Available Now: May 20

Published 20 May 2022

Marvel Champions: The Card Game

Available Now: May 20

Two New Hero Packs for Marvel Champions: The Card Game are Now Available

Check out the latest products from Fantasy Flight Games, now available in the United States at your local retailer or online through our web store!


A boy, a helmet, and an intergalactic legacy! Sam Alexander isn’t just any teenager; he’s been recruited to the Nova Corps, the universe’s police force. And it’s his job to look after his family and his planet as the high-flying hero Nova!

This cosmic hero rockets into battle in this expansion pack, which introduces Nova as a new playable hero along with his fifteen signature cards. With a pre-built Aggression deck ready to play from the get-go, you’ll be able to tackle your enemies with Nova’s wildcard gameplay from the moment you open the box. With lots of uses for “wild” resources and some powerful, efficient event cards, Nova is a thrilling hero who can contribute to any team!

Not a standalone product. A copy of the Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set is required to play.

You can pick up your own copy of the Nova Hero Pack (MC28en) at your local retailer or online through our webstore today!*


After a senseless act of violence took the life of her best friend and of her stepfather, Riri Williams used her supergenius intellect to reverse-engineer Tony Stark’s Iron Man design and create her very own power armor. Now she soars the skies as Ironheart, determined to rid the world of cruel fates like the one she once endured.

This high-tech hero boosts into battle in this expansion pack, which introduces Ironheart as a new playable hero along with her fifteen signature cards. With a pre-built Leadership deck ready to play from the get-go, you’ll be able to face down villains with Ironheart’s arsenal of armors from the moment you open the box. With the unique ability to gradually and permanently “level up” her armor for the rest of the scenario, Ironheart is a fantastic hero who can put in serious work for any team.

Not a standalone expansion. A Marvel Champions: The Card Game core set is required to play.

You can pick up your own copy of the Ironheart Hero Pack (MC29en) at your local retailer or online through our webstore today!*

*Available in

Alternate Magic (OSR)

Publisher: Chaos Factory Books
ALTERNATE MAGIC is a collection of mechanics for old school and OSR systems.
If you like “Basic” games and its clones (Old School Essentials, Basic Fantasy RPG, Labyrinth Lord, etc.), or even other OSR games, and want to expand magic options, you’ll certainly enjoy this one!
This book is compatible with Dark Fantasy Basic, including a specific chapter on conversions. Some ideas can serve as inspiration for any RPG system, but we assume you’re familiar with old school or OSR games.
In these pages, you’ll find:
– New spellcasting classes;
– Flexible spells, suited for any spell level.
– Blood magic, random magic, and spell points.
– Cantrips and rituals.
– Alternatives for the cleric class
– …and many other tools.
The book is entirely modular! Each chapter can be used by itself or in combination with other chapters. For example, you might use blood magic with the traditional spellcasting system or combine it with flexible magic. You can use random magic with spell points or cantrips, or by itself. You might use the new classes without changing anything else in your game.

Alternate Magic (OSR)Price: $4.99

Phoenix-Genie – Stock Art

Publisher: OneDMtoAnother

This stock art by Victoria Blackmore (OneDMtoAnother) shows:

A pheonix rises from an oil lamp.

Style: Full colour digital art, with:

  • Two full colour variants
  • Black and white ink linework
  • One colour shaded variations (grey, orange, fuchsia, pink, lilac, mint, blue, gold, sepia)
  • transparent and partially transparent backgrounds
  • Reference PDF showing all variants on both a plain white and “parchment paper” background (included as document preview).
  • Other colour variants available on request.

Dimensions: 4169 x 5906 px

File format: PNG, with both transparent & white background options.

A license for non-exclusive commercial use of this art is included in the download files and can be viewed online here.

Phoenix-Genie - Stock ArtPrice: $4.95

Pyramid of the Undying

Publisher: Simon Carryer Games

A new take on the greatest D&D adventure ever written.

Tom Moldvay’s “The Lost City” is without a doubt my favourite of the early D&D modules. There’s so much fun to be had with the weird Cynidiceans, the faction play, and the mystery of what’s happening in the pyramid. I’ve run this adventure top-to-bottom probably three or four times, over dozens of sessions. I’ve gathered what I learned from that into this “fan edit” dungeon, which I hope allows more people to appreciate what I love about the Lost City.

