Strike Force: Oz

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Oz Banner - 8 pages, 7 maps

You’re an elite member of a squad of magical special operatives, tasked with solving the most dangerous and important crises that befall the whimsical world of Oz.

Your latest mission is to escort a helpless little girl across the land, infiltrate the Wicked Witch’s lair, and assassinate this enemy of the state. For political reasons, the assassination MUST appear to be instigated by the little girl – if any of you are caught directly assisting, we run the risk of an international disaster.

Should Dororthy die, you fail. Should anyone learn that you are not the hapless, bumbling companions you appear to be, you fail. Should the Witch live, you fail – and failure is not an option. 

Your codename: Friends of Dorothy.

A one-shot adventure for level 3 characters.

Strike Force: OzPrice: $4.50

Divine Blessings – Umberlee

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Divine Blessings is a series that aims to provide knowledge about the gods and items they might leave behind. Providing a story of the gods, their journies, trials, and where they stand now. Throughout their lives they have provided blessings in the forms of weapons, armors, and various trinkets. 

Taking inspiration from their stories, we create items that feel like a part of the deity. Whether they be relics found or an artifact bestown to a champion.

Umberlee is a cruel mother to those who would fair the waters. She is the mighty goddess of storms and the sea.

If you are brave enough to fair the seas, you should look to the Wavemother for protection. Not from others but from her.

Those who would survive in her worship gain boons of immense destructive power. Gain the power to manipulate the waters to overwhelm your enemies. Or harness the storms and rain lightning and thunder onto your foes.

This title contains 10 magic items for DMs to give to their players. Also included is an artifact for the most devout or the most daring.

If you enjoyed this title and want to see other deities, leave a comment about what you would like to see in the future!

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Divine Blessings - UmberleePrice: $2.99

Vivienne Sunward: Aasimar Light Domain Cleric

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Vivienne Sunward was born under the auspices of a celestial event, her first cries accompanied by the rare alignment of three moons, bathing the land in a silvery glow. Her parents, devout followers of Lathander, the Morninglord, saw her birth as a sign of their god’s favor and dedicated her to his service. Growing up in the temple, Vivienne was surrounded by the beauty of sacred art, the harmonious chants of morning prayers, and the warmth of a community united in faith.

From a young age, Vivienne exhibited an innate connection to the divine light. She could effortlessly soothe the pains of her playmates with a gentle touch, and her laughter seemed to brighten the darkest corners of the temple. Her education was steeped in the lore of Lathander, and she excelled in her studies, displaying a particular affinity for the history and traditions of her faith. However, it was during her initiation as an acolyte that her true potential began to shine.

During the ceremony, as she knelt before the altar, a beam of sunlight broke through the stained glass windows, enveloping her in a radiant aura. The priests and priestesses gasped in awe as Vivienne rose, her eyes aglow with a celestial light. From that day forth, she became known as Vivienne Sunward, chosen of Lathander.

As Vivienne grew into her role, she became a beacon of hope and a symbol of Lathander’s grace. She spent her days tending to the needs of the temple’s visitors, healing the sick, and offering guidance to those seeking the Morninglord’s blessings. Her nights were devoted to study and prayer, deepening her understanding of her god’s teachings and honing her abilities to channel his divine light.

However, Vivienne’s idyllic existence within the temple walls was not to last. A schism arose within the clergy, a dispute over the interpretation of a sacred text that threatened to divide the…

Vivienne Sunward: Aasimar Light Domain ClericPrice: $1.00

The Ceremony (FR-DC-QLA-02)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The party gathers for a joyous occasion, a wedding, only for it to be interrupted by an attempted assassination. Following the clues, the party does the only reasonable thing: it goes to Avernus.

THE CEREMONY IS A 11TH-16TH LEVEL (TIER 3) adventure for four to six characters. The Ceremony is a short adventure that features the marriage of two of the adventurers. It is intended to be completed in one to two sessions. The time may also depend on the number of players and the number of selected encounters.

