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Your Whispering Muse Open Call for Writers!

Wed, 01/17/2018 - 18:11

Posthuman Studios is seeking new-to-Eclipse Phase authors for our upcoming serial-style project, Your Whispering Muse!

Your Whispering Muse Introduction

Your Whispering Muse mock cover

The first series of Your Whispering Muse will be eight installments, each of them 4-6 pages (roughly 3400-5400 words). Your Whispering Muse will cover material that is "slice of life," "off the beaten path," and "you can drop this into your game/riff on it to make an adventure" — things that we don't get to cover in detail in major sourcebooks.

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Eclipse Phase Second Edition Release Update

Tue, 12/05/2017 - 17:37

We passed this news onto our backers on Kickstarter several weeks ago, and to keep the public in the loop: Eclipse Phase Second Edition is late, and will be released in 2018.

Response to the playtest has been spirited, and we're still working our way through rules issues and rewrites. An update to the playtest package was made available on November 16th, and more material is forthcoming. All of the book's art is in. We're tweaking and expanding the graphic design. And we're pushing forward with Kickstarter stretch goals and other Eclipse Phase projects.

Eclipse Phase Second Edition Delays

Our schedule for Eclipse Phase Second Edition was aggressive, and it got waylaid by several factors, some unexpected, and some just hit us harder than expected. Our long-term fans know that we've always operated on a slow-and-steady pace leading to high-quality books, and we will continue that in finishing Eclipse Phase Second Edition.

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Infinite & Indivisible: Eclipse Phase Ambient Soundtrack Released!

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 16:07

We're proud to release Scott Fox's complete ambient album for Eclipse Phase, Infinite & Indivisible—it contains 11 individual tracks in MP3 format, and 1 compiled full-length track that seamlessly blends the entire album together. We're really excited to bring this soundtrack to you, and we hope you enjoy it!

 Infinite & Indivisible

If you're a backer of the Eclipse Phase Second Edition Kickstarter and receiving the Digital Stretch Goal Pack, you probably already have access to it: check this backer update for details.

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Eclipse Phase, Second Edition, Kickstarter: last 48 hours!

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 01:37

The Eclipse Phase, Second Edition Kickstarter is just about to enter the last 48 hours. We've posted a big backer update talking about the 2017-2018 Eclipse Phase schedule. The Kickstarter is going strong, just over $145,000 right now and over 1,900 backers! We've unlocked multiple stretch goals, adding three books and an ambient musical album to the digital stretch goals pack, making the $40 and $100 backer levels extremely good value!

We've also started releasing the Eclipse Phase, Second Edition rules in the Open Playtest, available free for anyone to download, and there's a section of our forums to discuss the playtest.

The Kickstarter project ends on May 17th, so please check it out and show your support!

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Eclipse Phase, Second Edition, Kickstarter Launch!

Thu, 04/27/2017 - 01:08

The Eclipse Phase, Second Edition Kickstarter project has launched! It runs until May 17th.

As a reminder, we're funding a large hardcover book, packed with artwork and Eclipse Phase goodness, with an updated and streamlined rules system. For more about Second Edition, please read our announcement! and then support visit the Kickstarter!

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Eclipse Phase, Second Edition, to be released in 2017

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 21:44

Posthuman Studios is pleased to announce: Eclipse Phase, Second Edition, will be released this year, after a Kickstarter project and Open Playtest. The Kickstarter and Open Playtest will go live very soon, with the new edition planned for release in October.

We’ve been working on Eclipse Phase, Second Edition for a while now, conducting private playtests and refining our approach to the game, the book, and the product line. We’re really excited about folding in the lessons we’ve learned and addressing feedback from Eclipse Phase fans.

We have made five key changes to the game:

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Eclipse Phase on Amazon

Wed, 03/08/2017 - 02:30

For awhile, we had some issues getting new titles properly listed on Amazon; we're pleased to say that we've hooked up with a new distributor to handle getting stuff to Amazon, and books are now arriving promptly. Amazon now has all of our in print hardcover titles in stock, along with a few other select softcovers. Essentially, if it's in print and it's not a print on demand title, Amazon has it now!

Eclipse Phase

After the Eclipse Phase core rulebook, titles available are:


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Argonauts: Science for the Greater Good is Available!

Thu, 02/16/2017 - 21:50

The Eclipse Phase sourcebook Argonauts: Science for the Greater Good is now available in print and PDF from DriveThruRPG.

