The Sloth Pit of Minauros: Expanding Chains of Asmodeus

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Welcome to Minauros, a realm where the very essence of desolation takes form. The air you breathe is tainted with poison, an invisible menace that seeps into your lungs, filling each breath with the taste of corruption. Decay is everywhere, a testament to the relentless cycle of destruction and rebirth that defines this layer of Hell.

This endless swamp is a landscape of despair. Visibility is a mere few feet ahead, and what lies beyond is left to the imagination, or perhaps, to the nightmares of those who dare to venture here. The remnants of ancient structures protrude from the muck like skeletal fingers, pointing accusingly at the sky, while the constant drip of moisture forms a cacophony of sound that fills the air with a sense of doom.

The flora and fauna of Minauros have adapted to this hellscape in twisted forms. Vegetation is sparse, consisting mainly of gnarled trees that ooze a sap as black as night, and thorny bushes that snag at flesh with a hunger born of the swamp itself. The creatures that inhabit this place are no less grotesque, from swarms of insects that buzz incessantly around decaying matter to larger predators that move silently through the fog.

Navigating Minauros is a challenge not just of physical endurance, but of mental fortitude. The swamp plays tricks on the mind, with paths that seem to shift when not observed and whispers that echo from nowhere. The city of Minauros itself stands as a monument to greed and despair, its buildings sinking slowly into the mire, yet its inhabitants continue to plot and scheme, their ambitions as boundless as the swamp that imprisons them.

Only the most daring or desperate make this their home. Welcome to Minauros, where every step is a battle against the encroaching decay, and every breath a defiance of the hell that seeks to claim you . . .

What is this?

This adventure is designed for heroes of 13th level and is centered around a gladiatorial arena named the Sloth Pit in the city of Minauros. First and foremost, you need to decide whether your players are acting on their own free will, or are captives. Both scenarios are described in these pages for you to explore.

1. Ensnared in Hell

Your adventurers may have been captured far from the swamps of Minauros, only to find themselves

Villains Reforged: Storm King’s Thunder

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

“The giant problem just got more giant-er…”

This compendium provides game statistics for six enemies that appear in Storm King’s Thunder as well as five custom magic weapons for the giant warlords.
The featured creatures have been reinterpreted with new stat blocks that offer a dynamic challenge with a more contemporary, action-oriented design.

Stat blocks include:

  • Imryth, Doom of the Desert
  • Countess Sansuri
  • Duke Zalto
  • Jarl Storvald
  • Thane Kayalithica
  • Chief Guh


Villains Reforged: Storm King's ThunderPrice: $1.49

Classe O Lutador (5E)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


O Lutador

Da Rua aos Ringues

“Um lutador é um combatente desarmado que usa técnicas, artes marciais e estilos de luta. Para um lutador existir ele precisa estudar e treinar por bastante tempo os conceitos básicos do combate desarmado. Diferente do Monge que estuda disciplina, Chi e tradições… o Lutador não se prende a nada a não ser nas próprias técnicas de luta e compensa sua falta de entendimento com a energia vital com bastante brutalidade e ferocidade.”

Neste PDF, você terá acesso à classe homebrew “O Lutador”, focada em ataques desarmados corpo a corpo, isto é para quem está cansado de monges e quer partir para a batalha na linha de frente.

O que há nesse pdf?

  • 14 arquétipos diferentes, inspirados em estilos de lutas reais: Boxing, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Qin’Na, Kung Fu, Capoeira, Aikido, Wrestling, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, Judo, Estrela e Wing Chun
  • Nova propriedade de arma
  • Classe totalmente corpo-a-corpo

Vindo dos ringues ou de lutas de rua, o Lutador sempre tem a postura certa ou o golpe final que ajudará seus aliados em combates fervorosos.
Você sabe lutar? Ele sabe.

Para melhor uso dessa classe é recomendado o auxilio do Livro do Jogador

Usamos imagens geradas por IA exclusivamente para fins artísticos, devido a recursos financeiros limitados para contratar um artista profissional. Se alcançarmos lucro suficiente, planejamos trazer um PDF com arte original e superior. Todos os outros aspectos do nosso trabalho são realizados manualmente, com dedicação à nossa própria criatividade e habilidade.

