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The Jumpwebtrotter Returns (October 2011)

Wed, 09/28/2011 - 14:38
Having struggled with the worlds of the Phoenix Empire for months, I am now finally done. It will be nice to take on a fresh assignment after having been occupied with the planet catalogue for so long. But this has been very interesting indeed, scouring through every FS sourcebooks for clues and details and inspiration. Below you will find a sample planet for your pleasure (But keep in mind that this is a pre-edit text, so never mind the broken English ;) ). <br/><br/> So, what’s next for me? I will have a look at Angus’ Grail Chapter, seeing if I can enhance it in any way with my new-found insight into the backstory and worlds of the Phoenix Empire, before it all starts fading from my leaky brain *sigh* <br/><br/> Well, I shan’t rant on this time, instead I present you with the Criticorum excerpt from FS3 Gamemaster Guide – Enjoy! <br/><br/> <b>Criticorum</b><br/> <br/><br/> <b>Star: Apollo</b><br/> <b>System: Budh (0.37AU), Aristotle (0.7AU), Criticorum (1.0AU; Ardella), Mehmet (1.57AU; Czar, Sultan), Khlebnikov (2.98AU; 1 moon), Ellylon (6.11AU; 7 moons), Bhuta (32.37AU), Jumpgate (55.03AU)</b><br/> <b>Jumps: Byzantium Secundus, Cadavus, Gwynneth, Kish, Kordeth, Pyre, Shaprut</b><br/> <b>Capital: Acheon</b><br/> <b>Resources: ores, forestry, fossil fuels, agriculture</b><br/> <b>Exports: refined ore, weapons tech, entertainments, industrial chemicals, industrial tech, vehicles, textiles, medical tech, fine arts, politics</b><br/> <br/><br/> <b>Important People: </b><br/> Duke Yusef abn Rahim al-Malik (born 4953): Duke Yusef is the Istakhr-appointed governor of Criticorum, himself an Istakhr branch al-Malik. He is a moderate, preferring to carefully weight all issues, which means he struggles to please either Istakhr or Criticorum. Duke Yusef, being an old friend of Duke Hakim was appointed governor against his own advice, and he would prefer the governor be from the Criticorum branch. <br/><br/> <b>Overview </b><br/> Criticorum is a diverse world, slightly larger than Holy Terra, and with a year of 348 days. 64% of its surface is covered in water and the land is dominated by Salamandra, the “mother of continents”, stretching from pole to pole, encompassing regions of conifer forest, deserts, plains, equatorial jungles and mountain chains. <br/><br/> Criticorum was first settled by religious and political groups marginalized by the old Urth power structure. A thousand factions made a new start here from 2521 onwards, and the planet swiftly became a liberal democratic haven for freethinkers, dissidents, and libertines. Representatives were elected by the people, but the Poe’s Rebellion (2708) against unpopular tax increased drove the last governor off-world, and power was seized by the large communications and munitions conglomerate – the Bashshar Corporation. In 2855 humanity made first official contact with the Ur-Ukar as Criticorum was invaded and seized by the aliens. Patriarch Palamedes rallied humanity against the Ukari and when Kordeth was beaten in 2892, the Criticorum Ukari surrendered. Wasting no time the Bashshar Corporation, which by now included the ancestor families of the al-Malik, reasserted itself. When the nobles seized Byzantium Secundus in 4000, much of the Republican government and fleet fled to Criticorum, which remained pro-Republican. For two centuries Republican law and institutions survived, but collapsing economic infrastructure hurled Criticorum into a planet-wide depression in 4226. Starvation, unknown for a thousand years, caused centuries of wars and political upheaval, and Criticorum was at various times conquered by the Decados, the Li Halan, and the Hawkwoods, before falling back into the hands of squabbling al-Malik masters. In 4827 a semblance of order was restored as an exile from the Istakhr branch, Claudia al-Abbasah al-Malik, arrived from Aragon with house exiles and Hazat mercenaries, and deposed the Criticorum branch rulers. When the Symbiot Wars began in 4900, refugees from the ravaged worlds sought shelter on Criticorum, nearly destabilizing and bankrupting the world. When Duke Hakim al-Malik supported Alexius’ bid for power in 4991, Countess Carmetha Decados landed her Stigmata Garrison on Criticorum to seize the politically