Pyramid of the UndyingPrice: $1.00

Friday Enhanced Map: 05-20-2022

Publisher: Paratime Design

The May 20, 2022 Friday Enhanced Map product contains a multi-layered PDF (allowing the options of white or black backgrounds, numbered or non-numbered areas, secret doors on or off, and grid or no grid) and a zip file with all relevant map files as individual jpg images.

The Friday Enhanced map is for personal use only. If you are interested in licensing the map for commercial use, please contact Tim Hartin at Paratime Design for additional info.

Friday Enhanced Map: 05-20-2022Price: $2.00

Hard Ticket to Lud

Publisher: Monkey’s Paw Games


Lud is a people and a village, sun-baked and reed-clad, nomadic boat-dwellers that drift through the marshes in the manner of their ancestors. They are known for:

  1. The Wandering Urth: The urth does not rest easy here; it moves, and shifts, and sometimes bubbles up out from the muck to drift and float into the summer sky. The Satraps of the north call them levistones and use them to power their skyships.
  2. The Cyclopean Ruins: In the Long-Ago, this was not a marsh but a rugged mountain, ruled by a fierce people of stone with singular, burning eyes. The remains of their Empire lie scattered about the marsh, in places called taboo by the Luds.
  3. The Only Safe Path To Qud: Qud, that carnelian city of gleaming spires and roaring crowds, souqs packed and teeming with lings and treasure from across the Million-Million Spheres, lies across the marsh. It is a place where fortunes can be won and lost – but you have to get there, first…

The Luds (page 8) are a people divided; many are content to live in the nomadic manner of their ancestors, though some long for the trappings and trinkets of the World Outside. This divide has left them easy prey for the Satrap.

The Cyclopeans (page 12) are not dead; merely slumbering deep beneath the urth following the collapse of their galactic civilization. Yoked to the geas that binds them to the Crown of Command, its siren song has roused them from slumber.

Tanith (page 9), a lowly laborer for the Satrap, pulled the Crown of Command from a levistone dig site in northeastern Lud. Since then he has been on the run, pursued by cyclopean terrors by day and a burning, unblinking eye of flame by night…

This is a 40-page introductory hexcrawl adventure for UNCONQUERED (or other old-school role-playing games) and is suitable for 4-8 characters of 1st-level. It can serve as a stand-alone adventure session or as the basis for a larger campaign.

Hard Ticket to LudPrice: $10.00

May 21, 2022: Car Wars Sixth Edition Available For Direct Sales

We’re not yet ready to announce our distribution plans and schedule for the Car Wars Sixth Edition game, so for now the best we can suggest is to visit Warehouse 23 to find the available games, expansions, and accessories. Whether you’re a gamer or a retailer, you may now order Car Wars Sixth Edition and get it onto the table this summer for constant automotive combat.

Retailers, please email [email protected] if you would like a direct account.

Visit Warehouse 23 today to find Car Wars Sixth Edition!

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: More Crew!

Want more Crew options for your Car Wars Sixth Edition games? Pick up the Car Wars Crew Pack! This 4-player expansion for Car Wars Sixth Edition includes new cards, tokens, and optional rules that enable your crew to get out of the car and fight on foot! Order now on Warehouse 23!

WBW-DC-VMT-01 Tale As Old As Time

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Grab your sword, grab your bow, pray to Torm and here we go! Lay siege to an archfey’s castle and rescue a kidnapped woman in this homage to a classic fairy tale. This is a four hour Adventurers League legal module, optimized for five level 3 characters. It includes gridless battlemaps for use on the VTT of your choice.

WBW-DC-VMT-01 Tale As Old As TimePrice: $3.95

Dungeoneers Codex: A Supplement For Better Dungeon Crawls

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Dungeoneers Codex is a suppliment intended to aid in the creationg of better dungeons. This title includes:

  • A list of subteranian hazards
  • Room every fortress needs
  • Simple rules to aid in grittier combat
  • Advice for running combat
  • An improved and easily usable encumberance system
  • Advice for running hirelings

and more. Implementing any and all of the content in this suppliment into other dms guild content is welcomed and encouraged.

