Gnome for the Holidays – A Christmas Adventure

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

In the wondrous city of Waterdeep, we are greeted to a joyful gnome spreading the holiday spirit by gifting toys. In a heinous event, he is left wounded and his toys stolen. Be the heroes of the holidays, save this gleeful gnome and get his toys back to restore happiness to the city.

Join us on a Christmas journey where the players fight against snowmen and other holiday themed creatures.

This four-hour adventure is for characters between 3rd and 6th level. Since the damage and safety of characters in tiers 1 and 2 are vastly different, we have included scaling to the encounters.

In this adventure we have all new original content!

• 2 NPCs

• 1 monster

• 3 maps

• 11 magic items

• 1 awesome Christmas adventure!

This adventure has been played through and tested on our end with both the story and encounters changing based on feedback.

We would love to hear anything you have to say. Have a fun adventure and a Happy Holidays!

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Gravehurst                                                  Vault of Time

Vault_of_Time-1.jpg                Vault_of_Time-1.jpg

Gnome for the Holidays - A Christmas AdventurePrice: $3.99

Pre-generated generic sidekick stat blocks

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

On your adventures, a special character called a sidekick can be incorporated into a group at the party’s inception or a sidekick might join them during the campaign. For example, the characters might meet a villager, an animal, or another creature, forge a friendship, and invite the creature to join them on their adventures. 

For the sake of simplicity, you will find the stat blocks from level 1 to 6 for four types of sidekicks in this booklet:

Expert, an agile and exceedingly helpful jack-of-all-trades
Spellcaster (Healer), a magic-user who can heal and protect you and your allies
Spellcaster (Mage), a magic-user who can harm your foes
Warrior, a martial companion who specializes in striking your foes or defending you and your allies

How can I use this?

  1. Choose your sidekick type
  2. Pick the respective stat block according to the average level of the group
  3. Select, roll or create one or more personality traits
  4. Give some flavour: a memorable name, appearence details and maybe some equipment
  5. It’s done! Adventure awaits!

Pre-generated generic sidekick stat blocksPrice: $0.50

Quietus Mire

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This 10th level adventure sees a crossroads made impassible. Several merchant caravans went missing, and when a price was put on going to the boggy intersection, naturally adventurers flocked at the chance for coin and fame. None have returned. Three parties of fully equipped adventurers have likely lost their lives out in that bog. Will the party simply be another snack for whatever lurks in the swamp? Or will they be able to seek the deadly foe out and make the crossroads safe once again?

Quietus MirePrice: $0.25

Ravenous Jaeger

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This 10th level adventure follows the plight of a fleeing construct who happens to find the party in their hour of need. Can the party stop whoever is after the odd, but seemingly harmless creature? Or will the hunter successfully defeat and retrieve their target?

Ravenous JaegerPrice: $0.25

Tides of Winter

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


The Ceaseless Blizzard marks the northern border of the Far North, Icewind Dale. Yonder side lies the Real North – a land known by its luckless inhabitants as Norþastr.

The polar winter whose end was promised with the events of Rime of the Frostmaiden persists – and deepens. For two years now, cloud has denied all life below the golden light of the sun, the silver light of the moon, and the glorious northern lights. Lakes and rivers have frozen over and sources of food dwindled. Even the trees are dying, mysteriously bereft of the protection afforded by the ancient spirit of the Father Tree.

For an ancient evil, twice defeated in centuries past, has arisen once more, and with him, the terror of the draugr and a menace known as the Deathless. The herald of winter has returned. Norþastrans cling to existence, shivering, as their beautiful but deadly homeland is overcome with the creeping cold of this terrible enemy. Can you end this peril once and for all, or is this the end?

The Adventure

Tides of Winter is a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventure designed for four or five characters of 1st to 10th level. Tides of Winter works as a continuation of Rime of the Frostmaiden, but could segue nicely with certain events from Storm King’s Thunder (specifically, where the frost giants were involved). Alternatively, Tides of Winter can be run without linking the other campaigns at all.