unstable world, and was welcomed by several nobles of the deposed Criticorum branch. Duke Hakim sent in is army of loyal Ur-Ukar, the Fifth Dark Legion, and for a second time Criticorum fell to the terror of the Ukari, although the Decados commanded Stigmata Garrison was defeated by the aliens in the Battle of Rudaki (4991). <br/><br/> Criticorum sits within a nexus of Jumproads making it a major commercial hub. Maritime resources and other wildlife are plentiful in the great game reserves in the south, and large plankton farms harvest the oceans’ wealth. In addition, great mineral resources, technological sophistication, and many Merchant League high-tech vehicle and munitions factories make this one of the most progressive worlds in the Phoenix Empire. Hence, Criticorum is a cosmopolitan center and the capital of Acheon is known by many names, including, Den of Plots, Mother of Veils, and City of Schemes, and it is said that more intrigues hatch here than in the rest of the Empire combined. <br/><br/> Criticorum is the most populous (2.6 billion humans and over 10 million aliens, mostly Ukari) and unruly of the al-Malik worlds. Here, coin is king and there is no privilege that cannot be acquired or lost by the passing of money (Criticorum churches are rich with the sale of Indulgence). Slavery is legal with the payment of fees and corruption is an established part of society. Indeed, to be from Criticorum implies a certain political maturity and sophistication, and it is home to some of the greatest art and high-culture in the Phoenix Empire.
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Mon, 09/12/2011 - 15:45
<p><b>Cathay Quest</b></p> <br> <p>WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD FOR THE FREE ADVENTURE <b>THE CURE FOR EVIL: SEQUELS</b> FROM THE EARTHDAWN ADVENTURE RESOURCE</p> <br> <p><b>Conspiracy</b></p> <p>After the defeat of Jurou Urameshii, the samurai veteran guard’s lucky charms shattered. Somehow Jurou had tampered with their magic, keeping them mind-controlled even after the Horror’s death. </p> <p>The session started with this handout from Jurou’s Book of Records: “I, Jurou Urameshii, give my <font color=red>blood</font> to seal this contract with Luan Zhi, Huang Fai, Kwang Kang, Gao Cei, and the Eater of Innocents. We so do swear to feed Eater of Innocents children in exchange for the control of the minds of our followers and to expand our mental control to others. With this power we will seize control of the Imperial Capital, Huan Wang, and then Heng Na and Tiet Dei and topple Lee Chang He, and then crush the other four kingdoms and take over Cathay, with I, Jurou Urameshii as Emperor with control of Cathay and direct control of Tiet Dei, and Luan Zhi, Huang Fai, Kwang Kang, and Gao Cei as regents of the other areas of the four kingdoms. -- <font color =red>Jurou Urameshii</font>”</p> <p>Vek decided to thread into the book, a book that contained a blood magic oath to a Horror, albeit a dead one, and used 300 LP to attach a thread to it since he knew the book’s name was Jurou’s Book of Records and he guessed the first key knowledge would be its name. I considered it a Circle 1 raw magic use in a corrupted region. This attracted the attention of a Horror who used the book as a conduit to Horror-mark Vek. The Horror awakened the book as a Black Book (<b><I>Barsaive In Chaos</I></b>, p.101) and started using it to feed upon Vek’s pattern. The Horror encouraged Vek to make a deal with it, and give blood to the book to seal the deal in exchange for wishes, power, knowledge, anything Vek wanted. The thread gave him a +1 bonus against the remaining 4 oathtakers; however. Vek failed two Willpower Tests in the next two days, and gained Depatterning Rating 4. Vek also found a book with the names of the brooch and porcelain crane thread items that Jurou possessed. </p> <p>Meanwhile, the rest of the group did some more digging through the books and Van found a book on astral space, thread items, and magical theory that he found interesting. Then they rested the night. </p> <p>In the morning, the group went to the basement and freed the six human servant guards they had locked up, and led them away tied up by ropes. They left the castle with the three ronin samurai veteran guards, and the six prisoners, and then rejoined the butler and maid servants and children outside