Honey, I Shrunk the Party!

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A brilliant yet eccentric wizard by the name of Morgante has found himself in a bit of a bind. He seems to have summoned a demon and accidentally set it loose in his mother’s village! Desperate, the wizard turns to a band of heroic adventurers for aid.

But as Morgante begins to cast a spell to transport the heroes to his mother’s village, chaos ensues. His imp familiar, mischievous as ever, throws a cheese scone and interrupts the incantation. Suddenly, the heroes find themselves shrunken down to the size of a grain of rice, trapped in Morgante’s own pantry!

As the oversized insects and creatures of the pantry loom threateningly above them, the heroes must band together and fight for survival in this strange and perilous new world. With danger at every turn and the fate of Morgante’s mother’s village hanging in the balance, the heroes will have to muster all their courage and cunning to emerge triumphant from this magical misadventure.

Honey, I Shrunk the Party!Price: $2.00

SJ-DC_HYS_01 The Hystero (5e)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Hystero (SJ-DC_HYS_01)

Adventure after adventure you have grown in strength and renown across Faerûn, but lately something just isn’t right.  You are happy, wealthy, and content but there something else, like an itch you can’t scratch, or a splinter in your mind that you just can’t reach.  Your most recent adventure has you headed to the outskirts of the city of Waterdeep to investigate some missing people and supply shipments for a local merchant, but you can’t help that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that something just feels off.  Will you figure out what is going on with the missing shipments and what nags in the deep recesses of your mind?

A Four-Hour Adventure for Tier 2 Characters (Level 5th-10th). Optimized for APL 9.

Designed for D&D Adventurers League, but playable as a side quest in any Forgotten Realms / Spelljammer campaign.

This product includes:

  • a full 40-page adventure including challenging combats, puzzles, and social interactions.
  • custom printable full size battle maps in separate PDF for easy printing.
  • several handouts for players
  • separate image files for all maps for VTT
  • printer-friendly PDFs

CONTENT WARNING: Blood, Claustrophobia, Possession, Death, Dismemberment (Limb/Brain loss), Parasites (larvae/tadpoles), Loss of Self, Tentacles, Mind control

SJ-DC_HYS_01 The Hystero (5e)Price: $2.99

Arcane Acrobat Background (Magewright)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Dazzle your audience and your foes with the Arcane Acrobat Magewright Background. Includes expansive options for skill and tool proficiencies, a performance realted spell list, including the new Divinterference cantrip, new rollable tables to get to know your character’s background and several feats for magewrights and other backgrounds with background spell lists. 

MAgewrights are equally suited to creating PCs and NPCs using the included section on magewrights. 

Page 3Page 5Roll Table 1Roll Table 2-3

Arcane Acrobat Background (Magewright)Price: $3.00

Strixhaven: Mystic Archives

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

You flip through the dusty pages of a tome much too boring to focus on, idly wondering what the point of all the books in the Biblioplex are if half of them are as bad as this. You wonder where the excitement is; the promise of magic long forgotten by modern mages, of spells beyond your wildest reckoning. Shutting out these thoughts, you roughly shove the book back into place. The force of your shove knocks an even dustier book from an upper shelf, narrowly missing your head as it falls open on your desk. Your eyes go wide as you see the contents, the intricate spellwork, the descriptions of magic unseen in your previous classes. Your homework forgotten, you quickly grab the book and head back to your dorm – you have a new project to work on.

The Mystical Archives contain 61 new spells available for the casters at your table. These spells may be learned through normal level-ups, but this module suggests letting your players discover them through research or adventure, especially if your campaign is set at Strixhaven.

Strixhaven: Mystic ArchivesPrice: $1.00

Legionnaire Archetype for Fighters

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A new fighter archetype option for 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons.

We are the legion.

Legionnaires are fighters trained to work in coordination with their allies. They protect their companions and gain bonuses for keeping in close formation.