At its heart, Tides of Winter is an exploration-based module; a hex-crawl, set in the coldest possible place on the Material plane. It’s designed so that travel time adds some colour; journeying into the wilderness, far from civilisation is dangerous, not just because of the monsters lurking there, but by virtue of the scarcity of food; the horrendous temperatures and the supernatural perils plaguing the snowscape. It’s designed to challenge and encourage players to strategise about each trip – do they have enough food? Enough timber (for campfires)? Are they amply rested for the trip, given how exhausting each one can be?


In this adventure, you’ll find all the information you need about the region, complete with tables for random encounters and wilderness challenges, and a full Dramatis Personae, which covers all NPCs. Each entry has three concise bullet points, to help you run them quickly and easily.

Also included as a separate

Crawl! #13 and New Foundry Adventures In the Online Store!

Today’s new releases are right at home on the Virtual Table Top!

First, we have the return of Crawl! This thirteenth installment of the classic indie DCC-zine from Straycouches Press lays out everything you need to to run Deathmatch style games in DCC, including VTT maps, icons, and printable artifacts! Both the Print + PDF and PDF Only versions include VTT maps, icons, and more!

And FoundryVTT has just converted four beloved DCC modules for use with the the Foundry Virtual Table Top system! The Croaking Fane, Intrigue at the Courts of Chaos, The Making of the Ghost Ring, and Hole in the Sky are now ready for your virtual online game!

Let’s check them out!

Setting As Character: The Purple Planet

Welcome back to the Purple Planet! Previously in this series we have examined the kith and their vile masters and the beasts that stalk the lands beneath the weirdling sun. Today we take a look at perhaps the most deadly foe of all.

Join us on Backerkit as we welcome the fabled Purple Planet back into print – with all new material, handouts, foes, adventures and much, much more!

Setting as Character: The Purple Planet

by Harley Stroh

As if the kith, their Ascended Masters, and the beasts of the Purple Planet were not enough to challenge player characters, there is one final foe that every explorer must contend with: the planet itself.

The Purple Planet is no mere cipher to be ignored. Rather it presents a very real and persistent threat to non-natives. The enervating rays of the dying sun, combined with the thin air of the high plateau, drain the strength of the living. One of the very first tasks of explorers is to find a means of battling the deadly rays, permitting characters to conserve their strength. (Desperate or enterprising characters may quickly discover the healing qualities of certain varieties of the planet’s abundant mushrooms.)

The plateau is composed of four principle environs, each with their own unique threats. Explorers trekking through the wastes will need to contend with the death orms, kith raiders, and dust storms; those exploring the broken hills will be forced to deal with strekleon prides and the risk of flash floods; characters braving the mushroom jungles will likely encounter flocks of vicious gribbs; and those daring (or foolish) enough to scale the Ancestor Peaks with the occupants of ancient tombs and cairns secreted among them. The tailored encounter tables take into account a party’s travel speed: groups that cautiously pick their way across the wastes are more likely to spot threats at a distance, while quickly-moving groups might easily blunder into an ambush.

The plateau is also home to two (known) settlements: the military fortress Castellum Cotcyst, home to the House of the same name, and the City of Smoke of House Reagen’Tor.

The Castellum is defended by a shallow ditch and a towering palisade, harvested from mushroom giants. The encampment is home to scores of tents housing kith warriors, a strong house that serves as an armory for greenstone shards and relics, a bloody whipping yard where prisoners and rebels

Support the Third Party BackerKit for Underworld!

Following up on the success of the Overworld, Nightworld, Pipeworld, Roboworld, and Space Station M, Monster Manual zines, Eric Bloat and Bloat Games is excited to announce Underworld – Tabletop RPG Fantasy Adventures – Inspired by Retro Video Games. Support now on BackerKit!

This crowdfunding campaign will feature 3 all new adventures!

  • BG1 – The Eagle’s Crest
  • BG2 – Full Dark, No Moon
  • BG3 – Madness of the Magi 

Each adventure will be available in Print and PDF format.  The print size will be 8.5″ x 5.5″ staple bound, on high-quality paper stock.  Each zine is expected to be 16-24 pages, and will feature a mini-monster manual of the enemies that appear in the adventure at the end, with stats for 5E, DCC RPG, SURVIVE THIS!!, System Neutral, and Forgotten Ballad.

