Wastelander’s Guide to Amiren

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Explore the world of Amiren; a post-apocalyptic world where that has lost most of its magic and where worshiping the gods is seen as a crime against humanity. This module includes several rule changes and additions, as well as new stat blocks and location descriptions!

Wastelander's Guide to AmirenPrice: $0.99

Rings & Ring Sellers: Homebrew Pack for 5e [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

456142-thumb140.png A Magical Merchant Manual: Premade Jeweller NPC Guide
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
Welcome to ‘A Magical Merchant Manual: Potion Sellers – Predesigned Merchant NPCs For A Variety of Campaigns.’

This handbook offers a variety of four interesting (and somewhat wacky) magic ring sellers to smoothly insert to your adventures without having to worry about coming up with something on the fly if your campaign doesn’t actually have that information and/or you struggle a little with the improv.
– Need someone interesting (read: very weird) in town for your players to buy a magic ring or two from?
– Want to ‘fill out’ a narrative with a predesigned NPC or questgiver?
– Looking for inspiration for a merchant background PC?
All of these and more can be found within this document. You’ll find a clearly indicated PDF with detailed descriptions of characters including names, occup…

456678-thumb140.png To Rule Them All 2: Magic Ring Pack for 5e
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Welcome to ‘To Rule Them All 2: An Assortment of Strange Homebrew Magic Rings.’
We all like more magic items. And rings are great for their versatility; they don’t take up a huge amount of your outfit like a cloak or shoes do, they’re usually not attunement, and they’re a fun accessory too!
…well, if you have fingers.
If you don’t, you can always slide them on your hair or something. And if you have neither hair nor fingers… you can give them to a loved one or party member you’re stuck with? This document contains a bunch of items you can suggest to your DM or if you are the DM, add to your magic item merchants and your loot stash beyond what you just have for the basic PHB stuff.

1. Are the rings all joke ones or genuinely useful items? The items in this document are a healthy mi…

455769-thumb140.png To Rule Them All: Magic Ring Pack for 5e
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Bundle price:
Welcome to ‘To Rule Them All: An Assortment of Strange Homebrew Magic Rings.’
We all like more magic items. And rings are great for their versatility; they don’t take up a huge amount of your outfit like a cloak or shoes do, they’re usually not attunement, and they’re a fun accessory

Waterdeep Filler Quests [With VTT Compatible Maps]

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
Need a break from writing? Add enriching filler content with this set of self-contained stories that take place in Waterdeep. This PDF is full of flavor text, character information, and more that will make your Sword Coast adventures feel more tangible and interactive!

by Olivia L. Dobbs

Presenting: 6 Waterdhavian Filler Quests

Using this unofficial resource, catered for Lvl 2 – 6 players, you can guide your PCs through sessions that allow you a break from the main quest, creating meaningful adventures for them in between the lovely quest-filled cities and towns you’ve crafted.
Waterdeep Filler Quests covers a variety of story types, including humor, politics, adventure, and more!
In addition to being a go-to filler quest list for DMs, it also includes digital maps for each story, so that players have a visual aid to start them on their session. All side quests are crafted to fit seamlessly into the city and culture of Waterdeep, resulting in rich additions to your Waterdhavian adventures.


5 original side quests which include:

  • A dramatic question
  • Location descriptions
  • Plot development points
  • Character descriptions
  • Recommended challenge ratings
  • Designed digital maps to show your players (Compatible with Roll 20, Foundry, and Fantasy Grounds)

Waterdeep Filler Quests [With VTT Compatible Maps]Price: $2.99

SJ-DC-MIST-01 The Haunted Moon

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A research and mining company, Nebula Harvesters, LLC, has recently sent a ship of surveyors and soldiers to research and establish an outpost in a new system. Rumors are swirling that this system is rich with resources, and a colony there will be incredibly profitable for whichever faction can claim it the fastest. They had set up a base on the largest moon of the farthest gas giant from the sun as a home base for research stations throughout the system. Communications were hopeful until static interrupted the last transmission that was sent. Nothing has been heard since.

CONTENT WARNING: Death (by Freezing), Dead Bodies, Undead, Ghosts, Captives

A 4-hour adventure for Tier 3 characters. Optimized for APL 13. 

Your download includes:

  • 20 page PDF adventure with a mix of social, combat and exploration
  • Full color maps with and without gridlines, optimized for Virtual Tabletop play
  • Printer friendly versions of PDF and maps
  • Maps and stat blocks for all encounters
  • Adventurers League legal: written using the Dungeoncraft Design Guidelines v1.4 for Spelljammer adventures in the Forgotten Realms campaign.

