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Infinite Space: Familiar Magic (SFRPG)

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 17:36
 Familiar Magic (SFRPG)Publisher: LPJ Design

In ancient times, a spellcaster could call upon a small animal or other creature to serve as their familiar. The familiar functioned as the spellcaster’s eyes and ears and constant companion. This practice became so common that, eventually, the presence of a familiar became synonymous with those who used magic. Now, thanks to a combination of sorcery and technology, spellcasters have rediscovered the benefits of a familiar. Here is a new spell, find familiar, to add to the spell lists of both the mystic and the technomancer, followed by eight types of familiars for a caster to summon. Each familiar offers its own benefits and special abilities. Unlike the old ways, a modern spellcaster no longer uses a living animal to serve as a familiar, but rather creates one out of magically conjured materials and components.

This sourcebook contains Familiar Types:

  • Akashic Tome - This familiar appears like a thick, leather-bound book stuffed full of pages of different sizes. When consulted or asked a question, it opens itself and flips through its pages. This familiar is linked to the Akashic record and has access to this treasure trove of knowledge.

  • Ectoplasmic Emanation - This translucent blob of ectoplasm has a wicked sense of humor and enjoys causing mischief and mayhem. It is ideally suited for collecting or stealing small, handheld objects.

  • Empathic Dove - A pulse of magical light solidifies into the form of a dove or similar bird-like creature. The empathic dove picks up on the emotions and surface thoughts of nearby creatures, while also helping its caster maintain peace and mediate disputes.

  • Gremlin - From a distance, a gremlin resembles an oddly misshapen and shrunken goblin. Only up close can one see that it actually consists of a swarm of buzzing, swirling nanobots.

  • Hologrammatic Spider - Formed by a series of highly nimble force fields, this hard-light hologram looks like a spindly arachnid suffused with a pale amber glow. It is adept at treating injuries and assisting a physician in caring for the sick and the wounded.

  • Quicksilver Globe - This familiar resembles a fist-sized sphere of mercury with cat-like eyes. It functions as a useful—and difficult to detect—spy for observing or collecting information.

  • Scavenger Bot - Cobbled from seemingly random pieces of broken technology, this machine is surprisingly sturdy despite its homely appearance. It excels at scavenging technological parts and components and repurposing them for other uses.

  • Serpentine Code - While this familiar resembles a two-foot length of cable or bundled wire, it moves and writhes like a snake. It excels at slipping inside computers and other technological systems to grant its caster enhanced access. When penetrating or while inside a computer, it exists as electrical energy and lines of code rather than in solid form.

Price: $1.19
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50 Disturbing Dievai

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 16:26
50 Disturbing DievaiPublisher: John Wick Presents

The third of many "Single Sheet Sourcebooks" for 7th Sea, 2nd edition.
This one offers visual ideas for disturbing and remarkable concepts for dievai in your game.
Use this table to randomly choose a dievai for your game, or just choose the one whose description calls to you the most. 

Have fun!

Price: $0.99
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WW1 historical token pack: Gallipoli

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 14:09
 GallipoliPublisher: Aegis Studios

Dardanelles campaign, or battle of Gallipoli was a major battle of the First World War. British side aided by french army and forces from dominions (Australia and New Zealand) wanted to secure Dardannels channel and take the Ottoman empire out from the war. After eight monts of fierce fighting allies suffered immense casualties and invasion force was withdrawn to Egypt. 25 of april, the anniversary of the landings, considered to be the memorial day in Australia and New Zealand (ANZAC day).

This pack represents soldiers and officers of british, ANZAC and ottoman forces in different uniforms and postures. As a bonus, within this pack you can find tokens which also represent arabian revolt fighters with Lawrence of Arabia. Use this for your middle-eastern WW1 RPG campaign or wargame!

Within this pack you will find the following virtual tabletop character set: 

  • 55 tokens in different postures representing ANZAC troops (Australians, New Zeelanders). 
  • 14 tokens in different postures representing British troops in middle-eastern uniforms. 
  • 44 tokens in different postures representing Ottoman troops from 1914 till 1918. 
  • 33 tokens in different postures representing arabian revolt fighters. 
  • 4 tokens in different postures representing Lawrence of Arabia. 

