True Ghouls: A Cultural Sourcebook

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

“We came in peace, as representatives of the United Ghoul Nations, looking to trade. I’ve got rights, like any Child of Atam! You can’t hold me or my people here! So no, bigshot elf guy, I’m not gonna tell you where we’re from, and I’m not gonna put our home address down on any starcharts for you, but hear me out:You wanna know about where I came from? Well, our planet had a little… series of incidents… not too long back. So let me tell you its not all ice cream trucks and blueberry bushes there anymore. It sucks. Not much water, not much food, so not many happy livingtype folks anymore- and the ones that are left tear up the wasteland like it owes them money. No good to treat a planet like that after you already choked it to death, but hey, that’s just my two cents. I told you straight, we’re just seeing what’s out there, cause its gotta be betta than endless gamma. Then we bumped into you very fine people.Its not our fault we look like this.You think I wanna wear a face like a tire tread?War made us. I’m not going to tell you where to find my people so you can bring another war to unmake us. Get stuffed, pretty boy. Not one of us is gonna tell you pointy ears jack.”– Recorded testimony of Captain Rey Muertos, of the UGN Exploratory Vessel Fossil II, a sentient 120ft kindori-bone yacht skinned-over with rubber and crewed by 30 self-proclaimed “True Ghouls” from unknown wildspace system.Undead subjects terminated with prejudice after interview, and the sentient undead vessel scuttled by Armada.Signed, Admiral Taernleaf, Elven Imperial Fleet (1444DR).

Meet the True Ghouls, an engimatic post-human race clawing their way back from self-induced Apocalypse with:

– A PC racial option with 3 subcultures: the mainstream LN Children of Atam, the fanatical NE Purifiers, and eccentric NG druidic sect the Naturalists. 

– Lore, standard encounters and crew compositions for each of the True Ghoul subcultures.

(A True Ghoul PC’s Recommended Class Level Adjustment is +1)

True Ghouls: A Cultural SourcebookPrice: $2.95

The Docks of Deepshore

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Docks of Deepshore is a fun 3 hour adventure designed to introduce new players to Dungeons and Dragons.

I designed it to play with some friends (who had never played before) but it could also suit a family wanting to introduce their kids to RPGs.

It contains 3 premade characters (Male and Female versions supplied) but it can be run with your own characters (suggested level 2)

It is a stand alone adventure in a neutral setting but can easily be adapted as a side adventure in your own setting.

As its my first publication I’m making it a “Pay What You Want” and would love to get your feedback.


The Docks of DeepshorePrice: $5.00

Ranger Conclaves: Dragon Master and Hunter

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


A drow stands in the complete darkness of the underdark. Unfaltering, he puts his hand forth as a black dragon begins to run towards him ready to tear him into pieces. Speaking a soft word, the drow drops his hand, and the dragon stops dead in its tracks, unable to move any further.

Fending off the attacks of a green dragon, a wood elf takes cover behind a large oak tree. As gas starts to fill the area, she takes a deep breath and makes a dash to the next birch tree. As she holds her breath, she sees the dragon’s head slowly peering around looking for her. Quick as a rabbit, she pulls back her bow and releases, felling the evil creature before it even knows who hit it.

Hiding from a clan of orcs, a small forest gnome and her red dragon wyrmling take cover in the darkness of the forest. Slowly she starts to whisper: “One, two, three. Now Scorcher!” Immediately a blast of fire emerges from the tree line, engulfing the foes before even an arrow is loosed.

A loud ring is heard as a half-orc’s city starts to burn before her very eyes. Above the city, wreaking havoc, is a young red dragon. Summoning all the courage she possesses, she climbs the crumbling guard watchtower to the top. As she takes hold of the ballista with both hands, she locks eyes with the evil wretch. The arrow flies through the air, striking the beast in it’s left wing. As it falls from the sky, the half-orc gets ready to set out to finish the devilish creature herself.