SJ-DC-MIST-01 The Haunted MoonPrice: $4.99

Random Adventures Guide 2/4

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This is my second big milestone since starting work on the Random Adventures Guide! I’ve gotten 50% of the way through and I wanted to make sure that they’re all grouped for you as they’re released!

I’ll be doing the same as i workthrough CR 11-20, and look forward to the 75%, and completion of the R.A.G. once we complete it! 

Thank you to everyone for downloading and supporting, and a MASSIVE thank you to DMs Guild themselves! Thank you for your platform to share all of our wonderful, weird, amazing ideas! I hope that these adventures bring you and your players plenty of adventure!

Random Adventures Guide 2/4Price: $20.00

Details About Doom Guard’s Other Diabolical Invaders

Join the Doom Guard and save Legacy City from Ultimate Evil on Gamefound in early 2024. In Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s debut cooperative board game, heroes and villains alike race against the ever-advancing Doom Track to thwart each campaign’s major antagonist.

The Guardians must resist the vile corruption of “the Ultimate Evil.” Each of these foes twist the board and changes the Minions, Impending Doom statuses, Doom Track size, and how the Doom advances. Each Ultimate Evil board is two-sided for double the number of sinister threats!

We’ve seen the mighty Cthulhu and his dread minions from the world beyond, but now Asmodeus turns his gaze on Earth! This demonic Ultimate Evil sends forth his legions from Stygia to subjugate our world via an add-on expansion box that contains Strygoth–vicious winged warriors–and their Brute cousins, mastiff-sized Stygian Hounds who hunt in packs, and slow-moving fiendish Gluttons that devour everything in their wake, all with new Minion dice and deadly new mechanics.

Sign up today to join the action when the campaign launches and to get a Crazed OGRE mini added to your pledge for FREE when you back Doom Guard at any reward level in 2024!

The world is counting on you!

A Great Time at PAX Unplugged!

It was great to see you this weekend!

We had a great time at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia over the weekend! Whether we chatted with you in the exhibitor hall, or sat across from you at the game table, thank you for making it a weekend to remember!

Many of us from Goodman Games were on hand during this three days of ‘unplugged’ gaming — there were so many terrific table top and RPG games going on, the atmosphere of enthusiasm was off the charts.

We are already looking forward to seeing you again next year!

Goodman Games To Leave Flat River Group and Sell Direct to Distributors

Goodman Games To Leave Flat River Group and Sell Direct to Distributors

(San Rafael, CA) – December 3, 2023 – Goodman Games announced today that it is leaving Flat River Group effective December 31, 2023. Goodman Games is happy to now offer its tabletop role playing games, dice, and other products directly to traditional hobby distributors at improved terms. As announced yesterday, Goodman Games will sell to the comics and book markets exclusively through Diamond.

Distributors interested in stocking Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mutant Crawl Classics, Original Adventures Reincarnated, Fifth Edition Fantasy, and other Goodman Games product lines should contact [email protected] to set up an account for 2024 shipping. Effective January 1, 2024, Flat River Group will no longer be authorized to represent Goodman Games through any sales channels.

“It’s been a great pleasure working with Impressions since 2002, and with FRG once it acquired Impressions,” said founder Joseph Goodman. “With more than 20 years of shared growth, the companies have literally ‘grown up’ together. Impressions did an excellent job of expanding the reach of Goodman Games. But at this time, Goodman Games is ready to graduate from the needs of third-party fulfillment. Our own warehouse is ready to ship orders and we are ‘moving out of mom and dad’s house,’ so to speak.”

Goodman Games wishes everyone at Impressions and Flat River Group well, and looks forward to continued growth for our own products as well as all the publishers FRG represents.

Glorantha Settlement 19

Publisher: Chaosium

These maps include a commercial license, as such, you can add them to your products. You may not use this image as a selling point or include these illustrations in another stock art collection, other specific actions not admisible are described in the attached copyrights document.

This map I used as Wintertop before I got help in finding a drawing of the real city’s location and appearance.
This is an updated version of the old map. Nowadays it is just called settlement 19.
(So Wintertop is another map named just like that. )


Glorantha Settlement 19Price: $0.00

Milando’s Guide to Magical Marvels (5E) | Foundry VTT

Publisher: Valeur RPG

Magical Marvels Banner

Dark magic, wild magic, and runic magic — EVERYTHING you need to make magic count in D&D 5E

Give your adventure a dark twist with heinous hexes and cursed creatures, enhance your game with magic runes and runewrought monsters, or explore the wonders of wild magic and unstable spellmarks.

The many new magic items, monsters, challenges, NPCs, and adventures in this 160 page tome are flavored by themes of dark magic, runic enchanting, and wild magic, designed to breathe new life into your game!

