Into the Third Dimension!

Blood, Sweat, and Dice - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 18:59

Breaking off the battle map and onto 3D terrain can bring your combat encounters to the next level.

Astriak the dragon looks down upon his prey. This moment would be far less dramatic on a flat battle map.

A big part of Dungeons and Dragons 4e, and may other RPGs, is tactical combat. Movement, range, zones of control, and areas of effect all play in to making battles that can be both exciting and highly intellectually engaging. Adding a third dimension to the standard combat encounter only increases these advantages.

It is also far superior for immersion by your PCs.

When I came in first in the DM Challenge at PAX East 2011, one thing especially wowed my players and drew onlookers to the table – my final “boss” encounter with the dragon, Astriak. For this encounter, I constructed a large glass flight grid as well as a cliff face and top that was climbable by the heroes. There was no questioning that this was an epic fight.

Once Astriak took to the air and began filling the floor ov the cavern with burning acid, the heroes lost valuable room to maneuver, unless the climbed the cliff face.

To begin the encounter, Astriak stood high above the heroes as he condescendingly predicted their doom. That moment of role-playing worked in large part because the players could actually see just how high above their heads Astriak truly was. That three-inch tall piece of plastic cut a menacing figure when it was placed fourteen inches above the base of the battle map. When combat began, Astriak could actually swoop down in his charge at the heroes. Once he discovered the heroes were a real threat, Astriak again took to the air, directly above the heads of the heroes. As one hero took several turns to climb the cliff face, the player could see the physical progress of his character better than with just using a marker to denote elevation above the cavern floor.

Why would you do anything else?

Well, frankly, the answers are time and money. You can buy ready-made 3D Terrain, like Dwarven Forge, but that is expensive. You can paint your own 3D terrain after casting it or carving it, like many miniature war game hobbyists do, but that takes boatloads of time and a fair amount of skill. If you have lots of time or money, then your solutions are pretty straightforward.

This cavern system was built using the (discontinued) CaveWorks printable terrain set by WorldWorks Games. The “pink” terrain pieces were made before I realized my printer was out of yellow ink.

For the rest of us, however, there are still options. Reasonable doses of hard work and a cash investment similar to purchasing dungeon tiles can get you far. Printable, modular terrain, like that offered by WorldWorks Games and Fat Dragon Games allow you to print, cut, and then glue together impressive 3D terrain. I prefer the terrain by WorldWorks Games because I have found it to be more modular, which I appreciate when reusing pieces. Building paper terrain does have small learning curve, but you can eventually get fairly impressive setups.

Another option is to use pre-printed paperboard terrain, like the Harrowing Halls or Desert of Athas dungeon tile sets by Wizards of the Coast. Really, any dungeon tile set can be used in a 3D environment with a bit of ingenuity. Use wooden dowels, empty thread spools, or anything else you have lying around to set up the tiles on different levels.

My current favorite for 3D terrain, however, is the Terraclips line by WorldWorks Games and Wryd Miniatures. This is pre-printed, paperboard terrain that comes with clips to assemble large 3D buildings and city environments. There is talk of more sets with more of a nature theme being released in the next few months. I used these in combat for the first time a few nights ago, and I have to say that I was 100% impressed. My players enjoyed the scenario, and it had a very “rumble in the streets” feel to it. Again, this line is modular, so it can be used many, many times over without feeling dull.

In the End

When all is said and done, it does not matter what method you choose, just get some 3D combat into your game. You do not need to use it every time you have an encounter, but it is a great way to jazz up a fight. I took the time to recreate part of the encounter from the other night using only 2D tokens and battle maps. Which would you rather fight in?

Would your players prefer this flat battle . . .

. . . or something a little more eye-popping?

My groups have a clear preference, and I am betting yours will as well.

In future posts, I will help with identifying the small issues that 3d combat can create for people who normally play on 2d battle maps. For now, here are some references to help inspire your 3D terrain plans:

  • How to build a glass flight grid, by TheSheDM
  • For modelers, Benoit at Roving Band of Misfits has several great articles on building battlefield terrain
  • Heroscape terrain can be found pretty cheap on Ebay, but you will likely need to gently modify your rules to use it (another future post)
  • Torq Stevens at Stuffer Shack has some pictures of inspiring 3D terrain he has built
  • On Google+, Mike Amend points out, “. . .what about adding some flavor with home decorations? Fish tank ruins are the perfect size for a table top map. Halloween village accessories at your local craft store is also a great way to get tomb stones, caskets and piles of skulls.”
  • Though it is somewhat harder to justify in D&D, Stephen Sanford on Google+ suggests that you just use your entire house and a ruler for a session or two of Honey, I Shrunk the Adventurers. Brilliant!