the castle. They waited for Captain ‘Diego’ to return with the <I>Dragon’s Shadow</I>. They paid over a 1,000 silver pieces to transport 60 children, 10 servants, 6 prisoners, the 3 ronin, and the group to where Dar and the caravan were waiting for them. </p> <p>While on board the ship, Ching, Kia’h, and Zidane discussed Vek’s strangeness of late, with him seeming to talk to the book of records as well as the weirdness of Van Ulong and his three talking puppets. Ching and Kia’h agreed that they should watch Vek and Van closely. Meanwhile Vek was talking to the book on the deck and a female air pirate demanded to know what was going on with the book. Vek explained that the book was important evidence for what had happened back there and that he was merely thinking aloud. Suddenly, the overcast sky erupted into a rainstorm. The storm raged and began to light the sky with lightning and thunderous claps. That’s when the Jiu Tou Niao appeared alongside the ship. Ching fainted, having a flashback to a childhood tale of terror, but was roused by Kia’h. Kia’h and Zidane recognized the nine-headed giant bird as the Jiu Tou Niao by making successful Creature Lore Tests. They remembered the myth about it eating children, and realized that it was here for them. The battle started with a ship combat round, and the combat junk’s firecannons launching on the creature. Then the battle went into regular rounds; the characters on the deck near the monster were Hauk-do, Vek, Ching, Kia’h, and Zidane, and the female Air Sailor manning the nearby firecannon. After a couple of rounds, Van and Gensai and some air pirates came up to help from below deck. The creature attacked viciously, almost knocking Kia’h out, but a lightning bolt from Vek ended its threat to the ship and crew. </p> <p>Captain ‘Diego’ successfully managed to get them through the storm and landed them next to Dar and the caravan. Ching caught Dar up on the situation. Dar responded coldly to the puppets, refusing to acknowledge them at all. From Dar’s perspective, they were unnatural objects with false voices and movement, but then again Dar puts his trust in his lead and his team of mounts, living creatures incapable of true speech, but capable of great emotion and communication with but a sound to Dar’s ears. </p> <p>The group estimated that it would take a day to get back to the Imperial City, but the children moved far too slowly for that. After two days of travel, the Imperial City still stood over half a days walk. The group rested that night, until thugs ambushed them. The thugs mugged and stabbed everyone in two man teams, with one using pick pockets, and the other using concealed daggers to surprise strike. Their goal was the book of records, that they had been tasked by Huang Fai to retrieve and to kill all who had read its contents. They climbed the caravan to reach Vek and crawled underneath to reach Ching. Eventually one succeeded at trying to pick Vek’s pocket, but the book would not be taken from Vek, literally sticking to him. These mooks (10 wound threshold in one shot or 28 total damage KO = out of the fight) were eventually defeated by the group and the three samurai veteran guards. The group took one of the thugs as a prisoner and interrogated him, learning that Huang Fai had sent them to retrieve the book and kill all who had read it. Ching haggled with him to give his testimony for Gensai in exchange for leniency and succeeded. After the fight, Vek unraveled his thread to the book and the rest of the group took the book from him and placed it into two burlap sacks and gave it to Gensai, but the Horror remained in his head, furious at Vek for unthreading and removing himself from contact with the book. Vek took 4 Permanent Damage from unthreading, as the 4 DR became permanent when he suddenly severed the link from the book to his pattern. Additionally, Vek was suffering from memory loss; he could not remember anything about their first adventure at all. </p> <p>Hauk-Do suggested they take the children to the Xan monks rather than take them into the Imperial City. The group then decided to split up just before they got to the Imperial City. Tsu, Kia’h, Zidane, Dar, the servant butlers, servant maids, and the children circled around to the northeastern gate of wind, while the rest of the group and the prisoners entered the city