SJ-DC-ZODIAC-14-03 Herald of War

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Journey to Samsara, the Feywild’s Domain of Delight, a realm of Rewards, Reincarnation and Fortune.

Samsara is at war, wrenched into the astral sea by an ancient enemy, and the shadows have eclipsed the realm of fortune as a monstrous betrayal leaves permanent scars on the lands of Samsara.

Part 3 of the ZODIAC Wars
Part 3 of the Fires of War Trilogy

A Four-Hour Adventure for Tier 3 Characters. Optimized for APL 14.

CONTENT WARNING: This adventure contains themes of Child Endangerment (Mention), Gore (War), Hazard (Fire), Potential of Death (Remove from Play), Weapons Manufacturing.

Player discretion is advised.

This product includes:

  • Adventure PDF – Standard
  • Map – Image files of each map, with grids included version (Cartography by Steven Truong – Using Inkarnate systems.
  • Handouts
  • Printer Friendly Version will be available in late 2024.

SJ-DC-ZODIAC-14-03 Herald of WarPrice: $4.99

SJ-DC-RFJK-02-02 Intelligent Intention

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Sha’sal Khou send a crew to investigate an asteroid suspected of hosting unusual illithid activity. Whatever is happening on that rock must be stopped before it becomes a serious threat. 

A Two-Hour Adventure for Tier 3 Characters. Optimized for APL 14.

CONTENT WARNING: hunting of humanoids, non-player character ritual self-sacrifice (mention), fantasy racism/genocide (mention)

SJ-DC-RFJK-02-02 Intelligent IntentionPrice: $4.99

SJ-DC-CJK02 The Tavern at the End of the Wildspace

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

It’s a period of downtime for the adventurers in The Tavern at the End of the Wildspace, an interdimensional, planes-hopping pub. Really, that’s it, I swear!

Get to know the tavern and its people, take in the atmosphere, and participate in a series of episodic and light-hearted encounters.

A Four-Hour Adventure for Tier 1 Characters. Optimized for APL 3.

Valid for Adventurers League play per the Season 12 DungeonCraft program (Dungeoncraft _CCv1.4).

“The little waiter’s eyebrows wandered about his forehead in confusion.”
— Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (1980)

Tired of the same formula used in most AL adventures? Get summoned for a quest, go somewhere to look for something, fight something, find the MacGuffin, and then fight the boss, and go home, etcetera, etcetera…

It’s Adventurer’s Night Out at The Tavern at the End of the Wildspace! This entire adventure is focused around skills, and is expected to be run entirely without combat. No Intiative needed. Instead, characters will need to rely on skills, tools, and other abilities they bring to the table: there is no combat! Characters can look forward to:

  • joining an eating contest (with magically-infused pies that will likely devolve the scenario into pure silliness!);
  • investigating a mystery involving missing mead;
  • helping an apprentice learn the ropes through an astronomical driving lesson;
  • building prototype spelljammers out of odds and ends around the tavern and then racing them;
  • and more!

Developing the setting first introduced in SJ-DC-CJK01-01 A Whale of A Time (Best Copper in just a couple months), this adventure sets the scene and builds background for what will become a vibrant recurring locale in future adventures!

Inside, you can find:

  • A well-formatted adventure, expected to take 3.5 to 4 hours to run;
  • A short PDF, where only 14 pages make up the story;
  • Various little art pieces in my signature pixel-based style plus PNGs (in their original resolution) in an accompanying Art Package for easy drop-in into any VTT;
  • A Printer-Friendly PDF (to come Jan. 4th, 2024);
  • Varied encounters that can be solved in any number of ways; and
  • Interesting NPCs, each with their own place in the story and with relatable backgrounds for players and characters to interact with.

Be sure to keep an eye out for future adventures: as Spelljammer comes to a close,

Roadworthy: Jef Wallace

Welcome to Roadworthy! This is a chance to show off a Road Crew Judge and allow them to share their experience and wisdom. We provide these profiles to help provide insight into their personality and style, and maybe give up-and-coming Judges some advice on improving their game.

This week we chat with Jef Wallace, and talk about introducing young gamers to DCC and the fun of tangible player aids.

  • Name/Alias: Jef, but all of his college friends still call him“Wally”.
  • Number of Games Run (So Far): 22 (this year).
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good.
  • Favorite Monster: Umber Hulk, or Xorn.
  • Coffee or Tea? Tea! Chai or Hibiscus.
  • Art Medium of Choice: Copic markers.

For students in Jeffrey Wallace’s gaming club, school isn’t just for studying—there’s also delving into dangerous dungeons, slaying monsters, and (hopefully) coming out with enough gold to secure their legacy as tried and true adventurers. 

Jeffrey Wallace is a high school art teacher who brings the excitement of Dungeon Crawl Classics and other tabletop RPGs to his students in the form of an after-school club. However, his interest in tabletop gaming goes back much further than the club’s origins. Like many fans of DCC, Jef got his start with tabletop RPGs in the early days of the hobby.

“I grew up in Iowa, and I lived way out in the country,” Jef said. “This is like 70’s, early 80’s. So pre-computer internet, no contact basically.”

While Jef’s hometown was small, he attended a larger school system where he was able to meet students from the surrounding area. Some of these students already had access to and were playing games like Dungeons & Dragons.

“That’s kind of where I picked it up: from other kids in junior high and it sort of passed on,” Jef said. “And then I spent a lot of time in the basement. Not a lot of options for players and stuff. So I did a lot of solo adventuring, or I put together little games with my sisters. And then in high school, and in college, I played a lot more.”

Jef’s current group, which has stuck together for over 15 years, started off with first and second edition Dungeons & Dragons before beginning to branch off into other games. Eventually a friend brought DCC to the table, sparking Jef’s interest in the game system.

