The Mad Mage’s Manic Menagerie – a 5th Edition Adventure

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

When the Magic Menagerie comes to town, everyone in the kingdom is invited.  But your invitation is a bit different – a cry for help from within these wild walls.  And things get even wilder once you get there 

The Mad Mages Manic Menagerie is an all-in-one adventure for a party of less-experienced players or newcomers to 5th edition D&D. The Menagerie is a self-contained dungeon meant to deliver a mystery, combat, and roleplay over the course of either 1 or 2 sessions

The Mad Mage's Manic Menagerie - a 5th Edition AdventurePrice: $3.99

Dragon of Cracked Stone Cave

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A 4 – 6 hour one shot adventure for a group of 4 or 5 level 12 characters. Many people have said there are not enough dragons in Dungeons and Dragons, this one shot adventure will give them enough dragons for a while. Maps Included. I hope you enjoy it!

Dragon of Cracked Stone CavePrice: $2.00

Spelljammer Ships Character Sheets

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This is a collection of character sheets designed to be used while running your Spelljammer campaign. Keep track of everything you need, including the stats for your ship, its weapon attacks, and the crew members who keep it running.

Sheets for each published Spelljammer vessel are included:

  • Bombard
  • Damselfly
  • Flying Fish
  • Hammerhead
  • Lamprey
  • Living Ship
  • Nautiloid
  • Nightspider
  • Scorpion
  • Shrike
  • Space Galleon
  • Squid
  • Star Moth
  • Turtle
  • Tyrant
  • Wasp

Includes a version optimized for printing and a fillable PDF version.

Spelljammer Ships Character SheetsPrice: $4.95

Blackjammer’s Treasure [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
This special 5e Spelljammer bundle contains the following titles:

410274-thumb140.png Blackjammer’s Revenge
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
Have ye ever heard the legend of Blackjammer’s Cutlass? The famed artifact was thought lost in the Flow, but has resurfaced- passin’ twixt pirate captains’ hands ‘cross the astral sea.  What’s more is Captain Blackjammer himself, long thought vanquished, has returned- sailing the fiendish Banshee Queen’s Revenge from the Depths of the Abyss to reclaim his cutlass and terrorize the living of Realmspace once again… *Featuring grisly zombie art inspired by Ralph Steadman’s style* This module is lovingly crafted with attention to classic Spelljammer lore! Blackjammer’s Cutlass is an artifact from Dragon Magazine Issue #159 (July 1990) and the Book of Artifacts (1997). Inside the first New Spelljammer Classics adventure module, there are 79 pages of wildspace terror exp…
411127-thumb140.png Lost Ships: Rediscovered (58 Classic Spelljammer Ships)
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
What’s Inside Lost Ships: Rediscovered? 5th edition stats for the Arrow Ship, Angelship, Barge of Ptah, Battle Dolphin, Blade, Bloatfly, Bolaship, Cargo Barge, Catamaran, Clipper, Corbina, Cuttle Command, Deathglory, Doombat, Dragonfly, Dragonship, Drakkar, Dwarven Citadel, Eagle Ship, Eelship, Elvish Armada, Flitter, Flying Pyramid, Hummingbird, Hunter-Killer, Iambus ships, Jade Spiders & the Jade Spider Command Ship, Klicklikak, Lanceship, Leaf & Thorn Ship, Leech, Locust, Mammoth, Mantis, Mining Ship, Mosquito, Nightwolf, Octopus, Porcupine Ship, Quad of Thay, Scro Battlewagon, Sidewheeler, Skeleton Ship, Smalljammer, Star Yacht, Swanship, Thoric Trader, Triop, Tsunami, Urchin, Uspo, Vipership, Werewolf Ship, Whaleship & Zoocraft with variants like the <…
390270-thumb140.jpg A Survivor’s Guide to Plague Zombies
Regular price: 0
Bundle price: 0
Format: PDF
Crank up the horror with Plague Zombie options and blend viral strains to create the perfect undead threat for your 5th edition campaign of the world’s greatest roleplaying game. Inside are rules for Plague Zombies & the Plague Zombie Herd, the living Mad Rash Maniacs, and a host of disease options like the Viral Hive Mind, Ooze and Wasp Infested variants….
Total value: 0
Special bundle price: 0
Savings of: 0 (37%)

Blackjammer's Treasure [BUNDLE]Price: $15.97

Thank You To The Road Crew Advisory Council!