with Gensai. Gensai explained the situation with the prisoners to the Guardians of Order guarding the northwestern gate of earth, and they led Gensai and the group to the governor of Huan Wang, Han Nu. Gensai presented the evidence of the misdeeds of the five nobles in the form of the book, as well as the testimony of the thug. He told Han Nu about what had happened in the basement of Jurou’s fortress and how the six servant guards were keeping the children captive even after Jurou’s mind control had faded as well as how the three samurai veteran guards had been under Jurou’s mind control showing the evidence of the three shattered lucky charms. Han Nu used his moon staff to copy the book’s knowledge. After careful deliberation, he decided to keep the thug in the dungeon until circumstances improved, hoping to capture the four corrupt nobles still at large before freeing him, ordered the execution of the six servant guards, and pardoned the samurai. Vek then announced that the book had Horror-marked him and wanted to know which temple to go to get it removed. He was immediately grabbed by the guards and taken to the basement. Hauk-Do negotiated for his release. Han Nu told Hauk-Do that no temple could heal a Horror-mark and contemplated how to stop the Horror’s influence on Vek. Han Nu decided he would release him, but only after the book was burned outside of town which should destroy the Horror. So the group went outside to do so. </p> <p>Meanwhile, the rest of the group awaited outside. They encountered a group of badly injured young monks who told the group about the ambush of the monks coming to the Xan festival. They begged the group to help their monk brothers, and found out that the group was going to head up that way with the children anyway. </p> <p>After burning the book, which went up in flames and spewed forth black and red smoke, the group returned to retrieve Vek. They witnessed the execution of the six servant guards in front of a huge mob. The mob screamed at them, throwing rotten tomatoes. Hauk-Do asked a peasant what they were being executed for, and one of the people in the mob told him they were being executed for a laundry list of crimes, including burning down the manor, consorting with Horrors, raising the dead, and capturing and detaining children. Once the execution had ended they could finally press on towards Han Nu. Han Nu gave them permission to release Vek after seeing the ashes of the book. Vek had gotten claustrophobic and used his Sun Shrinks the Petal spell to shrink the door’s hinges and knock down the door. The guards forced him to pay 50 silver pieces as a grievance and fine for damage to city property. Finally, Vek was released into the group’s supervision. Once Vek was told about the book being burned, the Horror in his head decided to taunt him about how his mark remained. Then the Horror laughed maniacally. </p> They left the city and Hauk-Do told Ching about everything that had happened in town. Ching told Hauk-Do about what had happened with the monks and the delay of the Xan festival. Ching told Hauk-Do that he didn’t trust Han Nu or that fast execution, and that he wasn’t sure about Gensai either. The three samurai veteran guards came with the group and told Ching they would help the children get to the Xan monastery, that they had to atone for sins they had committed while being mind controlled. Ching decided to go into town to negotiate for trail rations and water for the journey up the mountain and Hauk-Do returned to town to talk to Gensai. </p> <p>Hauk-Do found Gensai at the Temple of Twoo, meditating. Hauk-Do asked Gensai about what had happened with the execution of the six servant guards, why were they being accused of so many crimes? Gensai told Hauk-Do that the four at large nobles were all-powerful magicians much like Jurou, and were unlikely to be captured. With the events at Jurou’s manor and the inexplicable absence of the Xan monks for the Xan festival, the people were on the edge of revolt in the Imperial City. The execution of the six servant guards was to calm people’s fears and restore faith in the governorship that they are dealing with the problems. Gensai told Hauk-Do that he disagreed with Han Nu about this decision in the name of politics over justice. Gensai asked Hauk-Do, “Were they guilty and deserved execution? Or would you prefer that the samurai veteran guards who seek to atone for the sins they committed while under mind control hang?” Hauk-Do replied, “Yes that they did, and no, the samurai veteran guards should have a chance to atone.” Gensai responded with, “Then justice was served. If you ever find the trail of any of the four nobles, do not hesitate to seek me out. They must be brought to justice.”