Oath of Hellfire: A Paladin Subclass

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Most paladins are righteous heroes who spread light and justice throughout the multiverse, this is not true for paladins who swear themselves to this oath. The Oath of Hellfire is often sworn by paladins of a darker nature. The Oath of Hellfire speaks to individuals who wish to invoke the powers of hell to enforce their will upon the world. Paladins of this oath swear allegiance to an archdevil such as Asmodeus, Moloch, or Beelzebub. Paladins of this oath channel the flames of hell into their vicious attacks carrying pain and oppression with every strike. Paladins of this oath become adept at destroying the forces of light and manipulating people with a magically influenced word. Eventually paladins who swear themselves to the Oath of Hellfire learn to strike back at those who oppose them. As these paladins continue their shadowed path, serving a great archdevil they slowly change to resemble their diabolical masters, becoming resistant to many of the hazards present within The Nine Hells. Eventually a paladin of this oath will learn to unleash their true potential becoming a fiendish avatar to better serve Hell’s plans. Paladins of this oath are often known as Hell Knights. Lower ranking Hell Knights serve as shock troopers in the battle for dominion over the multiverse. The highest-ranking Hell Knights command armies of devils and leave devastation in their wake. Often as part of taking this oath a Hell Knight must sell their soul to the devil, they serve so that even in death they will continue to fight for their dark lord. Paladins who swear themselves to this oath become diabolical masters of the battlefield.

Tenets of Hellfire

The tenets of this oath are enforced to invoke loyalty and brutal efficiency in those who follow this path. Backstabbing is in a devil’s very nature and these tenets are meant to prevent paladins from practicing the same brand of betrayal that devils utilize themselves.

Betray All But I. Lies, deceit and betrayal are tools to be used to further your own goals but if you turn these tools against your master, be prepared to be annihilated.

Bring Glory To Hell. When you defeat your foes, or when you do battle, bring glory to hell so the multiverse may quake before it.

Obey Your Master. To disobey your fiendish master is to die, obey every command

The GM’s Box of Duct Tape

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

My ABSOLUTELY FREE 5e-compatible PDF that clocks in at 144 pages of fully custom art. All professionally edited. I encourage you to not pay anything until you look through it and determine it’s worth it.  if you like it, follow or support me on ko-fi or twitter.

Update: Version 1.1, the revision, is now complete and available. still completely free, thanks to the community that helped me improve over the last couple months!

The GM's Box of Duct TapePrice: $15.00

PSS3 Dark Payit

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A New Ravenloft Domain based off the setting of Maztica!

Following the Era of the Immortals in Maztica came what was known as the Golden Age of Payit. This was a time of plenty for all of Maztica when humanity flourished.

Payit and Far Payit both excelled in culture, developing in technology, medicine, astronomy and magic.

Though this Golden Age has no official start or finish, the murder of the beautiful Princess Aliah was widely believed to be the herald of its downfall. Destined to marry her half-brother Xetl, a jealous suitor named Tacal who was himself prince of the great Far Payit city of Tulom-Itzi cut off her head at her very wedding.

This betrayal and the pure evil of Tacal’s actions drew the attentions of the Dark Lords, and not long after his own death, the mists drew in…

Please Visit Maztica Alive! for updates, news and everything you need to know about the True World Campaign!

This product is produced by “Maztica Alive!” – a collection of authors, artists, cartographers and others who have come together to expand and recreate the western continent of the Forgotten Realms world of Toril, keeping it in line with canon from all editions.  This continent consists of Anchôromé in the north, Lopango in the south and the well known region of Maztica in between. Many of its inhabitants have come to calling their home the True World.

The Maztica Alive! crew now has over fifty supplements and articles broken down by region or author. The products all complement and remain consistent with one another and in some cases even reach into the planes or the stars.  Each Maztica Alive! product is linked below.

The third letter of each tag determines the type of product available from “C”ampaign guides to “S”upplements, “M”ini supplements and articles or even “A”dventures.

Additional authors will have tagging systems as determined by the author.  If you are interested in becoming part of the Maztica Alive! team, please email Jon Hild at seethe75 on gmail.!


