Night of the Walking Dead – The Gothic Conversion

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Night of the Walking Dead

The Gothic Conversion

Requires the AD&D RQ1 Ravenloft

Adventure Night of the Walking Dead, to play

by Igor Comunale

This conversion updates to the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons the AD&D Second Edition Night of the Walking Dead adventure set in Ravenloft.

The adventure can be played individually or as part of the Grand Conjunction campaign of which represents the first episode.

This adventure is suitable for characters from 1st to 3rd level. If used as the second part of the Grand Conjunction, the characters begin the adventure at 1st level.

In this conversion you’ll find:

– a full 5th edition conversion of the adventure

– tips on how to give a real gothic feel to the story

– variant events to make the adventure more challenging and scary

– a powerful villain, the Zombie Master Marcel Tarascon

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Night of the Walking Dead - The Gothic ConversionPrice: $2.00

Untold Lineages – Plasmoid Variations (Oblex, Gelatinous Cubes and other Oozes)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

What do I get?

  • Playable Lineage Rules For Full Oozes and Ooze Symbiotes 
  • 26 Ooze themed Feats and Flaws in a structured feat selection tree
  • 2 Symbiotic Ooze Creature Statblocks: Symbiotic Blight and Symbiotic Basilisk

Sure, you’re a nice DM. You want to give your players what they want. But when what they want is to play “Something from the Monster Manual”, then that’s just not practical. Or is it? 

The Plasmoid race in Spelljammer presents the official solution to the question “How can we make an ooze that fits in amongst humanoids”, but what if you are attracted to playing an ooze by what makes them different to a standard humanoid? You would need some balanced method of accessing the more oozy of their abilities.

DMs may allow players to use this material to portray a plasmoid based on the official ooze creatures encountered in material plane dungeons, or to spice up the life of the standard voyaging spelljammer ooze. We also present some other ideas, including applying these feats and flaws to non-ooze races to create symbiont style characters.

Our approach to playable monsters begins with the use of Tasha’s custom lineages, or the selection of the closest available official race or lineage choice, but we don’t stop there. We break down all of the cooler powers and features of the monster stat block and rebuild them as an optional feat tree. This lets players select the aspects of the monster they find most appealing as the character levels up. By making PCs pay for the cool bits using their ASI increases and carefully arranging the feat tree structures, the power level of the new monstrous PC is kept firmly in line with the rest of the party.

Untold Lineages - Plasmoid Variations (Oblex, Gelatinous Cubes and other Oozes)Price: $1.95

WBW-DC-Death-01 In Defence of Dairy

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The domain of Tiry Dewin Hyfeniâ is under siege. The Archfey needs the help of adventurers to find the magical artefact to free their domain.
A Four-Hour Adventure for Tier 2 Characters. Optimized for APL 8.
CONTENT WARNING: Mind Control, Potential Self-Sacrifice, Death

WBW-DC-Death-01 In Defence of DairyPrice: $2.99

WBW-DC-KW-05 Heavenly Hare Hunt

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The mayor of the town of Datura has asked you to come and participate in a hunt for a strange Hare in order to keep the denizens of their domain safe.

A Four -Hour Adventure for Tier 2 Characters. Optimized for APL 8.

Adventure Seed: Wild Hunt


Part 5/5 of the Gruseligerwald adventures. THE THRILLING CONCLUSION.

WBW-DC-KW-05 Heavenly Hare HuntPrice: $3.99

WBW-DC-KW-04 Morena’s Mysterious Mark

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

News of a golden lamb that brings good luck to the realm that catches it reaches the tiny town of Datura. A hunter, searching for glory, swears that it cursed him. Can you catch it and bring it to the Archfey for the good of the Domain?

A Four -Hour Adventure for Tier 2 Characters. Optimized for APL 8.