</p> <p>Ching negotiated with a merchant for supplies and left town to get Dar and the caravan to transport them. When he returned, he found Guardians of Order wearing blue sashes, guarding barrels of food and water. They told Ching that Han Nu was supplying rations and water for their journey. In return, they were to assist the Xan monks and investigate who had attacked them and lend them aid in war if necessary. Most of the young monks were to remain in the Imperial City, and after healing were to perform the festival of Xan, a great honor for ones so young. A young monk by the name of Kaifa would be the group’s guide to the Xan monastery. Thus the group began its journey to the Xan monastery. </p> <p><b>Legend Awards: </b></p> <p>Session 1: Battle on the Airship: 300 LP. Thugs 200 LP. Session Award: 200 LP. Roleplaying Award 100 LP. Total 1000 LP. Tsu = 500 LP. </p> <p>Session 2: Adventure Goal: 400 LP. Roleplaying Award 100 LP. Tsu =250 LP. </p>
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FS3 Theurgist Character Example

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 06:06
I am keen to show off some of the other character variants that the Lifepath system can generate. This time I want to create a theurgist, to give you an idea of what can be expected.<br /> <br /> I’m going to create a character called Cho Ashan, a scion of House Li Halan who was entered into the ranks of the Brothers Battle at a tender age and subsequently developed theurgic gifts during his pious service.<br /> <br /> Dexerity: 3 Vigor: 3<br /> Wits: 3 Will: 3<br /> Intuition: 3 Presence: 3<br /> Faith Pool: 3<br /> <br /> Skills:<br /> Athletics 3<br /> Culture (Midian) 3<br /> Culture (Li Halan) 3<br /> Culture (Phoenix Empire) 3<br /> Dodge 3<br /> Fight 3<br /> Influence 3<br /> Observe 3<br /> Sneak 3<br /> Throw 3<br /> <br /> <strong>Step 1: Upbringing</strong><br /> I have already decided that Cho is a scion of House Li Halan, but as the youngest of many sons, his parents offered his service to the Brothers Battle order. I chose a High Court upbringing for him. So I add the following to my character sheet:<br /> Characteristics: +1 Wits, +1 Will, +1 Intuition; Skills: +1 Etiquette, +1 Doctrine, +1 Culture (Li Halan), +1 Culture (Church), +1 Discipline; Extras: Tutelage Contract (Doctrine)<br /> Note that I will have to switch out Cho’s Tutelage Contract. This benefit allows him, as a Li Halan, to learn the Doctrine skill, which is a Church-only skill. But as Cho is going to be a Church character, he does not need this. However he does have the Etiquette skill, which is a Noble-only skill, so I simply swap his Tutelage Contract from Doctrine to Etiquette.<br /> <br /> Dexerity: 3 Vigor: 3<br /> Wits: 4 Will: 4<br /> Intuition: 4 Presence: 3<br /> Faith Pool: 3<br /> <br /> Skills:<br /> Athletics 3<br /> Culture (Midian) 3<br /> Culture (Li Halan) 4<br /> Culture (Church) 1<br /> Culture (Phoenix Empire) 3<br /> Discipline 1<br /> Doctrine 1<br /> Dodge 3<br /> Etiquette 1<br /> Fight 3<br /> Influence 3<br /> Observe 3<br /> Sneak 3<br /> Throw 3<br /> <br /> Extras: Tutelage Contract (Etiquette)<br /> <br /> <strong>Step 2: Apprenticeship</strong><br /> At this stage of his life, Cho is shipped off to De Molay to be indoctrinated into the Brothers Battle order. So I add the following to the character sheet:<br /> Characteristics: +1 Dexterity, +1 Vigor, +1 Will; Skills: +1 Command, +1 Discipline, +1 Fight, +1 Melee, +1 Shoot, +1 Survival; Extras: Church Rank (Apprentice), Disciplined, Clueless<br /> Cho spends his time in contemplation, prayer, and demanding physical and martial training. <br /> <br /> Dexerity: 4 Vigor: 4<br /> Wits: 4 Will: 5<br /> Intuition: 4 Presence: 3<br /> Faith Pool: 3<br /> <br /> Skills:<br /> Athletics 3<br /> Command 1<br /> Culture (Midian) 3<br /> Culture (Li Halan) 4<br /> Culture (Church) 1<br /> Culture (Phoenix Empire) 3<br /> Discipline 2<br /> Doctrine 1<br /> Dodge 3<br /> Etiquette 1<br /> Fight 4<br /> Influence 3<br /> Melee 1<br /> Observe 3<br /> Shoot 1<br /> Sneak 3<br /> Survival 1<br /> Throw 3<br /> <br /> Extras: Tutelage Contract (Etiquette), Disciplined, Clueless<br /> <br /> <strong>Step 3: Early Career</strong><br /> Cho continues his arduous training.