Do you ever use all three dimensions in combat scenarios in your game? What techniques do you use? Can you recommend any other links for the resources list on this page?

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Supers! Public Domain Supers 02

RPGNow - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 18:57
Supers! Public Domain Supers 02Publisher: DM Studios
Supers! Public Domain Supers 2 - The Black Terror's Friends and Foes

Now you can bring the superheroes from the dyas of yore to use in your SUPERS! games. This edition of Public Domain supers includes 10 heroes and villians to use in your next Supers! from Beyong Belief game.

Included in this set is:

The Black Terror - the invulnerable caped crime fighter

Tim Terror - the side kick of Black Terror

Red Ann - a mysterious woman viaing vengence forthe past

Bo Briantus - a 98th century chemist

Dr. Fission - the man who made time travel possible

Puzzler - a puzzled young man who turned to crime

Dr. Ghoul - a monster creating mad man

Kroll Mull - a devilish dream making dictator

Lady Serpent - the serpentous seductrous

Torch - a fire welding wielder

The art is original, and the text for each hero was adapted from the Public Domain Supers website.


Price: $0.99
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RPG Superstar: Item Feedback

Paizo - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 18:05

RPG Superstar: Item Feedback

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tuesday, we announced the Top 32 for RPG Superstar. Now those lucky, skilled gamers are hammering away at the Round 2 task of designing a new Golarion organization. Their submissions are due Friday, secretly reviewed by the judges over the weekend, and go live for voting on Tuesday, January 31. Good luck to the Top 32!

If you submitted a wondrous item and didn’t make it into the Top 32, don’t lose heart! One, not winning your first RPG Superstar is a fine tradition upheld by 2009’s winner Neil Spicer and 2010’s winner Matt Goodall—you now have a year to practice and hone your craft for the next competition. And don’t forget to stop by the Official Critique My Item Thread to get some feedback on your item from the community and perhaps the judges!

I’m also doing something new this year. During the selection process, the judges set aside items that may be suitable for the Top 32, usually ending up with 40–60 items that they winnow down to just 32 plus four alternates. If your item is on the following list, your item was on that longer list but didn’t make that final cut. To help improve your skills, if your item is listed here and you’d like me to give you feedback from the perspective of a Paizo developer, reply to this blog post and I’ll repost your item with my feedback—the same sort of feedback I’d give to a new freelancer.

Note: Only the items in the following list get this special treatment... I don’t have time in my work schedule to give feedback on hundreds of items. Also, requesting feedback means you won’t be able to submit this item next year, as the judges will know who you are and therefore your item won’t be anonymous anymore. Fortunately, a true superstar has more than one awesome idea, and you should be able to take what you learned this year and create something even better next year!

Bracers of Versatile Channeling
Compass of the Void Shaper
Darklight Candle
Dust of the Shaitan
Facsimile Stone
Gloves of Theurgy
Gunhunter's Coin
Meridian Needles
Mirror of Monstrous Echoes
Necklace of Mirrored Alignment
Orb of the Dawnflower
Periapt of Continuous Haleness
Ponderous Pebble
Scatterself Stone
Shelyn's Thrush
Stubborn Nail
Torc of Zealous Tenacity
Vest of Second Skin
Viperfang Scabbard
Walking Stick of the Revered Elder

Sean K Reynolds
Developer and RPG Superstar Judge

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More Monsters!

Paizo - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 18:00

Illustration by Eric Belisle More Monsters!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Every GM knows you can never have enough monsters, and yesterday the risk of ever running out got way slimmer with the addition of Bestiary 3's more than 300 menaces to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Reference Document. Check them all out for free and our online PRD right here!

