Thank You for An Amazing DCC Day!

DCC Day is an international celebration of all things Dungeon Crawl Classics!

Thank you to everyone who ran games, played games, and supported your local game stores! We had a blast yesterday, and we can’t wait until next year! Time sure flies when you’re having fun…

Check out some of these great pictures from DCC Day 2024!

The Caves of Culzean (for Outcast Silver Raiders)

Publisher: Melpomene Gaming


The Caves of Culzean is a sprawling depthcrawl primarily built for Outcast Silver Raiders, with dozens of unique rooms, monsters, treasures, and more random tables than you can shake a cursed sword at.

Plunge into the twisting caverns that an arrogant royal family explored centuries ago, before having their underground empire twisted by the trickery of a malign gods they awoke. By navigating these halls, Outcasts may gain access to two new rituals, and successful navigation allows them to “fast travel” to a specified location in your campaign setting (with rules provided to help the Referee).

  • Undertake quests for NPCs such as court aspirants, or even the ancient Macreath family who “dug too deep” centuries ago
  • Beware the Grotto of Fire!
  • Have a supernatural encounter with a strange god-like child
  • Wear a hard hat or get concussed
  • Beware the ballroom!
  • Wander the Green Maze with its minotaur and secret treasures
  • Beware the Birthing Pits!
  • Beware all of these horrid chambers!

The premise of a depthcrawl is that the players delve into increasingly deep and dangerous spaces, finding better treasure but more awful secrets as they plunge down each level. Rooms are generated randomly, as are the threats and treasures they might find. 

This module is DENSE, consisting of about 26,000 words. It has a two-page Example of Play to guide Referees new to depthcrawls – with mini-maps to explain the concepts. It has a big fat bestiary at the back filled with horrors (the monsters pretty well all have interesting abilities). It has a giant treasure table. It has plot hooks, encounter tables, and random events. There’s even a table to make your doors horrible. Players who get too lost can wind up emerging in a surreal reflection of their campaign setting called the Anti-Kingdom. 

Everything in The Caves of Culzean is statted for Outcast Silver Raiders but would be easily converted to any OSR game with a small amount of elbow grease. I put in some brief notes explaining how but it isn’t terribly difficult if you have some experiences as a Referee of old school games (there are Hit Dice, saving throws, the ability scores are the ones you’re expecting…).

The Caves of Culzean is an independent production by Melpomene Games and is not affiliated with Esoteric Ludology or

Ekron Maps HD #1

Publisher: Ekron Open RPG

Ekron Universe
In the heart of a world where ancient traditions meet futuristic visions, Samurai Babel unfolds as an epic saga of honour, adventure, and transformation. This open-source RPG MMO transports players into a universe where the echoes of samurai battle resonate with the whispers of untold secrets.

The World of Samurai Babel
The story is set in the sprawling realm of Babel, a land where majestic landscapes are dotted with ancient temples, bustling cities, and mysterious ruins. Here, the old ways of the samurai coexist with emerging technologies, creating a rich tapestry of history and innovation. Players find themselves navigating this dynamic world, where every decision can alter the course of their journey and the fate of Babel itself.

Maps Pack HD#1 Compatible with D&D 5e

Ekron Maps HD #1Price: $1.00

The Heart of Decay and Rebirth

Publisher: John Stancil

Life, Death, Rebirth, and Corruption of the Natural Order

Title: The Heart of Decay and Rebirth

Adventure Level: 10-12

System: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

Quell the corruption with The Heart of Decay and Rebirth, a one-shot designed for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Perfect for characters levels 10-12, this adventure plunges players into a natural world teetering on the brink of total corruption, where the very heart of nature pulses with despair.

Adventure Overview:

In the once-peaceful forest surrounding your campaign’s village, a dark corruption spreads, warping flora and fauna into twisted parodies of their former selves. The once-protective druids, now corrupted by malevolent forces, have become the forest’s greatest threat. At the heart of this darkness lies an ancient artifact, the Heart of Decay and Rebirth, a source of immense power now accidentally twisted by arcane magic.


Engaging NPC Interactions: Gather critical information through immersive role-playing with richly detailed NPCs like Enua Thistlebrook, Bjorn Stonefist, and Lori Sunshadow.
Challenging Encounters: Battle fearsome foes, including corrupted druids and mutated creatures, each designed to test your party’s mettle.
Atmospheric Locations: Explore a variety of meticulously crafted environments, from overgrown chambers and eerie glades to the corrupted heart of the temple itself.
Intriguing Puzzles and Mysteries: Unravel the secrets of the Heart of Decay and Rebirth through clever investigation and exploration.
Dynamic Choices: Decide the fate of the Heart – will you cleanse it of its corruption or destroy it to prevent further decay? Each choice has significant consequences.

What’s Included:

Full Adventure Module: Everything you need to run the adventure, including detailed room descriptions, NPC backgrounds, and encounter setups.
Handcrafted Maps: Beautiful, high-resolution maps of key locations within the adventure, optimized for Roll20.
Unique Magic Items: Powerful artifacts like the Ring of Tempest’s Fury, Greatclub of Rotoak, Maelyrra’s Charred Robes, and more.
Printable Handouts: Ready-to-use handouts and illustrations for your players, adding an extra layer of immersion to your game.
Dynamic Lighting: Pre-configured dynamic lighting settings for an enhanced Roll20 experience, bringing the adventure’s atmosphere to life.