Arte Designer: Angevine, Photoshop, Homebrewery, and Dall-e.

Escritor da Classe/Criador: Felix Klaus.

Artista da Pantera: Ms.Blank

Se gostou do conteúdo, por favor, dê seu feedback


Classe O Lutador (5E)Price: $4.00

Class The Martial Artist (5E)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


The Martial Artist

From the Streets to the Rings

“A martial artist is an unarmed fighter who uses techniques, martial arts, and fighting styles. For a martial artist to exist, they must study and train the basic concepts of unarmed combat for a long time. Unlike the Monk, who studies discipline, Chi, and traditions, the martial artist is not bound by anything other than their own fighting techniques and compensates for their lack of understanding with vital energy with a lot of brutality and ferocity”
In this PDF, you will have access to the homebrew class “The Martial Artist,” focused on melee unarmed attacks, this is for who’s tired of monks and wanna go on the battle on the front line.

What’s in the PDF?

  • 14 different archetypes, inspired on real fighting styles, namely: PBoxing, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Qin’Na, Kung Fu, Capoeira, Aikido, Wrestling, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, Judo, Star and Wing Chun
  • New weapon property
  • Full melee class
Coming from the rings or street fights, the Martial Artist always has the right stance or the final blow that will help their allies in fierce combats.
Can you fight? He can.

For optimal use of this class, assistance from the Player’s Handbook is required.

We use AI-generated images exclusively for artistic purposes, due to limited financial resources to hire a professional artist. If we achieve sufficient profit, we plan to bring a PDF with original and superior art. All other aspects of our work are carried out manually, with dedication to our own creativity and skill.

Art Designer: Angevine, Photoshop, Homebrewery, and Dall-e.

Class Writer/Creator: Felix Klaus.

Artist of the Black Jaguar: Ms.Blank

If you enjoy the content, please, comment your feedback



Class The Martial Artist (5E)Price: $4.00

Paladin-Oath of the Woodsman

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Paladins of the Oath of the Woodsman are dedicated to the exploring the unexplored wilderness and hunting the most elusive of beasts. They venture forth into the unknown and help guide the unwary back from the brink of being lost in the wilds forever.

Mechanically you get a spell list themtically appropriate to the subclass, and two channel divinity options to either become an expert survivalist or charm the natural world. At later levels you gain an aura to mark foes, move unseen, and fight your marked foes all the more effectivly.

Paladin-Oath of the WoodsmanPrice: $0.50

Goodman Games is Hiring Full Time Warehouse Staff In Fort Wayne!

Now hiring — full time warehouse workers in Fort Wayne, Indiana!

If you’ve ever wanted to work in the gaming industry, this is your chance. We are looking for full time warehouse employees in Fort Wayne, IN, to start work immediately. This is a full time position that includes health care, vision, dental, 401(k), and select other benefits.

We’d like to hire smart, hard-working, detail-oriented people who know what it feels like to open a box as a customer. If you can pack and ship orders in the same way you’d like to receive your own online orders, then you know what this job is all about. We offer a fun, energetic work place with opportunities to expand your knowledge of the gaming industry.

Looking for detail-oriented people who can start with warehouse work and grow their skill sets with us. Computer and organizational skills not required but a definite plus. Prior experience in warehousing and fulfillment work is helpful but not required. Knowledge of our product lines is a plus. As with all Goodman Games projects, this will be a fair working environment where we get the work done efficiently and try to have some fun while we’re doing it.

If you are interested in being considered for a full time warehouse worker position, please email your cover letter and resume to [email protected]

Goodman Games to Distribute “Tales from the Smoking Wyrm” from Blind Visionary Publications

March 1, 2024 – Goodman Games is pleased to announce a partnership with Bind Visionary Publications to distribute the DCC / MCC magazine “Tales from the Smoking Wyrm” to hobby stores everywhere!

“Trevor’s dedication to quality runs through every detail of Tales from the Smoking Wyrm,” said Joseph Goodman of Goodman Games. “Each issue is filled with useable game content, lavish art, and excellent production values. I am sure that DCC fans in game stores everywhere will be just as impressed by his work as I have been.”