By the fans, for the fans — it’s the Road Crew Advisory Council!

About a year ago, we announced the creation of the Road Crew Advisory Council. A group of community members who would help shape what was happening with the Road Crew on all levels. And we have to say that their input has been invaluable.

So, we wanted to start off by thanking the members of the 2022 Road Crew Advisory Council:

  • Sarah Brown
  • Cory Gahsman
  • Christian Ovsenik
  • Ed Stanek

Your efforts have made a huge difference and your suggestions that were integrated into this year’s Road Crew and will also appear in next year’s helped to shape what we consider the best fan-powered demo team in the industry!

And now… We are looking for nominations for the 2023 Road Crew Council! If you know a Road Crew member with vision, creativity, and the odd weekday night free, please send nominations to Judge Brendan. We are recruiting a new slate of representatives, to continue the tradition set by the inaugural team. We want to hear YOUR feedback, so get in touch if you’d like to join the 2022 road crew advisory council!

Let’s make the 2023 Road Crew the best it’s ever been!

Fifth Edition Fantasy #22 Now Available for Pre-Order

The seas are calling to you, but heed the warnings—here there be danger!

Attention fans of 5E! It’s time to pre-order the next adventure in the Fifth Edition Fantasy series! Brendan LaSalle takes you on a journey to find a pirate long thought dead, but your travels will take you straight into the heart of menace.

Let’s take a closer look!

PRE-ORDER – Fifth Edition Fantasy #22: Caverns of the Sea Strangers – Print + PDF

A level 6 adventure for 5E

Local magistrates hire your party to find a pirate captain, suddenly active again after having disappeared for many years. His trail leads to Catastrophe Rock, a barren island surrounded by a dangerous atoll known as a death trap for ships. You must brave the dangerous waterway, find the villain’s lair, and put an end to his days of plunder and killing!

But is there something even more sinister behind the recent spate of pillaged ships? And what secrets may bold searchers find within the ancient caverns of Catastrophe Rock? How will you fare against the tricks, traps, and illusions of these master deceivers? What hope have you against the monstrous denizens and the Sea Strangers themselves? And how will you escape this lonely place to tell the tale? 

Caverns of the Sea Strangers is an all-new 5E sea adventure and dungeon crawl suitable for a group of 6th-level characters. The adventure contains a complete adventure, new monsters, and a magical artifact that might take your campaign in an entirely new and exciting direction. 


Cthulhu Maps – 062 – An Old Country Domain

Publisher: Lovemaps-RPG

Hello, lovecraft universe worshippers, thank you for choosing Lovemaps. 

You will find in this pack a large content of (grid and gridless) Maps for An Old Country Domain
You will also find a Pdf “user manual” to guide you

“Welcome to this deep country area. Our old house has 6 rooms, a smoking room, there is also a… Oh the forest, yes it belongs to the dolmen, uh… I meant the domain.
But I advise you not to walk there in the evening, it is particularly chilly… And if I showed you the stable ?”

There are many variations on this last one:
Several variations depending on the subscription tier: Weather :
Day / Night / Mystic Day / Mystic Night / Borealis Night / Insane weather
Shub-Niggurath : o

Original Map Size : 7000×7000 px
Grid Size : 100×100 cells
Cells Size : 70×70 px

Here is the list of maps in this Pack :
(in Jpeg and WebP)

01-A Country Domain-Shiny Day
02-A Country Domain-Night
03-A Country Domain-Mystic Day
04-A Country Domain-Mystic Night
05-A Country Domain-borealis Night
06-A Country Domain-insane weather
07-A Country Domain-borealis ShubNiggurath
08-A Country Domain-Insane weather-ShubNiggurath