Adventure Hook:

The characters are drawn into this perilous quest by a desperate village elder who has witnessed the creeping corruption firsthand. With the local guards overwhelmed and the villagers living in fear, the adventurers are the last hope to stem the tide of decay.

Why Choose The Heart of Decay and Rebirth?

This adventure offers a

La Corne d’abondance

Publisher: Ulisses Spiele

Lorsque le Conseil de Delphes apprend que le Pharaon Möbius est sur le point de mettre la main sur la Corne d’abondance mythique, il dépêche en urgence un messager auprès des héros actuellement au Caire.

Ils devront participer à une vente aux enchères particulière afin de remporter la carte indiquant l’emplacement du lieu des fouilles pour récupérer le Fragment d’Éternité avant les sbires du Pharaon.

Une course contre la montre s’engage qui emmènera les personnages à la découverte des ruines d’une ville de l’Égypte qui n’a jamais existé, tout en affrontant des adversaires de l’ombre et des agents tenaces de Möbius.

Cette aventure pour Torg Eternity convient à des héros d’Habilitation Alpha et est prévue pour une durée environ 4 heures dans l’Empire du Nil.

La Corne d'abondancePrice: $1.09

Codex Magica V – New Magic Items for OSR and Shadowdark

Publisher: Wandering Mage

Codex Magica, volume five, contains 21 NEW magic items for your Old School (OSR) TTRPG of choice!

Inside you’ll find:

  • Four pieces of magical armor
  • Nine fascinating wondrous items
  • Four powerful magic weapons
  • Four magical implements such as staves and wands

This product was designed to work easily with almost any form of Old School (OSR) TTRPG product which includes the original games like B/X and newer games such as: Basic Fantasy, Knave, Labyrinth Lord, Old School Essentials, OSRIC, Shadowdark, Swords and Wizardry, White Box, and others.

Codex Magica V - New Magic Items for OSR and ShadowdarkPrice: $2.00

July 23, 2024: Crowdfunding Focus: Uncanny Magazine, Year 11

Uncanny Magazine Year 11

It should come as no surprise to long-time readers that I’m a fan of digital publishing. One of the more-vital science-fiction and fantasy publications of the 21st century – Uncanny Magazine – recently launched a Kickstarter as they begin their second decade. In its first 10 years, it’s won seven Hugo Awards, the 2024 Locus Award, and the general acclaim of audiences everywhere.

If you’re not familiar with Uncanny, the contents for the magazine are available online for free. You’ll discover stories, essays, and poetry from a wide and vibrant swath of the writing world. You owe it to yourself to check it out and see if it’s to your liking.

If you are familiar with Uncanny, then the odds are decent you’ve already hopped aboard the Kickstarter, which will get you new issues as eBooks (MOBI, PDF, and EPUB) – plus other goodies if you want to support a great cause by pitching in a bit more.

So much about digital publishing has become more challenging in recent years, yet editors Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas have spent a decade making sure some of the best short-form speculative and visionary writers have an Uncanny home. And it’s a home that’s always looking for warmhearted visitors . . .

The Uncanny Magazine Year 11 Kickstarter ends August 7.

Steven Marsh

Warehouse 23 News: The City Never Sleeps Because Of All The Action

There are a million stories in the city, and they’re all exciting! GURPS Action 9: The City shows how you can add GURPS City Stats to your GURPS Action campaigns. It also features six sample cities to use with your own action-packed adventures. Download it today from Warehouse 23!

Pathfinder 2ª ed – El gran golpe de los juguetes

Publisher: Devir

¡Con nosotros no se juega!

Siempre hay alguien que trama alguna maldad en la capital chelia de Egorian, ¡y esta vez demasiado cerca de casa! Un banquero corrupto descubrió que había algo mágico en La Magnífica Caja de Jueguetes, más allá de las maravillosas creaciones que allí se fabricaban. Avaricioso y carente de escrúpulos, este rico noble encontró un vacío legal en las diabólicamente complicadas leyes de la ciudad, explotándolo para hacerse con el título de propiedad de la juguetería y amenazar con echar a la calle al juguetero y a sus agradables creaciones. ¿YH qué pueden hacer unos juguetes inteligentes frente a acciones tan reprensibles? ¡Pues forzar la entrada y robar el título de propiedad, por supuesto!

En El Gran golpe de los juguetes, adoptarás el papel de uno de cuatro muñecotes únicos: juguetes vivos con una voluntad fuerte y propia. Mientras vuestro amable creador está abrumado por el pesar, tus amigos y tú pondréis en práctica un arriesgado plan para salvar vuestro hogar y vuestra forma de vida utilizando el sigilo, el subterfucio y una cantidad no desdeñable de suerte.

