La Pierre de Ros’Hett – Scénario clé en main pour lvl 3

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

La Pierre de Ros’Hett est un scénario pour D&D 5ème édition, dans lequel un groupe de quatre aventuriers niveau 3 (prétirés inclus dans le pdf) va devoir braver les dangers du désert et explorer le tombeau d’un puissant mage afin de ramener un artefact antique. 

Le PDF comprend le scénario complet, les fiches de personnage des quatre prétirés, ainsi qu’en annexe une carte de la ville d’Hadjaba, où commence l’histoire, les portraits des PNJ, la carte du tombeau ainsi que les stats des monstres présents dans la tombe.

La Pierre de Ros'Hett - Scénario clé en main pour lvl 3Price: $3.17

Creatures of Orynthe

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
:lang=”en”>In Creatures of Orynth you will find five new species based on the theme of nature.
:lang=”en”>Originally created for Orynthe, one of the two continents that I invented at my tables, these races are perfectly transposable into any universe, official or not.

The species in the book : 

– Half-Giants

– Unicorned 

– Scargots 

– Phytos

– Kreez

Creatures of OrynthePrice: $2.11

Créatures d’Orynthe

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Dans Créatures d’Orynthe, vous trouverez cinq nouvelles espèces basées sur le thème de la nature. Créées à l’origine pour Orynthe, l’un des deux continents que j’ai inventé à mes tables, ces races sont parfaitement transposables dans n’importe quel univers, officiel ou non.

Les races présentées ici : 

– Demi-Géants

– Licornidés 

– Scargots 

– Phytos

– Kreez

Créatures d'OrynthePrice: $2.11

Créatures de Lysérion

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Vous trouverez ici un compendium de cinq races maison basées sur le folklore japonais : les yokais. Ces races portent volontairement un nom différent des créatures mythologiques japonaises, mais leurs capacités et apparences en sont directement inspirées. 

Les races présentées ici : 

– Noki (tanuki)

– Kimune (kitsune)

– Kakuppa (Kappa)

– Okai (Oni)

– Tsuhine (Tengu)

Créatures de LysérionPrice: $2.11

Guide d’exploration de Lysérion – Cadre de campagne

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Plongez au coeur d’un monde envoûtant et mystérieux avec le “Guide d’Exploration de Lysérion”.

Partez à la découverte des paysages époustouflants, des cités florissantes, des créatures fantastiques et des légendes anciennes qui peuplent cet univers fascinant.

Des vastes forêts enchantées aux montagnes enneigées, des déserts brûlants aux océans
infinis, ce guide richement illustré vous mènera à travers des contrées aux cultures diverses et aux secrets bien gardés.

Cinq nouvelles espèces jouables, treize sousclasses uniques et trois historiques, une dizaine de
créatures, des objets et armes magiques ainsi que des recettes que vos aventuriers pourront cuisiner pour se booster temporairement, mais surtout un cadre de campagne unique mêlant fantasy et steampunk, voilà ce qui vous attend dans les quelques 150 pages de ce Guide d’exploration de Lysérion.

Guide d'exploration de Lysérion - Cadre de campagnePrice: $7.39

Night Train Boxed Set for Deadlands: the Weird West Arrives on Kickstarter Next Tuesday

Next Tuesday, October 3rd, make your way over to Kickstarter for the arrival of the dreaded Night Train for Deadlands: the Weird West!

For the past 25 years, John Goff’s legendary Night Train adventure has terrorized tabletops around the globe. What will you do when its deathly whistle blows? Can your posse survive the onslaught? Many others have tried—most have failed!

This Kickstarter brings this monstrous masterpiece back into the moonlight, fully updated for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition and boasting gorgeous new art and a boxcar of incredible accessories to bring the fun to life (or unlife, as the case may be).

If you’ve never played Night Train, this is your chance to hop aboard! If you’ve ridden these wretched rails before, you’ll find all-new extras that make this the definitive experience.