For centuries, rangers have been hiding in treacherous woods, freezing lands, and high mountains as hunters and masters of the beasts. They have faced the threats of the wild on their own or with the help of a bestial companion. Becoming kings of the wilderness, the rangers have learned to call their terrains home. However, a new type of ranger is emerging. The kings of the wilderness face the kings of the beasts: the dragons! While some will choose to hunt these creatures, others try to form companionship alongside them or use their skill to control them. The dragon hunters and dragon masters of the Dungeons and Dragons

Spelljammer – Der Wildspace Travelguide

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Spelljammer – Der Wildspace Travelguide

Das Spelljammer-Setting für Dungeons and Dragons bietet fantastische Welten, ungewöhnliche Wesen und das Potenzial für unbegrenzte Abenteuer. Der Wildspace Travelguide soll euch die Werkzeuge dafür in die Hand geben, um als Dungeon Master selbst solche fantastischen Welten zu bauen und das Spiel gut zu leiten, sowie Spielern Regeln an die Hand zu geben, an die sie sich halten können, wenn sie im Spelljammer-Setting spielen. 

Er enthält: 

  • Anleitungen zum Erstellen von Spelljammer-Abenteuern und Kampagnen
  • Anleitungen zum Erstellen von Wildspace-Systemen und planetaren Objekten
  • Regel-Optionen für Schiffe, Weltraumkampf und Schiffsbesatzungen, sowie Reisen durch das Wildspace und den Astralsee
  • Magische Gegenstände und Schiffsausrüstungen
  • Zaubersprüche
  • Ein Abenteuer für Charaktere der Stufe 1, um eure Spelljammer-Kampagne zu starten.
    • Einen Hintergrund (Der Erinnerungslose)
    • Plankstadt – eine Siedlung, die perfekt als Stützpunkt für eine Abenteurer-Gruppe in den niedrigen Stufen ist

Dieses Buch ist dafür gemacht, zusammen mit Spelljammer: Adventures in Space und besonders dem darin enthaltenen Astral Adventurer’s Guide benutzt zu werden.

Version 1.1.: Fehlende interne Links korrigiert, sowie Rechtschreibung und Grammatik.

Spelljammer - Der Wildspace TravelguidePrice: $9.62

5E Fans Can Now Face the Foes of Lankhmar!


Those aren’t just a troop of skeletons you’ve spied among the ruins — see how the firelight glows around their bones? See how swiftly they move? See them chew and swallow the flesh of the dead so that it hangs suspended within their frame? Like many of the weird foes (and friends!) encountered by Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, the transparently fleshed ghouls of Nehwon are skewed versions of the monsters we expect from both folklore and pop culture.

From ice snakes to killer bird swarms, organized undercity rat empires to invisible mountain dwellers to things even stranger than ‘all of the above,’ the upcoming Monsters & Magic of Lankhmar adds a whole new crop of unexpected creatures and encounters to your 5e campaign.

Monsters & Magic of Lankhmar is written by Leiber aficionado Michael Curtis utilizing a depth of research never before seen on a Lankhmar project. An online search turns up a bevy of gaming books set in and around Lankhmar, so you might be wondering what makes Monsters & Magic of Lankhmar any different? The answer is a never-before-seen level of scholarship. Thanks to the generosity of backers who supported a previous Lankhmar project, lead designer Michael Curtis was able to take a week-long trip to the University of Houston to access the Fritz Leiber Papers collection. Much of what he uncovered there had never been seen by anyone working the RPG business. Goodman Games is the first to bring some of this unearthed material straight to the gaming table. Results from this trip demonstrate the level of research and attention to detail you’ll find in Monsters & Magic of Lankhmar

Here’s a quote from Michael about working on this project:

Monsters and Magic of Lankhmar is the latest incarnation of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser appearing in most recent edition of the world’s first fantasy RPG. I took great inspiration from my early exposure to the Nehwon setting in Deities & Demigods nearly 40 years earlier while working on Monsters and Magic of Lankhmar. As I wrote it, I could almost feel Leiber’s shadow falling upon me, urging me to bring his wonderful creations to life again and introduce them to a new generation of gamers who might not know of them. It was a distinct honor to do so and I’m proud of what you’ll find in the

Road Crew Swag for Games 7+ Now Available In Online Store!

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There’s never been a better time to be a part of the greatest team in gaming — The Goodman Games Road Crew!

Creatures Chaotic: Uncanny Inhabitants of the Elric Saga

Be sure to join Goodman Games and Sanctum Secorum for a live Twitch interview with the legendary Michael Moorcock on Saturday, October 8th!