The Ceremony features…

  • A unique opportunity to wed two player characters — if they choose
  • A trip from Faerun to the hellscape of Avernus
  • Nine high-quality battlemaps
  • A chaotic and memorable initial fight sequence that will challenge even the most seasoned players 
  • A number of optional encounters to help make for a diverse and potentially new adventure

About the Adventure

The Ceremony has four primary plot points and an epilogue.

Call to Adventure: The Ceremony (60 minutes)

Features: primarily roleplay, combat encounter

The party begins their adventure at a wedding ceremony. Two willing adventurers (or two NPCs) are to be wed at a beautiful Dome of the Rose temple. It is filled with guests. Solaren Dawn presides over the wedding. The party members are there as the happy couple, wedding party members or guests. The adventure takes place near the exchange of two magical rings, magic items called the Rings of Bonding.

Following the exchange of rings, and just before completing the wedding ceremony, Solaren is killed by a streak of mysterious magic.  The party is thrown into the ensuing chaos.

Part 1: The Investigation (30 minutes)

Features: primarily roleplay, combat encounter

The party then begins an investigation into the murder. There are numerous witnesses. There is evidence of an investigation that the cleric was conducting into unusual activity and appearances in the area. After investigating the circumstances of the cleric’s death, the party is led to a catacombs below the temple.

Part 2: The Catacombs (60 minutes)

Features: dungeon delve, various combat and other encounters

The party enters the catacombs and encounters various fiends and enemies that do not belong there. The party will also discover that various secret entrances have been created by Arkhan’s followers to reach the catacombs. There’s evidence of a lot of recent activity and they will encounter a new

Attack of the Wraith King

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The town of Brightdawn is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding and a festival is being held. Carnival games and merriment abound on this joyous day. But then, in the market square, a dark robed figure pouring shadowy mist from itself appears and soon Undead abound in the streets. The player characters will have to flee from such an overwhelming force for now but maybe they can save a few people in the process.

Attack of the Wraith King is meant to be an introductory adventure to a wider campaign featuring the titular Wraith King as the BBEG. The adventure is for characters starting at Level 1 who should advance to Level 2 by the end of the adventure. 

Attack of the Wraith KingPrice: $3.99

The Arcforge Universe Kickstarter is LIVE!

Sci-fi and fantasy meet again with a dash of cosmic horror and chaos magic in an incredible new world of adventure: The Arcforge Universe Campaign SettingThis project brings you a world of cosmic adventure, chaos magic, psychic powers, hypertechnology, and more, and is a great companion to our recently completed Mechanical Monsters Quick-Starter!

  • The Arcforge Players’ Compendium contains two new classes and over 200 archetypes, feats, spells, psionic powers, along with expansive mech rules, technomancy, and so much more!
  • The Arcforge Universe Cyclopedia includes a system-spanning smorgasbord of nations and locations for planetary, interstellar, or cosmic adventure, including nearly 100 new monsters and creature templates from roving wasteland hordes to mind-melting chaos lords!

The Arcforge Universe descriptive text can be used with any system, but all rules material is for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game; there is no PF2 or 5E version available at this time. If you’re a PF1 fan or just want exciting and inventive new worlds to explore in other game systems, we hope you check it out and pledge today!

New In Our Store For Weird Heroes of Public Access: “13 This Week”

We’ve got a fun new Indie RPG release this week!

New for Joey Royale’s uber-zany Weird Heroes of Public Access Indie RPG it’s 13 This Week!

13 This Week is written by Tim Snider and published by The Savage AfterWorld (Phage From Below, Country Meat Grinder Classics), and adds new hero roles, adventure hooks, and two mini-adventures for use in this Indie RPG like no other. Can you name that Squatch!?

Let’s check it out!

For use with the Weird Heroes of Public Access RPG.

“Tonight on The Midnight Mortuary, join Dr. Phil Mel DeHyde as he hosts the 1973 classic ‘Do You Want Fries with Death?’ Also this evening, we’ll be airing episodes of Brusque Conversations with Morton Douglas Reems and Knitting With Martha. Next up, though, is Roller Derby Roundup, followed by Name That Squatch! Stay tuned to WHPA TV13, Fairhaven!”

