Zgrozy: Klątwa Mgieł

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Bohaterowie, których Mgły porwą do Ravenloftu, nagle tracą kontakt z własnym światem. Prawie wszyscy mają nadzieję, że pewnego dnia do niego wrócą (…) Klątwa Mgieł odbiera to poczucie. Po kawałku zabiera ona przybyszom wspomnienia o tym, że kiedyś żyli poza Ravenloftem, i zastępuje je fałszywymi, które sugerują, że są oni mieszkańcami Domen Grozy.

Klątwa Mgieł to dodatek mogący wzbogacić dowolne kampanie w Ravenlofcie, łatwo adaptowalny także do innych światów. Znajdziecie w nim:

  • Opis klątwy, która odbiera bohaterom prawdziwe wspomnienia i próbuje im narzucić w ich miejsce fałszywe;
  • Reguły zwalczania klątwy i porady co do nagradzania bohaterów za walkę z nią oraz stosowania na sesji narzędzi bezpieczeństwa;
  • Opcjonalne zasady sprawiające, że Klątwa Mgieł może zmienić umiejętności, pochodzenie, a nawet rasę postaci;
  • Porady, kiedy klątwa powinna atakować i jakie wspomnienia brać na cel, a także dwa przykładowe przebiegi zmagań z nią;
  • Pomysły na miejsce Klątwy Mgieł w Ravenlofcie, w tym w kampanii Klątwa Strahda, oraz innych światach D&D.

Plik Klątwy Mgieł dostępny jest w trzech wersjach: w pełni zilustrowanej w wysokiej oraz niskiej rozdzielczości, a także pozbawionej teł i ilustracji wersji przyjaznej drukarkom. Do publikacji dołączone jest także podsumowanie reguł działania mgły w osobnych plikach .jpg oraz .pdf.

Klątwa Mgieł to publikacja z serii Zgrozy, specjalizującej się w materiałach do Zewu Cthulhu. By dowiedzieć się o niej więcej, zobacz inne teksty z serii lub znajdź nas na Facebooku (/ZgrozyRPG).

Zgrozy: Klątwa MgiełPrice: $1.50

Curse of Strahd – Burgomaster’s Mansion – TaleSpire Edition

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Virtual Tabletop Journey presents the iconic Curse of Strahd – Burgomaster’s Mansion recreated for use in TaleSpire!

This book contains revised room descriptions which enhances the original Curse of Strahd module, which you must obtain separately. If you are just starting your campaign, I also recommend getting a Guide to the Curse of Strahd campaign.

This book includes…

  • 20 revised room descriptions
  • Full color, orthographic, reference maps for room identification 
  • Details about the challenges of converting 2D maps to 3D
  • Instructions for using hide volumes and smoothly transitioning players through the map
Curse of Strahd - Burgomaster's Mansion in Talespire
Curse of Strahd - Burgomaster's Mansion in Talespire
Curse of Strahd - Burgomaster's Mansion in Talespire
Curse of Strahd - Burgomaster's Mansion in Talespire

Curse of Strahd - Burgomaster's Mansion - TaleSpire EditionPrice: $0.50

Divine Blessings – Tempus

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Divine Blessings is a series that aims to provide knowledge about the gods and items they might leave behind. Providing a story of the gods, their journies, trials, and where they stand now. Throughout their lives they have provided blessings in the forms of weapons, armors, and various trinkets. 

Taking inspiration from their stories, we create items that feel like a part of the deity. Whether they be relics found or an artifact bestown to a champion.

Tempus is the mighty god of war. Earning his place by defeating all others who would claim as such.

For Tempus and his followers, war should be upheld with honor. Battles should be won on the battlefield and through superior tactics, not through vile means. He favors those who stand their ground, even against overwhelming adversity.

The individuals who gain Tempus’ favor are granted items that encourage such actions. Granting opportunities to press the advantage or make the opposition weaker.