Price: $7.99
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Fajerbol - Przybytki treningowe

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 13:02
Fajerbol - Przybytki treningowePublisher: Skavenloft

Dodatek do gry Fajerbol (kompatybilny także z innymi uniwersami), pozwalający na wprowadzenie do gry czterech nowych przybytków: akademii magicznej, dojo, gildii złodziei oraz seminarium. Każdy z tych budynków umożliwia bohaterom odpłatne wymienianie posiadanych talentów na inne. Szczególnie dobrze sprawdzi się w trakcie dluższych kampanii oraz w przypadku drużyn pragnących uzyskać większą kontrolę nad możliwościami oraz rozwojem poszczególnych postaci.

Price: $1.00
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Advanced Fighting Fantasy Minis: Caves II

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 09:03
 Caves IIPublisher: Arion Games

This tenth set designed specifically for Advanced Fighting Fantasy provides you with yet monsters and enemies found in the caves and caverns of Titan.  As well as common creatures such as the Hobgoblin and Ogre, we also have rarer creatures such as the Jib-Jib, Rock Grub and Tarator.


Offered as flat/A-frame style miniatures, these 15 hand drawn miniatures are bright and stylish and will enhance any tabletop game.  These figures are scaled the same as the rest of our range for full compatibility.

The full colour miniatures (now with illustrated backs!) are supplied in pdf and Powerpoint format to allow the easy creation of custom sheets and can be assembled as flat or A-frame miniatures depending on personal choice.


In this set:


1x        Boulder Beast

1x        Cave Giant

1x        Caveman

1x        Cyclops

1x        Giant Centipede

1x        Giant Spider

1x        Gremlin

1x        Hobgoblin

1x        Jib-Jib

1x        Ogre

1x        Ratman

1x        Rock Grub

1x        Sting Worm

1x        Tarator

1x        Vampire Bat


2 page pdf (1 pages of figures)

Price: $2.50
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Grim Castle Rules - Basic Manual

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 08:20
Grim Castle Rules - Basic ManualPublisher: Mason Waaler

This is the free version of the Grim Castle Rules, a fantasy adventure roleplaying game. Within are the rules for character creation, gameplay, and character advancement. Check out this item before deciding if you want to purchase the full Core Rulebook. 

The rules for spellcasting and spell list are not included, you can find those as a Pay What You Want item (Grim Castle Rules - Grimoire). For the complete game, including rules on being the Game Master and monster statistics, please purchase the Grim Castle Rules - Core Rulebook. 

Price: $0.00
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The Shipyard

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 06:15
The ShipyardPublisher: Skirmisher Publishing

“The Shipyard” is a rules-free description of a specific sort of place that might be found in many different sorts of communities and cultures. It is formatted like the more than 70 places found in Skirmisher Publishing's Platinum bestselling sourcebook City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities and intended to stand by itself or serve as bonus content to that volume. 

Shipyards are places devoted to the construction of vessels of all sorts, including rowboats, keelboats, longships, sailing ships, warships, and galleys. Such places might be very specialized and used only for construction of one or a few sorts of ships or boats, or more comprehensive and used variously for multiple purposes, to include building many sorts of watercraft, repairing and maintaining them, and possibly even breaking up decommissioned vessels. Adventurers might end up in shipyards for any number of reasons, to include commissioning construction of vessels or having existing ones repaired; serving as security personnel; posing as workers or otherwise gaining access to facilities to gather information or steal things; or being hired to oversee transport of completed vessels to clients in other places.

Both this title and City Builder overall are intended to be compatible with the needs of almost any ancient, Dark Ages, Middle Ages, Renaissance, fantasy, or other role-playing milieu. It was developed by Jim Clunie, Michael O. Varhola, and the Skirmisher Game Development Group. This comprehensive, fully-illustrated manual is specifically designed to help guide Game Masters through the process of creating exciting and compelling urban areas and other sorts of communities and places within them for their campaigns. 

Price: $0.00
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Edge of Space: Robots

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 06:01
 RobotsPublisher: Mongoose

On almost all of the 50,000 worlds in human space, robots have played a significant part in the development of society. Whether in the creation of a colony, with construction and survey bots, the maintenance of civilization with security, medical, and domestic robots, or the downfall, with combat robots and death machines, robots are ubiquitous across human space.

This booklet contains 22 example robots, including four vehicle-scale machines, along with a short introduction to robots in the Broken Arm setting.