Creatures Chaotic: Uncanny Inhabitants of the Elric Saga

by Bill Ward

The wild and restless adventures of Elric of Melniboné feature strange landscapes, powerful sorceries, weighty dooms, and an endless array of bizarre creatures. With a myriad of stories divided over a dozen books, with monsters and misfits as varied as the vicious Hunting Dogs of the Dharzi, the degenerated Men of Org, Winged Apes known as Clakars, Meerclar the Lord of Cats, the shape-shifting Chaos chimerae known as Oonai, Lord of the Fire Spirits Kakatal and his eternal rival Misha of the Wind Giants, the wall-crashing Dag-Gadden the Destroyer, or exiled god Mordaga the Sad Giant, forever brooding over his curse of mortality – with all of these and many more, the Elric series has an absolute wealth of tantalizing minor characters and weird encounters that ensures this sword-and-sorcery rollercoaster continues to thrill through every loop, bend, and corkscrew of plot.

Melnibonéan Dragons

The 10,000 year rule of the Bright Empire of Melniboné is due in part to its sorcery, in part to its ruthlessness, and in part to its command of dragonkind. While the dragons sleep longer now between wakings as the world creeps toward its end, their combustible venom is still deadly to ships and men, their claws still sharp as diamond, and their Melnibonéan riders still fierce and keen as hunting hawks.

Up beneath the swollen sun, up into the hot, turbulent air, up towards the East where the camps of hell were waiting… Ninety-five . . . dragons, males and females, darkened the deep blue sky, all green, red and gold, scales clashing and flashing, wings beating and, in concert, sounding like the throbbing of a million drums as they flew over the unclean waters with gaping jaws and cold, cold eyes.” (Stormbringer)

The Olab

On a journey to a lost jungle city in search of the mysterious origins of his people, Elric’s ship is attacked by the semi-humanoid Olab. Assailed by whizzing disks of sharpened rock from both banks of the river, weapons with the power to behead a man or dis-mast a ship, the horrified crew take cover as the creatures wade out to attack:

“The things were essentially reptilian but with feathery crests and neck wattles,

It Came from the Scriptorium – OSE Version

Publisher: Stellagama Publishing

Dark times has fallen upon the Storm Wolf Tribe. Once edible fruits and plants had become poisonous and game that was docile turn into viciously aggressive malformed monstrosities. The source is an abbey used as a vault for dark knowledge way too harmful to be left loose on the world. Something horrible has happened to the kind yet weird monks living in the abbey and it seems to be ancient and beyond evil. Is up to the tribe’s most brave warriors to find out and stop this force before it engulfs the Storm Wolf tribe in its darkness.

It Came from the Scriptorium is a horror dungeon crawl adventure for 3 to 5 PCs, using Old School Essentials. The default setting is the Steel Borderlands, a wilderness distant from the settlements composing the civilized lands of kingdoms and empires but it will fit very easily into almost any sword & sorcery setting.

The players should be aware that due the horror nature of his adventure, that their PCs mortality rather will be high!

Note that this adventure required Old School Essentials for its use.

It Came from the Scriptorium - OSE VersionPrice: $4.00

The Meshan Saga issue 10

Publisher: FSpace Publications

The New Zealand Fanzine for Traveller roleplaying from the 1990s.

Re-released in 2022 following nearly 2 decades withdrawn because of a rights withdrawal by a contributor. That person’s articles have been redacted in this re-release, so other content can continue to be available to the community.

Article remains:

  • NZ Colonies in the Solomani Sphere by Martin Rait

Free fanzine – non commercial.

The Meshan Saga issue 10Price: $0.00

Old School Blue Map #35

Publisher: Paratime Design

The Old School Blue map series are released on a weekly basis every Monday.

This PDF contains Old School Blue Map #35. The PDF has multiple layers allowing the options for numbered/non-numbered areas, secret doors on/off, and grid/no grid and a zip file with all relevant map files as individual jpg images.

Please note that printing thismap in black & white will result in a hard to see, washed-out grey map. Print in color only.

The Old School Blue map is for personal use only. If you are interested in licensing the map for commercial use, please contact Tim Hartin at Paratime Design for additional info.

Old School Blue Map #35Price: $2.00

20 Spaceport Rumors

Publisher: Osiris

A table of rumors which the gm may present to the players either in the form of overheard conversation, or mentioned in passing. The table is for a general sci fi setting, and is meant to be as generic as possible to include a wide variety of games. These rumors are generally what sci fi adventurers/mercenaries would hear on a spaceport, but could be potentially applicaple to other places, as for whether they are true or just wild talk is up to you as GM.

Cover Art made on artbreeder.