We wish you a lot of fun and tentacles…


Cthulhu Maps - 062 - An Old Country DomainPrice: $5.50

Something Wretched This Way Comes

Publisher: The Red Room

As the title so obviously implies, this scenario is heavily inspired by Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked this Way Comes. Just like in Bradbury’s dark fantasy novel, there’s a mysterious travelling troupe arriving in a small town and granting people’s wishes. As in the source material, making the townsfolk’s desires come true is just a ruse for evil beings to feed upon their life force (and maybe a little more than that). Of course, the events will not be the same, the carnival is replaced by a European circus troupe, and this adventure allows the players to take the roles not only of children but also of the adults being tricked into submission or even the evil circus people. Naturally, this being a Red Room release, the adventure couldn’t be as innocent as Bradbury’s tale. That’s why we crossed it over with the horrific and exploitative imagery of sexy fumetti, Italian adult comics of the 1970s/ 1980s.

Something Wretched This Way ComesPrice: $3.00

[Polish] Zgrozy: ZaGŁOWstka pod Królami

Publisher: Chaosium

Pośród ruin Domu pod Królami znajduje się zawartość tajemniczej „komnaty głów” odnalezionej po raz pierwszy w XIX wieku. Zgodnie z legendą jej odkrywcy zaginęli. 28 głów pozostało nienaruszonych. Pośród nich znajdowała się czarna jak smoła granitowa głowa egipskiego faraona…

ZaGŁOWstka pod Królami to pierwszych tytuł z serii Pocztówek z Warszawy — krótkich scenariuszy do Zewu Cthulhu wykorzystujących legendy miejskie stolicy. Scenariusz rozgrywa się w roku 1962. W publikacji znajdziesz:

  • Scenariusz jednostrzału złożonego z krótkich, intensywnych scen prowadzących Badaczy coraz głębiej w podziemia remontowanego właśnie Domu pod Królami;
  • Czworo gotowych Badaczy głęboko osadzonych w peerelowskiej rzeczywistości i posiadających wyraziste oraz ważne dla scenariusza motywacje;
  • Propozycje kontynuacji i wątków dodatkowych pozwalające przedłużyć grę.

Plik ZaGŁOWstki pod Królami dostępny jest w trzech wersjach: w pełni zilustrowanej w wysokiej oraz niskiej rozdzielczości, a także pozbawionej teł i ilustracji wersji przyjaznej drukarkom. Do publikacji dołączone są także karty postaci oraz mapy w osobnych plikach.

ZaGŁOWstka pod Królami to część serii Zgrozy. By dowiedzieć się o niej więcej, zobacz inne teksty z serii lub znajdź nas na Facebooku (/ZgrozyRPG).

[Polish] Zgrozy: ZaGŁOWstka pod KrólamiPrice: $1.50

Gregorius21778: Drones You May See in The Sprawl

Publisher: Kai Pütz a.k.a Gregorius21778

Drones. Walk around in the Sprawl for a day and you will see at least one or be seen by at least one. If you are looking for drones for SprawlGoons: Upgraded, you found the right PDF.

This is the wrap-up of a small series of articles from my blog. All is inspired by, based on and toys with material provided by SprawlGoons: Booster Pack and the system neutral Remote Control PDF; both released by Paul “Geist” Gallagher. I am not affiliated with him, but have his express permission for this release.

Eleven drones.

How to hack them.

What one might do with them after hijacking them.

How many Bit-Yuan it would cost to acquire one legally (if possible at all).

Ideas for the Referee. New toy for the Goons.

You do NOT need a copy of Remote Control.

:You DO need a copy of Sprawl Goons: Upgraded.

Gregorius21778: Drones You May See in The SprawlPrice: $0.75

September 23, 2022: Enter The Infinite Arena And Win!


We’ve created several new supplements, expansions, and accessories for The Fantasy Trip over the last few years. Playmats, dice, counters, adventures, tile sets . . . there’s no shortage of tools a gamemaster may turn to when preparing for their next game session.

The game allows for more than gamemastered adventures, though, with various titles supporting solo play and skirmish scenarios between competing teams. It is that latter approach to play – where two players square off on the battlefield and seek to defeat their enemy – that benefits from The Infinite Arena cards.