Price: $4.99
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Rocket Pig Games Demon

Sat, 08/18/2018 - 20:08
Rocket Pig Games DemonPublisher: Rocket Pig Games Inc.

Rocket Pig Games is a leader in the 3D industry. We specialize in creating 3D printable files that work on your home or public 3D printer. If you are looking for unique and flawless 3D printable files to create miniatures, modular terrain, and props then look no further! We have yearly Kickstarters! Follow our progress on our website or on Facebook.

This model does not come with supports. You will need to generate them with the software of your choice or use Autodesk Meshmixer which is free.

These are the settings we have used to gDemonet perfect prints on our printers. Printers vary as do different types of filaments and how prints behave in different types of weather! You will need to get comfortable with your printer and how it prints in the hot, cold, and humidity. Regardless of the printer you choose, I recommend keeping your room cool and dry. I also, highly recommend using Hatchbox PLA. It may cost a bit more but it’s 100% worth it. Seriously.

Here's what is working really well with Hatchbox PLA: 
TEMP: 195 (40-55 for bed depending on season) 
SPEED: 60 mms 
INFILL: 15% (for tiles) 

Price: $4.99
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Saga Stock (Sentry Robot #2)

Sat, 08/18/2018 - 19:27
Saga Stock (Sentry Robot #2)Publisher: Peter Saga

Art by Peter Saga depicting an old-school color & black and white render of a Four-Legged Armed Sentry Robot in a high res digital format.

3/4 view and top view included in PSD (layers) & PNG on separate files!

Line art specifics, 6" (w) 6" (h) inches @ 300dpi.

Purchase includes one of each file format - PSD, PNG no background).
All art files enclosed in a ZIP file.

Artist background - Peter Saga is a professional illustrator whose artwork has appeared in numerous publications.

* License usage guidelines enclosed in the attached ZIP file allowing the purchaser to alter or modify any illustration in this set, in addition to rules on crediting, etc.

Price: $1.75
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The Sleeping Hydra Inn

Sat, 08/18/2018 - 17:53
The Sleeping Hydra InnPublisher: Magical RPG Games

The Sleeping Hydra Inn battlemap is a map for a rough part of town.  There might be a bar fight, perhaps an assassin, or a chase through the neighboring flats.

Available in 70 pixels per square, optimized for Roll20.  Map dimensions: 40w x 30h

Price: $1.00
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Path to The Gnome's Argosy

Sat, 08/18/2018 - 17:38
Path to The Gnome's ArgosyPublisher: Ramen Sandwich Press

A small merchant ship called The Gnome's Argosy has crashed against a jagged reef just outside the major port city for which it was bound. The merchant who owns the cargo is willing to hire adventurers to recover an item of great value from the wreck, but a band of skum claim the site as part of their territory. If your party takes the job, they'll find that the situation is more complicated than they were led to believe, but on the other hand, they'll also find a segue to Found by the Way #03: Path to Oyster Cove, if they want to follow it. You can also run this module as a stand-alone, if you prefer.

Path to The Gnome's Argosy is published under the terms of the open license for Pathfinder RPG. It does not specify a particular campaign setting, and it is written to allow you to integrate it into your own campaign world by filling in various details.

Found by the Way is a series of short modules created by veteran RPG writer and developer Douglas Sun for use with Pathfinder RPG First Edition (Ramen Sandwich Press will continue to support them going forward by making available for free conversion notes for Pathfinder Second Edition, if necessary). Think of them as glittering mosaic tiles that you can drop into a campaign to provide your player characters with diverting side quests and memorable interludes while they follow the overall story arc. They help you keep your players energized and entertained — and maybe they'll even level up and upgrade their gear — while you press the Pause button on your larger campaign.

Price: $2.99
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DarkMoore 4 Season Weather Table

Sat, 08/18/2018 - 17:35
DarkMoore 4 Season Weather TablePublisher: Archaic Adventures

A free four season daily weather chart for use with DarkMoore Adventure Modules.

Price: $0.00
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Modifier Generator

Sat, 08/18/2018 - 16:33
Modifier GeneratorPublisher: Ken Wickham

quickly, first, similarly ...

This table shows modifier categories with 12 or more modifiers for each category including degree, time, contrast, unity, manner, cause-and-effect, and place words.