Dungeoneers Codex: A Supplement For Better Dungeon CrawlsPrice: $0.50

Faunen – Dog Races

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The faunen are anthropomorphic animal races designed to be included as player options in any campaign setting. We provide some ideas for culture and societies to help with establishing these races in your campaign.

The lupus are a race of humanoid hounds. As there are many breeds, there are many variations to the lupus. You can be a shepard, retriever, pit bull, or even a wolf. There is also the half-lupus who have predominantly humanoid features with few dog features.

If you enjoy this content and want an animal race made, feel free to leave a comment with your recommendation. If there was something about this product you didn’t enjoy, we would appreciate your feedback.

Faunen - Dog RacesPrice: $1.99

5e Condition Cards | Form Fillable PDFs

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

D&D Conditions are complicated.

While the DM has all the conditions behind the screen making it easy for them to keep track, the player’s struggle to remember the difference between paralyzed and stunned.
These cards remedy that! Just simply hand them out to your players if they are struck by a condition so they know what`s happening with their character too!

In this item we`ve also included a form fillable PDF for you to type out any custom condition you might be running on your campaign like possessed, drowning, buried, etc…

A great option to get all those bulky books off your table, stop wasting time leafing through papers and notes, and get back to playing dungeons and dragons! We are dnd players first and these were designed specifically to meet our own needs at the D&D table. All our friends love them, especially the newer players. We love using these and we’re confident you will too!

5e Condition Cards | Form Fillable PDFsPrice: $2.99

River Map Pack

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Maps of 3 river areas. The pack includes multiple versions at 70 ppi and 140 ppi: night, day, grid, no grid. The 70ppi day no grid version of each is included in the preview file.

River 1: Fording area with shack (35 x 22)
The fisherman living in the shack maintains a rope across the river to cross against the current.

River 2: Bridge over canyon (35 x 20)
Small temple lies on the edge of the canyon, watching over the old bridge.

River 3: Flooding river near ruined settlement (35 x 20)
What’s left of ruined buildings sit next to a river that routinely floods, in the shadow of a stony mountain.

River Map PackPrice: $0.50

Horror at Headstone Hill Live Actual Play coming in June

First time we saw it …a dark mass of buildings huddled on the mountain’s shoulder. A place they called.. Headstone Hill.
The town’s ablaze with electric light. It verged on miraculous.
But we noticed how strangely the light flickered, and how every shadow grew deeper and more suspicious in its presence.
That’s where Agent Reeg vanished… so that’s where we had to go.
It was time for us to face… the Horror at Headstone Hill!

Experience terror in Wyoming Territory with a NEW and LIVE Actual Play of Horror at Headstone Hill, the epic sandbox campaign for Deadlands: the Weird West. Join Game Master JM DeFoggi and four desperados as they take us through horror and adventures beginning this June on twitch.tv/peginc! Follow our channel to be notified when the campaign launches.

Horror at Headstone Hill is a sandbox campaign setting, fully detailing this small section of the Weird West. As the heroes unravel the main campaign storyline they’ll find themselves drawn into all manner of exciting adventures in and around Uinta County, Wyoming.

If you’d like to play along with our posse you can pick up the campaign in print for $29.99: the Boxed Set includes a handy booklet for players, the 128-page Horror at Headstone Hill book, a double-sided map, detailed player handouts, creature cards, pawns, and a unique-wild die.

Learn to Play Savage Worlds with Saving Throw

Pinnacle has teamed up with Saving Throw–the streaming group behind Wildcards and Savage 60 Seconds–to bring you a 5 episode Learn-2-Play video series for Savage Worlds that premieres live next Tuesday May 24th on Twitch! 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific

Through the RPG Exploration Society, Veteran Game Master Dom Zook and players Gnomdic, Meghan Caves, Noir Enigma, and Rae will take you through character creation, world building, combat and more.

Wanting to get started with Savage Worlds? Or Deadlands specifically? Don’t know where to start, or maybe you have a rules question that’s been bugging you? Drop by the chat to ask the cast live!

Tune in for the premiere on Tuesday, May 24th on https://twitch.tv/savingthrowshow! Hope you can ride with us, pardner!