Milando’s Guide to Magical Marvels provides you with unique content rooted in magic so far unexplored in 5E D&D:

  • Dark Magic – Hexes, jinxes, and rules for characters to play as lycanthropes, liches, shades, or vampires

  • Wild Magic – Improved wild magic table and unstable spellmarks

  • Runic Magic – A complete runic enchantment system with 20 unique runes!

  • 6 Merchant NPCs – Enrich your game with hexcrafter, spellwarper, and runecarver NPCs

  • 35+ Dynamic Monsters & 30+ Monster Tokens – Including new mounts and magical companions

  • 35+ Unique Magic Items – Including upgradeable items and item sets

  • 12+ Awesome Maps – Set up with lighting, walls, and pre-placed tokens

  • 3 Plug-and-Play Adventures – Original 5E adventures rooted in dark magic, wild magic, and runic magic

mgmm border.png


Each adventures is packed with hours of play, awesome maps, exciting encounters, and unique NPCs — and can easily be fit into an existing campaign!

  • Blood’s Bond. In this adventure suitable for a party of 3rd- to 7th-level, the heroes must unravel a curse upon the peaceful village of Eldermill — an endeavor that has them seeking out a dark witch, contending with wild elves, and tampering with ancient, elven monuments!

  • Mythical Madness. In this adventure suitable for a party of 6th– to 10th-level characters, the heroes must figure out why magic has gone rampant in the city of Emberdusk — an investigation that pits them against evil cultists, spellwarped monstrosities, and more!

  • Runic Recovery. In this adventure suitable for a party of 9th- to 13th-level characters, the heroes must retrieve a legendary runestone from an abandoned runecarver enclave — an undertaking that pits them against brutal constructions, deadly traps, and runic puzzles as they uncover the twisted result of the runecarvers’ final experiment!

mgmm border.png


MGMM FVTT Previews


The module leverages the features of the Foundry VTT software to make the user

Heretic’s Guide to Devotion & Divinity (5E) | Foundry VTT

Publisher: Valeur RPG

Heretic's Guide Banner

Celestial creatures, divine NPCs, relic hunts, and guidelines — EVERYTHING you need to make the divine matter in D&D 5E

Hidden in deep shadows and protected by deathly traps and puzzles, a god-killing blade awaits a hero brave enough to grasp its hilt. And who is pure-hearted enough to lay claim to the treasures in the Temple of Three Challenges?

Heretic’s Guide to Devotion & Divinity has everything you need to make the divine actually matter — from zealous cults, celestial horrors, and divine player options, to adaptable relic hunts featuring ruined temples, lost cities, and sacred shrines:

  • 6 ready-to-play relic hunts with awesome maps

  • 10 exalted encounters with additional encounter maps

  • 5 religious cults & 5 plug-and-play divine NPCs

  • 8 sacred subclasses & 25 new divine feats

  • 50 celestial creatures & other monsters

  • 60 mystical magic items, sacred vows, and divine boons

  • Rules & Guidelines for everything divine, including building pantheons, designing deities, running rituals, and much more!

hgdd border.png


Each relic hunt feature puzzles, traps, and monsters, complete with dynamic lighting, easy-to-follow DM instructions, and original artwork.

  • The Shrine of the Silent Blade. Hidden in deep, dark shadows, the Shrine of the Silent Blade stands as both a religious shrine to the Masked One and serves as the secret vault for the fabled god-killing sword Bedlam. The shrine, carved into a rocky mountainside, is unassuming from the outside and is rarely visited by anyone except devout followers of the Masked One who come to pay fealty to their dark lord. A hidden shrine of darkness is filled with deceptive dangers — for levels 5-8

  • The Shrine of the Rising Sun. Even the followers of the Dawnbringer have things they wish to keep away from prying eyes. One such artifact is the Dawnbringer’s Crown, which lies hidden in the Shrine of the Rising Sun. The shrine, which only appears to those who stand at the exact right spot at the break of dawn, tests visitors’ ability to manipulate and overcome the powers of light. A light puzzle is at the center of this shrine to the Dawnbringer — for levels 4-9.