A legionnaire is a step above a typical soldier or hired mercenary. Legionnaires are trained extensively to work with their companions as a seamless unit. A unit of legionnaires advances as one, fights as one and, if necessary, dies as one. Many legionnaires join the army at a young age and spend their entire lives with their legion. Their comrades become a second family.

In Ravnica, the Boros Legion trains its soldiers to cast aside their personal desires for the greater causes of justice and righteousness. The collective zeal of these legionnaires charges their armour and weapons with magical fury.

Big Teeth

Legionnaire Archetype for FightersPrice: $0.65

Visit Our Booth at Lexicon This Weekend!

Stop by our booth!

We will be on hand at Lexicon 2023 this weekend (Clarion Conference Center in Lexington, KY), from April 21st – 23rd. Not only will we be bringing a booth full of fantastic products, but there will be a great many Goodman Games adventures being played throughout the convention schedule.

Dieter Zimmerman will be on hand at the Booth – and please note that the Goodman booth is directly in the RPG room, not in the main vendor hall. On the gaming side of things, Ed Stanek, Xuan Stanek, and Logan Nutt will be running games Friday and Saturday.

LexiCon is on! This weekend Goodman Games hopes to see you in Kentucky!

DCC Dying Earth Downloadable Character Sheets Now Available!

Free DCC DE Record Sheets!

Track your Vat-Thing, Magician, Witch, or Wayfarer in style with these DCC Dying Earth Character Record Sheets. Designed specifically for Goodman Games new DCC RPG Setting, The Dying Earth, these Character Record Sheets combine style and clarity to create a perfect record for your party, and each feature unique art to compliment their character class!

These sheets are freely available along with many others over at our Downloadable Character Sheets page, or by clicking below.

DCC Dying Earth Character Sheets

The DCC Dying Earth character sheets are wonderful for any campaign set in the 21st Aeon. Here’s what’s in the zipped file:

Buffalo Hunting

Publisher: Warriors and Battles

Warriors and Battles represent the “Buffalo Hunting” set.

In this set, you will find 15 double-sided figurines.

All you need is knives or scissors, glue, paper and a color printer

Paper miniatures are a great alternative to plastic or metal miniatures. Once purchased, you can print them when you want and as many as you want.

Using the Adobe Reader program, you can choose from three options for contouring around the figure, for beginners, advanced and no contour at all.



Buffalo HuntingPrice: $2.95

Deadlands Ouest étrange – Horreur à Headstone Hill

Publisher: Black Book Editions

Le crépuscule craintif descend tel un épais brouillard sur le comté de Uinta, et en son coeur lugubre s’étend la ville minière d’Heaston Hill.

On appelle l’endroit « Headstone Hill », la colline des stèles, à cause des innombrables prospecteurs qui y sont morts. Mais depuis la découverte de la Pépite de Headstone et de ses soixante-six livres de roche fantôme, elle s’est transformée en ville-champignon animée. Quant aux bénéfices, ils ne semblent pas prêts de se tarir. Et puis la fameuse pépite s’est volatilisée. Peu après, un Agent envoyé pour enquêter sur l’affaire a lui aussi disparu. Maintenant, à ta clique de jouer et de résoudre le mystère.

Cet ouvrage est à toi, Marshal. Il contient tout ce que tu dois savoir pour présenter le comté de Uinta à tes muchachos. On t’a prévu une description détaillée de ce coin dangereux du Wyoming, des gens qui l’habitent et de l’étrange secret qu’ils cachent. On t’a aussi ajouté un bon paquet d’histoires terrifiantes, histoire d’occuper ton groupe.

Retrouveront-ils l’Agent disparu ? Révéleront-ils la terrible histoire de Bogwater Bill ? Et quel est donc le secret des trembles frémissants ? Peu importe l’endroit où ils iront traîner leurs santiags.Cette région de l’Ouest étrange a un cadeau atroce à leur offrir !