“We are thrilled to take Tales from the Smoking Wyrm from a small boutique publication to being readily available to DCC /MCC fans everywhere Goodman Games products are sold,” said Trevor Stamper, owner of Blind Visionary Publications. “Our blend of emergent play design principles, deep-dive articles, quirky humor, unique topics, and rich artistic design creates a product unlike any other in the periodical space today.”

Issue #8 of “Tales from the Smoking Wyrm” will be the first to hit game stores. This issue features great art, a new class, new adversaries, and new herbs for players and judges alike to enjoy in their Dungeon Crawl Classics and Mutant Crawl Classics games. Articles include:

  • Comprehensive rules for creating Jinn—powerful adversaries for your adventurers—along with a full retinue of beings bound to the Jinn.
  • A new class, the Eye Wizard, that allows players to progress in our strangest class yet! Glisser the byways of the phlogiston, glosser through time, and ingurgitate yourself new body parts!
  • 7 patron missions for the most ardent follower of Bobugbubilz!
  • New Birth Augurs and Lucky Rolls!

Issue #8 is 60 pages long, 5”x8” saddle-stitched, and printed in two-color with a full color cover on thick premium stock.

Retailers can pre-order “Tales from the Smoking Wyrm #8” now from their distributor of choice. It is available under SKU SWM009 with a street date of June 21, 2024.

Closing in On the Charactermancer Stretch Goal for DCC RPG Roll20!

Make character progression a breeze!

DCC RPG for Roll20 — a complete integration with all of DCC‘s awesome mechanics fully converted into the Roll20 VTT system — is a fully-funded reality! With only 4 days left to pledge, now is the time to push for a very useful stretch goal — the charactermancer!

When the campaign reaches $30,000, the charactermancer will be unlocked for all BackerKit supporters — an automated tool that aids with character progression by tracking modifiers and other changes. Leveling up on Roll20 is a cinch with the charactermancer.

Did we say fully-integrated? DCC on Roll20 will feature all of the spell checks, mighty deeds, luck, spellburn, deity disapproval, mercurial magic, and all of the other unique mechanics and aspects of DCC that make it a game system like no other.

Support today, and consider upping your pledge level to hit the charactermancer stretch goal. This project also funds the conversion of six iconic adventures to the Roll20 VTT platform, creating a campaign path from level 0 to 3:

  • DCC #66.5: Doom of the Savage Kings
  • DCC #67: Sailors on the Starless Sea
  • DCC #68: People of the Pit
  • DCC #69: The Emerald Enchanter
  • DCC #77: The Croaking Fane
  • DCC #94: Neon Knights

Select the pledge level that includes DCC RPG for Roll20 and these first six modules converted for use with R0ll20, and you can save up to 20% off the retail value.

There are only four days left to push things over the edge and unlock this super-convenient tool to make DCC RPG on Roll20 even more fun and user-friendly! Help make the DCC RPG Roll20 charactermancer a reality!

Primitive Weapons Stock Art

Publisher: Daniel Comerci Stock Art

Thank you for checking out my Stock Artworks! This stock art package features a set of 13 fantasy primitive weapons illustrations by the artist Daniel Comerci in digital format. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact me directly for commissions checking out my website or social network pages.

The zip archive contains the following files:

  • .png with transparent background @ 300dpi

  • .txt license file

Stock License

My license is simple, the images can be used both for personal and commercial work as follows:

  • you can use artworks an unlimited number of times for non-commercial use

  • you can use artworks on a single project for commercial use (print, digital, advertising, videogames or motion pictures)

  • you can rotate or resize the image to fit your project as long as signature is legible, but can’t alter or modify it in other ways without permission (feel free to contact me for specific requests!).

  • artist’s name must appear in product’s credits

  • you can NOT resell or give for free the image as clipart or standalone, even for non commercial use

Thank you for checking out, and feel free to contact me for questions!

Primitive Weapons Stock ArtPrice: $5.00

Dwarf Merchant Stock Art

Publisher: Daniel Comerci Stock Art

Thank you for checking out my Stock Artworks! This stock art package features a fantasy male dwarf merchant, in painterly style, made by the artist Daniel Comerci in digital format.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact me directly for commissions checking out my website or social network pages.