13 This Week is a fanzine with materials and adventures for use with the Weird Heroes of Public Access RPG by Get Haunted Industries! This issue of 13 This Week — your premium public access guide to Fairhaven — contains the following articles:

  • WHPA Job Postings — Want to host your own public access show? The station has openings for both Children’s Entertainment and Informerical Salesperson! (Two new hero roles for players)
  • Weekly TV Listings — Every public access show airing on WHPA for the week of January 10-16 is listed in detail! (Each show offers new adventure hooks and inspiration for your own adventures throughout Fairhaven)
  • Two WHPA TV13 Special Feature Presentations — The players will face a possessed roller derby team in “Wiseguys On Wheels” and cultists from The Church of GOTO 10 in “Hello World”! (Two mini-adventures for the Weird Heroes of Public Access RPG)

Support Raorgen Games’ ‘Memories of the Purple Planet’ – Part of the DCC Purple Planet Horde!

The Purple Planet Horde is fully funded and unlocking new stretch goals!

We’ve got some amazing third party campaigns going on right now in support of our massive Return to the Purple Planet! Many of the DCC community’s most popular independent designers have come up with the coolest, most-unexpected, and just flat out uber-weirdest supplements exploring the strange corners of adventure that can be found in this unique sword-and-planet setting.

Ed Stanek’s Memories of the Purple Planet, a Raorgen Games publication, is a 4th level adventure in which the PCs must explore ancient ruins to in order to find a method to escape the planet! Featuring new monsters, technology, and an unforgettable twist!

The Purple Planet’s days are numbered. One visionary kith among the ascended masters charted a way for his house to escape the coming doom. If only he could drag the rest of his clan to follow, to put down their infighting and cooperate, they could all survive… if only.

The party must explore the ruins of House Yukha in the hope that it may hold a key to their own efforts to escape the planet. Can they succeed where Yukha failed?

This adventure for level 4 characters takes place in the Purple Planet game setting. It includes:

  • The secret ruins of House Yukha
  • 5 new monsters
  • 6 new pieces of Kith tech
  • … and a twist at the end that can take your game in a whole new direction.

Support the Horde! Remember, all of the Purple Planet campaigns are linked by cross-compatible stretch goals — maximize your Purple Planet investment when you back them all!

  • There are 8 unique Purple Planet bonus drop in encounters, 1 for each project you back!
  • Pledge for 3 or more projects for a free “purple planet 3d6” dice set!
  • Get to the top of the multi project backer leaderboard, or just get lucky, to have an anagram of your name appear as an NPC!
  • Bonus page of runic lore unlocked for each project you support!

All The Mask and The Sword [BUNDLE]

Publisher: François Vanhille
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

465812-thumb140.png The Mask and The Sword – Historical and Fantastic Role-Playing Game
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
Immerse yourself in an unforgettable epic journey that spans from 1600 to the French Revolution with “The Mask and the Sword”! Far more than just a role-playing game, this is a grand adventure that skillfully weaves historical events, legendary characters, and fantastic excursions.
This all-in-one manual offers total immersion into this captivating universe:

Explore a setting rich in wonders and flamboyance, with rules illustrated by detailed examples for creating a unique character who will evolve through various adventures.

Discover a tarot game where the cards shape your hero’s personal story and can also be used as trump cards to illustrate in-game situations.

Dive into an interactive narrative of the “choose your own adventure” type, allowing players to experience the introd…

471313-thumb140.png The Era of the Mermaid – Collection of Scenarios for historical and Fantasy Swashbuckling Role-Playing Game
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
⚔️ Dive into the captivating universe of the role-playing game “The Mask and the Sword” through eleven scenarios complemented by game aids! ⚔️
Fellow role-players, whether beginners or experienced, do not miss this unique opportunity to enjoy captivating plots, historical landmarks, staging advice, illustrated with maps, layouts, and portraits of colorful characters. This universe and these stories are suitable for any swashbuckling role-playing game. Without needing significant adjustments, it is ready to use!
Imagine yourself in an ambiance of picaresque adventures, where cloak and sword ⚔️ are your companions on journeys both historical and fantastical. Have you always dreamed of participating in epic escapades? Then this game is for you!
Created in the 1990s, “The Mask and the Swor…