F. Wesley Schneider
Managing Editor

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Stargate d6 Unofficial Character Sheet

RPGNow - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 17:19
Stargate d6 Unofficial Character SheetPublisher: Wicked North Games
Price: $0.00
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Knights to Champion Your Trial by Combat

Fantasy Flight Games - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 16:02
An A Game of Thrones: The Card Game spotlight

“How many knights?”
    “Few enough,” the maester said with a touch of impatience. “To be a knight, you must stand your vigil in a sept, and be anointed with the seven oils to consecrate your vows. In the north, only a few of the great houses worship the Seven. The rest honor the old gods, and name no knights…
but those lords and their sons and sworn swords are no less fierce or loyal or honorable. A man's worth is not marked by a ser before his name. As I have told you a hundred times before.”
    “Still,” said Bran, “how many knights?”

–George R.R. Martin, A Feast for Crows

Knights snag the imagination. Riding tall, astride snorting steeds, with armor polished and glinting in the sunlight, they can symbolize the great virtues of a bygone era. Strength, valor, honor, and loyalty to their vows and their lords. George R.R. Martin presents us with glimpses of such shining knights in his fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire, but he presents us even more detailed looks at knights ridden with all the failings of humanity. False knights, pompous blowhards, cravens, spineless servants with no sense of decency, and monsters who abuse their power, taking what they will from the weak and the innocent.

The power of arms

A Game of Thrones: The Card Game provides us the opportunity to command many of these Knights, and as the A Tale of Champions cycle draws our focus to the great tournaments of Westeros, it’s only natural that we see more of these armor-clad figures appear. Trial by Combat, appropriately, introduces five new Knights. The Starks, Lannisters, and Baratheons each recruit one, while House Targaryen gains the service of two new Knight characters, the tireless Exiled Knight (Trial by Combat, 90) and the lethal new Dragon Knight (Trial by Combat, 89).

Just as lords and ladies need knights to lend strength to their armies, so do knights need lords and ladies to serve, and House Targaryen welcomes those Exiled Knights who swear their swords to the service of the mother of dragons. In A Song of Ice and Fire, two notable knights both sought out the Queen of Dragons to offer their swords after they had been exiled. First Ser Jorah Mormont and then Ser Barristan Selmy, the former Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, swore their vows to Daenerys Targaryen.

Thematically, the Exiled Knight’s attachment to the Queen gives him purpose and strength. Mechanically, the Exiled Knight plays into one of House Targaryen’s classic strengths, the play and control of attachments. The Targaryens count some of the best in-house attachments, including Aegon’s Blade (Core Set, 102), Shade of the Evening (Queen of Dragons, 4), and the Bloodrider’s Arakh (Queen of Dragons, 3). Given any attachment, the Exiled Knight need not kneel to defend, and Shade of the Evening both grants him an Intrigue icon and allows you to take a card into your hand every time he wins a challenge.

Meanwhile, the Dragon Knight provides House Targaryen with another highly efficient addition to their constantly evolving burn decks. Indeed, because the Dragon Knight has Ambush, it offers you a tactical element of surprise and control. You can bring it into play during a challenge you initiate with an Exiled Knight wielding a Bloodrider’s Arakh, and kill any defender with a Strength of one or less. If you make it Summer with the Crown of Meereen (Queen of Dragons, 6), or if you have any additional burn in your hand, the Dragon Knight becomes even more lethal.

Separately, each of these Knights offers House Targaryen new strength, but in combination they reveal the true strength of arms a Knight can bring to the battlefield.

Exiled, doomed, bought, and false

Each of the Knight characters in Trial by Combat captures the spirit of the house to which it belongs, and the assembly provides a mix of the true knights, petty mercenaries, and corrupt swordsmen depicted in George R.R. Martin’s fiction. When this Chapter Pack arrives, its Knights will allow you to reenact both the gruesome slaughters and the heroic victories of A Song of Ice and Fire.


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Battlemap : Football Field

RPGNow - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 14:38
 Football FieldPublisher: Christian Hollnbuchner

This full color battlemap is the fifty first of a series featuring various terrains. This installment features an American football field.

The map is 40 x 77 squares in size, with each 1 inch square scaled to represent 5 feet. It is provided in 44 segments, which need to be assembled, in a single PDF using the letter format.

Price: $1.38
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Level Up! — Episode #24: D&D Next Living Campaign Ideas

Roving Band of Misfits - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 14:00

With the announcement of the next edition of D&D, we here at Roving Band of Misfits wondered what a living campaign in the new system might look like.