Adventure Seed: Woe Unto Ewe


Part 4/5 of the Gruseligerwald adventures

WBW-DC-KW-04 Morena's Mysterious MarkPrice: $3.99

The Maw of Oblivion for Deadlands: Lost Colony Comes to GameChanger

Two weeks from today, Tuesday, September 13th, prepare for a “Reckoning” on GameChanger!

The Maw of Oblivion is the first of a new line of supplements for Deadlands: Lost Colony:

The Four Horsemen had their way, and Earth is now an irradiated wasteland.

Before the end, spaceships brought prospectors, homesteaders, and intrepid Rangers to the Faraway system. They found ghost rock, new lifeforms, and Banshee—a living world with a spirit of her own. Unfortunately, the Reckoners found their way to Banshee too. Now the last of the human race and the denizens of Banshee most work together or see another world become a Deadland at the hands of the Reckoners.

Back on Earth, the Reckoners were large and in charge, but things are different in the Faraway system. The journey across weakened them, and the posse has new tools to use against them. Banshee herself is anathema to them, a mineral she produces called tannis can harm the ancient evils. The treacherous Hellstromme Industries has also produced technology that can trap and dissolve the horsemen. While the Reckoners hide and rejuvenate their powers it’s the posse who are on the attack. War has already fallen. Now the hunt for Famine is on!

While most of the action in Deadlands: Lost Colony centered on Banshee, humanity has outposts throughout the Faraway system, especially among the thick asteroid field called The Belt. Famine fled out into the Belt, where deprivation is a constant concern. The posse must venture out into the ramshackle stations and lonely asteroid settlements of Faraway to track down Famine and the artifact she discovered: The Maw of Oblivion—a raw black hole phased into the fabric of the Hunting Grounds by the ancient powers who once opposed Banshee.

This new 96-page hardback supplement moves the story of the Lost Colony forward and explores in more detail the settlements scattered across the Belt. It encompasses a six chapter Plot Point campaign covering Famine’s insidious machinations, the posse’s pursuit of her, plus complications from the aggressive U.N. forces in the Belt, the Reapers, and new horrors lurking in the Dark.

A series of Savage Tales and a passel of new enemies add depth to the proceedings and opportunities for more adventure. There’s also a primer to bring new GMs up to speed on notable events that happened in Deadlands: Lost Colony and beyond. In addition to all that, the

Holler: An Appalachian Apocalypse for Steam & Fantasy Grounds

Holler: An Appalachian Apocalypse is a roleplaying game of adventure, rebellion, fairy tale, and gothic horror, and now you can bring it to your virtual game tables via Fantasy Grounds and Steam!

In Holler, the mysterious “Big Boys” own the mines, mills, and the operations. They rule over every aspect of their workers’ lives—subjecting them to extraordinary dangers on the job and crushing oppression outside of it.

The Big Boys have transformed the land of the Holler—rivers bubble with strange chemicals, strip-mined mountains crumble into valleys, and the air is choked with a toxic fog known as the Blight.

The flora and fauna of the Holler grow more monstrous by the day. Demons of every description lurk in the forests. Mutant cryptids haunt villages with their strange cries and appetites. Vengeful haints leer from abandoned shacks and lonely cliffs.

No one is coming to save the people of Holler. They’ve got to take matters into their own hard-worked hands. It’ll take miners, granny women, gougers, moonshiners, bluegrass pickers, and holy rollers willing to fight and die to protect their culture, customs, and families. Folks who have the bravery to stare straight into the abyss and spit in its eye.

Holler draws deeply on Appalachian history, mythic folklore, and culture to create a dark fantasy world of apocalypse and vengeance set in gothic locales such as Corn Cob Gap, Cussfoot Fens, Ghost Ridge Mountains, Great Craggy Mountains, Faefall, Hogback Hills, Piney Dirge Plateau, Sootstone Mountains, and the Stygian Mountains.

It contains new Edges & Hindrances , new Arcane Backgrounds, rules for the ever-present Blight, a passel of strange critters including the Mothman, the Sheepsquatch, and the nefarious Big Boys themselves, dozens of locations such as Mount Everlasting, Devil’s Den, and Fairy Flats, a fully-fleshed out Adventure Generator, AND a wild ride of a Plot Point Campaign called Blasted Beauty.