The Infinite Arena includes 54 cards: two with rules, 26 “Hazards” (special conditions for the arena), and 26 “Battles” with setups and objectives. Shuffle, draw one from each deck, and you’ve prepped an instant scenario that you and a friend may use as the basis for your head-to-head fight. The cards may spark your imagination, and the many different ways in which they combine can lead to challenging skirmishes and battles.

If you would like to learn about the creation of The Infinite Arena, Hexagram #6 has a short article detailing the process of designing and developing the set for print. And if you want more cards, don’t miss this sampler pack that includes eight new cards for use with The Infinite Arena.

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Warehouse 23 Is Moving (In Cyberspace!)

Warehouse 23 is undergoing some changes and we need your help! We are currently testing our new webstore here, and it would be great if you could check it out.

You can read more about it over on the forums. (This is also a good place to tell us if you find any bugs.)

Lost Ships: Rediscovered (58 Classic Spelljammer Ships)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

What’s Inside Lost Ships: Rediscovered?

5th edition stats for the Arrow Ship, Angelship, Barge of Ptah, Battle Dolphin (and Variant: Narwhal Warship), Blade, Bloatfly, Bolaship, Cargo Barge, Catamaran, Clipper (and Variant: Merchantman), Corbina, Cuttle Command, Deathglory, Doombat, Dragonfly, Dragonship, Drakkar, Dwarven Citadel, Eagle Ship, Eelship, Elvish Armada, Flitter, Flying Pyramid, Hummingbird, Hunter-Killer, Iambus, Famous Iambus Ships, Jade Spider & Jade Spider Command Ship, Klicklikak, Lanceship & Heavy Lanceship, Leaf & Thorn Ship, Leech, Locust, Mammoths, Mantis, Mining Ship, Mosquito, Nightwolf, Octopus, Porcupine Ship, Quad of Thay, Scro Battlewagon, Sidewheeler, Skeleton Ship, Smalljammer, Star Yacht, Swanship, Thoric Trader, Triop, Tsunami, Urchin, Uspo, Vipership, Werewolf Ship, Whaleship, Zoocraft



Lost Ships: Rediscovered (58 Classic Spelljammer Ships)Price: $4.99

Autumn’s Edge – level 7 oneshot

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A hundred years ago, the small village Autumn’s Edge had the immeasurable misfortune of laying directly in the path of a hoard of marauding witches. Rather than risk an inevitable destruction, the town mayor sacrificed their own life to appeal to Autumn herself to hide the hamlet for a single year. Autumn sent her avatar; a powerful spirit, to grant this selfless wish. But a year became two, and then ten. Rather than just protect them, Autumn’s spirit became obsessed in caring for the tiny town; locked away in eternal slumber in an endless forest of Maple trees.

But the gods have watched, and grown wary; balance must be returned or the world will fall into disorder, and a hundred souls languishing in eternal sleep cry out to live once more… that, and word has reached you that the descendant of one grown wealthy on the story of the disappearing village now promises fame and impressive reward to any who help them restore this living legend to waking life.

This game involves the chance for PCs to engaged with, roleplay, and overcome their flaws. It highlights some great solo and group puzzles to overcome – great for the thinking player looking to extend their roleplay experience!

It is recommended for 3-5 level 7 PCs. 5 level 7 pre-generated PCs are provided for you to play with.

Added weapons of extraordinary power can be found in the appendix if the group needs some buffing up.

Important Background

Autumn’s spirit, often just known as Autumn herein, was so moved and enchanted by the goodness of the people, that she stuck them in a dreamlike state to preserve them from the troubles in the world, so they could continue to exist in peace and kindness. Autumn knew that time will change people, and life will inevitably involve disappointment and trial. Rather than risk seeing them face the pain of growing and changing, she unconsciously wished them into eternal, unchanging rest.

But she knew, even then, that it was a false life. A hollow and an incomplete life. But for the spirit of Autumn, facing trials, and worse, facing one’s own weaknesses and flaws was simply too daunting a task to face.

Knowing this, the goddess of trial and challenge -Enimaea, has now subtly and patiently set up conditions where bold heroes may convince the spirit of Autumn to