  • Earthmother’s Temple. Nestled deep in a dense forest, the ruins of the oncemajestic Earthmother’s Temple conceals a tragic past. Centuries ago, the devout followers of the God of Nature were beset by evil cultists beholden to the Plaguebringer, a deity

2021 Pathfinder 1 Megabundle [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Raging Swan Press
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

370671-thumb140.jpg Campaign Codex #3: Villains (P1)
Regular price: 0
A GM’s Resource by Creighton Broadhurst, Andy Lewis and Martin Tideswell
Every hero needs an antihero, every defender of the light must have darkness to keep at bay and every pure‐hearted paladin nee…
373664-thumb140.jpg Campaign Codex #4: Greater Villains (P1)
Regular price: 0
A GM’s Resource by Creighton Broadhurst, Andy Lewis and Martin Tideswell
Every hero needs an antihero, every defender of the light must have darkness to keep at bay and every pure‐hearted paladin nee…
376725-thumb140.jpg Campaign Codex #5: Lesser Villains (P1)
Regular price: 0
A GM’s Resource by Creighton Broadhurst, Andy Lewis and Martin Tideswell
Every hero needs an antihero, every defender of the light must have darkness to keep at bay and every pure‐hearted paladin nee…
363126-thumb140.jpg Dungeon Backdrop: Aninas Family Crypt (P1)
Regular price: 0
A GM’s Resource by Bart Wynants
The black swan’s disapproving glare bores into the top of your skull as you place the chisel against the crypt’s seal. Perched atop the moss-covered roof of the mauso…
348588-thumb140.jpg Dungeon Backdrop: Craghollow Mine (P1)
Regular price: 0
A GM’s Resource by Bart Wynants
Dawn’s dim light conjures up a chill mist whose phantom tendrils coil amid the trees, to linger upon the thorny brambles and dewy boughs. Another tired blade-stroke d…
369984-thumb140.jpg Dungeon Backdrop: Martryn Manor (P1)
Regular price: 0
A GM’s Resource by Bart Wynants
A dissonant chorus of low moaning and high-pitched laughter echoes from the grand ballroom, where Languard’s lowest elements mingle with its haughty elite. Luxuriatin…
342215-thumb140.jpg Dungeon Backdrop: Scarlock Hill (P1)
Regular price: 0
A GM’s Resource by Bart Wynants
With slick black fingers, the muddy soil grasps at your heels as you laboriously climb Scarlock Hill’s rock-strewn slope. A hundred feet below, scores of tall pine tr…
352701-thumb140.jpg Dungeon Backdrop: The Shard Isles (P1)
Regular price: 0
A GM’s Resource by Bart Wynants
The sea swells with fury. All around you, great walls of black water rise menacingly, only to break apart upon the jagged rocks surrounding the islet. Their thunderou…
366361-thumb140.jpg Dungeon Backdrop: Undercity Chapel (P1)
Regular price: 0
A GM’s Resource by Bart Wynants
Nameless things slither against your legs as you wade through the foetid waters of Languard’s sewers. The nauseating stench is thick enough to cut with a blade, causi…
345333-thumb140.jpg Dungeon Backdrop: Wreck of the Sea Sprite (P1)
Regular price: 0

December 6, 2023: Music Recommendation: Security Project

Security Project: Slowburn Tour Edition

Here’s a music recommendation I’ve used and enjoyed at the gaming table: Security Project. This is a band devoted to the music of Peter Gabriel and Gabriel-era Genesis. If that piques your interest, then you’ve probably already clicked the link (or might even own their tunes). If you haven’t, then check out their Bandcamp page or YouTube and give them a listen.

I especially like them at the gaming table because they’re interesting without being distracting, have that nice feeling of familiarity while still sounding different, and suit a variety of moods. Thus they don’t overshadow the session but also aren’t invisible to us as we play. (And, of course, I also like to listen to them in those rare moments we’re not gaming . . .)

Oh, and if you get a chance to see them in concert, I recommend that; they put on quite a show at the one I attended.

Steven Marsh

Warehouse 23 News: The City Never Sleeps Because Of All The Action

There are a million stories in the city, and they’re all exciting! GURPS Action 9: The City shows how you can add GURPS City Stats to your GURPS Action campaigns. It also features six sample cities to use with your own action-packed adventures. Download it today from Warehouse 23!

The Witching Bear

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Witching Bear – A Curse of Strahd Adventure

Embark on a chilling journey in “The Witching Bear of Svalich Woods,” a short, intense quest set in the eerie, mist-enshrouded town of Vallaki. The adventure begins in the dimly lit Blue Water Inn, where the party encounters the distressed wolf hunter, Szoldar Szoldarovich. He urgently requests the party’s help to find his missing partner, Yevgeni, last seen venturing into the ominous Svalich Woods. As the players forge deeper into the forest, they will encounter a spine-chilling pack of werewolves, a treacherous prelude to the true terror awaiting them: the fearsome Witching Bear.

This narrative promises a thrilling blend of suspense, action-packed combat, and critical thinking. The players must navigate through the Svalich Woods, piecing together clues to locate Yevgeni and confront the monstrous bear.

Inside the pages of this supplement you will find:

  • The Adventure Details
  • A homebre monster statblock for the Witching Bear
  • 2 homebrew magic items, the Witching Sack and Wolfbane Oil
  • 3 custom made battle maps 

The Witching BearPrice: $0.00