We had several blog posts on the subject:

In this episode of the podcast, Benoit and Hamblin are joined by their friend Tyson.  We discuss a lot of the ideas and issues that were brought up in these posts.

As always, we want your feedback!  Leave a comment below, email us at [email protected], or send a tweet to Benoit or Hamblin.

Related posts:

  1. Level Up! — Episode #23: On “Cheese Weasels”
  2. Level Up – Episode #10
  3. Level Up — Episode #16: GenCon Report

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6-Pack Adventures: THULU! (Pathfinder)

RPGNow - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 10:40
 THULU! (Pathfinder)Publisher: Postmortem Studios

A 6-Pack Adventure: pick-up-and-play adventures designed to fill 2-4 hours of play and containing everything you need.

  • Battle Map
  • Tokens
  • Pre-generated characters

For longevity you can use the tokens and the map for anything else you care to do and the adventures should be fairly easily adaptable to fit into your existing campaign if you want.

THULU! Has a ragged band of grizzled warriors trying to hold off the orc horde long enough for relief to arrive.

Pathfinder and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Publishing, LLC, and are used under license. See for more information on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Price: $1.99
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Cultists of Havra Zhoul

RPGNow - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 09:46
Cultists of Havra ZhoulPublisher: Raging Swan Press

Your PCs have final emerged from the dungeon laden with loot prised from the clutches of their slain foes. Heroically returning to civilisation, they find a tavern, divide up their loot and relax. Then they ask “So what are the people like here, anyway?” At this point, the GM likely panics and either replies “nothing special” or improvises a series of similar, one-dimensional (and ultimately forgettable) NPCs. (After all, most GMs have got barely enough time to prepare the next adventure; preparing dozens of NPCs the PCs might interact with is likely a long way down their “to do” list.)

So What’s the NPC Like, Anyway? banishes this problem! Within, you’ll find tables designed to enable the busy GM to quickly and simply create hundreds of memorable, rounded NPCs. With just a few dice rolls, the GM can generate an NPC’s notable physical traits, personality traits, mannerisms, current activity and profession, leaving him more time to concentrate on the adventure at hand!

This product is a Dual Format PDF. The downloadable ZIP file contains two versions, one optimised for printing and use on a normal computer and one optimised for use on a mobile device such as an iPad.

Download a free sample and web enhancement at

Price: $4.99
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Big Character Pack [BUNDLE]

RPGNow - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 08:41
Big Character Pack [BUNDLE]Publisher: Eastern Raider Games

This all pack into one pack product contains 63 images for you to browse your needs from. Various sizes, but the same legal status: you are free to use them in ANY type of product, any times. Change them as you wish. The only limit that you cannot sell the original or the derivated images in themselves, as an image, only as a part of a project (PDF, game, book, card game, board game, etc.)

ERG001: Portrait Package - Full rights
Regular price: $1.99
Bundle price: $1.25

Artist: Peter Szabo Gabor Type: Artwork Package No page count for this product. ERGames Portrait Package is an artwork package and it contains 36 full images around screen size what means the image size used in CCGs most CCGs at 300dpi (1024x768), but there are some lower (3 in 100x150, some around 400x400) or some higher 1000x1000, 2400x2300 or 3000x3600 Please check the DEMO for thumbnails and size for all images, the package has been changed greatly according to customer comments The images are TIFFs, and to serve customers better the pre-cropped images were replaced by the original ones to give a better resolutions and the possibility for everyone to cut exactly what is needed. The package also contains a license.txt file thus giving the buyer the right to modify the images (cro...

ERG017: Dragonoid Package#1 - Full rights
Regular price: $2.99
Bundle price: $1.99

Artist: Peter Szabo Gabor Type: Artwork Package No page count for this product. Dragonoid Package is an artwork package around dragons and it contains 9 images around 600x800 pixels (2"x2.5" , 300 dpi), can be used as interior illustrations. Please check the COVER for thumbnails and size for all images The package also contains a license.txt file thus giving the buyer the right to modify the images (crop, blend, rehue, resaturate etc.). Anyone who owns this license may use the artworks in any way (s)he wants, in any number of commercial products without the need to pay anything, not a cent of royalty. The only exception: the artwork (even derivative ones) cannot be sold in themselves, they have to participate a specific project.