<br /> So I get to add the following to my character sheet:<br /> Characteristics: +1 Dexterity, +1 Vigor, +1 Will; Skills: +1 Athletics, +1 Command, +1 Discipline, +1 Fight, +1 Melee, +1 Shoot, +1 Survival; Extras: Wealth (Poor), +2 pts extras<br /> <br /> Dexerity: 5 Vigor: 5<br /> Wits: 4 Will: 6<br /> Intuition: 4 Presence: 3<br /> Faith Pool: 3<br /> <br /> Skills:<br /> Athletics 4<br /> Command 2<br /> Culture (Midian) 3<br /> Culture (Li Halan) 4<br /> Culture (Church) 1<br /> Culture (Phoenix Empire) 3<br /> Discipline 3<br /> Doctrine 1<br /> Dodge 3<br /> Etiquette 1<br /> Fight 5<br /> Influence 3<br /> Melee 2<br /> Observe 3<br /> Shoot 2<br /> Sneak 3<br /> Survival 2<br /> Throw 3<br /> <br /> Extras: Tutelage Contract (Etiquette), Disciplined, Clueless, Wealth (Poor), +2pts extras<br /> <br /> <strong>Step 4: Extra Tour 1</strong><br /> This is where Cho is finally tested in battle. He is deployed to Stigmata as part of the Order's commitment against the encroaching Symbiot Menace. I choose the Stigmata Garrison path from Extra Tours--Imperial Paths. So I get to add the following to my character sheet:<br /> Characteristics: +1 Dexterity, +1 Vigor; Skills: +1 Shoot, +1 Culture (Stigmata), +1 Lore (Symbiots), +2 Discipline; Extras: Decorated (Stigmata Ribbon), +6 pts of extras<br /> I decide that it is while on Stigmata, Cho discovers his theurgic calling after a close call with a Symbiot ambush.<br /> <br /> Dexerity: 6 Vigor: 6<br /> Wits: 4 Will: 6<br /> Intuition: 4 Presence: 3<br /> Faith Pool: 3<br /> <br /> Skills:<br /> Athletics 4<br /> Command 2<br /> Culture (Midian) 3<br /> Culture (Stigmata) 1<br /> Culture (Li Halan) 4<br /> Culture (Church) 1<br /> Culture (Phoenix Empire) 3<br /> Discipline 5<br /> Doctrine 1<br /> Dodge 3<br /> Etiquette 1<br /> Fight 5<br /> Influence 3<br /> Lore (Symbiots) 1<br /> Melee 2<br /> Observe 3<br /> Shoot 3<br /> Sneak 3<br /> Survival 2<br /> Throw 3<br /> <br /> Extras: Tutelage Contract (Etiquette), Disciplined, Clueless, Wealth (Poor), Decorated (Stigmata Ribbon), +8pts extras<br /> <br /> <strong>Step 5: Extra Tour 2</strong><br /> While Cho continues to serve on Stigmata, his true calling blooms. I select the Theurgic Calling path from Extra Tours--Church Missions  So I add the following to my character sheet:<br /> Characteristics: +1 Faith; Skills: +1 Ritual (Theurgy);Extras: 2 rites from his chosen patron, +1 pt of extras<br /> <br /> Dexerity: 6 Vigor: 6<br /> Wits: 4 Will: 6<br /> Intuition: 4 Presence: 3<br /> Faith Pool: 4<br /> <br /> Skills:<br /> Athletics 4<br /> Command 2<br /> Culture (Midian) 3<br /> Culture (Stigmata) 1<br /> Culture (Li Halan) 4<br /> Culture (Church) 1<br /> Culture (Phoenix Empire) 3<br /> Discipline 5<br /> Doctrine 1<br /> Dodge 3<br /> Etiquette 1<br /> Fight 5<br /> Influence 3<br /> Lore (Symbiots) 1<br /> Melee 2<br /> Observe 3<br /> Ritual (Theurgy) 1<br /> Shoot 3<br /> Sneak 3<br /> Survival 2<br /> Throw 3<br /> <br /> Extras: Tutelage Contract (Etiquette), Disciplined, Clueless, Wealth (Poor), Decorated (Stigmata Ribbon), 2 rites, +9pts extras<br /> <br /> <strong>Step 6: Extras</strong><br /> Now I have 9 points of extras to spend on rounding out my character and I can take a few afflictions to gain a few more points too. <br /> <br /> Limp -2 (Cho has a battle injury, explaining his withdrawal from frontline service)<br /> +3 Melee (Cho needs a Melee of 5+ to learn Mantok fighting styles)<br /> +2 Ritual (Trying to improve Cho's ability to cast his rites)<br /> Mantok Style (Pierce the Armor) +3 <br /> Mantok Style (One Against Many) +3<br /> <br /> I also need to pick Cho’s theurgic patron and 2 rites from that patron. I was tempted to pick something unusual like St. Maya or St. Hombor, but having already taken Mantok fighting styles, it seems only appropriate that Mantius should be Cho’s theurgic patron as well. I look through the various Rites of Mantius and pick out two:<br /> <br /> Smiting Hand (Prayer, threshold 10, lasts one scene, adds Faith to DMG)<br /> Perfection of the Body (Prayer, threshold 10, lasts one scene, +4 Athletics and Vigor when lifting)<br /> <br /> The casting mode for both these rites is Prayer, which means they can be enacted very quickly and have a long duration, lasting up to a scene. The use of Smiting Hand, coupled with the Mantok fighting style, One Against Many, makes Cho a potentially devastating opponent when outnumbered and more than capable of cutting down multiple assailants every turn.