Since much of his favor is granted through wars, some of his items reflect this. A horn to encourage allies and incite fear in ones enemies. Even a portable ballista for fast sieges or extra firepower in battle.

If you enjoyed this title and want to see other deities, leave a comment about what you would like to see in the future!

Divine Blessings - TempusPrice: $1.99

Druid Circle: Circle of the Searing Sunrise

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A Blast of Radiance Shoots forth, and foes are Demolished by the Absolutely Overpoweing Presence of Good

A tall man with a sword in one hand and a staff in the other dashes town a tunnelway, running from a drow war-party. As arrow fly, he barely makes it around the next corner alive. As the tunnelway splits, he dashes around a rock formation to his left. Hiding, he hears the voices of the drow. Just as they are about to split up he murmurs a group of undistinguishable words. Suddenly, a blast of pure light radiates through each drow, leaving nothing but a crumbling heap of ashes.

A short halfling wearing a bracelet of holly barely dodges the ballista arrow meant for her face. As the ship across from hers fires repeatedly in the twilight hours, she is forced to take cover, and hope help arrives before she and her boat sinks. As she watches the kraken-faced pirate with his crew of sahuagin, she can no longer bridle her fury. Stepping out from behind the main mast, she lifts her fist to the sky and cries “Alak Lila Radiano!”. A blur of fire streaks towards the ship. One second later, the ship is sinking in flames.

A half-orc stands with his club in hand, barely able to ward off the attacks of the oncoming ranks of gnolls. Blow after blow is dealt to him, yet he does not fall. Knowing he cannot stand against the armies invasion for long, he drops his club and starts drawing a circle in the air. As he draws it, a white glow seems to radiate from where he drew. He then picks up the glowing circle and hurls it at the oncoming army. As a piercing light blinds him, he smiles. The light always wins.

Whatever the race, druids of the Circle of the Searing Sunrise defeat their foes through their special radiation and firery abilities. Blasting light, searing smite, and good, these druids are the ultimate forces of good.

Be the Radiant force of Good in this Druid Circle for the

World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game

Druid Circle: Circle of the Searing SunrisePrice: $0.50

Hardy and Beholder Investigations: The Hitchhiker

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Hardy & Beholder Investigations: The Hitchiker is the second module of a three part series arc that can be played as stand alone titles. On a ship full of wounded survivors limping towards Bral, an uninvited guest stirs horror for the crew! This 2-4 hour adventure for Tier I characters (optimized for APL 3) will see players:

  • Learn about KARPRI, the beautiful yet hostile fourth planet from the sun in REALMSPACE, possibly avoiding an attack by a raiding party of Karpri Elves or a Gargantuan Praying Mantis!
  • Encounter prisoners chained to tiny asteroids- “traitors” of the Elvish Imperial Fleet’s Unhuman Wars- one of which harbors the murderous Black Bart’s Ghost
  • Survive 24 hours of ghostly assaults as Black Bart hops between crew members, spreading terror on their ship as it sails across the Sea of Night toward Bral
  • Participate in an Exorcism Ritual, helping a wounded Veronica Hardy banish Black Bart’s Ghost- if the party can catch him!

Content Warnings: Crashes, Starvation, Torture, Madness, Ecto-Demonic Possession (Loss of Autonomy) and Murder-Suicide (via Possession).


Hardy and Beholder Investigations: The HitchhikerPrice: $3.99

DCC Horror #8: Night Of The Bog Beast Now Available for Pre-Order

It’s getting spooky around here—and we love it!

With the Halloween season now upon us, we’re proud to announce DCC Horror #8: Night of the Bog Beast! This new 2nd level adventure by “Bloody” Bob Brinkman is an homage to the classic tales of EC Comics and their kin.

You can pre-order your copy today, and when you do, you get the PDF version immediately! So you can prep your Halloween adventure right now and get into the season the right way.

Let’s take a closer look!