The zip archive contains the following files:

  • .png color @300dpi

  • .txt license and readme files

Stock License

My license is simple, the images can be used both for personal and commercial work as follows:

  • you can use artworks an unlimited number of times for non-commercial use

  • you can use artworks on a single project for commercial use (print, digital, advertising, videogames or motion pictures)

  • you can rotate or resize the image to fit your project as long as signature is legible, but can’t alter or modify it in other ways without permission (feel free to contact me for specific requests!).

  • artist’s name must appear in product’s credits

  • you can NOT resell or give for free the image as clipart or standalone, even for non commercial use

Thank you for checking out, and feel free to contact me for questions!

Dwarf Merchant Stock ArtPrice: $5.00

Interstellar Species: Ogeir (Space Ogres)

Publisher: Paizo

Ogres were a blight on the old world of Golarion, one thought lost somewhere over time with the Gap. But recently, these creatures have appeared once more, coming from deep within the bowels of Absalon Station and emerging back into the spotlight. But time has changed them. Now, they inhabit a planet in Near Space called Jötheim, and they seem to have developed along new evolutionary lines to the degeneracy that their species was once infamous for. Their new home is a cold and unforgiven place, but well suited to a hardy and physical species like the ogeir, but its challenges and scarcity of resources forced them to develop and evolve.

Now you can take on the role of the Ogeir, the more civilized and less brutish descendants of the ogres, and take to the stars carrying ogeir hooks, and bringing their strength and power with you to the edges of known space.

This product is intended for use with Starfinder Interstellar Species, and expands on the options found therein.

Interstellar Species: Ogeir (Space Ogres)Price: $2.00

Sabres Bluff: A Drop in Setting for Tabletop RPGs

Publisher: Matt Belcher

Welcome to Sabre’s Bluff, a drop-in setting for tabletop RPGs, crafted to be played as is or integrated into your game worlds. Located along a secluded coastline, this realm has been a starting point for many homebrew campaigns and adventures within the Shattered Realms. It’s a place where magic influences the land, and shape its identity, showcasing enduring conflicts and the presence of fading deities.

With a population of approximately 170,000, the Realm of Sabres Bluff has a tapestry of cultures and races. From the bustling streets of its capital city to the homes of elves and dwarves, each location has its own charm and history. Humans, dwarves, elves, halflings, half-elves, and other races coexist, contributing to the realm’s diversity and collective strength.

This setting invites you to explore its history, marked by the Night of the Vanishing Stars and influenced by its pantheon of gods. It provides information compatible with RPG systems like 5E, Pathfinder 1e, and Basic Fantasy RPG. From stat and trap blocks to the lore of its peoples and customs, Sabre’s Bluff offers a broad world for players and GMs.

Embark on “The Treasures of the Godskull,” an adventure for characters of levels 6-7, set in the Alda Hills. This mini adventure combines exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving, challenging your tactical skills and creativity.

Also included are random tables, new magic items for various RPG rule sets, and short stories like ‘The Lady and The Giants,’ ‘Teak’s Musings,’ and ‘The Shadow of Sabres Bluff.’

Sabre’s Bluff encourages you to enhance your home games, stories, and adventures. Adjust this world to your preferences, adding new elements as needed. Highlight sections, annotate, and immerse yourself in the adventure that awaits in Sabre’s Bluff.

Sabres Bluff: A Drop in Setting for Tabletop RPGsPrice: $1.56

Hard Time

Publisher: Radio Dishdash Publishing

“Nobody move! This is a robbery! Everybody down on the floor… Now slowly take out your phones and throw them on the floor… we are not here for your money. We are here for the bank’s money. Your money is insured. We don’t want to harm anyone, so don’t do anything stupid, and this will be a cool story to tell your grandkids…”

HardTime is a game about planning and committing Hollywood style heists in a noir world that looks frighteningly like ours. All the characters need is a cold gun and a certain moral ambiguity. People are to be used and abused, to get the cash. The plots are filled with the usual twists and double-crosses we love so much in movies. The gunfights feel real, and the action is intense. Will the criminals get away with it? Will the cops catch the bad guys?

