Otherwordly Patron: The SCP Foundation

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Your patron is a shadowy organization dedicated to securing, containing, and protecting paranormal phenomena.
Such organizations routinely risk the lives of civilians, personnel, and field agents–including you–in the name of research.

In exchange for your unwavering dedication to its mission, the Foundation grants you limited access to its vast trove of material resources and forbidden knowledge.

Otherwordly Patron: The SCP FoundationPrice: $1.90

50 Spells for Spelljammer

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

In this collection of spells, we present a total of 50 unique spells between level 1 to 9. Artificers get 4, Bards get 10, Clerics get 15, Druids get 10, Paladins get 4, Rangers get 2, Sorcerers get 9, Warlocks get 21 and finally Wizards get 28 spells. All of these spells are inspired from the colleges from Spelljammer: Adventures in Space. These spells represent the general needs of the Astral Sea and Wildspace travelers during their Spelljamming. As a DM, you can use these flavorful spells in your campaign as a background or surprise your players with unknown magic. As a player, you can use these spells to enhance your tactics or invent new ones. Spells that specifically interact with spelljamming vehicles may also be used for seafaring ships in aquatic adventures or infernal vehicles on Avernus.

Have fun!

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100 Random Encounters for Spelljammer Adventures (Pay What You Want)


In this collection, we present 100 random encounters in Wildspace. We feel that random encounters should be more than tables of combat encounters and tried to reflect this mindset. There are lots of loot, danger, favors, possible plot hooks for extended play and of course, crowd favorite hamsters. We hope that you like it as both DMs and players.

NPC Collections Hiranen – CR 16 Erinyes Villain (Pay What You Want)


In this pay what you want product, we present Hiranen, a CR 16 challenging and detailed erinyes villian with its statistics, combat and tactics, roleplaying tips and adventure hooks. Hiranen is a lieutenant of the pit fiend Dumuzid who is at the head of an interdimensional evil organization, Fire Shackles. Hiranen is intended as a plug and play NPC.

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Strixhaven Scholars


This collection contains a total of 46 NPCs who all are CR 6. All of these NPCs are inspired the scholars of colleges from Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos, school on the plane of Arcavios in Magic the Gathering.

Each college gets at least 8 graduate characters who are stronger than their apprentice and pledgemage undergraduate peers but weaker than their professors from their college. As a DM, you can use these interesting NPCs for combat encounters in your campaign. From the players’ perspective, your players can use or hire these quite colorful henchmen or hirelings in their

SJ-DC-ANGKA-01 Requiem for Lost Souls

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A famous blacksmith seeks adventurers to check on his father.

Is this just a simple, wholesome mission, or is there something darker and more sinister happening?

A Four-Hour adventure for Tier 2 Characters. Optimized for APL 8.


Content Warning: Astrophobia (Space), Body Horror, Fantasy Violence

Wildspace system: Angka

This product includes:

  • Adventure PDF
  • Map Pack – Standard and Printer Friendly


Adventure by Johann Taslim

SJ-DC-ANGKA-01 Requiem for Lost SoulsPrice: $4.99

An Otherworldly Patron: The Space King

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A Space King from Another Realm… Can be YOUR Otherworldly Patron???

Yes!!! In this PDF, you get to explore the possibilities of having a greedy, spelljamming, space maniac of a ruler as your patron! With the ability to erase memory, as well as influence time in your favor, the Space King is an amazingly cool Patron! Are you ready to explore the cosmotic power of the Space King?

From way up in night sky, in a forgotten tower, rules an otherworldly patron, The Space King. Once a powerful wizard, the space king has become a spelljamming ruler of the cosmos. As the “True King of All Space”, his envy and greed makes him want to increase his power. He makes packs with warlocks in order to spread his domain on the worlds below, as well as the space above.

Become the first in your party to experience the otherworldly, or otherspacely, power of the Space King!

Explore the Possibilities of Space, on Earth, with the Space King

An Otherworldly Patron: The Space KingPrice: $0.50

Fighting Styles, Revised

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A common house rule or suggestion to improve martial characters or close the “martial-caster gap” is to give individual Fighting Styles a Feat associated with that fighting style. With the upcoming 1D&D playtest rules, this may even happen, but until that time, here’s a dedicated list of each Player’s Handbook Fighting Style and a Feat associated with it. When you take this Fighting Style, you automatically gain the Feat associated.

