60 Tavern Situations

Publisher: Atelier Clandestin

There is always something unsuspected going on in a tavern…

This product:

– contains 60 situations in total, which are split into 6 different locations (cellar, dining hall, kitchen, lobby, outside, rooms),

– has 3 black and white vector illustrations,

– is in A5 format, has a black and white cover page and can easily be printed into a booklet.

60 Tavern SituationsPrice: $1.00

BlaszczecArt Stock Art: Vampire Lord

Publisher: BlaszczecArt

Vampire Lord by Bartek Blaszczec 

Vampire Lord art at 350 DPI. Png with transparent background and regular JPG as well.

You want me to draw your character, specified illustration? Comission can be ordered here 

also you can find my prints on: Fine Art America

Bartek Blaszczec

I’m self-taught fantasy art artist. I love RPG games and drawing so I take inspirations from our own RPG sessions. I thought to share with my drawing and painting skills with community.
I hope you’ll enjoy it.
Feel free to contact me for any commission.

Thank you for your support:)

Stock Art License:

Commercial Use License Our terms and conditions for the commercial use of stock art are as follows:
• The illustrations in this product may appear in print, electronic or web-based advertisements for the product you use it in. You may not include any illustration in this product in a stock art product of your own.
• You may crop, rotate, resize and reasonably modify any illustration in this product as needed, providing the artist’s signature is clearly visible, in the image, or printed just below the image.
• We require that the artist (as Bartek Blaszczec) is credited in your product’s credits.
Private Use License :
• You may use the illustrations in this product in any personal products without restriction.

BlaszczecArt Stock Art: Vampire LordPrice: $4.99

The Spectre

Publisher: Peter Diggins (PD)

“You bought a spaceship?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“What are you gonna call it?”

“The Spectre. Like me, it’s come back from the dead.”

“What are you gonna do with it?”

“Buggered if I know…”


Earth has been conquered by the Aquurian Empire. Whether a beneficial change or not remains to be seen.

An unexpected change in fortune means Roman Gunther can afford to buy his own starship. With his motley collection of robot help, Roman blasts off into space in search of adventure.

This booklet brings to life the Spectre; the characters, systems, secrets and technical details that drive this state-of-the-art starship.

The SpectrePrice: $2.00

Motif SRD Quick Start

Publisher: Thought Police

The Motif SRD Quickstart is a simple plug & play roleplaying game system build. It also includes a customizable but ready to use story oracle to use as a GM assistant or enable solo play!

It is a companion to the Motif Toolkit SRD, which describes the broad framework of Motif. This title focuses on enabling fast pickup play with custom concepts and rapid game prototyping for TTRPG designers. 

It uses the same simple but deep d6 approach used by Motif Framework tools and Runs on Motif games

  • Basic d6 dice engine
  • Simple pre-set core stat slots.
  • Basic special ability slot.
  • Clean, fast player-facing system.
  • Intuitive health and action model.
  • Notes with alernative options.
  • Story oracle included.

You can use the games ready built with the plug and play template or use the prototype as a foundation to further build your game. In addition to the main SRD, you can also draw further inspiration from these game titles available under the SRD license:

Motif SRD Quick StartPrice: $10.00

Rajah Decks [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Azoth Games
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

Discipline Deck: Radiant Dawn
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
Those that follow the martial path often lack the temperment, or time, needed to leaf through ponderous tomes of knowledge. 
Discipline Deck: Radiant Dawn presents the Radiant Dawn martial discipline, which was released along side Dreamscarred Press’ Rajah class, in an easy to reference format similar to a spell card. The cards in this deck feature versions of the radiant dawn martial maneuvers that have undergone minor edits for compatibility with this format. Most maneuvers occupy 1-2 cards. …
Veil Deck: Rajah
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
Here is a small boon for all of you delvers of the mysteries of akasha that have limited time or table space.
Veil Deck: Rajah presents the 24 veils that were released along side Dreamscarred Press’ Rajah class, in an easy to reference format similar to a spell card. The veil cards in this deck feature versions of these veils that have undergone minor edits for compatibility with this format. Most veils occupy 1-2 cards. …

Total value: 0
Special bundle price: 0
Savings of: 0 (15%)

Rajah Decks [BUNDLE]Price: $6.00

April 30, 2022: Hang Out With Us At FnordCon 5!

FnordCon 5 is in full swing, and we’re packed with events and games from morning till midnight! And we’re not just playing games; we’re hosting secret playtests, making announcements, teasing upcoming releases, and more. If you aren’t able to make it out, though, don’t worry; you’ll still get to check out some of these cool announcements!