Horreur à Headstone Hill est une campagne pour Deadlands, l’ouest étrange.

Deadlands Ouest étrange - Horreur à Headstone HillPrice: $13.16

Deadlands Ouest étrange – Guide du joueur d’Horreur à Headstone Hill

Publisher: Black Book Editions

Ce mini-livret pose en quelques pages les bases du contexte de la campagne Horreur à Headstone Hill pour les joueuses et joueurs :

  • Quels personnages joueurs seront de mise et dans quel contexte ils sont impliqués
  • Un topo sur le Comté de Uinta
  • Une présentation d’Headstone Hill
  • Un tour d’horizon des gros poissons du comté
  • Un aperçu de ses menaces et des rumeurs qui courent.

Deadlands Ouest étrange - Guide du joueur d'Horreur à Headstone HillPrice: $3.29

Lake Dwellers

Publisher: EDGE Studio

Welcome to the past! Let it be your future.

Lake Dwellers brings your campaign to the time of tribes and bronze. You are part of a small tribe, whose identity and development will be shaped by your hands. Not only will you face human enemies, but also the supernatural. More importantly Lake Dwellers will challenge you with aspects of survival and societal evolution. 

This supplement for Genesys adds to your game:

  • Five Archetypes

  • Six new careers, each with three specializations with their very own specialization trees. 

  • New and adjusted talents

  • The Living Tribe System that allows you to guide the future of your tribe. Will it be a republic of virtues or a kingdom of god? Will you free the people who enslave your enemies? Will you value individuality or strengthen unity? 

  • A Crafting system which facilitates this era’s advancements in creating weaponry, armor and gear.

  • A barter-based economy that works on debts owed within a community. 

  • A Mass-Combat system appropriate for the bronze age era. 

  • And much more. 

Lake Dwellers does not force you to play in a specific world. It grants you all the freedom to create your own, including your own adversaries. This supplement aims to give you the tools to be creative with a rule-set that facilitates interesting stories. 

Genesys Core Rulebook and either Genesys Dice or the Genesys Dice App are required to use this product.

Lake DwellersPrice: $9.99

Creatures of the Cold

Publisher: Darrin Drader Designs

Venture into the frozen unknown with ‘Creatures of the Cold,’ a new PDF product featuring five chilling new monsters for the 5th edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game. Explore the frigid arctic wastelands and encounter the Snow Scorpion, a deadly predator with icy claws and a venomous sting. Brave the treacherous depths and face the Ice Mauler, a monstrous Orc-Eel like creature that will stop at nothing to protect its icy domain. Beware the frozen undead minions of the Ice Ghoul, a creature born of cursed remnants from lost expeditions. Watch out for the tiny but formidable Snowflake Swarm, which can combine to form larger, more powerful creatures made of ice and snow. Finally, face the ultimate challenge with the Glacier Titan, a towering monstrosity with devastating powers. ‘Creatures of the Cold’ will test your players’ mettle against the freezing forces of nature. Will they come out victorious?

This product contains assets that were, wholly or in part, procedurally generated with the aid of creative software(s) powered by machine learning.

Creatures of the ColdPrice: $1.99

April 21, 2023: A Very Munchkin Birthday

Our friends, the Griegos, shared pictures from their combined birthday party for mom, Jessica, and kid, Robin. As you can see, they chose to have a Munchkin-themed party! Fun themed party favors, snacks, and of course Munchkin, were all enjoyed, as well as hilarious custom shirts. Jessica and her husband Daniel have even cosplayed as Munchkin characters! You may recall the Griego name as Jessica’s father, Al, spent some time on staff with us at Steve Jackson Games and is a long-time MIB. He also helped coordinate with us to get the sweet party decor. 

Thanks to the Griegos for sharing such cool party pictures, and remember: Go Up A Level! 