Order your copy of Holler: An Appalachian Apocalypse from Fantasy Grounds or Steam today!

This product requires an active subscription or a one-time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Unity license and the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition ruleset. Compatible with Fantasy Grounds Unity. Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 4.1.8 and higher.

Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds: Rise of the Runelords Book 2 for FoundryVTT

For Foundry Virtual Tabletop users, Rise of the Runelords Book 2: The Skinsaw Murders for Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds is now available for purchase from our store!

“After slumbering for millennia, Runelord Karzoug woke in the depths of the lost city of Xin-Shalast. Unable to travel far from the source of his power, he conscripted the stone giant Mokmurian as his minion, but Karzoug demanded more.

“Enslaved giants were well and good for war, but they lacked finesse. Karzoug needed more subtle agents to provide him with both intelligence on this new world and souls to fuel his return to power. He turned his attention to the monstrous creatures that had claimed sections of Xin-Shalast during his long sleep. Of all these, it was the lamias with whom he forged the closest bond.”

Rise of the Runelords Book 2: The Skinsaw Murders is the second book in the six-part Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path and is available NOW for just $9.99 USD.

Savage Worlds Summer Showcase — Week 10

This Thursday (September 1st) starting at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific, make your way over to our official Pinnacle Entertainment Group Twitch channel for week 10 of our Savage Worlds Summer Showcase!

First up at 7pm, host Chris Landauer is joined by PEG Line Developer, Darrell Hayhurst for a special GameChanger Open House. Ask your questions about the upcoming Legend of Ghost Mountain reboot and get an exclusive preview of our next GameChanger campaign: Maw of Oblivion for Deadlands: Lost Colony, launching Tuesday, September 13th.

At 8pm, hosts Harlan and Jo Guthrie are joined by a bevy of established Savage Worlds streamers including multiple Hugo award-winning artist Cheyenne Wright, 2023 ENnie Awards judge, Candace McAfee (toddmoonbounce, Valore Studios), Kerri Smith (Deadlands: The Crossroads), and Meghan Caves (Gone Rogue EntertainmentSaving Throw)! Find out what’s coming up next for all of these talented content creators.

If you’re a Savage Worlds creator who would like to be featured on a future Summer Showcase, give us a shout at [email protected]!

Licensee Spotlight: Legion of Liberty: Greycoats for Savage Worlds

Now available in both PDF and POD hardcover from Ace licensee, Happy Monster Press, Greycoats is a new, 60-page Plot Point Campaign for Legion of Liberty: Superheroes of 1776.

Greycoats follows the adventures of a squad of superpowered British soldiers fighting with Wellington against the French in Portugal, Spain, and France… all the way to Waterloo!

In the Americas, a tiny percentage of people develop superpowers around the age of 12. All of the European powers are competing for colonization in part to acquire these superhumans and use them in their ongoing power struggles in Europe. The British conscript their superhumans into the Royal Superhuman Regiment – the notorious Greycoats; the French, into the equally notorious Legion des Sorcieres Etranges.

The Greycoats Plot Point Campaign contains:

  • More than 40 superhumans with stats and backgrounds.
  • More than 20 adventures following the Peninsular War from 1808 to 1815.

Legion of Liberty: Greycoats requires the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition core rules and Legion of Liberty: Superheroes of 1776 to play.

AESS352 – Space Ships: Deck Floors

Publisher: Aether Studios

Check out our latest Kickstarter, Roqom: 3d-printable Hell terrain and miniatures right here.


This set, Deck Floors , was a project we worked on for a very long time. Dave Townsend and Will Walker went through multiple rounds of vision to get this set right. Every letter and number plus extras to help diversify your ship layout to the max.

render picturerender picturedragonbite license

AESS352 – Space Ships: Deck FloorsPrice: $7.00

d12 Monthly Issue 16 – The Weapons Issue

Publisher: YUM_DM

This is issue 16 of the successful zine, d12 Monthly. This issue is all about Weapons.  