There are bank heists to plan, drug dealers to rip off, and corrupt cops out to collect. HardTime is a game where you look hard or look down.

Hard TimePrice: $19.99

March 2, 2024: Saethor’s Bane On Backerkit

Saethor's Bane

Saethor's Bane

Saethor’s Bane is a conversion to the Dungeon Fantasy RPG of David Pulver’s excellent Dark Lord’s Doom, available for both TFT and OSE (with greyscale interior) by Gaming Ballistic.

It is designed to showcase the capabilities and options of the Dungeon Fantasy RPG, taking four martial characters – the spellcasters would be assigned to a different unit – through a full campaign arc. It presents a fantastic opportunity to – by obtaining the core rules and the solo adventure – to try out the Dungeon Fantasy RPG and experience how much fun it can be once you get to the table.

The characters start at 125-150 points (Journeymen level from Delvers to Grow) and rapidly advance as the adventure progresses. Very rapidly. Artificially rapidly. Showcasing how the capability of characters grows, what options that affords, enabling players and GMs to see what it takes to challenge characters at different skill levels.

Saethor’s Bane marks the 20th product Gaming Ballistic has publishing for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG: Four bestiaries, quick-start character generation, adventures, rules, and books of magic items, all beautifully illustrated in full color.

It launched on February 20 on Backerkit Crowdfunding and met its funding goal of $5,000 within eight hours. It’s on track to achieve its stretch goal at $21,000 to colorize the maps, interior art, and character illustrations. The campaign ends on March 9, at 9pm Central Time. Right now, more than one in seven backers has also picked up the core rules: There’s never been a better way to introduce people to the Dungeon Fantasy RPG, Powered by GURPS, and introduce new folks to our corner of the hobby!

Douglas Cole

Warehouse 23 News: The City Never Sleeps Because Of All The Action

There are a million stories in the city, and they’re all exciting! GURPS Action 9: The City shows how you can add GURPS City Stats to your GURPS Action campaigns. It also features six sample cities to use with your own action-packed adventures. Download it today from Warehouse 23!

TTRPG Romance Calibration Tool

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Players and dungeon masters are fairly reliable about integrating Session 0 conversations and other safety tools into their campaigns. But what happens when in-character romance develops along the way? How do you decide which types romantic interactions are appropriate (or inappropriate) for your G/PG/PG-13 campaign?

The TTRPG Romance Calibration Tool is a safety tool designed to help you broach the topic of romantic consent with your tablemates in a gentle and comprehensive way. This tool can facilitate conversations that allow you be mindful of your partner’s comfort level while also encouraging you to portray your characters’ relationships to their full authenticity.

This product is a one-pager form-fillable PDF that can be completed digitally or printed and filled in by hand.

Each involved player should fill out the questionnaire from the perspective of their character. Using checkboxes, they can indicate which romantic interactions they feel safe portraying with their in-game partners. Each interaction can be labeled as follows:

  • Full Steam Ahead. Clear consent to participate and describe in-game.
  • Okay With Caution. Consent to participate and describe in-game, but please check in before and after.
  • Offscreen Only. Consent for the character to experience this interaction, but only via “fade to black.” Do not narrate it at the table.
  • Never Okay. Do not attempt, suggest, imply, or describe this interaction.


  • Players should view this checklist as a communication tool, not a wishlist or goal chart. Seeing a checkbox in your partner’s “yes” columns simply indicates that they feel safe exploring the topic with you. There is no expectation that your character must participate in that action until or unless you feel the time is right.

  • Romance can be a deeply personal topic. As the dungeon master, consider sharing completed questionnaire pages only with the involved player-characters, to respect their privacy. Larger-group conversations can be informed by the contents of the checklists without “outing” anyone’s specific responses.

  • Players should be empowered to alter or revoke their consent at any time. The questionnaire contains a “date” field on purpose–always respect a player’s most-recently declared wishes.

  • This product will not be useful for players and dungeon masters seeking to navigate R and NC-17 romances at their tables.

TTRPG Romance Calibration ToolPrice: $1.00