PRE-ORDER – Dungeon Crawl Classics Horror #8: Night Of The Bog Beast – Print + PDF

A level 2 DCC Horror adventure.

The alligator-infested waterways of the Twilight Marsh harbor a mystery. Last year a child went missing for a week, before being found deep within the marshlands. So far from home, that it was unimaginable as to how she could have gotten there. Despite being questioned, Little Idris said nothing. She only smiled.

You see, Little Idris has a secret…

But those events of last year refuse to remain buried, and something ancient has been released in the swamp. Strange cries have been heard in the darkness, indistinct shapes have been seen among the mangroves, and local children tell whispered stories of a lurker, coming for them out of the darkness. A horror that threatens the lives of all it encounters. 

Whatever it is, it is not human.

Whatever it is, it kills without mercy.

Whatever it is, it must be stopped. 

Can you survive… the Night of the Bog Beast?


Free Map Friday #168 – Sep 29 2022

Publisher: Paths to Adventure

The return of Free Map Friday! Every Friday I post a new free map to my Twitter feed (@JMason333). By request of several followers, I was asked if I would add my free map releases here to DriveThruRPG.com so they could be included in their library of purchases. 

Map Theme: Cozy Riverfront Waypoint

Each Free Map Friday ZIP contains five 5100×3300 pixel (600 dpi) high-resolution versions of a single dungeon map. Those versions include:

1. Virtual Tabletop (VTT) Map
2. Player Map (With Grids)
3. Player Map (Without Grids)
4. GM Map

Enjoy the free maps! And, follow me on Twitter to catch the new release each week!

Free Map Friday #168 - Sep 29 2022Price: $0.00

Crypt of the Bone Queen

Publisher: d12 Studios

The discovery of an old map sets your heroes on the trail of an ancient evil. After traversing the foreboding Deadlands, they arrive at the Old City and breach the tomb of the legendary Bone Queen. What riches will they find there? Why is a tribe of orcs guarding the site? And what about the legends that say the ancient necromancer still lives, feasting on the souls of all who enter her domain?


This adventure for four sixth-level characters, designed by d12 Studios and illustrated by Dean Spencer, is a classic dungeon crawl with puzzles and lethal traps. It can be played as a one-shot event or a continuation of the journey that started with the d12 RPG campaign primer.

Crypt of the Bone QueenPrice: $9.79

Artist Resource #2- AI Generated Cyberpunk City Art Pack

Publisher: Osiris

This is a package of 10 AI created art pieces depicting Cyberpunk Cities similar to that depicted in the cover image (cover image is contained in the product) These come in a zip file with the PNG images and the a pdf with the preview images.

These ai-generated images can be used for paintovers, alteration in photoshop, photobashing, as start images in your preferred AI image generator, or even in their current state for games, RPG books, 3d projects, and more free of restrictions and/or clauses.  

This pack contains a variety of AI-generated textures and images designed for fantasy, scifi, etc. The platform use grants a license free of restrictions, and those rights are being passed on to you. You may use it for any purpose.

To the best of my knowledge all of the images are in perfect order and will not require any other effort for your use. Though not all details may be perfect.

Note. All art in this product is made on artbreeder, and was made as a result of machine learning. No attribution, licenses or any other mention are required as mentioned in their terms of service. This art has been made partially by my alterations and effort and is a result of various other assets. You need not give attribution to me or this page in your work.

4 of these images have a preview page below the title image.

Artist Resource #2- AI Generated Cyberpunk City Art PackPrice: $3.00

Les Menaces de l’Ombre

Publisher: EDGE Studio

L’aventure vous attend dans les basfonds malfamés de Passegivre !