Each adventure will contain a location map, monsters with stats and art, and a treasure or reward for the players for completing the adventure.  Each adventure should be enough for a fun night of gaming, and perfect for running at conventions.

Varitas, Vagones, Látigos y Más (Equipo TSRPG, Volúmen 2)

Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing

¡Bienvenido a “Varitas, Vagones, Látigos y Más!” ¡Este libro de consulta divertido y colorido contiene entradas ilustradas para 52 piezas de equipo único relacionados con varitas, látigos, vagones, viajes en general y piratas en particular! Los elementos que contiene se crearon para usar con el popular y superventas Platino TSRPG (Juego de Rol Compacto) y se pueden adaptar o usar fácilmente tal cual con cualquier juego de rol de fantasía.

„Varitas, Vagones, Látigos y Más“ incluye entradas para 13 varitas (incluidas la Varita de Conflagración, la Varita de Revelación, y la Varita de Transmutación), seis látigos diferentes (incluido el Látigo de Bravucón, el Azote del Escorpión, y el Látigo de Pascua), elementos que pueden permitir a los personajes llevar más de lo que podrían llevar de otra manera (incluido el Cinturón de Pociones, la Caja Fuerte de Almacenamiento y el Escudo del Señor de los Piratas), y mucho más.

Este libro de consulta también incluye reglas de equipo ampliadas que los narradores pueden optar por incluir como mejor les parezca en sus juegos de TSRPG, incluyendo pautas detalladas para Varitas; Equipo Especial y Asumido; Efectos del Equipo; equipo mundano, obra maestra y mágico; equipo sacrificado; y Límites de Equipo.

El Juego de Rol Compacto (TSRPG) es un juego de narración de improvisación diseñado para un narrador y uno o más jugadores se pueden jugar fácilmente en cualquier lugar, desde la sala de espera del aeropuerto en la que está atrapado hasta la noche en un hotel donde no hay nada que hacer (y también, por supuesto, en su propia casa). Todas las reglas básicas caben en una página; no se necesitan dados; los personajes tienen solo dos estadísticas; y se requiere poca o ninguna contabilidad. 

Varitas, Vagones, Látigos y Más (Equipo TSRPG, Volúmen 2)Price: $1.99

Treatise on Divinity: Magdh

Publisher: Paizo

An expansion to the content on the Three; Magdh. Includes new player options including class options, spells, and a divine fighting technique. As well as GM advice on running Magdh and the religion surrounding her, and several new splinter religions as standard for the Treatise on Divinity series.

The intent is to help to make Magdh’s faith more three-dimensional in your campaigns and bring a little more flexibility to the concept of religion at the table in general.

This product includes content for both the 1st and the revised 2nd edition of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

Check out the other Treatises on Divinity, available here

Treatise on Divinity: MagdhPrice: $5.00

Fantasy Token Pack – Commoner #04

Publisher: Grim Press


  • The pack contains a total of 100 individual tokens. 
  • Each of the tokens comes in dimensions of 256×256 px. Perfect for any VTT platform.

This product contains assets that were procedurally generated with the aid of software powered by machine learning, and then underwent post-production by a digital artist.


Enjoying these Tokens? Find the entire Fantasy Token collection on our Patreon!


Fantasy Token Pack - Commoner #04Price: $2.00

Modern Tokens Set 4, Agents & Spies

Publisher: Greg Bruni

This set contains 22 characters of the espionage era including agents, spies, “Feds” and assassins.  Each file is 480x 480  and 150 dpi.   

For comments, suggestions or feedback visit me at,   or


Modern Tokens Set 4, Agents & SpiesPrice: $5.99

Elven Moonbase

Publisher: Lone Wanderer Entertainment

 A map for for VTT or printing.


  • 200 DPI JPG maps with grid
  • Fantasy Grounds Unity and Roll 20 optimized maps.
  • UVTT
  • Animated Map


For other SagaBorn maps click below!