The Night Train 25th Anniversary Boxed Set contains:

🦇 A 72-page book with the original Night Train adapted for Savage Worlds, its sequel For Whom the Whistle Blows, an all-new adventure, The Bank Job from the master himself, and a special afterword featuring John Goff’s notes and memories celebrating this legendary adventure.
🦇 Full-color pawns for an army of creepy bloodsuckers, the innocent townsfolk they wish to feed on, the villains trying to capitalize on the carnage, and the hellish Night Train itself so its locomotive and cars can roll down the tracks of any Deadlands battle map… or get combined with other train cars as we add them!
🦇 Two double-sided fold-out maps, featuring the three rail towns featured in the book and a connecting spur where a posse can catch up to the train (or where the villains might camp to admire their handiwork). The maps can be placed side-to-side to make new towns or extend the rails for even bigger, bloodier action.
🦇 Six dangerous new Archetypes to send to the slaughter instead of your regular heroes.
🦇 Four Wanted Posters. The towns along the rails have plenty going on before the mythical Night Train makes its fateful stops. Law dogs have a chance to collect bounties or see that justice catches up to these outlaws, one way or another.
🦇 A special commemorative Wild Die, featuring a locomotive themed “6” face for Acing.

Visit the Kickstarter page now and add your email to be notified the moment the campaign launches next Tuesday!

Last Chance to Save Big on the Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds Advanced Player’s Guide Playtest Beta for FoundryVTT

You have until Tuesday, October 3rd to purchase the Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds Advanced Player’s Guide playtest beta for a discounted rate of $24.99 USD for FoundryVTT.

Play as celestial-blooded Aasimar, nimble Catfolk, half-living Dhampirs, or fiend-born Tieflings with an expanded list of ancestry options to choose from. Or try out the alternate ancestral abilities for your classic favorites: Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, and Halflings.

Let our host of new Hindrances inspire your next character’s backstory! Or grab one of the new Background Edges that keys off your character’s Ancestry.

Play one of the SIX new classes:

🛡️ Capture the essence of the arcane in your mixtures and elixirs as the Alchemist.
🛡️ As the Cavalier, never back down from a challenge!
🛡️ Mete out justice to the unrighteous as the Inquisitor.
🛡️ Your Oracle walks a mysterious path with the support of the gods.
🛡️ Always fight with your Eidolon at your side as the Summoner.
🛡️ Hex troublesome fools and foes alike with the powers of the Witch.

Or try out one of the new Class Edges for the original classes from the Core Rules!

Plus numerous Combat, Leadership, Power, Prestige, Social, Weird, and Legendary Edges. And don’t forget to check out the new gear items, powers, and magical items.

🐉 This limited pre-order playtest beta concludes next Tuesday, October 3rd! Purchase the Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds Advanced Player’s Guide for Foundry VTT now at a discounted rate to gain access to the beta release so you can test and provide feedback. After the playtest closes the module will increase to its regular price of $29.99. Please submit all feedback using our support portal.

The Return of Dr. Destruction for Necessary Evil – Now on Fantasy Grounds & Steam

The Return of Dr. Destruction has come to Fantasy Grounds and Steam!

“Set after the events of Necessary Evil: Invasion, the powerful villain Dr. Destruction either died or has long since faded from view. Decades later he’s back, but is everything as it appears? It’s up to the Doom Guard to find out!

The Return of Dr. Destruction is an adventure for the latest incarnation of Necessary Evil. It acts as a bridge between the original settings and events of Necessary Evil: Invasion, Necessary Evil: Breakout, and Necessary Evil: Cosmic Crisis. It also provides context for what happened on Earth in the intervening decade between the previous two stories.”

Villains rise after the heroes fall in the world of Necessary Evil!

Requires: An active subscription or a one-time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Unity license and the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition ruleset. Compatible with Fantasy Grounds Unity.

Our New Warehouse Is Open For Business!

Now shipping our first orders!

The new Goodman Games warehouse in Fort Wayne, Indiana is now up-and-running! After a complex, laborious, and somewhat paint-fume-riddled process, we’re proud to announce that our new facility is now shipping out its first orders!

Mica showing off the very first orders — ready to ship!