El Gran golpe de los jueguetes es una aventura corta para PJs de 2º nivel, que da a los jugadores la oportunidad de probar una de las ascendencias más raras de Golarion. Esta aventura lleva a un grupo de héroes muñecotes a una misión peligrosa para demostrar quiénes son y para salvar su hogar, ¡el sitio que les dio la vida! Los cuatro PJs pregenerados porporcionan también una forma rápida de adentrarse en esta excitante aventura del día del JdR gratuito. 

Pathfinder 2ª ed - El gran golpe de los juguetesPrice: $0.00

Livro dos Segredos Profanos – Suplemento de Regras OSR

Publisher: Lazy Panda RPG

Livro dos Segredos Profanos – Suplemento de Regras OSR

O Livro dos Segredos Profanos é um suplemento OSR criado para enriquecer suas aventuras de RPG com um maior detalhamento da parte maligna. Este material apresenta quatro povos/ancestralidades malignos (não jogáveis), sugestões de doenças, maldições, organizações e dois novos tipos de magia: magias corrompidas e magias profanas. 

Além disso, o Livro dos Segredos Profanos introduz um novo tipo de adversário: os Brutais. Estas entidades malévolas são descritas de maneira rápida, mas deixando claro seu nível de poder e influência.

Este suplemento é ideal para Mestres de Jogo que buscam um maior detalhamento para o Mal em suas mesas para surpreender cada vez mais seus jogadores.

Livro dos Segredos Profanos - Suplemento de Regras OSRPrice: $1.49

Unknown Heroes Stock Art:Vilan

Publisher: Jarek Madyda Art

A 300 dpi picture of Unknown Heroes: Vilan for you to use for your personal or professional project.

The zip archive contains the following files:

  • JPEG, character on custom Background
  • PNG, character on transparent background
  • .txt license file

Stock License Terms and Agreement:

The following image(s) in the product may be used for commercial and non-commercial work as follows:

  • Unlimited use of the following image(s) in commercial and non-commercial work.

  • Image(s) may be cropped, rotated, resized, and modified to fit your project.

  • Artist’s name must be credited in all commercial and non-commercial work the image(s) appear in.

  • Image(s) may NOT be resold or redistributed for free in any way.

  • License is not exclusive and may be used by others 

  • Image(s) may not be used to train or test any artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, neural network, or similar technology.

Jarek Madyda retains the right to sell the use of these images. 

Unknown Heroes Stock Art:VilanPrice: $3.00

July 22, 2024: On My Way Home

I spent the weekend at Imaginarium, in Louisville. Fun was had, games were played, people were met. My thanks to the concom for inviting me, and to all the friendly people I talked to! I did in fact make it to some of the non-Steve programming, and I did in fact learn some things that may be useful. So, a win.

I baaaaaarely made it to the con on Thursday – my flight went through Atlanta, and it seems to have gotten off the ground either just before or just after the big IT crash. A few minutes later and I might still be in Atlanta. And my return flight was canceled, as I learned only this afternoon . . . but fortunately I was able to book a quick return on another airline, and I expect to see my home Monday evening.

I am so ready. If I go dark here for a little while, it’s because I am recharging my own batteries, which have gotten badly run down over the past month. I’ll be back . . .

Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: The City Never Sleeps Because Of All The Action

There are a million stories in the city, and they’re all exciting! GURPS Action 9: The City shows how you can add GURPS City Stats to your GURPS Action campaigns. It also features six sample cities to use with your own action-packed adventures. Download it today from Warehouse 23!

Medieval Black Powder Weapons for D&D

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This add Medieval Black Powder Firearms, Grenades, and Siege Weapons to Dungeons & Dragons. It also outlines new special rules for using these weapons within your campaign. These rules have been play tested within my group over several years.

Firearms include the Handgonne, Blunderbuss, Musket, Dwarven Gun, and more. While Grenades adds some additional thrown weapons to the arsenal. Finally, Siege Weapons includes Cannons, the Swivel Gun, the Hwacha, and many more options to devastate large forces or to bust down castle walls.

This guide was designed for D&D 3.5 but should work with any edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

Medieval Black Powder Weapons for D&DPrice: $2.00

Weapon Type vs Armor for D&D

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This short guide adds special rules and information is modifiy the effectiveness of Armor vs different types of attacks in relation to weapons. Including claws, teeth, and fangs. These rules are designed to help reflect the effectiveness of different types armor.

This guide was designed for D&D 3.5 but should work with any edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

Weapon Type vs Armor for D&DPrice: $0.75

Weapons of War

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Tired of weapons doing the same old thing? Want your players to give real thought to the kind of weapon or magic damage they do? Then this might be exactly what you need.Nandell1.jpg

Weapons of WarPrice: $0.00

War & Battles

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This supplement is intended to be a relatively simple means to engage your players in large format battles with their characters heading armies of soldiers, monsters, and machines of war.

Use this packet as a framework to create your own scenarios or quests in the heat of battle.

War & Battles blends DUNGEONS & DRAGONS with tabletop battle simulation to expand the battles your heroes can fight beyond the confines of the Dungeon and into the wider world.

*Note – The art in this supplement is AI generated, but none of the written content is. It is my hope that with some success in sales, I might by able to release a V.2 at some point with commissioned art.

War & BattlesPrice: $1.99