Steve and Phil will be hosting their now-traditional What’s New panel, where we talk about upcoming games and accessories, and we’ll be recording this to post on YouTube later. You can also join us on the FnordCon Discord and hang out with fellow gamers during the convention. We won’t have our normal host of digital events, but it’s a great way to meet people who enjoy the games you like to play as well! It’s a good idea to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, because we’ll be sharing pics from the convention, which may include some secret stuff that we’ll be announcing soon.


Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: There’s No Devil Like Snow Devil

How dangerous could something named “Snow Devil Pass” be? . . . oh. Really? That dangerous? Huh. What if I’m the legendary barbarian, Conan of Cimmeria? Oooh, now that sounds interesting. GURPS Classic: Conan the Wyrmslayer is a solo adventure that pits you against a fearsome foe. Download it today from Warehouse 23!

Belara “Rose” Firahel – A Wizard NPC

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Belara “Rose” Firahel

A level 12 wizard NPC with story hooks

Rose was always on the move. Digging, prodding, opening doors sometimes better left closed. Her curiosity surpassed only by her eagerness to share the knowledge she found. Settling down and getting married was easier than she thought.

But elves live so much longer than humans, and when her husband died, she realized she had one more tome to find …

Ready to use

You look for an NPC to support your players? Belara “Rose” Firahel covers your wizardly needs and comes with a complete background and strory hooks. She is a level 12 wizard and ready to be dropped into your campaign.

Rose in your campaign

Rose might get involved with beginner PCs (levels 1–4) as a sponsor directing them to libraries, catacombs, crypts, and ruins appropriate for low-level characters while she is busy with more dangerous field research with her own group, the Arcane Unearthers.
For more experienced PCs (levels 5–10), Rose can dish out more dangerous jobs, perhaps some with regional political consequences. The PCs might have to infiltrate a baron’s stronghold or steal something from Candlekeep or the Conclave of Silverymoon. Rose does not discriminate when she hunts for knowledge.
In advanced play (levels 11+), Rose could join the PCs and bring her own companion quest with her.

Design: McDoney

Editor: Ray Vallese

Belara "Rose" Firahel - A Wizard NPCPrice: $0.50

Divine Blessings – Beshaba

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Divine Blessings is a series that aims to provide knowledge about the gods and items they might leave behind. Providing a story of the gods, their journies, trials, and where they stand now. Throughout their lives they have provided blessings in the forms of weapons, armors, and various trinkets. 

Taking inspiration from their stories, we create items that feel like a part of the deity. Whether they be relics found or an artifact bestown to a champion.

The cause of bad luck and misfortune, Beshaba is the counterpart to her sister Tymora. The two were once a single whole entity that managed all luck. When the two were split, Tymore received the good luck and many other positive traits. Soon behind was Beshaba who would inherit Tyche’s bad luck and good looks.

Many follow in Beshabas teachings. Not to seek bad luck but rather to keep it at bay. Giving thanks and worship to her is more of an act to please the deity, not gain attention.

Those in her good graces might find themselves bestown a magic item in her name. When wielding these treasures, they will find their enemies beset with bad luck. Making it easier for the user to capitilize on those fortutious events.

Divine Blessings - BeshabaPrice: $1.99

Way of The Immolant: Monk Subclass for 5e

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This monk subclass is built around the idea that the candle who burns brightest burns half as long. Insipred by monks around the world who have set themselves aflame for causes they believed in, have your monk follow that fervent path and burn away all injustice in your way.

Way of The Immolant: Monk Subclass for 5ePrice: $1.00

RMH-12 – Beneath the New Star Map Assets

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

All the maps you need to run the AL adventure RMH-12 – Beneath the New Star in any VTT, optimized for Roll20 grid.

This bundle includes 3 maps, all colorful, and their dd2vtt assets for the dynamic lights for any possible encounter in the module:

  • Laboratory (10×10)
  • Library (10×15)
  • Temple (15×15)
If you liked those maps, you can contact at my email ([email protected]) for the possibility of personalised set of maps.
Thank you so much for the patronage.

RMH-12 - Beneath the New Star Map AssetsPrice: $1.45

The Council Awaits

Published 28 April 2022

Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition

The Council Awaits

Introducing the 25th Faction for Twilight Imperium

A new faction has arrived in Twilight Imperium! First revealed as part of the Twilight Codex Vol. III, the

Council Keleres

joins Twilight Imperium’s roster as its 25th faction. How fitting for the year of the game’s 25th anniversary!

Read on to learn a bit about the Council and its motivations for joining the fray.

Across the galaxy, planetary governors compete for trade opportunities, the Great Civilizations joust for superiority on the battlefront, and still other, more insidious factions play at shaping galactic history for their own ends. In a galaxy fraught with so many agendas, it’s no surprise that the Galactic Council took it upon itself to assemble a force of its own to manage its affairs. The Keleres of the Council are that force, but they are also something more. They are a ragtag army of bureaucrats, soldiers, and spies, often at odds with themselves and not always appreciated by the galaxy they serve.