Total value: 0
Special bundle price: 0
Savings of: 0 (12%)

All The Mask and The Sword  [BUNDLE]Price: $45.65

Le Masque et L’Epée / The Mask and The Sword [BUNDLE]

Publisher: François Vanhille
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

463775-thumb140.png Le Masque et l’Épée
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
Amis rôlistes, débutant ou expérimentés, ne manquez pas cette opportunité unique de revivre un voyage extraordinaire à travers les siècles, de 1600 jusqu’à la Révolution française. “Le Masque et l’Épée” est bien plus qu’un simple jeu de rôle, c’est une aventure épique mêlant événements historiques, personnages légendaires et touches fantastiques. Imaginez-vous dans une ambiance d’aventures picaresques, où cape et épée sont vos compagnons de route dans des périples aussi bien historiques que fantastiques. Vous avez toujours rêvé de participer à des escapades épiques ? Alors ce jeu est fait pour vous ! Créé dans les années 1990, “Le Masque et l’Épée” a fait ses preuves en étant testé dans les conventions et événements ludiques à travers la France et au-delà. Une vingtaine de scénarios en …
463779-thumb140.png L’Ère de la Sirène: Jeux de rôles historiques de cape et d’épée – Recueil de scénarios
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
????⚔️ Plongez dans l’univers captivant du jeu de rôle “Le Masque et l’Épée” à travers onze scénarios complétés par des aides de jeu ! ⚔️???? Amis rôlistes, débutant ou expérimentés, ne manquez pas cette opportunité unique de bénéficier d’intrigues captivantes, de repères historiques, de conseils de mise en scène, illustrés de cartes, de plans et de portraits de personnages hauts en couleurs. Cet univers et ces histoires conviennet à n’importe quel jeu de rôles de cape et d’épée. Sans avoir à faire d’aménagements conséquents, il est directement prêt à l’emploi ! Imaginez-vous dans une ambiance d’aventures picaresques, où cape et épée sont vos compagnons de route dans des périples aussi bien historiques que fantastiques. Vous avez toujours rêvé de participer à des escapades épiques ? Alo…
463782-thumb140.png Roman Noces d’Hiver: La Nuit du Golem
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
Découvrez “Noces d’Hiver : La Nuit du Golem” – un voyage captivant au cœur de l’histoire et de la fantaisie ! ???????? Ce roman est une des trajectoires possible du scénario d’introduction du jeu, avec le personnage servant d’exemple pour décrire les règles. Au lendemain des noces royales entre Henri IV et Marie de Médicis, Paris se remplit de milliers d’Italiens, introduisant intrigues et mystères à la cour. Parmi eux, Concino Concini et Leonora Galigaï, proches de la reine, suscitent l’inquiétude de Cosimo Ruggeri, l’astrologue

FOELIO vol.1

Publisher: Jeremy Hart

17 NEW FEARSOME FOES for your OSR game! 

The tone of this one is grim, dark and high fantasy. 



(Some adjustments will likely follow. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes.)

FOELIO vol.1Price: $8.00

DSA5 – Aventurisches Transmutarium (VTT) Key für Roll20

Publisher: Ulisses Spiele

Hinweis: Dies ist ein Roll20 VTT Produkt

Mit dem Aventurischen Transmutarium werden über 50 Chimären und Daimonide – Hybride aus Lebenden und Dämonen – vorgestellt, welche die Geschichte Aventuriens prägen. Neben Spielwerten, Illustrationen und zahlreichen Ideen für die Verwendung in Abenteuern sind ebenso Hinweise und Regeln für Chimärologinnen enthalten, die sich daran wagen wollen, diese Meilensteine der Transmutationsforschung nachzubilden.  

Ein ausführliches Kapitel zur Geschichte der aventurischen Chimärologie stellt lokale Schauergestalten vor, hinter denen sich Chimären verbergen und in das System werden Unterstützungen für das Beschwören, eingearbeitet!  