In the future, this may be updated with additional Fighting Styles and associated Feats. Updates will be provided for free!

Fighting Styles, RevisedPrice: $1.00

The End is Nigh for the Maw of Oblivion GameChanger for Deadlands: Lost Colony

In just a couple days, our GAMECHANGER campaign for Maw of Oblivion for Deadlands: Lost Colony comes to a triumphant conclusion!

Along with the new book, we’re also offering a number of other invaluable items in print and PDF including a two-sided, full-color Black City Map Pack, four sheets of sturdy, die-cut Deadlands: Lost Colony Pawns including character archetypes, villains, and additional forces, and two new Collectible Bounty Cards for Famine and War!

If you haven’t backed this project yet, make your way over to the Maw of Oblivion page on GAMECHANGER right now! Please note that your pledges are collected immediately, guaranteeing your funds go straight into our hands for the development and publication of Maw of Oblivion.

To learn even more about this exciting campaign, check out the latest episode (#219) of Morrus’ Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk featuring “Egg Embry’s Five Minutes at DragonCon,” this time with our very own Jodi Black (COO and Managing Editor for Pinnacle Entertainment Group). Jodi offers up a few deets about how our whole GAMECHANGER program works, talks a bit about Maw of Oblivion, and even shares exclusive info about some upcoming products! 😲

Savage Worlds Test Drive Rules Available for FREE on Roll20

Have you ever wanted to give Savage Worlds a try?

This absolutely FREE version of the Savage Worlds Test Drive Rules for use with Roll20 includes everything you need to play, including pre-generated characters, power cards, and rules for combat.

It also includes Blood on the Range, a brand new tale of death on the high plains for the Horror at Headstone Hill, a terror-filled campaign setting from Deadlands: the Weird West creator, Shane Lacy Hensley!

Once you’ve tried out the Test Drive Rules, purchase the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition core rules, and find all your Deadlands: the Weird West items right here!

If you’re a Roll20 gamer, now’s your chance to discover the Fast, Furious, Fun of Savage Worlds!

Rifts®: Game Master’s Handbook—Now on Fantasy Grounds & Steam

Well, THAT escalated quickly!

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 4.1.8 or higher, the Rifts®: Game Master’s Handbook is now available in the Fantasy Grounds store and on Steam.

Running Rifts® for Savage Worlds is unlike any game you’ve ever run before: everything is bigger, faster, and over-the-top, with more adventure and threats thanks to the gaping holes in space-time that define the setting. The heroes of the setting are powered up and equipped with the kind of gear you need to fight inter-dimensional wars.

The Rifts®: Game Master’s Handbook is packed cover-to-cover with everything you need to master a setting with decades of history and a Megaverse® of possibilities. A thorough yet concise overview of the world, with a focus on the North American continent where the Tomorrow Legion is based, adds to information about all the factions and other major known threats the heroes are likely to encounter. All you need to know about the ley lines, the Rifts®, how they work, and how to on-the-fly generate them at need is included.

You also get a powerful Adventure Generator tailored to the unique qualities of Rifts® North America and the foes that plague the Tomorrow Legion, powerful and useful advice on running a campaign for Rifts® for Savage Worlds; and much, much more!

Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Unity license and any ruleset. Compatible with Fantasy Grounds Unity. Rifts® and Megaverse® are Registered Trademarks of Palladium Books, Inc. All character names and likenesses are copyright and trademarks owned by Palladium Books, Inc. and used under license.

September System Sale: Savage Worlds on DriveThruRPG

You have until this Thursday morning to save a whopping 40% OFF on select Savage Worlds titles in week four of the September System Sale over at DriveThruRPG!

This includes a number of official releases from us as well as licensed products ranging from rulebooks, setting books, adventures, poster maps, character folios, card decks, GM screens, print-and-play miniatures, and even soundtracks!