Bundle Cover Bundle Cover Bundle Cover
The Maztica Bundle The Anchôromé Bundle The Lopango Bundle

The Maztica Campaign 




The Anchôromé Campaign

ANC1 The AnchôroméCampaign Guide ANS1 The Land of the Insect Men ANS2 Monsters of Anchorome ANS3 ANS4 ANA1 ANA2 ANA3 ANM1 The Bee Tribe of Anchôromé ANM2 Kci Athussos, The Great Snail Dragon ANM3 ANM4 ANM5 ANM6 ANM6

The Lopango Campaign

ANC1 The AnchôroméCampaign Guide LPS1 LPS2 LPS3 LPM1 LPA2 LPM1 LPM2 LPM2 LPA2 LPM5

The Armalith – A Species born of weapons

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Astral Sea is a fierce battlefield, blood shed at the hands of metal. Sword pierces shield, then flesh…
and then there is nothing. Life extinguished, weapons remaining, their purpose lost. An arrow pierced in chain-mail, swords fallen overboard, a pistol endlessly drifting, never to be fired again…

Until a faint wisp of magic, naught but a flicker, picks it from the sea and claims it for itself. Once again ready to fight, swords becoming shield, shield becoming flesh. This is how the Armalith are born.

Tall in nature, these beings are formed from the many hundreds of lost weapons floating through the astral sea. Shaped by the weave itself, these weapons are formed into living constructs. Their appearance differs depending on the weapons that are gathered for their creation.

Some are adorned with ornate hilts of previous armaments. Some have eyes sparkling the bright magical blue, red, green or a dozen colours at once from the gemstones that were fixed to elegant weapons. Some are huge hulking creatures built from great weapons of war. While some glow with the inner magic that is born when several magical weapons come together.

Included in this document is:

  • A species born of weaponry: The Armalith.
  • Everything you need to create your own player character.
  • Designed with Spelljammer but at home anywhere in the verse.
  • Full lore and history for both the race and their home system.
  • 3 Iterations (Sub species): Armalith 1.0, Chosen and Swordforged with lore for all three.
  • A custom Spelljammer Ship, a more advanced metal space galleon with a living soul.
  • 2 new Spelljammer Weapons, Sword Launchers, Chain shots.
  • 3 Foes (Monsters) Tarnished, Junkalith and Shipilith.
  • A One Page Scenario – “In the Dark” to introduce Armalith to a party of adventurers
We use AI generation for art purposes only, all other work is performed by our own hands and/or brains.

Check out our Previous Titles to gauge the high quality of our work:

Species & Subspecies:

planar speciesCavy a guinea pig raceDamquil a spelljammer raceNew modron speciesOlbidados an undead player speciesThe Talpid, a Subterranean SpeciesAshati, a poisonous rat speciesAstral DragonbornEricius - hedgehog speciesTiefling as a Lineage
Magic & Spells:
Primordial ArtefactsRunecraft Spellspoisoners handbookCocktails to make in real life and in D&DCritical Cantrips
Crafting Signature magical weaponsnew critical weapon effectsHybrid FormsNon Playable SIdekicks
Cybills sidearmsdeck of many horrid things
Adventures and Encounters:
Trouble Brewing Mini CampaignThe Eldritch Chicken of Barley PinesThe Boggle Kingthe triboar monsterMr Spudrys Estal MenageriePeopl Die at the Fairmind the boggles

Gatetown Encounter Series:

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Journey Around the Radiant CitadelJourney through siabsungkohPPP PotionsTravellers guide to phandalinGuide to Avernus
So many SlaadAstral petshopplanar traits and abailitiesPlanar Bestiary
pact of the possessed warlock subclass


At the Owl Preservation Society we release products that we really love and would like to play ourselves. We hope you enjoy them too!

The Armalith - A Species born of weaponsPrice: $0.99

SUPER Doom Guard Update from PEG President Shane Hensley

As we roll into WEEK TWO of our Gamefound crowdfunding campaign for Doom Guard, PEG President Shane Hensley offers some amazing insider news in the latest update.

Take it away, Shane!

Hi Guardians!

My name is Shane Hensley, owner of Pinnacle and a 30+ year veteran of the tabletop and video game industry. You can find out more about me here if you like.

Doom Guard is our first board game, and we believe in it so much we’re going to jump in and make some major changes to the project right now. While it seems we’ll fund by the time the project’s complete, of course we want to do better than that and we want to share the fun we’ve had playtesting Doom Guard for the last several years with our friends and fans. Designer Mike Barbeau poured his heart into the design and every time we get together to play it it’s a night of laughs, adventure, and more than a little mayhem! Playing heroes AND villains against threats like Cthulhu, Azathoth, and even the Legions of Hell (a future expansion!) is an absolute blast.

So let’s get into all we’re doing to address some of your suggestions, and if you feel we’ve zeroed in on what you’re looking for, please consider backing and helping us spread the word. We know we’re new to the board game side of things and are willing to learn our lessons, improve, and adjust as best we’re able given our resources and your feedback.