 Argonauts is a sourcebook for Eclipse Phase players and gamemasters:

  • Discover the history and secrets of the Argonauts, transhumanity’s foremost scientific organization.
  • Organization and Politics: Understand the people and policies driving this faction.
  • Super Science: Learn about Argonaut projects in science and engineering. 
  • Playing Argonauts: See how Argonaut characters bring contacts and expertise to PC teams.
  • Plot Hooks: Introduce Argonaut NPCs and faction-related intrigues to your campaign.

Argonauts is a 23-page sourcebook presented via Print-on-Demand and as a layered PDF with hyperlinks.

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Eclipse Phase New Year Sale!

Sun, 01/01/2017 - 05:53

We're welcoming 2017 with open arms and the type of sale that we have never done before: Every electronic Eclipse Phase title is $0.99 for the first 24 hours of 2017!

This includes the Eclipse Phase core rulebook, our latest release X-Risks, our fiction anthology After the Fall, the scum barge journey The Stars Our Destination, or any other of our other previous releases!

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Posthuman Now Handling Own Distributor Sales

Mon, 10/31/2016 - 15:12

Posthuman Studios (Eclipse Phase/Shinobi Clans) is pleased to announce that effective immediately, they are handling all distributor sales in-house. X-Risks -- the sourcebook of existential threats for Eclipse Phase -- is available now to distributors and retailers!


In addition to supporting the core Eclipse Phase game, Posthuman Studios has released two titles this year designed to appeal to other gamers and science fiction fans: Transhumanity's Fate, a slim conversion of the Eclipse Phase setting to Evil Hat's Fate Core rule system; and After the Fall, a science fiction anthology featuring rising stars Ken Liu, Madeline Ashby, Fran Wilde, Karin Lowachee, Wesley Schneider, and Andrew Penn Romine.

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Eclipse Phase in Japanese

Wed, 09/07/2016 - 20:22

EP Japanese header

Earlier this year, our friends at Arclight published the Japanese edition of Eclipse Phase. We received our copies a bit before Gen Con, but haven't yet had a chance to show them off!

EP Japanese Core Cover

The entire book looks fantastic -- they did an excellent job of recreating the look and feel.

EP Japanese Accel Future Spread

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Gen Con 2016 for Posthuman Studios & Eclipse Phase!

Mon, 08/01/2016 - 19:21

Gen Con is this week! This year we're at booth 459, and there's no time to waste, so let's tell you about the show!

Follow us on twitter at @eclipsephase and @ps_pub for updates!

New Eclipse Phase Titles

Our latest titles, X-Risks, Transhumanity's Fate, and After the Fall will all be available for sale at the booth! And you'll be able to walk away from the booth with a new Eclipse Phase t-shirt and carrying our limited run Octobag of Holdings!


Games at the Booth!

We'll be demoing Shinobi Clans all day at the booth, including Beat the Designer games against Jürgen Mayer at 2PM each day!

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The electronic version of X-Risks is now available!

Wed, 06/29/2016 - 21:05

X-Risks is a sourcebook and creature catalog for Eclipse Phase. It details the dangers facing transhumanity:

  • Over 60 creature and machine descriptions, classified by challenge level.
  • Information on extinction threats, from AIs and aliens to nanoplagues and wormholes.
  • Coverage of the TITANs, exhumans, exsurgent virus, Factors, and other hostiles.
  • New exsurgent virus strains, psi sleights, and xenofungi.
  • Traps for high-tech dungeon crawls.

We'll announce a street date for the print version when it's confirmed. The book is currently at the printers.

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X-Risks cover and Electronic Release Date!

Mon, 06/27/2016 - 21:20

We're excited to finally show you the cover of X-Risks, by the talented and amazing Mark Molnar! If you thought a swarm of nanomachines was just ... pesky ... maybe you haven't yet seen them disassemble an entire moon?


X-Risks details the dangers facing transhumanity:

  • Over 60 creature and machine descriptions, classified by challenge level.
  • Information on extinction threats, from AIs and aliens to nanoplagues and wormholes.
  • Coverage of the TITANs, exhumans, exsurgent virus, Factors, and other hostiles.
  • New exsurgent virus strains, psi sleights, and xenofungi.
  • Traps for high-tech dungeon crawls.

X-Risks Electronic Release

X-Risks and the X-Risks Hack Pack will be released on Wednesday, June 29th!

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Eclipse Phase Games at Gen Con!

