Return of the Sky Lord

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Long ago, an ancient red dragon ruled the skies and and wrecked havoc across the land until it was eventually slain. Centuries later, a tribe of kobolds discover a dragon cult lair and hatch a sinister plot. Led by their priestess, the Redfang tribe believes they can resurrect the legendary tyrant through a simple ritual. All they need is a dragon tooth – and a suitable sacrifice…

Return of the Sky Lord is a D&D 5e oneshot adventure aimed towards newer players and DMs. It is optimized for a party of 4-5 2nd level characters. 

Return of the Sky LordPrice: $1.00

Biome Beginners Map Pack (Sample)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This is a free sample of my recently published Biome Beginnners Map Pack. I have selected my Grassland and Swamp maps to showcase the design of the pack. They are 20×20 and come in two options: grid or no grid, whichever is easier for your table! 

If you would like to see more of this you can check out all ELEVEN biome-centric maps here:

Biome Beginners Map Pack (Sample)Price: $1.00

The Manifest Class

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

It all started with something as small as a seed – perhaps even a drop of potent blood. Then came the dreams, the aches, and in time? A power awakened within you, rising on your skin to defend you and defeat your enemies. Now? You are one of the manifest, on a path of personal evolution. Who and what will you become by your journey’s end? And will it all be worth it?

Includes the base Manifest class and 5 subclasses, over 30 evolution options, and a feat for those who want just a taste of the transformational in their own stories.

If you like this pay-as-you-like class option for your stories, consider an alternative – to the sometimes reductive and problematic monk and barbarian class, the Channeler. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more magical? Try the new class, the Sojourner – those touched by the planes and gifted with a magical anchor to undertake their journey ‘home’. Looking for a bit more variety and regional flavor in your race selection? Try Kind and Culture

Reviews are appreciated – and if you suggest new builds, you’ll get strong consideration!

The Manifest ClassPrice: $5.95

The Alchemist Class

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Alchemist Class

As smoke clears from a candle-lit laboratory, a gnome wipes the soot from his goggles. In front of him lies a glowing mixture that fumes offensively after the sudden, but anticipated, reaction. His excitement overcomes a curse the concoction seems to be casting on his senses, as he rushes to seal the now shaking flask with cork. Holding the vibrating flask in-hand, he smiles as he drips a layer of resin over the cork, proudly preparing his bottle of bad day for the trip ahead.

Often found cooped-up with their experiments or scavenging the wilds for ingredients, the alchemist is a student of the metaphysical essence of things, and is as curious as they are resourceful. They may be dedicated to the research of medicinal applications, demolitionists fascinated with the kinetic potential of violent reactions, or researchers of the hidden weakness of monsters that plague the land.

Nonmagical Alchemist Class Description

Alchemy and Magic

The chemical creations of an alchemist can often blur the line between the natural and supernatural. Considering spells often draw on power through material components, it’s entirely reasonable to believe an alchemist exists somewhere in this blur, but unless the creation specifically makes mention of a spell, the item and its effects are not themselves magical. Alchemists are a great fit for low-magic campaigns, where spellcasting may be extremely rare for the standard adventurer.

Playing an Alchemist

This class grants you features intended for a particular playstyle. The alchemist is a low defense, high damage and utility martial blaster. It’s highly recommended that, in combat, you stay a safe distance away from the enemies to use your alchemical items on them, but as far back as is safe.

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The Alchemist ClassPrice: $9.95

The Lost Repository of Weird and Wonderful Things

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The multiverse is full of strange and wonderful things, and naturally, there are those who catalogue the various places and items they come across. This is one such compendium. Inside, you’ll find a small, but interesting collection of six magical items unearthed from places both odd and captivating. Take a look. You might just find something that will become invaluable to you on your journey.

The Lost Repository of Weird and Wonderful ThingsPrice: $1.00

New Star Crawl Adventure In The Online Store

Star Crawl is back! And it’s bigger than ever!

The latest release from Tuesday Night Fiend Club has hit our online store! Star Crawl: Scions of Leviathan is a level six adventure that takes your crew to their limits on the moon of Curtrane. It’s just the latest adventure in the popular Star Crawl series, fit for use with both DCC RPG and MCC RPG.

Let’s look at the details!

Star Crawl: Scions of Leviathan – Print + PDF

Can you rescue a young man from the clutches of a doomsday cult?

Scions of Leviathan is an all-new Star Crawl adventure to test the mettle of a veteran party! 

  • This 6th-level adventure is designed for Star Crawl but is easily adaptable for play with DCCMCC, or other systems altogether.
  • Includes pre-generated characters and ship stats to get you right into the action. 
  • This book also includes special Star Crawl bonus material: rules to generate pets and a new psycher spell!
  • Scions of Leviathan contains over 40 b&w zine-sized pages. 

Be sure to check out the entire Star Crawl series! A space-faring epic in the DCC/MCC style!

The Stolen Child

Publisher: Kelfecil’s Tales

A 3-part adventure!