New Reward Level Added

We’ve heard the community ask for a standee version of this game, and with our experience of making die-cut cardboard, two-sided, high-quality “pawns” for our RPGs, we’re working with our manufacturer to make it happen. We’re adding the standees to the Doom Guard Deluxe Miniature board game (so you can play with either miniatures or standees) and making a new version of the board game which we’re calling the Doom Guard Basic board game with only standees, no miniatures.

And yes, we’ll honor our commitment to give those who Followed the campaign before it began the Crazed Ogre miniature even if you back the standee version.

Three New Guardians Added

Rather than hold on to these for stretch goals, we’re going to bump up the value of the game and add THREE new Guardian characters for you right now.

The first

2023 SWAG Award Show – Live on Twitch this Thursday at 7pm

While it’s less about “who’s wearing WHO” and more about “who’s playing WHAT,” the 2023 SWAG Award Show is sure to be just as entertaining as many of those other big awards shows.

This Thursday, February 1st, at 7pm Eastern, we’re rolling out the red carpet (along with a Wild Die or two) for the LIVE 2023 SWAG Award Show over on our official Twitch channel. Co-hosts Christopher Landauer and J-M DeFoggi will showcase some of the hottest-selling and totally-free products for Savage Worlds available through the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild, with a few of the award-winning creators in attendance to say a few words and accept their well-deserved accolades!

And if you miss the live stream, don’t worry, you’ll find it over in the PEG video archive on YouTube shortly after.

Keep an eye on our socials for further details! 🏆

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From now through Sunday, February 4th, Fantasy Grounds has a few choice items for Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds ON SALE for a whopping 20% OFF!

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DCC for Roll20 Crowdfunding Launches Next Week!

The DCC RPG for Roll20 campaign launches next week!

By popular demand, Dungeon Crawl Classics is coming to Roll20! We’re crowdfunding a complete DCC integration, with all the mechanics that make DCC so much fun. Spell checks, mighty deeds, Luck, spellburn, deity disapproval, mercurial magic, and everything else you love will be fully integrated into game play.

This project also converts iconic adventures to Roll20, creating a campaign path from level 0 to 3. Plus stretch goals allow for adding even more adventures, token art, and more!

Which adventures? How about classics like Sailors on the Starless Sea, Doom of the Savage Kings, People of the Pit, Emerald Enchanter, The Croaking Fane, and Neon Knights?

If you’d like to see DCC on Roll20, support this project when it launches next week and grab yourself some great DCC adventures for the virtual table top. Follow the project now on BackerKit, get notified of updates, and be the first to pledge!

Coming Soon for Zinequest: Silam 1 & 2 for DCC RPG!

Zinequest start in just a few days!

Follow now and be ready when it launches — Jordy Williams’ alternate fantasy setting of Silam is coming to DCC RPG with two issues Kickstarting soon as part of Zinequest!

Silam 1 & 2 includes new DCC-compatible races, deities, classes — and both a 0 level funnel and a 1st level adventure!

Follow now, and you’ll be notified upon launch!

~Templo de los Soles Desterrados (Un Escenario de ‘La Era de la Noche’ para TSRPG)~

Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing

“¡Templo de los Soles Desterrados” es un escenario del Juego de Rol Compacto (TSRPG) ambientado en el mundo de series de historietas de La Era de Noche por Amanda Kahl!  La familiaridad con las novelas gráficas no es necesario para el narrador o los jugadores para disfrutar este escenario, y se puede usar solo o servir como una introduccion divertido para el mundo de La Era de Noche.  El escenario esta diseñado para hasta cuatro jugadores y les demorara probablemente de dos a tres horas para completarla. 

“Templo de los Soles Desterrados” contiene:

Un escenario completo y ilustrado que contiene encuentras, peligros ambientales, y varios desafíos divertidos y emocionantes;

Dos mapas de las areas de encuentras;

Cuatro personajes de muestra con fichas e ilustraciones personalizadas

Una copia de las reglas básicas del Juego de Rol Compacto (TSRPG), que permite que este escenario sirva como inicio rápido para el sistema y se juegue sin ningún otro recurso; y,  

Una carpeta ZIP que contiene todas las fichas, avatares, hojas de personajes, mapas e ilustraciones asociadas con esta aventura para que sea más fácil de usar para los narradores y los jugadores que la ejecutan o juegan en línea o con dispositivos móviles

~Templo de los Soles Desterrados (Un Escenario de 'La Era de la Noche' para TSRPG)~Price: $1.99

UFO Issue 07 – New Coat O Paint – Kill Sector Quarterly Zine

Publisher: Bahunga Worldwide

“You’re all familiar with this procedure, yes? Though likely not with this approach. Old parlor trick in my worldslice – we’re oldschool back at the River Sanguinate. Let’s start with the median sternotomy. I slice down the midline of the breastbone, all the way to the navel. Then, use that as the central beam for a capital I.”