  • Über 40 Sonderfertigkeiten und Vor- und Nachteile  
  • 60 NSCs & Monster mit Tokens und Werten für den Einsatz in Foundry 
  • Fast 20 neue Professionen  
  • Über 60 neue Gegenstände, Waffen & Gifte  
  • Fast 30 neue Wesenszüge und Eigenschaften  
  • Unterstützung für das Beschwören! 

DSA5 - Aventurisches Transmutarium (VTT) Key für Roll20Price: $27.08

High-Tech Weapons 80% off [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
This very special 80% off bundle contains several weapon-oriented RPG supplements, including our Gold-bestselling “Ray Guns & Ruins” and nine issues of the popular Wisdom from the Wastelands mini-supplement for modern, sci-fi, and post-apocalyptic games! We have also thrown in as a bonus item our Platinum-bestseeling TSRPG (Travel-Sized RPG), which can be used to run old-school supplements and modules in an easy, rules-light way (e.g., ones created for Gamma World or retroclones like Mutant Future).

264227-thumb140.jpg Artifacts of the Wastelands
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
One way to make a modern, sci-fi, or post-apocalyptic game your own is with artifacts. A game master could expand the types of items a party might find, imagining what technology would be available generations in the future, where even potentially mundane objects might enter the realms of the fantastic.  This publication delves into four very different kinds of technology. Cloaks include several forms of high-technology outerwear, including capes and ponchos. Virtual Matter Projectors explore the possibility that the ancients could make items that existed only while the devices used to create their component particles was on. Anti-Technology Weapons were designed to cope with the need to prevent machines from running amok. Formulae, chemistry’s third iteration, use the detritus of a dead…
351289-thumb140.jpg Interplanetary Feats
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
This publication contains 62 Feats developed for use with any roleplaying games with futuristic themes that use the OGL/d20 system, from ones that enhance performance on spacecraft and zero-G conditions, to those that are useful planetside.  Feats are special abilities a character possess that either give bonuses to the character’s skills, saving throws, or attacks or allow a character to transcend rules in some manner and are one of the most popular means of customizing characters in games based on the OGL rules system. …
428906-thumb140.jpg Into the Terrorium (A Post-Apocalyptic Scenario for TSRPG)
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
“Into the Terrorium” is a TSRPG (Travel-Sized RPG) adventure set in post-apocalyptic America, where a team of scavengers discovers a strange research facility and runs into more trouble than it was expecting. This fully-illustrated scenario includes:  ● A complete adventure that includes a compelling and mysterious research facility and a number of intriguing challenges; ● A default background that addresses how the apocalypse occurred and the world became the way it is;  ●

February 29, 2024: The Future’s Pretty Awesome When It Comes To Learning Games

Just the other day I realized how downright amazing it is nowadays, as far as learning a new game goes. Like, take a random game such as . . . ohhh, how about Car Wars Sixth Edition.

• Do you learn better by reading? Then the rulebook is available online, in its full-color glory as a searchable PDF.

• Are you a visual learner? There’s a “How to Play” video with Chris Steele on Tabletop Game Talk.

• Do you learn better by asking questions or searching for answers? Then we’ve got forums and a Discord server to talk about our games.

• And, of course, the Internet makes it easier than ever for like-minded folks to form groups and figure things out.

As someone who had to muddle through (say) the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons using just the hardcovers, the plethora of preparatory possibilities available nowadays is nothing less than amazing to me. And, of course, it means that I get to learn (and chat with) a lot more folks about games . . .

Steven Marsh

Warehouse 23 News: The City Never Sleeps Because Of All The Action

There are a million stories in the city, and they’re all exciting! GURPS Action 9: The City shows how you can add GURPS City Stats to your GURPS Action campaigns. It also features six sample cities to use with your own action-packed adventures. Download it today from Warehouse 23!

Abbey of Evil

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The local abbey with a dark past has been reported to have strange occurences happening around it, the villagers are fearful and hire the aid of adventurers, what truth will they discover in the haunted abbey?

Abbey of EvilPrice: $2.00