ERG018: Dragonoid Package#2 - Full rights
Regular price: $3.49
Bundle price: $2.49

Artist: Peter Szabo Gabor Type: Artwork Package No page count for this product. Dragonoid Package 2 is an artwork package around dragons and it contains 10 images around 1300x1300 pixels (3.25"x3.25" , 300 dpi), can be used as interior illustrations. 5 images are the color variants of the same dragon, and there are also 5 more individual images named: thieves, necromancer2, mounted knight, purse, dragon egg. Please check the COVER for thumbnails and size for all images The package also contains a license.txt file thus giving the buyer the right to modify the images (crop, blend, rehue, resaturate etc.). Anyone who owns this license may use the artworks in any way (s)he wants, in any number of commercial products without the need to pay anything, not a cent of royalty. ...

ERG019: Comics Villain Package#1 - Full rights
Regular price: $4.99
Bundle price: $3.49

Artist: Peter Szabo Gabor Type: Artwork Package No page count for this product. Comics Villain Package is an artwork package around Villains of superhero stories and it contains 8 images at the size of 1200x1388 pixels (4"x4.5" , 300 dpi), can be used as interior or exterior illustrations.The images are in Photoshop PSD format, so as being a layered file, you can switch of the backgrounds, and sometimes some additional stuff like smoke/electricity/shadow. The package also contains a license.txt file thus giving the buyer the right to modify the images (crop, blend, rehue, resaturate etc.). Anyone who owns this license may use the artworks in any way (s)he wants, in any number of commercial products without the need to pay anything, not a cent of royalty. The onl...

Total value: $13.46 Special bundle price: $9.22 Savings of: $4.24 (32%) Price: $13.46
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January 26, 2012: A Nice Piece Of Glass

Steve Jackson Games - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 08:28

The makers of Gorilla Glass, used in many touchscreen devices, debuted a thinner, more sensitive glass screen at CES recently. Lighter, more responsive smartphones? Yes, please!

-- Andrew Hackard

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D&D XP Seminar Chat Stream

WoTC D&D - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 08:00
Join Mike Mearls, Monte Cook, and Jeremy Crawford as they discuss the origin for the idea to create an edition of D&D.
Categories: D&D

Swords of State: The Royal Blades of Cormyr

WoTC D&D - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 08:00
Every nation worthy of the name has its swords of kingship. Tethyr, Impiltur, elven Myth Drannor, and the undersea realms as well . . . even some of the petty baronies of the Border Kingdoms boast blades whose ownership proves the right to rule. Cormyr is blessed with four such weapons—and two others besides if they are ever found.
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Unfinished Business

WoTC D&D - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 08:00
When my players see an adventure hook dangling in front of them, sometimes they bite, and sometimes they swim away.
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Undead Ghouls

RPGNow - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 06:46
Undead GhoulsPublisher: Clerics of the Midwest

If you have ever been frustrated by the never ending struggle to keep fragile plastic or pewter miniatures in good condition, this may be the product for you.  By using high quality, and easily replaceable, prints you will never have to worry about damage done to your figurines through transportation as well as wear and tear.  If a miniature gets torn or damaged simply throw it away cut out a new one.

This documents contains a single figurine in two poses.  Each figure has a front and backside.

Price: $1.00
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Castle Builder Volume 1 and 2 [BUNDLE]

RPGNow - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 06:11
Castle Builder Volume 1 and 2 [BUNDLE]Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing

Castle Builder Volume 1: Strongholds
Regular price: $4.99
Bundle price: $4.99

Castle Builder Volume 1: Strongholds is the first installment in a 10-part series designed to help Game Masters and players plan their ideal fortifications in a step-by-step format from the ground up. Although the book has no specific setting, it is designed to accomodate any technological era that one is likely to encounter in a fantasy campaign setting, from the Stone Age to the Renaissance.

This volume's contents include:

* Introduction to the nature of strongholds, why they are built, and how they are perceived;

* Various material types ranging from the historic to the fantastic;

* How to consider the most logical layout for your needs and the story potential this holds;

* Ways to integrate a stronghold's existence with a local community; and,...

Castle Builder Volume 2: Manor Houses
Regular price: $1.99
Bundle price: $1.00

Castle Builder Volume 2: Manor Houses is the second installment in a 10-part series designed to help Game Masters and players plan their ideal fortifications in a step-by-step format from the ground up. This installment reveals how being lightly fortified does not mean a building is unsuitable for use as a defensive structure. This volume’s contents include:

* An introduction to manor houses, why people build them, and how they are perceived;

* Various uses for such structures;

* How to consider the most suitable uses of manor houses in your game;

* Ideal locations for manor houses;

* Two sample structures, a large inn and an aristocratic home, that illustrate two of the most common ...