Though they tried to hide it, several of the otherwise stoic surgeon-cadets leaned forward with morbid curiosity. It wasn’t the viscera – no, vatborn Vortisekk are taught internal anatomy during firstschool, and immigrants must perform several dissections as part of their naturalization exam. The sudden sense of dread came from elsewhere, somewhere much deeper.


This is the seventh issue of UFO – Unidentified Fighting Object, Kill Sector’s official periodical, filled to the brim with new functions, fiction, GM advice, and more. Starting with this issue, UFO has a completely new look! Our graphic design tools got a major upgrade, letting our material jetstream straight into your eyeballs with powerful new shapes!


UFO 07 features the following:

  • Over 100 new functions in total, parceled up in special themes, such as Psychological Warfare, or Vahrkon’s Magicks.

  • The B.L.A.P. Method – A formula for letting the players bend the rules to get out of a tight spot!

  • Custom Comms – Customize your character’s language to transcend the limits of mere speech!

  • Over 50 new weaknesses, providing new and exciting ways to challenge your character and push their power to the limit!

  • The Amalgam Warrior: A menacing boss that warps its form to mimic its opponents!

  • Powers and vehicles from Raymoondo Glade – a magical land protected by the limbless Glade-Man.

  • Fiction, advice, community contributions, and more!

Important: In order to use UFO to its fullest capacity, you’ll need the Kill Sector Core Rulebook, also available on DriveThruRPG!

UFO Issue 07 - New Coat O Paint - Kill Sector Quarterly ZinePrice: $0.00

Creature Feature Quarterly vol. 2 (Mork Borg) ASHCAN

Publisher: Jeremy Hart

17 NEW FOES for your MORK BORG game! 





SEARCH FOR: Creature Feature Quarterly Vol.2 for use with Mork Borg on BackerKit.

The video preview shows all the possible page options for the color version of the book.

Creature Feature Quarterly vol. 2 (Mork Borg) ASHCANPrice: $6.00

VICTOIRE: Jeu de rôle à table genre science-fiction – Règles de base

Publisher: Imagination Engine Games

Pouvez-vous libérer la Terre des envahisseurs extraterrestres?

L’arrivée de visiteurs étrangers a tout changé.

Ces voyageurs d’une planète voisine nous ressemblent, mais ils ne sont pas de cette Terre.

Des vaisseaux de base extraterrestres sont suspendus dans toutes les grandes villes du monde.

Des gens que vous connaissez et dont vous vous occupez ont commencé à disparaître. Ils ne sont pas venus en paix. Le futur de l’humanité dépend de vous.

Victoire est un jeu de rôle à table de science-fiction, facile à apprendre, rapide à jouer et super amusant sur la résistance contre les envahisseurs extraterrestres fascistes.

Inspiré par les ouvrages tels que: V, La guerre des mondes, Le jour de l’indépendance, mais aussi par les résistants de WWII qui luttaient contre le fascism.

Le jeu utilise une mécanique de résolution unique mais simple, basée sur des compétences de fiction, pour compter les succès. Il utilise toutes les matrices polyédriques standard sauf pour le d20.

Trois méta-mécaniques innovantes de ce jeu permettent aux joueurs de façonner le destin de leurs personnages.

Le jeu le rend également facile pour le maître de jeu, avec un système simple pour les PNJ faciles.

C’est le livre de règles de base et le seul livre auquel vous avez besoin pour jouer. Il suffit d’ajouter des dés, des crayons et du papier, ou votre table virtuel préféré. Comprend:

  • Infos de réglage
  • Attributs/caractéristiques 
  • Méta-mécaniques – des de Chance, Momentum et Complication
  • Compétences
  • Règles de combat (y compris l’initiative, le mouvement, les actions au combat, l’armure, les blessures et l’étourdissement, la guérison et le repos, la mêlée et les armes à distance.)
  • Création facile de personnages par achat de points
  • Expérience et avancement
  • Conseils pour MJ, tels que de l’info sur la configuration, les crochets de l’intrigue d’aventure, les directives pour les PNJ, et des conseils et des tables roulantes pour changer la configuration.

Facile à apprendre, mais avec suffisamment de profondeur pour une campagne en cours.

Le jeu a été créé à l’origine pour le PocketQuest 2023 game jam.

Comprend une feuille de caractères imprimable dans le livre de règles et un fichier de feuille de calcul de créateur de caractères séparé avec des calculs pour la création de caractères rapide et facile.

Voir le revue vidéo sur Book Talk! (4:49)

Prix de lancement spécial pour une durée limitée.

VICTOIRE: Jeu de rôle à table genre science-fiction - Règles de basePrice: $2.99