Though the Keleres are born of the Galactic Council, they are often left to their own devices, traveling the galaxy brokering peace, intervening in conflicts, and tackling threats to galactic civilization as a whole. They even act without the consent of the Tribunii or the Galactic Council when timeliness is a factor, only to be censured by the Galactic Council after the fact.

The member states of the Council send recruits, who are selected according to the traditions of each individual planet or system, to serve in the Keleres. The Great Powers have learned, since the Keleres’s founding, that the Keleres are a useful tool for furthering their own designs. Rather than sending their best operatives away to the Keleres, many send political opponents, incompetents, dangerous prisoners, and other individuals who are difficult to do away with and  undesirable to have around. On the other hand, a few Great Powers find it prudent to send highly competent personnel, sometimes out of respect for the Galactic Council but more often than not to clandestinely advance their own goals. The Keleres, then, are a strange and difficult order to manage.

The Galactic Council elects three of its own to be the Tribunii of the Keleres. Members

Announcing DCC #101: The Veiled Vaults of the Onyx Queen

Imprisoned in opulence, marked for death, hunted by creatures both grotesque and foul—sounds like a fun time, right?

Announcing DCC #101: The Veiled Vaults of the Onyx Queen, the newest adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics, coming in June! This 0-level funnel walks down the twisted line between horror and fantasy, bringing your characters into the heart of the pantheons and machinations of the world. And it’s now available for pre-order!

But wait…what about DCC #100?

We hear you. After a successful Kickstarter for DCC #100 (and thank you again for such overwhelming support!) we’re hard at work getting everything finished up for it, but a product like that takes time, and we didn’t want to wait to bring you the next adventure! Don’t worry, it’s coming soon!

Right now, let’s look at the details for DCC #101: The Veiled Vaults of the Onyx Queen.

PRE-ORDER – Dungeon Crawl Classics #101: The Veiled Vaults of the Onyx Queen – Print + PDF

A Level 0 Adventure for DCC RPG

The Queen’s Onyx Jubilee is set to begin, marking the 95th year of the merciful monarch’s glorious reign. While the entire realm celebrates the good fortune of their long-lived sovereign, a group of common villagers fights to stay alive. For them, the festivities have become a nightmare, as the sounds of revelry are replaced by screams of terror – their own!

Imprisoned in opulence, marked for death, hunted by creatures both grotesque and foul. This ragtag group of unsuspecting villagers must band together to brave the vile mysteries that haunt this place and stand defiant in the face of death itself – if they hope to escape the Veiled Vaults of the Onyx Queen and save their very souls!

This 0-level adventure funnel begins in media res with the characters awakening deep within an opulent palace where they are set to become unwitting sacrifices to the corpse-god Mordiggian.  There they must piece together the clues as to their whereabouts, contend with a ghoulish death cult, stop a vile sacrament, close a gate to the underworld, and ultimately confront the Corpse-God himself – if they want to escape the Charnel Palace and save their very souls.

  • Part dungeon delve, part investigative mystery, the PCs must piece together clues and solve puzzles to help them survive the adventure
  • Good mix of puzzles, riddles, monsters, magic, and mayhem
  • Character’s alignment and

Starting Points: The Broken Temple

Publisher: The Black Fortress


A System Neutral RPG Map


Deep within the forest lies the ruins of a long-forgotten temple. Those who worshipped here have abandoned this place, leaving behind a maze of corridors and rooms and the possibility of priceless artefacts…


But what spectres or monster now patrol the darkness of the corridors? Which Gods were worshipped here, and do they still linger on this holy ground? Only you can decide…


As indicated by the title’s series, this map is intended to be a starting point for you to begin to craft a short delve, a Side Mission or to integrate into part of much longer adventure. The map is System Neutral and ready for you to populate with your choice of monsters, traps and treasure that are appropriate to your gaming needs. The map is designed in black and white so as to save on printer ink and includes suggested areas for Wandering Monsters, traps, and a simple corridor collapse mechanic to add further peril to your Party’s search amongst the ruins of the Broken Temple. Being only one side of A4, the map is an ideal location for either one evening’s play or as a short Side Mission, the complexity of which you can set and define for your adventurers.


This dungeon itself has been generated using The Black Fortress Random Dungeon Generator: Corridors and Rooms. This product can be used in conjunction with The Broken Temple map in order to expand its size or to add more corridors and rooms. This product can be viewed and purchased by following this link:



Starting Points: The Broken TemplePrice: $2.51