Total value:$6.98Special bundle price:$5.99Savings of:$0.99 (14%)Price: $6.98

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#1 With a Bullet Point: 6 Archon Feats

RPGNow - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 06:02
#1 With a Bullet Point: 6 Archon FeatsPublisher: Super Genius Games

Sometimes rules supplements read like the world-setting bible of frustrated novelists. While solid world-building is a useful skill, you don’t always need four paragraphs of flavor text to tell you swords are cool, magic is power, shadows are scary, and orcs are savage. Sometimes a GM doesn’t have time to slog through a page of history for every magic weapon. Sometimes all that’s needed are a few cool ideas, with just enough information to use them in a game. Sometimes, all you need are bullet points.

#1 With A Bullet Point is a line of very short, cheap PDFs each of which gives the bare bones of a set of related options. It may be five spells, six feats, eight magic weapon special abilities, or any other short set of related rules we can cram into about a page. Short and simple, these PDFs are for GMs and players who know how to integrate new ideas into their campaigns without any hand-holding, and just need fresh ideas and the rules to support them. No in-character fiction setting the game world. No charts and tables. No sidebars of explanations and optional rules. Just one sentence of explanation for the High Concept of the PDF, then bullet points.

The High Concept: Six feats designed to augment the options and utility of archons (from The Genius Guide to the Archon) or, if archons aren't being used in a campaign, that can be taken by warrior-wizards of other classes and multiclasses (replacing archon levels prerequisites with a base attack bonus and caster level of the same value).

The feats included are:

  • Add Invocation to Injury
  • Eldritch Insight
  • Second Spell-Weapon
  • Spell-Weapon
  • Spell-Weapon Charge
  • Spell-Weapon Gestures
Price: $1.00
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D-Percent - 100 Wild West Bric-a-Brac

RPGNow - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 06:02
D-Percent - 100 Wild West Bric-a-BracPublisher: Black Falcon Games LLC

Your players zigged when you expect a zag. They asked you a question you didn't anticipate. You want to add details and avoid being repetitive. You need a ready supply of random generators! Welcome to D-Percent, Black Falcon Games' line of ready-to-use lists of themed items. Simply roll d%, consult the chart, and you have a handy detail right on hand!

D-Percent – 100 Wild West Bric-a-Brac provides items to give your game a Wild or Old West feeling.  These are useful for possessions for characters in Wild West games, items for collectors in more modern settings, things found in a pawn shop, and more.  The list includes firearms, saloon items, documents, clothing, and more!

Customers enjoying this product may also find D-Percent – 100 Nautical Bric-a-Brac and D-Percent – 100 Animal Trophies & Trade Goods useful!

This product is not specific to any particular game system, instead taking a neutral generic stance.

Look for other exciting Black Falcon Games products that save you time and energy, allowing you to focus on building stories and adapt to your players' ideas and decisions!

Price: $0.75
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Ravenlands 8: Mine and Quarry (1" square = 5')

RPGNow - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 05:44
 Mine and Quarry (1" square = 5')Publisher: Scrying Eye Games

By Rick Ricci
Product type: Downloadable .pdf
Download Size: 4.99 Meg
Pages: 22 pages

The Ravenlands 8: Mine and Quarry is now available alone so it can be combined with IPG's fantastic new Pathfinder adventuer "Kingdoms of Legend Encounters: Nest of Dragons".

Kingdoms of Legend Encouters: Nest of Dragons Bundle Deal

This set gives you a continuous, full color map that can measure up to 24 x 30 inches.  That's not counting all the various options you can get with the addional overlays that show the interior of the mine area.

All of Scrying Eye's maps come in multiple scales! Most of the major game systems out there share some form of standards for using miniatures and maps, and for the first time,  we've got them all covered.

Warning: Make sure you pick the correct scale! Make sure that you are purchasing the correct scale! These maps come in four different scales and grid overlays, so getting the correct product will make all the difference!

Kingdoms of Legend Encouters: Nest of Dragons Bundle Deal

Price: $3.00
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