<br /> <br /> Which I add to my character sheet for my character:<br /> <br /> <strong>Cho Ashan – Brother Battle and follower of St. Mantius</strong><br /> Cho Ashan is a junior member of the Brothers Battle order, but one who has served with distinction on the Stigmata front. Due to a leg injury, he finds himself withdrawn from frontline service. His service has earned him a much needed rest from the war. Now traveling the jumproads of the Phoenix Empire, he must be an emblem of all that his Order stands for.<br /> <br /> Dexerity: 6 Vigor: 6<br /> Wits: 4 Will: 6<br /> Intuition: 4 Presence: 3<br /> Faith Pool: 4<br /> Hubris Pool: 0<br /> <br /> Skills:<br /> Athletics 4<br /> Command 2<br /> Culture (Midian) 3<br /> Culture (Stigmata) 1<br /> Culture (Li Halan) 4<br /> Culture (Church) 1<br /> Culture (Phoenix Empire) 3<br /> Discipline 5<br /> Doctrine 1<br /> Dodge 3<br /> Etiquette 1<br /> Fight 5<br /> Influence 3<br /> Lore (Symbiots) 1<br /> Melee 5<br /> Observe 3<br /> Ritual (Theurgy) 3<br /> Shoot 3<br /> Sneak 3<br /> Survival 2<br /> Throw 3<br /> <br /> Extras: Tutelage Contract (Etiquette), Disciplined, Clueless, Wealth (Poor), Decorated (Stigmata Ribbon), Limp, Mantok Style (Piece the Armor), Mantok Style (One Against Many)<br /> <br /> Rites of Mantius: Smiting Hand (Prayer, threshold 10, lasts one scene, adds Faith to DMG), Perfection of the Body (Prayer, threshold 10, lasts one scene, +4 Athletics and Vigor when lifting)
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A Glimpse of the Future

Mon, 09/05/2011 - 14:25
People kept asking, so here I return since it's been a while since I actually posted a full blog entry. Sorry for the silence--I simply haven't found too much time to blog, and resorted to posting smaller updates on facebook (see the link to your left!). <br/><br/> To make it up to you, here's a little treat; something I've been asked about every now and then: what products are coming up next? After getting a lot of stuff converted to Third Edition, our production schedule is now gearing towards new material. So here's the books we have planned: <br/><br/> <b>Lost Dynasty</b><br/> A fully detailed adventure set in Landis by Hank Woon, including a chapter from the Great Library detailing the History of Landis. <br/><br/> <b>Legends of Barsaive</b><br/> This book contains stories, tales, and legends from the lands of Barsaive, and will include the results of our Open Call. <br/><br/> <b>Nations of Barsaive V: Blood Wood</b><br/> The title says it all, I think--the book will be a rework of the old first edition title, laying the groundwork for the next book. <br/><br/> <b>Elven Nations</b><br/> Detailing the remains of the Western Kingdoms and Shosara, this tome provides detail on the rich elven culture beyond the Blood Wood. <br/><br/> <b>Jerris: City of Ash</b><br/> This city book takes us back to Barsaive, visiting the city closest to the Poison Forest and the Wastes. <br/><br/> <b>Nations of Barsaive VI: Iopos</b><br/> Probably the final instalment in the Nations of Barsaive series, this book details the home and history of the Denairastas clan. <br/><br/> These contain the main building blocks we need to publish our own epic, <b>Chronicles of War</b>, which will finally push the the brewing conflict between Throal and Thera over the edge. We have a few other titles on our list and in drafting stage, which might see the light of day in between or afterwards. There isn't too much I can tell about those at this stage, however. <br/><br/> We'll also see more novels, including the original trilogy by Christopher Kubasik and the continuation of Scars by Caroline Spector. While it has been silent around the Shards in the past months, there's been a bit of activity which might lead to more of those--and hopefully to a third compilation at some point. Oh well!
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