“I got to

Forloss Hills – Glorantha Close up

Publisher: Chaosium

These maps include a commercial license, as such, you can add them to your products. You may not use this image as a selling point or include these illustrations in another stock art collection, other specific actions not admisible are described in the attached copyrights document.

This up-close map contains 23 map of 1 area

1 with text and symbols– 1 without text – 1 without text and symbols

The maps have high resolution 

OBS. These are zoomed in maps of a area. 


Forloss Hills - Glorantha Close upPrice: $3.50

Saramyn Empire Regional Map

Publisher: Fool’s Moon Entertainment Inc.

A large regional poster map of the continent of Durine covering the main provinces of the Saramyn Empire.  This map lies east of the Anaeland Coast and south of the Medimere Regional Maps, creating a giant map of the western coast of the continent of Durine.

Saramyn Empire Regional MapPrice: $6.00

December 31, 2023: Hello, 2024!

It’s been . . .  A. Year. Hasn’t it, SJG Community?

First off, I want to thank the wonderful staff at Steve Jackson Games, and all of you who play our games, for welcoming me to the company. We, and I mean I, simply couldn’t do this without the support of the folks who really believe in Steve, Steve Jackson Games, and all the crazy and fantastical games we make.

I know when news broke that I would be stepping into the role of CEO, a lot of industry veterans and long-time fans of the company were simply WTF?! I’m a relative outsider, if you only go by what the Internet says about me, and there was a lot of trepidation about what impact I would have on Steve Jackson Games as a whole.

I can’t say I have run things flawlessly, but I can say I am proud of the things we have accomplished since I came aboard in April. Most of it has been internal company structure and procedure. One of the biggest behind-the-scenes tasks was getting us to a place where we can really plan ahead and look forward to not just the next game, but the next year, two years, and beyond.

Last month we released our 2024 schedule. We are now working on our 2025 and 2026 offerings, and, well . . . I wish I could tease what we have in store! I promise you, it’s gonna be rad.

My plans for 2024 are to continue with a lot of the behind-the-scenes work, stuff you may never really see, but I promise the effects will be felt throughout everything we do. And they will have a positive impact.

One thing I am excited to talk about, which is a completely internal thing, is our Winter Summit. The collective SJG staff will descend upon our Austin offices and spend a week working on all those new games for ’25/’26. It’s wonderful that we can work virtually from the comfort of our own homes, and that is something I am committed to. However, I know it’s equally important to get people together in the same room and just jam. Good ideas can come from the smallest of conversations – and a whole week dedicated to design and development should generate some Really Great Ideas.

And with that, it’s time I got back to wrapping up my

SJ-DC_LP-01 Lost in Paradise

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A rescue mission takes an unexpected twist, and the characters find themselves embroiled in an existential conflict.

Will they save the day, or just themselves?

A Four-Hour Adventure for Tier 2 Characters. Optimized for APL 8.

SJ-DC_LP-01 Lost in ParadisePrice: $4.99

SJ-DC-ARQ-02 Falrenn Mayhem

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

After an uneventful mission protecting a spelljamming ship from pirates (none of whom showed up), the ship heads back to the spaceport on Falrenn’s Tannezel Island, with the crew, including the party, looking forward to some time off. What a dull mission! But in wildspace, it’s wise to expect the unexpected, and danger can be found even in those places we like to think of as “safe”.

A Four-Hour Adventure for Tier One Characters.  Optimized for APL 3.

SJ-DC-ARQ-02 Falrenn MayhemPrice: $2.95

SJ-DC-TTUC-04 I want a Giff for Winter Solstice

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

:lang=”en-us”>Celebrating Winter Solstice with Captain Kenona, with an unsolved murder mystery, save Captain Kenona by solving this cold case: 6 suspects, 6 possible murder weapons, even more possible crime scenes, one true motive.  

:lang=”en-us”>A Four-Hour Adventure for Tier 2 Characters. Optimized for APL 8. Inspired by the winter holiday season. 

:lang=”en-us”>CONTENT WARNING: Affair, Dark Humor, Death, Infidelity

Part of SJ-DC-TTUC series, continues from SJ-DC-TTUC-03 Will of King and follows by SJ-DC-TTUC-05 5 by 5. 

SJ-DC-TTUC-04 I want a Giff for Winter SolsticePrice: $4.99

SJ-DC-ASI-03 Elemental Brainstorm

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Continue your quest on Stormwreck Isle

The Adventures of Stormwreck Isle series delves into some of the unexplored plot hooks of Dragons of Stormwreck Isle. This tier-2 trilogy will explore more lore of the island, Astalagan, and the King Killer comet. With a foot hold established on the King Killer comet it’s time to begin the assault on the Mindflayers! 

Inside the 31 pages you will find:

  • An easily prepared 10 page adventure designed for a party of 3-7 tier two characters that can be completed in 4 hours. 
  • All relavant NPC stat blocks and maps. 
  • Optional dialog and prompting questions to help kickstart roleplaying opportunities. 
  • Puzzles and skill challenges 
  • Detailed breakdowns of encounters tailoring them to the size and average party level of your group. 
  • A bestiary indicating NPCs that would be good to have on hand if you use miniatures  or tokens for combat encounters. 

High quality map images are included to easily load in your favorite VTT!

SJ-DC-ASI-03 Elemental BrainstormPrice: $4.99


Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

An adverture for a party of 4 Level 8 Characters, Scorpion’s Chase takes your group on an escort quest across the barren lands of Sun’s Eye Province and through the World Pillar Mountains of Zakhara. Will your party survive the thirst of the barrens just to be eaten by a giant in the mountains? Only time will tell……