Flesh out your collections of PDF supplements for Deadlands, Deadlands: Lost Colony, Flash Gordon, Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds, Rifts® for Savage Worlds, Rippers, and The Goon, all published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Or fill your virtual shelves with popular products from licensees including Battlefield Press (Robotech), Dog House Rules (Trailer Park Shark Attack), Fabled Environments (Monster Hunters Club), Gun Metal Games (Interface Zero), Just Insert Imagination (Wiseguys), Knight Errant Media (Titan Effect), and many, many more!

Don’t miss out on this amazing sale!

It all ends this Thursday morning at DriveThruRPG.

Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion—PDF Updates & Print Preorders

Whether you were an original backer of our hugely successful GameChanger crowdfunding campaign from April of this year or you’re new to the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion, the PDFs of the 240-page core book (version 1.3) and the Fantasy Archetype Cards (as well as the Fantasy Archetypes Boxed Set) have all been updated, and all three products are also ready for preorder in PRINT if you’re looking to get the physical books and cards to your game tables.

The Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion provides all the tools you need to travel to fantasy lands or create your own phenomenal setting… all in the award-winning Savage Worlds rules system!

UK/EU Retailer Locator

Are you a resident of Europe or the UK? Have you been trying to find someplace that carries Goodman Games material? Well, we’ve got good news for you!

We’ve compiled a list of stores that are known to regularly stock Goodman Games material, and it serves as a great launching point for fans looking for our product in that part of the world.

We are currently working on additional options for UK/EU customers to be revealed in the months to come, but for now, be sure to check out the stores listed below!

Store Name Country Website
Kabooom CH https://shop.kabooom.ch/
Spharenmasters Spiele DE https://www.sphaerenmeisters-spiele.de/
Puolenkuun Pelit FI https://www.puolenkuunpelit.com/kauppa/default.php
Speljatten SE https://www.speljatten.se/
Athena Games UK https://athenagames.com/
Beanie Games UK https://www.beaniegames.co.uk/
Black Lion UK https://www.facebook.com/blacklionedinburgh/
Counter Culture Games UK https://counterculturegames.com/
Dragon Cavern UK https://dragoncavern.co.uk/
Dungeonland UK https://www.dungeonland.co.uk/
Eclectic Games UK https://www.eclecticgames.co.uk/
Fside Games UK https://www.facebook.com/FSideGames/
Leisure Games UK https://leisuregames.com/
Ludoquist UK https://www.theludoquist.com/
Magic Madhouse UK https://magicmadhouse.co.uk/
Shop on the Borderlands UK https://shopontheborderlands.co.uk/
Zatu UK https://www.board-game.co.uk/

Maps: Old West Town Church

Publisher: Evil Robot Games

People living in a dangerous frontier seek comfort in their faith and their community, and the symbol of that community is often their house of worship.  Every old west town needs a church, Deadwood had five.

Old West Church

This map is full-resolution 300dpi for printing and also includes a 70 dpi version for use in your favorite VTT. 

The Golden Age of Steam is here for all your Wild West, Steam Punk, and Victorian gaming needs.

Maps: Old West Town ChurchPrice: $3.99

Speak with Animals – Magical Beast Companions I

Publisher: Orphaned Bookworm Productions LLC

Speak with Animals: Magical Beast Companions I adds 10 new magical companion companion stat blocks for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game including the ankheg, chimera, hydra and remorhaz. Additionally, you will get full NPC stat blocks and familiar boons for the new creatures introduced as companions in this book: the bunnicorn, enfield, and hollow hound. These companions are designed to work with the Beast Speaker and Beast Speaker Mastery feats. See the related Player Companion or SRD of choice for more information.

This product contains assets that were, wholly or in part, procedurally generated with the aid of creative software(s) powered by machine learning. (The cover piece)

Speak with Animals - Magical Beast Companions IPrice: $1.99


Publisher: White Wolf

The Giovanni had a price for every soul…

She lived and died for Clan Giovanni. It was all she ever wanted; to carry the honor and respect of her family. To be a necromancer of skill and feared for the souls she could command. To run one of the greatest cities in the New World. She had acheived all of it and more.

And they took it from her.

They took everything.  Right down to her very name.

Her soul was the only thing she had left.  It was just a matter of buying it back.

AcquisitionsPrice: $4.99