20 Spaceport RumorsPrice: $1.00

S-Class Characters: The Psion

Publisher: Samurai Sheepdog

What’s Inside

  • The Alienist and Draconist disciplines are available to any psion (standard or s-class) who seeks to better understand their enemies or the mysterious gem dragons.
  • An s-class archetype so any character can get some psion abilities for themselves.
  • A full, 20-level s-class that you can bring to the table right beside others like it, including the original s-class, the summoner.
  • Summarized character options for easy reference.
  • A sample of 0- through 9th-level powers for easy reference.

“The original Pathfinder RPG summoner class is fine.”

I’m glad you think so. In that case, you’re going to love the s-class psion, which has been balanced around the same general power level as the original summoner while still remaining fully compatible with a standard adventuring party. In fact, we are retuning every other class to be on par with that one, and the psion is just one such offering. If this proves popular, we’ll be sure to release more, and eventually collect them into a full book for POD.

In addition to the s-class description, this is a full-use document for your character. No need to look at other books unless you need to know greater details, such as feat prerequisites and such (we intentionally summarize these so they’re usable, but you have a reason to pick those up if you want to use them outside of the context of the s-class character).

Other s-class character options include: alchemist, barbarian, bard, cavalier, cleric, druidfighter, gunslinger, inquisitor, inventormagus, oracle, monk, paladin, ranger, rogue, shifter, time thief, sorcerer, vigilante, witch, wizard

S-Class Characters: The PsionPrice: $1.00

September 26, 2022: Kickstarter’s Witchstarter Event

Kickstarter sometimes runs site-wide promotions, encouraging creators to construct projects around a common theme. Their Zine Quest events, perhaps the most successful of Kickstarter’s theme months, led to the creation of the Hexagram series for The Fantasy Trip (the 10th issue just funded on Kickstarter!). Now they’ve announced a site-wide event for October that we may participate in if our concepts shake out properly.

Witchstarter, announced here, is described as:

“. . . our first open call for Magic & Divination projects. To participate, launch a project in the theme of magic and the occult, or discover new favorites to pledge to. We’ll give an extra promotional boost to projects that follow the theme. Deck or dice, book or board game, ideas for Witchstarter projects may span any category on Kickstarter.”

Magic and games? Yeah, we’ve got some ideas. Maybe one will shape up in time for us to participate in the October event. News to come! For now, please follow us on Kickstarter  Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23  to get notice when we launch new campaigns. (Our current campaign, Roll the Deck!is live now until October 3!)

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Warehouse 23 Is Moving (In Cyberspace!)

Warehouse 23 is undergoing some changes and we need your help! We are currently testing our new webstore here, and it would be great if you could check it out.

You can read more about it over on the forums. (This is also a good place to tell us if you find any bugs.)

The Inquisition – Bundle I (The God Trials) [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

411454-thumb140.jpg Blood on Our Hands – The Inquisition: Episode II
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
The Inquisitors have been called to investigate a cold case!
Heading to an abandoned island, the body of a missing young noble has been discovered.
But, things go wrong when the evening brings amnesia and…a murder? Committed by one of the Inquisitors, they must answer one question…what happened?
Welcome to the Inquisition! In this series, the party belongs to an elite team of investigators, and are known throughout the kingdom as the Inquisitors.
This team is tasked with curious cases beyond the means of everyday guards, and are often trusted by the nobility to settle sensitive matters.

This adventure is part of The God Trials collection, created and written by Ammon Hansen. Specifically, this is product #6 of 20 for 2022. Follow us on Twitter @TheGodTrials for updates! New adv…

408929-thumb140.jpg Murder at Dabria Manor – The Inquisition: Episode I
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
Welcome to the Inquisition! In this series, the party belongs to an elite team of investigators, and are known throughout the kingdom as the Inquisitors.
This team is tasked with curious cases beyond the means of everyday guards, and are often trusted by the nobility to settle sensitive matters.
Such is true for tonight, as the Inquisition receives a letter proclaiming that Lady Alice Dabria has died suddenly in her estate. The Inquisitors are sent to investigate, but upon arrival, nothing is as it seems. Can the party learn the truth before they become the next victims?
This adventure is part of The God Trials collection, created and written by Ammon Hansen. Specifically, this is product #3 of 20 for 2022. Follow us on Twitter @TheGodTrials for updates! New adventures will be release…

Total value: 0
Special bundle price: 0
Savings of: 0 (15%)

The Inquisition - Bundle I (The God Trials) [BUNDLE]Price: $5.90