Sci-Fi CorePublisher: Thunderegg Productions

The Sci-Fi expansion for The Exodus System allows you to take your games into space and beyond. A standalone supplement for the bestselling Exodus System RPG, this is a vastly expanded book that includes tools to make it easier for you to play games in space, on alien worlds or even in cyberspace. It’s expanded beyond the basic Sci-Fi SRD with new rules for mass battles, new Flavors, and more

Character creations is fast and simple, but extremely deep. You can have a character up and running in about five minutes. Starship creation is just as easy.

To sweeten the pot, we’re running a special event. If, in the first 24 hours of this book’s release, we get 100 sales, we’re going to release the first expansion FREE to all users who bought the core book.

The Exodus System uses a modified OSR rule set that’s primarily designed for easy setup, as well as deep play without complicated mechanics.

Price: $10.00

March 24, 2019: Now On Kickstarter: Mercenaries, Spies, & Private Eyes RPG By Michael Stackpole


A classic! If you’re unfamiliar with Mercenaries, Spies, & Private Eyes, you’re in for a real treat! Written by Michael Stackpole back in the early eighties, MSPE is a complete roleplaying game that was constructed using Tunnels & Trolls as the underlying framework. The game, right up there with TSR’s Top Secret when it comes to the category of “fun spy RPGs of the eighties,” was first published by Flying Buffalo and later by Sleuth Publications, but it never seemed to achieve more than a cult status when it came to overall sales and popularity. That had nothing to do with the quality of the work – Stackpole, as you should know, is a master – but the glut of RPGs at the time, combined with the challenges in reaching a new audience, limited the game’s overreach.

Now, thanks to the magic of the internet and Kickstarter, Flying Buffalo is bringing back Mercenaries, Spies, & Private Eyes in a revised edition that combines the best of the Flying Buffalo and Sleuth Publications versions of the game. Having only ever owned the Sleuth Publications edition, I instantly jumped on this Kickstarter campaign and am very much looking forward to the game. And at only $6 for the PDF, you should definitely also join in and help this classic return. Great stuff at an incredible price? What RPG fan could resist this game?

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Become A Friend Of A Friend

Explore Florence during an era of explosive intellectual and creative advancements with GURPS Hot Spots: Renaissance Florence. And if you are a person of great skill and discretion, consider aiding the reigning Medici as one of the amici degli amici (“friends of friends”). Learn what you need to become part of an informal network of spies in Renaissance Florence with Pyramid #3/10: Crime and Grime. Discover these secrets with a discreet download from Warehouse 23 today.

Character Background: Parent

Character Background: ParentPublisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A 5E character background for adventurers with a family to fight for. 

Would you like to play a character whose life has been dedicated to their children? This background is for you!

A PWYW prequel to a new collection of backgrounds and character creation tables, coming soon!

Price: $0.50