Part 1: The quiet town of Crossgrass is suddenly attacked by Goblinoids, who steal away a single child. The players must get to the bottom of why, and perhaps end up in strange lands…

Part 2: Having entered the Lands of the Fae, the players must continue their search for Isla…

Part 3: The players enter the domain of the Archfae Alwe, where they must navigate its Court in order to retrieve Isla…

Get this adventure and a whole lot more by subscribing to my Patreon!



Recommended Average Party Level (APL): 4 to 6

General Theme: Retrieval, Fey, Roleplaying, Goblins

Setting: Any, Starlight Chronicles

Sessions to Finish: x3 session – x10 hours


Includes tons of maps and beautiful NPC art!



– Comes with maps. Links for maps that go with the adventure can be found inside the PDF.

– Limited availability. These adventures will only be available for my Patrons during the month they release. After that, they will only be available on my webshop and other storefronts for a premium price. This also applies to the Foundry VTT module that will be made for the adventure.



The Stolen ChildPrice: $12.99

Creature Spirits Pack 10

Publisher: ForgottenAdventures

This pack contains all tokens from Creature Tokens – Pack 23, Pack 24, Pack 25, Pack 26, and Heroes – Pack 06 in Spirit Forms.
All in 4 Color Variants as usual (Blue, Green, Purple, White).


Creature Spirits Pack 10Price: $4.99

Bund des Wahren Glaubens Vademecum (PDF) als Download kaufen

Publisher: Ulisses Spiele

»Aus Los Tränen, die er über den Tod Sumus vergoss, wurden die Vorfahren aller sterblichen Wesen, aus den Blutstropfen, die aus seiner Wunde fielen, entstanden die Götter, die Dere bis heute behüten.«

– Schöpfungsmythos des Zwölfgötterglaubens

Was sind die Grundlagen des Zwölfgötterglaubens? Wie ist er entstanden und was macht ihn aus? Wie kann man gleichzeitig zwölf Götter verehren, die doch so verschieden scheinen, oder ist das gar unmöglich? Wie erkennt man überhaupt den Willen der Götter? Wie überzeugt man einen Andersgläubigen vom Zwölfgötterglauben? Der vorliegende Band gibt Antwort auf solche und andere Fragen aus der Sicht eines Zwölfgöttergläubigen vom Bund des Wahren Glaubens.

Diese Spielhilfe ist als inneraventurischer Leitfaden für Missionare gedacht, bietet dabei aber auch Informationen, die für alle Spieler eines Zwölfgöttergläubigen interessant sind. Es geht um die Hintergründe des Zwölfgötterkults sowie Aufgaben, Aufbau und Geschichte des Bundes des wahren Glaubens. Außerdem um wichtige Personen und Besitztümer des Ordens, den Umgang mit Andersgläubigen, die Erkundung des Willens der Götter und natürlich die Tätigkeit eines Missionars des Zwölfgötterglaubens.

Der Band ist eine stimmungsvolle Ergänzung für das Spiel in Aventurien. Er ist für Meister wie Spieler gleichermaßen geeignet und erfordert keine Regelkenntnisse. 

Bund des Wahren Glaubens Vademecum (PDF) als Download kaufenPrice: $9.45

Behind Enemy Lines – An Encounter for Twilight 2000

Publisher: Free League Publishing

Everything changed after Kalisz. But nothing changed. The Russians had kicked us hard, for sure. But the war was still going on. Poland was still occupied.

We’d found a few more like us – NATO soldiers dazed and confused after the final assault on Kalisz, just happy to be alive and not there. We figured we still had a job to do.

We made ourselves into a new unit and did our best to carry the fight back to them. We could see the Soviets were trying to strengthen their grip around Kalisz and villages nearby. We set out to make that just a bit harder.

They got good at coming after us. When we headed to Złoczew we found out why. They had radio re-trans station set up on a hill. That meant they had troops with radios looking for us. This had to stop. Now.

Behind Enemy Lines follows on from Lighting It Up. The PCs have continued to be a thorn in the side of the Soviet invaders. But the enemy is becoming more resourceful as they seek out the trouble makers. If they are to survive, the PCs must strike behind enemy lines.

The scenario is set in Poland in the weeks after the loss of Kalisz, but can be adapted to anytime and anywhere during the Third World War, in either Poland or Sweden. It offers another challenging encounter for PCs to overcome, and quickly, as time is not on their side. 

Behind Enemy Lines - An Encounter for Twilight 2000Price: $1.00

Worlds & Adventures #003 – Juli 2022

Publisher: Ulisses Spiele

Worlds and Adventures ist das, monatlich erscheinende Ulisses Magazin, in dem wir euch über unsere anstehenden Neuerscheinungen informieren, aber auch einen Blick hinter die Kulissen von Ulisses werfen wollen.

In der Juliausgabe 2022, werfen wir einen Blick auf die kommenden Karibik-Produkte unserer HeXXen 1733 Linie. Also freut euch auf karibisches Flair, Piraten, Hexen, allerlei seltsames maritimes Getier, Voodoo und alles was das Jägerherz begehrt.