This is a flexible modifier generator that is meant to aid or take the place of a Gamemaster (GM) for modifying descriptions or actions of characters, creatures, objects, places, and things. They modify how, when, or why something is described or does something.

A 12x12 table optimized for 1d12 but with results for 2D6, 1D20, 3D6, and D100 (percentile) systems is included. It makes it a versatile description generating engine.

The keywords are meant to help trigger thoughtful and inspirational ideas. Its generic enough for any genre.

Included are a total 144 listed modifiers in the entire table.

They may be used in writing, solo gaming, or to aid a GM in showing character mood descriptions.

It is intended to be a paid upgrade to work with all the other generators including the Solog Fact Generator, Description Generator, Mood-Emotion Generator, Sound Generator, Character Generator, Motivation Generator, Plot Generator, Knowledge Generator, Plot Generator, Body Language Generator, Solo Engine or Dialogue Engine or be used separate to add one or more modifier to story or game settings.

2 pages: It's first page is the image shown on the cover thumbnail —  the instructions and example — and the second page is the chart turned longways 144 results.

This differs from the fact generator in that the results are completely focused on modifier words rather than including other sensory or cognitive results. 

Download the Fact Generator to use as a preview of this chart. I use the same chart with different results listed.

Price: $1.00
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Wilderness and Trail Tiles

Sat, 08/18/2018 - 16:28
Wilderness and Trail TilesPublisher: RPG Blacksmith

This wilderness and trail tiles set includes 9 different 6x6 inches tiles (300dpi) that will allow you to easily and quickly create wilderness and/or trail maps for your favorite role-playing or miniature game.

This tiles set contains
6 trail tiles
2 wilderness tiles (no trail)
1 old altar tile

Price: $2.75
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City Builder/Kos Companion [BUNDLE]

Sat, 08/18/2018 - 16:01
City Builder/Kos Companion [BUNDLE]Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
This special 37% off bundle contains two popular universal sourcebooks, the Platinum-bestselling City Builder and the Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting! These titles were developed together, and one describes 70 different sorts of places adventurers might visit and provides guidelines for developing compelling communities, while the other provides specific writeups of all those places and presents them in a complete campaign setting. Together they can be used in conjunction with any RPG system. 

City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities
Regular price: $17.99
Bundle price: $11.24
Format: PDF
City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities is a manual specifically designed to help guide Game Masters through the process of creating exciting and compelling urban areas and other sorts of communities and places within them for their campaigns. It is a universal resource that is not specific to any particular game system and is intended to be compatible with the needs of almost any ancient, Dark Ages, Middle Ages, Renaissance, fantasy, or other role-playing milieu. This comprehensive, fully-illustrated book is divided into 14 sections and includes: * An Introduction that describes the scope of the book and how to use the material it contains; * A chapter on Communities that examines the Characteristics of Communities, including thorps, hamlets, villages, towns, citie...

Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting
Regular price: $29.99
Bundle price: $18.75
Format: PDF
Welcome to the Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting, a swords-and-sorcery milieu set in a Dark Ages fantasy version of the Mediterranean and the lands surrounding it! It is set a century after a Great Cataclysm destroyed the old world, plunged it into chaos, and reawakened magic and all form of ancient races and monsters. Now, the agents of Gods and Titans struggle against each other on behalf of their masters, nations strive to survive or dominate one another, and adventurers descend into the ruins in search of wealth and lost technology.  This universal campaign setting, which represents 14 years of development and has roots in the early 1980s, is ideal for adventures of the sorts inspired by the works of Fritz Leiber, Robert E. Howard, and Jack Vance. It has deliberately ...

Total value: $47.98 Special bundle price: $29.99 Savings of: $17.99 (37%) Price: $47.98
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Heroic Maps - Aerineya: The Traveller's Roost Tavern

Sat, 08/18/2018 - 15:36
 The Traveller's Roost TavernPublisher: Heroic Maps

Aerineya: The Traveller's Roost Tavern

It didn't take long for entrepreneurs to arrive in the floating kingdom of Aerineya. Once adventurers and wizards began to venture into the sky in search of ancient treasures, various quick thinking landlords recognised that they would need somewhere to rest up there, and so various taverns were constructed. The Traveller's Roost is one such tavern, and is a welcome sight after days in a small airship.