This was a huge undertaking! Ordering shelves, boxes, labels, pallet jacks, and a dozen other supplies; coordinating inbound deliveries from multiple locations; sorting, organizing and racking myriad pallets and nearly 1,000 individual items; setting up two new software systems and connecting them to three online storefronts; developing processes for receiving inventory and shipping orders – and all of this while the warehouse was cleaned, repaired, and painted, and during a period where staff relocated to Indiana from out of state and DCC #100 fulfillment was consuming background resources.

This was a Herculean (or, perhaps, Cyclopean…) task, and we’d like to again thank everyone involved for the amazing work they put in during this hectic transition!

Of course, it also helps to have some supernatural aid in times like these, and it turns out undead Chaos Lords are not only tireless workers (they don’t even stop for lunch), but they are quite content to be paid in supplies of bubble wrap off-cuts and interesting bits of string.

If any order you may have placed with us in the last few weeks was delayed, you should be seeing it soon — in addition to this crappy sticker!

Catching Up With Tales From the Magician’s Skull Editor Howard Andrew Jones

We recently caught up with Howard Andrew Jones, sword-and-sorcery scholar and novelist, as well as the Managing Editor for our very own Tales From the Magician’s Skull. We talk about his work on the magazine, the writing of fantasy series, and get a taste of his latest all-new epic sword-and-sorcery series, The Chronicles of Hanuvar!

Howard, thanks for taking a break from everything to bring us up to date on the latest from the House of Jones. And congratulations on the milestone of ten (now eleven) issues of Tales From the Magician’s Skull! Tell us a bit about, first of all, how rare and special it is for a magazine specifically devoted to sword-and-sorcery to both a) exist and b) still exist (!) while only growing stronger in both its reach and contents.

The Skull would tell you that it’s the greatest magazine in the history of existence. I’m not sure I’d extoll its virtues THAT far, but I’m mightily pleased with what we’ve printed so far and am excited to show you what we have coming up. I don’t know that there has EVER been a magazine solely devoted to sword-and-sorcery that looks this good and has fiction of this quality.

What would you say are some of the highlights of your time as editor for TFTMS?

Honestly, my three biggest joys are reading the wonderful stories we get, seeing the art that’s created for the stories, and hearing from readers who love those stories. After that, I truly enjoy working with our regular staff and volunteers. I think anyone who’s seen one issue could probably guess it’s a labor of love, but regular readers can surely tell.

What sort of future directions do you want to go with the magazine?

Right now we’re working with another firm who’s going to be converting the PDFs into more Kindle friendly formats. Those are the only major changes we foresee in the immediate future. We’d like to keep doing what we’re going.

Your latest novel has just hit stores in the form of Lord of a Shattered Land, the first installment of an all-new series from you. Tell us a bit about Hanuvar – a character that has appeared four times in TFTMS over the years, as well as several other places including a recent all sword-and-sorcery issue of Weird Tales! 

I like to tell people that his adventures

Santi del Trono Vuoto (Beta)

Publisher: Artikid Arts

Santi del Trono Vuoto (Saints of the Empty Throne) è  un gioco di ruolo di Levi Kornelsen e la traduzione è rilasciata per gentile concessione dell’autore che ha pubblicato il gioco originale su Licenza CCBY 4.0. 

La traduzione è ancora in sviluppo, il testo definitivo sarà a sua volta rilasciato in CCBY 4.0.

I Santi Del Trono Vuoto sono un ordine militare, al servizio del trono vacante della Grande Repubblica.

Prestano moltissimi giuramenti al trono, relativi alla giustizia, alla generosità e al buon ordine, e prendono questi giuramenti estremamente sul serio.  Non prestano fedeltà alla legge, anche se la studiano, e non sono poliziotti, anche se spesso vengono inviati o chiamati ad occuparsi di questioni di pace e giustizia.  Sono tutti boia;  l’esecuzione di una pena capitale è il passo finale per diventare uno dei Santi.

Il primo e il più grande di tutti i loro giuramenti è questo: 

il trono vuoto deve rimanere vuoto

Santi Del Trono Vuoto è un gioco di ruolo da tavolo fantasy.  L’ambientazione è una “Grande Repubblica” post-rivoluzionaria all’inizio dell’era della polvere da sparo, e il genere mescola azione spericolata e cliché dell’eroe errante in molti modi interessanti.  Il sistema è estremamente leggero e ruota attorno all’utilizzo del Mazzo Dell’Indovino.