Zudem wollen wir aber auch unsere digitale Sparte etwas genauer unter die Lupe nehmen und euch zum einen, einen Überblick über die Möglichkeiten des Onlinespiels (sei es nun VTT oder Discord) geben, zum anderen aber auch unsere digitalen Systeme genauer vorstellen. Egal ob für Foundry oder Roll 20.

Außerdem im Heft: Spielinhalte für Das schwarze Auge. 

Worlds & Adventures #003 - Juli 2022Price: $0.00

Location, Location, Location

Danger Zones: Tons of locations for M&M adventures!

Available to Pre-Order now!

Add at least two dozen “locations” to that and you start to get the concept and usefulness of Danger Zones for the Mutants & Masterminds Superhero RPG. The sourcebook, a compilation and expansion of our long-running series of PDF products, takes a look at an oft-neglected element of superhero adventure creation. You guessed it: location.

Superhero adventures are often about the “who” (villains and their schemes) and the “what” (whatever the villains are after) and even the “how” (mainly various super-powers, gadgets, or magical weirdness) and not that often about the “where.” Danger Zones addresses that by offering a whole series of locales both common and not-so-common as backdrops and settings for your adventures. Each Danger Zone comes with an overview map, descriptions of the locations’ common features in game terms (including things to break, lift, and throw), sample characters you might encounter there, and adventure hooks featuring that location.

You can use Danger Zones for quick sources of what we might refer to as “backdrops,” locations that aren’t especially essential to the adventure but add color and detail. Does your adventure start out at a nightclub (like Green Thumb, Black Heart for Astonishing Adventures)? Grab the Nightclub write-up and map from the book and make use of them to detail that location without any extra work on your part. Are high school heroes hanging out at a local coffee shop or fast food place when villains attack? Take and use those locations from Danger Zones and you have ready-made maps to show your players and details on what happens when, say, a hero throws an espresso machine or somebody gets knocked into a fryalator.

You can also use Danger Zones to inspire and create adventures focusing on particular locations. Each one comes with 2–3 adventure hooks, multiplied by over 30 locations, making Danger Zones a sourcebook for a hundred or more different adventure ideas for your Mutants & Masterminds games! They may, for example, inspire you to throw a parade for the heroes (or have them participate in an event like your city’s long-standing Pride parade. In fact Danger Zones: Parade Route is free as a fantastic sample PDF download!), run into trouble at City Hall, get involved in politics, stage a daring high-speed chase scene on the local highways, or delve into the city’s history, possibly complete with literal ghosts from the

June 30, 2022: GURPS 4E Essentials at Bundle Of Holding


Here’s a rare opportunity. The GURPS 4E Essentials at Bundle of Holding gives you the chance to grab the core GURPS Fourth Edition titles in PDF . . . for only $19.95! This package includes the Basic Set (Characters and Campaigns), Template Toolkit 1, Adaptations, the GM screen, and How to Be a GURPS GM, providing all of the core rules necessary to get into the GURPS roleplaying game.

This is far from the only GURPS offer at Bundle of Holding, though, so now is your chance to grab several GURPS PDFs at an incredible price.

Hurry! The offers come to an end later this month.

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Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Don’t Delay; Delve Today!

Delvers to Grow: Core Book lets you start out as a fledgling hero for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, quickly and simply. Getting in the game has never been easier with Warehouse 23!

Tome of Subclasses, Volume 1

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Tome of Subclasses is a series of texts containing forbidden and esoteric knowledge… of four unique subclasses! Get up close and personal with the Bruiser roguish archetype, weave might and magic with the Bladecaster sorcerous origin, and get into unique combat styles with the Blade martial archetype and the Bounty Hunter conclave.

This PDF contains four homebrewed subclasses for D&D 5e:

  • The Blade subclass for the fighter: a master of dual-wielding that doesn’t necessarily need the Dual Wielder feat to make it work; the Blade is a total charmer to boot
  • The Bruiser subclass for the rogue: a Strength-based rogue in all its glory, master of intimidation and cracking skulls
  • The Bounty Hunter subclass for the ranger: a unique class focused on slowing and inhibiting prey after zealously tracking them down
  • The Bladecaster subclass for the sorcerer: a slightly more martial-focused sorcerer with access to many of the smite spells, and while their melee attacks may be weak, they have ways to ensure they hit and weaken enemies against their spells.

Tome of Subclasses, Volume 1Price: $2.00

Nadoen’s Nefarious Notations – A Compendium of Spells for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

In this compendium of arcane secrets, the morally precarious lich Nadoen Omaris presents to you a menagerie of spells both new and old. Within this book are spells adapted from previous editions, entirely new spells of my own creation, and an optional section containing epic 10th level spells for characters beyond level 20.

Nadoen's Nefarious Notations - A Compendium of Spells for 5th Edition Dungeons & DragonsPrice: $4.99