Hunter Shelburne[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

Warehouse 23 News: The City Never Sleeps Because Of All The Action

There are a million stories in the city, and they’re all exciting! GURPS Action 9: The City shows how you can add GURPS City Stats to your GURPS Action campaigns. It also features six sample cities to use with your own action-packed adventures. Download it today from Warehouse 23!

The Ghosts of Karpri Station

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Eternal horrors await on an elven imperial Crown Class starstation built to deliver death…


The Ghosts of Karpri Station uses ghostly possession as a plot device, exploring the horror themes of Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft within Spelljammer: Adventures in Space, and introducing a miniature Domain of Dread to haunt Realmspace. Players are very likely be possessed a number of times over the course of this adventure, and will need to be ready to roleplay through the memories of the ghosts’ final moments at the hands of mind flayers to get to the bottom of Karpri Station’s mysteries…

Hidden inside this treasure-laden wildspace dungeon, strange ghosts, vile undead and hungry aberrations await your party:

  • Space Ghosts, Hanged Horrors, Wretched Spirits, Illithid BansheeZombie Gadabout and the return of the Xenomorph (Egg, Headcrab, Goreworm and Drone)
The index also includes stat blocks for Elven Imperial Fleet soldiers to staff active Crown Class starstations like the one above Karpri across the Verse:
  • Elven Imperial Fleet Sailor, Elven Imperial Fleet Bosun, Elven Imperial Fleet Marine, Elven Imperial Fleet Battlepoet, Elven Imperial Fleet Officer, Elven Imperial Fleet Captain
Along the way, the party might discover (or help Veronica Hardy build):
  • the EctoBlade (a special type of lasersword that deals Necrotic damage), Ectoplasm (a spell component), Xenomold (a nasty hazard), and Lighning Lure Casters and Spirit Traps (for capturing ghosts), a Bionoid Egg (unseen since the last Unhuman War) and an Imperial Wildspace Orrey (allowing rebels to access secure Elven Imperial Fleet systems)
This module is intended to be the fourth installment to the Hardy and Beholder Investigations storyline, though it may be played as a standalone adventure without the intrepid paranormal investigator as well. Adventure Hooks provide opportunities to link our previous modules Fenndoor: an Adventure in WinterspaceHardy & Beholder Investigations, Blackjammer’s Revenge, and even to the Megacorps in Voidfarers Guide to the Verse Vol 4. 

Content Warnings: Possession (Loss of Autonomy), Death by Suffocation, Murder-Suicide-via-Possession, Death by Hanging, Body Horror, Alien Impregnation, and potential for Death by Drowning, Freezing, Crashing, Insects, Sharks, and commiting planetary annhiliation and genocide-via-possession. 

The Ghosts of Karpri StationPrice: $4.99

The Won Wi Packet (New Location)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Won Wi began as a way to justify monks in my game world. That was the first purpose of it at least, but then it quickly expanded to be a place where prosthetic limbs were made, cyborgs have been built. I took inspiration from a host of different locations and tropes of ‘esoteric’ civilizations, and tried to emulate the exciting feelings of discovery as the primary focal point of Won Wi.

Won Wi is a versatile concept that can be applied to a variety of universes. Its isolated nature means that it can fit in well with settings that might not typically be associated with it. For example, it could be used in a story set in a low fantasy world where technology is less advanced, but allow for the use of firearms, or laser technology. Alternatively, it could be incorporated into a story set in a heavily themed location, and introduce a member of the party bringing tropes that would otherwise seem out of place. In either case, Won Wi’s unique attributes and characteristics would add an interesting and unexpected dimension to the narrative, making it more engaging and memorable for your players.

Contained within this packet is lore about Won Wi to give you a start for locations within your game, the new race of porcelainwares (humans transformed into porcelain cyborgs), new weapons and armor for porcelainwares, and body sculptors (wandering professionals that specialize in magically sculpting creatures bodies to customize their look).

The Won Wi Packet (New Location)Price: $0.00