La guerre fait rage dans les Royaumes de Terrinoth. Les immondes Uthuk Y’llan ont envahi les Terres Sombres de Ru, brisé les défenses dressées sur leur passage et mis les armées des baronnies en fuite. Les réfugiés ont envahi Passegivre, la Cité Libre située à l’extrême nord, où circulent ces derniers temps des rumeurs alarmantes. La Garde, qui lutte pour maintenir l’ordre, se tourne vers les héros pour obtenir de l’aide à la suite d’un vol un peu particulier.

Les Menaces de l’ombre est une aventure conçue pour initier les joueurs au jeu de rôle Genesys et au riche univers fantasy de Terrinoth. Dans cette histoire, les joueurs incarnent l’un des six héros emblématiques de Descent : Légendes des Ténèbres.

Ensemble, ils doivent mettre un terme à la guerre de l’ombre qui se prépare sous la cité ; pour l’un d’eux, l’aventure est sur le point de devenir très personnelle.

Ce supplément pour Genesys comprend :

  • Un ensemble de règles simplifiées qui vous permettront de jouer : vous n’avez besoin d’aucun autre livre !
  • Six personnages prêts à jouer, avec leurs pouvoirs et leurs aptitudes uniques, basés sur les héros de Descent : Légendes des Ténèbres.
  • Une aventure captivante qui vous plongera au cœur de l’action et qui permettra aux nouveaux joueurs de découvrir Genesys.

Les Menaces de l’OmbrePrice: $0.00

One-Pager: Lizardfolk Village

Publisher: Raging Swan Press

Add depth and flavour to the lizardfolk villages in your campaign. Download this free one-page GM’s Resource today! 

About One-Pagers

Are you short on time? Do you need a quick and easy GM’s Resource to help add depth and flavour to your game? Would you like it to be free? Yes? Then One-Pagers are for you!

One-Pagers are System Neutral resources designed to give you, the time-crunched GM, just enough detail to get through the session. Each One-Pager comprises several random tables focused on a different environment, dungeon type or urban feature.

Every download comprises a lightweight, printer-friendly one-page PDF and a .txt file. The PDF is for your GM’s file. The .txt file is for your adventure manuscript or VTT.

One-Pager: Lizardfolk VillagePrice: $0.00

September 30, 2022: Vikings In STL

Crowdfunding Focus

Iain Lovecraft’s Vikings Kickstarter is in its last 24 hours. His projects are always spectacular, and an amazing bang for the buck, and this one is no exception. Even if you don’t happen to need Viking buildings or ships (and this project includes several museum-quality ships) there are plenty of things that can be used in multiple other settings, like the walls and fences, animals, palisades, plank streets, piers, and assorted scatter terrain and props. There are some well-dressed townsfolk, and of course numerous fighter figures (both male and female) which could serve well for characters). Plus, as always, the add-ons are fantastic.

– Jean McGuire

PS – If you are playing in Gaming Ballistic’s Nordlonds, you really need to look at these. Really.  – SJ


Warehouse 23 News: Warehouse 23 Is Moving (In Cyberspace!)

Warehouse 23 is undergoing some changes and we need your help! We are currently testing our new webstore here, and it would be great if you could check it out.

You can read more about it over on the forums. (This is also a good place to tell us if you find any bugs.)

Gold for Fools and Princes DMs Pack & Maps

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

“Gold for Fools and Princes” is a tale of intrigue and political struggle set in the gold-rich Sensa Empire, one of the Radiant Citadel civilisations. Save time finding maps and stat blocks and remembering NPCs with the handy DMs Pack! The pack contains

  • a single-page reference version of the Radiant Citadel adventure “Gold for Fools and Princes;” (handy to print)
  • advice on running the adventure;
  • NPC profiles of Prince Simbon, Prince Kirina, High Priest Kamal Kadjou and Overseer Uzoma; 
  • an original map of the city of Anisa; 
  • a original battle map of the central square; 
  • a coloured version of the Goldwarren map contained in the adventure; (including practical joke miner legs)
  •  and all the stat blocks you need to run the adventures. 
  • Maps are also provided as separate digital files, and battle maps come in gridded, ungridded, and black-and-white versions.