Wed, 05/11/2016 - 23:27

The list of Eclipse Phase events at Gen Con has been posted, and registration for events opens on May 15th!

Eclipse Phase events always sell out quickly, and this year we're offering more events both new adventures and favorites than ever to try and meet demand. Before the 15th, take a peek at the event listings and Wish List the tickets for adventures you've yet to explore!

To run those events, we need some more Gamemasters who are comfortable running Eclipse Phase (of both the regular and Fate flavors). We pay our GMs with cash and some complimentary materials. If you're interested in spending some time running Eclipse Phase for us, please email [email protected].

See you in Indianapolis!

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Glory available in Print & new Eclipse Phase bundles!

Thu, 05/05/2016 - 02:42

We have updated our classic adventure Glory, and made it available in Print on Demand via DriveThruRPG!

Glory is a 23-page starting adventure in which agents of Firewall investigate a missing comrade and are pitted against a legacy of the TITANs that destroyed Earth. It will pitch players right into the Eclipse Phase universe!

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A Look at Eclipse Phase and DriveThruRPG's "Metal List"

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 20:40

Most gamers are interested in numbers. Most business people are interested in numbers. So the numbers behind a gaming business ... well, they're fascinating. Not just for the sake of them, but for the story they tell, and the questions they prompt: Why did this work? Why didn't that work? Why did these two similar books sell very differently?

Over our years of publishing Eclipse Phase, we've tried a few experiments, changed tactics in response to feedback and numbers, followed our gut more than a couple times, and most importantly: made a bunch of great stuff that people have fun with at the gaming table.

OneBookShelf has sales accolades, the so-called "Metal List." They're one of the only public-facing ways in the game industry to gauge sales of one project against another. There's a couple important things to remember about the metal list:

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Eclipse Phase Modifier Cards and Morph Recognition Cards: Free PDFs!

Wed, 04/06/2016 - 14:53

Last year we rolled out two card-based projects: the Eclipse Phase Modifier Cards and Eclipse Phase Morph Recognition Cards. We're now making them available as free and Creative Commons BY-NC-SA PDFs, so you can download and print them yourself, as well as modify them to suit your own needs at the game table! The print on demand versions are still available, of course!

Eclipse Phase Modifier Cards

The Eclipse Phase Modifier Cards are a 53-card set designed to make your Eclipse Phase games play faster at the table! The Modifier Cards start with Aptitude Modifiers, and move on to cards for Mesh, Morph Acclimation, Wound, and Trauma modifiers. Plus cards for tracking Speed, and blank cards you can customize at the table!

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Eclipse Phase: After the Fall Pre-Orders Open!

Wed, 03/30/2016 - 19:58

We've opened up print pre-orders for our Eclipse Phase anthology, After the Fall! If everything goes as planned, it will ship to you in mid-to-late April 2016!

In a world of transhuman survival and horror, technology allows the re-shaping of bodies and minds, but also creates opportunities for oppression and puts the capability for mass destruction in the hands of everyone. Other threats lurk in the devastated habitats of the Fall, dangers both familiar and alien.

After the Fall is the first anthology from Posthuman Studios, set in the world of Eclipse Phase, their award-winning roleplaying game. The anthology will be a mix of old and new fiction, including stories by Eclipse Phase favorites—Nathaniel Dean, Jack Graham, Steve Mohan, and Rob Boyle and Davidson Cole. New fiction will feature science fiction rising stars Ken Liu, Madeline Ashby, Fran Wilde, Karin Lowachee, Wesley Schneider, and Andrew Penn Romine.

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Transhumanity's Fate Developer Notes

Sat, 03/26/2016 - 05:41

The Eclipse Phase/Fate Core conversion guide, Transhumanity's Fate, went live on DrivethruRPG last week, and the print edition is now off to press. Since the release, there's been a lot of interest in what kind of Fate build Ryan Macklin and I are dropping with this book. The short answer is: minimalist. The primary goal of THF was to present the rich and complex Eclipse Phase universe in a way that's playable for groups who don't want a ton of crunch along with that complexity.

This wasn't easy. Core Eclipse Phase uses a lot of subsystems to simulate, in depth, things like hacking, psi, and bodyhopping. The core game is a treat for both min/maxers who want the coolest gun and problem solvers who want their character to have a gadget for every occasion. All of this interacts with the biggest point of complexity in the game: your character's current body or bodies and their myriad potential upgrades.

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