A zine for fans of the longest-running roleplaying game, or any fantasy TTRPG, in the same vein as the roleplaying magazines of old.

You will find articles intended to spur on ideas for your own campaign.

These zine are available free from my website, but this is a way you can have all your TTRPG stuff in one place and help support me and my work.

This issue contains the following:

Gaw! – A list of weapons made from natural substances, including monster parts. 

From Beyond the Grave – Weapons made by necromancers from undead. 

Shield Bash! – Rules on using shields as weapons. 

Have at Ya! – Simple rules for using improvised weapons. 

Blessed, They Be – Holy weapons and how they differ from magic weapons. 

Different Strokes – Weapons tags to add spice to your weapons. 

And much more! 

d12 Monthly Issue 16 - The Weapons IssuePrice: $4.00

Fearsome Foes: Mortician 5E

Publisher: Rusted Iron Games

Fearsome Foes: Mortician 5E

  • Author: Kim Frandsen
  • Game System: Fifth Edition Fantasy
  • Format:  PDF Digital Download
  • Pages: 10
  • Price: $2.99

Welcome to Fearsome Foes: Mortician. The Fearsome Foes series provides villains or villainous groups to challenge the player character heroes in your role-playing games. The villains presented are suitable to be used as either one-shot or recurring foes. In addition to the main villain, each volume will include enough supporting material to introduce it to your game with little or no extra preparation, including lieutenants, minions, and supporting encounters. This entry presents Halreth Donovar, a.k.a. the Mortician, a powerful lich necromancer posing as a local undertaker and occasional patron of adventurers sponsoring them to fight undead outbreaks in the local cemeteries. A group of four adventurers should be at least 12th level to take on the Mortician but can start encountering his minions much earlier.

Fearsome Foes: Mortician 5EPrice: $2.99

Seven Bastards Trilogy [BUNDLE]

Publisher: The Red Room
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

The first three scenarios for Wretched Bastards

World of Bastards: Daughters of Darkness
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
World of Bastards is the name we have chosen for a series of planned scenarios taking place in the Wretched Bastards setting, the world of Antillia. There’s no metaplot, no necessary connection between the scenarios, but a few known characters, places and factions might show up in some of them. The first scenario takes place in the Var Valey, a once fertile land where the crops are now rotten. The locals believe Lord Percival, an ambitious landowner with delusions of grandeur, has angered Ksenia, goddess of Fertility. Now drop a few bastard characters into this bucolic setting and let them raise hell! Daughters of Darkness is the first in a series of planned scenarios (World of Bastards) for Wretched Bastards, but compatible with many other OSR games….
Daughters of Darkness Pregenerated Characters
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
World of Bastards is the name we have chosen for a series of planned scenarios taking place in the Wretched Bastards setting, the world of Antillia. There’s no metaplot, no necessary connection between the scenarios, but a few known characters, places and factions might show up in some of them. The first scenario takes place in the Var Valey, a once-fertile land where the crops are now rotten. The locals believe Lord Percival, an ambitious landowner with delusions of grandeur, has angered Ksenia, goddess of Fertility. Now drop a few bastard characters into this bucolic setting and let them raise hell! Daughters of Darkness is the first in a series of planned scenarios (World of Bastards) for Wretched Bastards, but is compatible with many other OSR games….
The Seven Bastards Pregenerated Characters
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Bundle price:
Years ago a group of lewd and rowdy adventurers, collectively known as The Seven Bastards, was expelled from the village of Fork for their belligerent and salacious ways. But when consecutive bands of orcs start coming down from the mountains south of the village, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, the locals find no support in their lord, Windom, the Earl of Andril, too distracted with the mysterious disappearance of his young daughter to care about any other trouble. The villagers turn to the