  A printable battlemap compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game. Use as a standalone gameboard, or combine with any same-scale tileset.
Contents: A 30 x 30 map depicting a tavern on a floating island, high in the sky. With space for mooring an airship or dirigible, the tavern is well presented and comfortable, with clean tables, good food and somewhere to meet and discuss quietly.


A pdf with 300dpi gridded tiles ready for A4 printing

A set of 300dpi full size jpeg files, for poster printing

A set of 72dpi (140x140px) jpeg for Roll20 & other VTTs

  - -Price: $5.50
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Niti’s Parade & Other Entertainments aka All About Carnivals and Faires

Sat, 08/18/2018 - 14:46
Niti’s Parade & Other Entertainments aka All About Carnivals and FairesPublisher: Board Enterprises

    How fun is your game world?  Not when everybody is killing monsters, but once they get back to the city.  OK, there’s a tavern, and shopping, but is there any fun?

    After the amount of work you’ve put into all of the permanent things in your world, you probably haven’t put the amount of work into the temporary things, things like circuses, trade fairs, carnivals, and local fairs.  And since you probably won’t be putting that much work into them, we did it for you.  It’s all here, the circuses, the acts, the food, the games, the fun!  OK, and some of the business of them as well.

    If you’re looking for a ton of new ideas, ideas you can easily use in your existing game world or use to craft a new game world, then Small Bites is what you’re looking for.  Our goal is to take a subject, whether an archetype, a monster class, or some other FRPG theme and bring you as much content about it as we can.  But this isn’t a simple one-shot supplement.  We want to get you involved in the process - giving us the themes you want most, the articles you like the best, and the feedback we need to make you happy.

    This is the “World Walker” edition.  The Game Master edition gives you even more, including ideas about campaigns, enemy characters, and world building.  We know that veteran and starting players and game masters are all going to find things they can use, and ideas to spark their characters, campaigns and game worlds!  Come on - You’ve got nothing to lose!

    This supplement contains 16 pages of content, compared to the full version which contains 74 pages.

Price: $0.00
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Hidden Realms

Sat, 08/18/2018 - 14:05
Hidden RealmsPublisher: EOD Enterprises

The Hidden Realms is a place where myth, legend, folklore and fairy-tale become real.

A place where adventure awaits, where you can become part of a world limited only by your imagination.

The folk in the Hidden Realms live their lives wrapped up with the wondrous and the magickal.

They know they live in the best of all possible worlds, and as dangerous as it can be, they would not trade it for our grey, mundane world for all the spice in Shazraham.

There are many places in our world where we can cross over in to the Hidden Realms, many portals, gateways and sites of mystery.

You probably know at least one without realising it.

And now you hold one in your hand.

Now you too can enter the Hidden Realms.

Great adventure and exploration await you.

Welcome to the Hidden Realms.


Hidden Realms is a role playing game (RPG) set in the mysterious, magickal, mythical world that exists along-side our own real world.

Hidden Realms is a game that can be played with 2-6 Players and a Games Master.

All you need to play are some pens, pencils, paper, some six sided dice and some people with the imagination and willingness to set off on a great adventure.

The Hidden Realms game is aimed at the younger Player, and would suit anyone from six upwards as a Player.

There is plenty of scope to develop games in the Hidden Realms to suit more mature minded gamers: there is room for all within the Hidden Realms.

Price: $19.99
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Room Name Generator

Sat, 08/18/2018 - 12:22
Room Name GeneratorPublisher: Azukail Games

This is a generator consisting of three d100 tables that can be used to generate unusual names for rooms, whether these be found in dungeons, castles or other locations. These names can be used to add a degree of pretension for a certain type of NPC, make a location more evocative or perhaps create ideas for an otherwise empty room.

The three tables can be used in a number of different ways. Results can be combined from Table 1 and Table 2, from Table 2 and Table 3, from Tables 1, 2 and 3 or from Table 1, Table 2, Table 1 and Table 3. Filler words such as "the," "of" and "of the" should be used to combine the results, and many results have plurals and some have alternatives. Results that don't make sense should be discarded.

Here are room names generated using the four described methods:

"The Infinite Mausoleum"

"The Cistern of Plagues"

"The Crumbling Barrow of the Vampires"

"The Shattered Kennel of the Diabolic Golems"

The tables can be used in more ways, by rolling more times on each.

This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.

One page is the front cover and one page the front matter.

Price: $0.50
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