Per giocare avrai bisogno di una copia del Mazzo dell’Indovino o di un sostituto (nella pagina del mazzo stesso sono disponibili diversi sostituti).

Santi del Trono Vuoto (Beta)Price: $0.00

The Folk from Harrowthorpe

Publisher: JVC Parry


The Folk from Harrowthorpe is a pulp horror mystery adventure for 5th edition Dungeons &  Dragons, set in the town of Harrowthorpe where all is not as it seems. It’s a perfect Halloween one-shot D&D game! During the adventure, the characters stop at the town for a night, and soon become embroiled in a curious tale of terrifying twists and turns during which they uncover a malicious plot of a strange individual who seeks to take control of the town.

If the characters are smart (or lucky) enough, they’ll manage to discover the culprit of the construct coup before it takes place. If not, they’ll have to face off against a small army of animated mannequins that try to overthrow the town guard and mayor on behalf of their treacherous creator.

The Folk from Harrowthorpe was written by JVC Parry. It is a tier 1 adventure which takes characters from 3rd to 4th level, featuring amazing artwork from Jagoba Lekuona Huegun, cartography from Saga Mackenzie, and graphic design by Julia King. The adventure is 40 pages long, filled with custom artwork and maps, plus a uniquely petrifying mystery adventure.

The adventure is written in a generic fantasy setting, meaning it can be used in any campaign world, and dropped right into an ongoing narrative with ease. However, it’s also a self-contained story, so would be perfect as a short campaign, covering three to five sessions of play. It can be run using the free Basic Rules for 5th Edition D&D. Any additional content created for the adventure can be found in the appendixes to make running the game even easier.


The Folk from HarrowthorpePrice: $14.99

San Valentino de Sangre ITA – ENG – ESP

Publisher: Uno Critico

San Valentino de Sangre

Soundstage, set of the telenovela Sangre y Pasiòn. Prepared scenography: Caribbean, 5-star resort “Franco de la Bega”.

The actors of the telenovela Sangre y Pasiòn are preparing to play one of the last episodes of the season, without knowing whether their collaboration will be renewed or not. Their career probably depends on the passion and credibility of today’s interpretation.

San Valentino de Sangre is an episode of Pasión de las Pasiones, a roleplaying game published by Magpie Games.

This episode contains:

  • A new setting
  • 8 illustrations by Margherita Sassi
  • 1 additional optional mechanic: the Leverages
  • 1 new narrative mechanic: the Secrets
  • 1 new role for the Master of Ceremonies: the Director
  • 3 new Moves

Slap everyone and feel the drama in this season finale!

Gabriele Chincoli

Teatro di posa, set della telenovela Sangre y Pasiòn. Scenografia preparata: Caraibi, resort 5 stelle “Franco de la Bega”.

Gli attori della telenovelas Sangre y Pasiòn si accingono a interpretare uno degli ultimi episodi della stagione, senza sapere se sarà rinnovata o meno la loro collaborazione. Dalla passione e credibilità dell’interpretazione di oggi dipende probabilmente la loro carriera.

San Valentino de Sangre è un episodio (oneshot) di Pasión de las Pasiones, un gioco di ruolo di Magpie Games localizzato in Italia da Need Games.

Questa sessione contiene:

  • Una nuova ambientazione
  • 2 illustrazioni di Margherita Sassi
  • 1 meccanica aggiuntiva opzionale: le Leve
  • 1 nuova meccanica narrativa: i Segreti
  • 1 nuovo ruolo per il Maestro di Cerimonie: il Regista
  • 3 nuove Mosse
Per giocare questo episodio scarica i 6 nuovi personaggi gratuiti giocabili con i loro libretti

Schiaffeggia chiunque e vivi il dramma in questo finale di stagione!

Gabriele Chincoli

Estudio de sonido, set de la telenovela Sangre y Pasión. Escenografía preparada: Caribe, resort 5 estrellas “Franco de la Bega”.

Los actores de la telenovela Sangre y Pasión se preparan para protagonizar uno de los últimos episodios de la temporada, sin saber si renovarán su colaboración o no. Su carrera probablemente depende de la pasión y la credibilidad de la interpretación de hoy.