You will need your own copy of Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel.

Gold for Fools and Princes DMs Pack & MapsPrice: $1.99

Sedryc’s Scriptum of Subclasses Part III

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Ser Sedryc the Owlknight proudly presents:


The eldritch knight Sedryc has seen many a folk and heard as many tales about a whole gaggle of heroes and villains sporting varied subclasses detailed below. Do let yourself be impressed by this wondrous knowledge and go forth ever informed!

And do not let yourself be distracted by Sedryc’s sidetracking and opining – you are here for the subclasses anyways!



The Spectralist, if there is something weird in your neighbourhood…


Path of Tranquility, the Barbarian who has mastered their rage and funneled its essence.


College of Noise, they all came only to hear you, and hear they will never-ending solo!


Ur Domain, for when the Gods are just mortals who can be killed anyway, the priests should take over the reins.


Circle of the Wasteland, even after an apocalypse, life goes on and finds a way.


Dragonheart, sometimes referred to as a Weredragon, you wyrmshape yourself into a fearsome creature of myth!


Way of the People, you draw your ki not from seclusion, but inclusion. You are the beating pulse of the community!


Oath of the Dragon, as Dragons are as close to gods and creeds as mortal creatures can be, you decide to serve one instead of another sovereign.


Ruinous, burn it all down, as urban society is a failed experiment that needs to return to its rural roots, you are force of destruction for your own reasons.


Trapsmith, when one is confronted with so many deadly mechanisms, one ought to take notes.


Witchcraft, all those pseudo-wise wizards and warlocks be damned, you eschew your former powers to attain a new angle of spellcraft.


Pact of the Overlore, Knowledge is Power, they say. But what if that Knowledge has a mind of its own?


School of Mysticism, for when you retreat the steps of the gods, you may once attain the spark of divinity for yourself!

Look also into Part I and Part II for even more ridiculous tellings of the weirdest of archetypes!

Sedryc's Scriptum of Subclasses Part IIIPrice: $6.99

Druid Circle: Circle of the Sea

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Tsunamis, Lightning, Wind and Water Control, and Invisibility; These are only some of the Powers granted to a Druid in the Circle of the Sea

A large figure in a purple cloak stands on the deck of a crumbling ship with no weapon but the staff which it holds in the midst of whizzing cannons and chaos. The pirates firing the cannons laugh and jeer at the certain fate of this unknown character. As soon as the captain aims the largest cannon straight at it, a bolts of lightning rain from the sky, killing the crew.

               Fleeing from a fiendish army, a slim elf wearing a tunic, hat, and holding a staff dives behind a wall in the Abyss. Trapped between a rock and a hot place, she has nowhere left to turn. Murmuring a few undecipherable words, she stands and throws her staff in the air. Bursting from it comes pouring water that starts to make a wave. The wave gets larger and larger until it wipes all the fiends, demons, and devils into the pits of fire which they themselves made.

               Plunged into freezing water, a Tiefling struggles to get to the surface to breathe. As he struggles, a tentacle from the deep raps around his leg. Beating fiercely, the Tiefling slowly starts descending to her soon-to-be watery grave. Just as he is about to lose consciousness, a face of an enormous Kraken comes into view. Immediately, he whorls his hand around in the water, causing a magical source of wind to blur the Kraken’s vision. Quick as he can, he takes out his dagger, and stabs the Kraken’s tentacle. As it lets go, he morphs into the form of a dolphin and swims away.

Through their impenetrable connection with the sea, the druids of the Circle of the Sea harness the powers of invisibility, weather control, and lightning! Become an All-powerful ruler of the wind and sea with this new druid circle!!! Find a new passion in your druid by not confining it to the space and powers of the land.

Harness the Power of the Wild Seas with this New Druid Circle for the

World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game

Druid Circle: Circle of the SeaPrice: $0.50