SagaBorn Maps Link

Elven MoonbasePrice: $1.99

November 30, 2023: Then Is Tomorrow

Those who love futuristic settings or exploring alternate timelines, if you want to make your future feel that much more oddball but grounded, consider letting obsolete tech thrive.

What do I mean? Well, there’s an oddity when watching any visual medium where future technology can generally only be represented by what exists now, especially for shots of tech that are meant to be used and aren’t entirely props or special effects. The most immediate and obvious example of this is how many CRTs exist in the ultra-tech worlds of (say) Star Trek V or 1980s-era Doctor Who. And, of course, Murphy’s Rules has examples of “future tech” that fails to reach the realms of a mid-2000s iMac.

So why not embrace that?

Yes, as it turns out, Magical Space Radiation means that CRTs are well-suited for space travel in a way that makes LCDs (etc.) impractical. Wow, it looks like Zip disks were beloved and collectible as a music format in this timeline. Gee, it seems that this setting required miniaturization of FTL-communication tech into stand-alone devices that left no way to include additional computational power, resulting in a universe where folks still routinely carry a dedicated “telephone” and a separate dedicated “PDA”-type device.

Let old tech bloom along with your imagination, while you tear off a dot-matrix printout and handwave-mutter something about “gravitational fluctuations making inkjets and laser printers unreliable.”

And if this inspires something in your campaign, please let me know on the forums!

Steven Marsh

Warehouse 23 News: The City Never Sleeps Because Of All The Action

There are a million stories in the city, and they’re all exciting! GURPS Action 9: The City shows how you can add GURPS City Stats to your GURPS Action campaigns. It also features six sample cities to use with your own action-packed adventures. Download it today from Warehouse 23!

The Flying Flame (FR-DC-BG)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Tier 3 [4-Hour Forgotten Realms Dungeoncraft]

Dragons have ferociously descended upon cities across Toril! The coordination of their attacks suggests that dragons have united under one leader. Can you save civilization before war begins?

The Flying Flame is a four-hour action-packed adventure for characters of levels 11-16.

Inside you’ll find:

  • A one-shot adventure that is easy to read and prepare. It is fast-paced, has 2 major parts, and is 8 pages long.
  • Guidance on how to adjust encounter difficulty (for different party compositions) from Very Weak to Very Deadly, and manage session time
  • High quality DM and player friendly tactical battlemaps for easy printing and virtual tabletop use
  • Stat blocks for all NPCs and monsters
  • An organized 28-page PDF containing all of the above, with separate compressed map and artwork files for easy use.
    • 8 pages: core adventure (quick and easy to read with dynamic elements for high-level adventuring)
    • 9 pages: stat blocks
    • 5 pages: artwork and map appendices
    • 6 pages: character rewards, DM miscellany, etc.
  • A printer-friendly version of the document is included

CONTENT WARNING: Genocide, Disabling Another Creature, Maiming, War

Adventurers League: This is a Forgotten Realms Adventure set in an Amn, created through the Adventurers League Dungeoncraft program. This is an Adventurers League legal Tier 3 Adventure.

[SPOILERS AHEAD] What your players will experience in The Flying Flame

A Time Heist

Preventing the Great War of Dragonkind is only possible by altering key moments in time that brought about the war. Have your players get sent back in time by a very memorable NPC.

Combat Puzzles

Before the characters are sent into each moment in time, they are given a description and map of the scenario. Encounters are not about just knocking your enemies unconscious, but about accomplishing key objectives to move the story forward. The catch is that they can only be sent back in time for 24 seconds! Your players will have to outwit and outplay the NPCs in an adventure that rewards out of the box strategies.

Branching Narrative

The success of the characters in handling one moment in time affects what happens when they are sent into the other. This gives your players a chance to experience different outcomes when playing this adventure.

Pillars of Play Composition

Combat: 60%

Social: 10%

Exploration: 30% 

Sample Pages

sample pages

About the author: Brian’s love for the world of D&D started in