San Valentino de Sangre es un episodio (oneshot) de Pasión de las Pasiones, un juego de rol de Magpie Games.

Esta sesión incluye:

  • Un nuevo escenario
  • 2 ilustraciones de Margherita Sassi
  • 1 mecánica adicional opcional:

Cauldrons & Casseroles [Hebrew] קלחות וקדרות

Publisher: Stellagama Publishing


במשך זמן רב האמנתי, בתור שחקנית “מבוכים ודרקונים” נלהבת וחובבת משחקי תפקידים, באופן כללי, שלקהילה שלי מגיע כיבוד הרבה יותר טוב מקולה או מיץ פז בתוספת עלובה של במבה בזמן שאנו נהנים ממשחקינו האהובים.

אני עצמי בתור חובבת משחקי תפקידים, פנטזיה ומדע בדיוני, החלטתי להקדיש ספר שלם  למתכונים בהשראת עולמות (או שמא עליי לומר מולטיוורסים) אלו. שמו הוא “קלחות וקדרות” (או קו”ק, כפי שאני קוראת לו). בתור שחקנים וכותבי קמפיינים, אנו, יחד עם דמיוננו הנרחב,  .יוצרים עולמות עשירים ומרתקים כרקע לסיפורים שלנו. לעניות דעתי, לכיבוד שלנו אמור להיות רפרטואר בהתאם.

המתכונים שנכללו בספר זה אינם מחולקים לפי סדר המנות המקובל של ארוחה או לפי ז’אנרים קולינריים או חומרי גלם. במקום זאת, הם ממוקמים לפי מהלכה של הרפתקת משחק תפקידים טיפוסית בתחום הפנטזיה, כשהמנות נוצרו בהשראת העלילה ומתרחשות כחלק אינטגרלי שלה. בנוסף לכך, המנות עצמן מותאמות באופן פרקטי למהלך המשחק עצמו. בהיותן באופן כללי פריטי מזון מהסוג שניתן לאכול תוך כדי החזקה ביד, הן אינן מצריכות שימוש בסכו”ם או כל ציוד מסורבל אחר ולפיכך מתפקדות כחטיפים ראויים.

בנוסף לכך, למנות עצמן ניתנו שמות ציוריים, משעשעים ומלאי דמיון על מנת לסייע לבשלן להרגיש כחלק מהעלילה. הן גם משלימות את מהלך התרחשות עלילת ההרפתקה. היות שמשחקי התפקידים צוברים פופולריות כתחביב ובילוי נפוץ עבור אנשים רבים במהלך העשורים האחרונים ,אני חושבת שאמורה להתפתח מסורת של כיבוד ושתייה ייעודיים לבילוי זה בהתאם. אירועי ספורט ומסיבות קוקטייל, למשל, פיתחו מסורות אוכל ושתייה משלהם. אינני   רואה שום סיבה שמשחקי תפקידים לא יעשו זאת גם כן.

מידות וכמויות חומרי הגלם במתכונים ניתנות בכוסות, כפות וכפיות מלבד כמה יוצאי דופן, למען נוחותו של הבשלן, והמתכונים אינם מצריכים מאזני שקילה או אמצעי מדידה מעיקים אחרים. למרות שמספר המנות מצוין עבור כל מתכון, אתם בהחלט רשאים להכפיל או לחלק את הכמויות כאוות נפשכם, בהתאם למספר הסועדים.

רמת הניסיון בבישול הנחוצה עבור כל מתכון מסומלת באופן היתולי בדרגת “כשפות מטבח”, כשדרגה 1 יכולה להתאים לילדים, דרגה 2 מותאמת למבוגרים עם מעט ניסיון בבישול ודרגה 3 מתאימה לבשלנים מנוסים יותר.

סך הכל, אני מציגה בפניכם לא פחות מ-82 מתכונים.

 אני מקווה שספר זה יעודד אתכם וייתן לכם השראה לחדד את כישורי כשפות המטבח שלכם ,ולחולל ניסים ונפלאות!

Cauldrons & Casseroles [Hebrew] קלחות וקדרותPrice: $4.99