The Owlbear’s Den Homebrew Digest

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Owlbear’s Den proudly presents its first collection of content,

The Owlbear Den Homebrew Digest!!!

Overall, this 61-page collection provides:

1 new class, The Commander, along with 4 subclasses, 25 subclasses for the classes found in the Player’s Handbook, a total of 11 new feats, 70 spells from levels 0-9, 31 new magic items which include a new type of magic item, Charms, and a rules supplement designed to add something to Spellcasting Focuses!

I am extremely excited to share this content, and hope that everyone is equally excited to use it! The content found in this collection has, for the most part, not gone through playtesting. As such, I would be incredibly graetful for any feedback you would provide! If at any point you wish to share your thoughts, concerns and/or comments, contact me a [email protected]!

The Owlbear's Den Homebrew DigestPrice: $0.50

Koa’s More Magical Metals

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

If you’ve ever read about Adamantite and Mithral, and the idea of magical metals that exist beyond our world has excited you, then look no further than KoatheDM’s Magnificent More Magical Metals! 

This compendium brings about 20 new magical alloys and metals (a handful of which are not considered metals), each with details on their creation, their statistics as equipment, and generic lore that can fit into any setting!

With inspiration taken from other metals throughout the modules released by Wizards of the Coast, this compendium takes a number of them, adapts and modifies them into their refined variant so they can be used, and found, by players!

Koa's More Magical MetalsPrice: $5.00

Magical Narcotics and Illicit Substances!

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

With Koa’s Magical Narcotics and Illicit Substances, you can now give a breath of fresh air to your thieves’ guild or socialite party! Inspired by other D&D supplements that started to detail what some magical illicit substances may be, this compendium offers 25 brand new magical illicit substances, listing their effects, their typical costs, downsides, and rarities!

As well as having rules for addiction and how to work with injections, thes illicit substances make magical consumables a little more fun as they come with risk and reward for players! Not only this, but they can also be made to spice up the average bandit!

Why face a bandit with a bow when you can face a juiced up bandit with burning hands with bloodshot eyes, only looking for gold to get another dose! The possibilities are (almost) endless!

Magical Narcotics and Illicit Substances!Price: $5.00

Improving LMoP – Goblin Arrows

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Lost Mine of Phandelver is a fantastic adventure for new players. The purpose of this supplement is on how DM’s can improve the experience to be more narrative-focused and generally more substantial from a role-playing perspective. 

This PDF covers the first chapter, Goblin Arrows.

If you would like to watch my video detailing how I put these changes into action, please view that on youtube here.

Improving LMoP - Goblin ArrowsPrice: $0.00

Firesmyte’s Grab n’ Go Heroes: Mid Level Nonhumans (pregenerated)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Product Overview:

12 pregenerated ready-to-play characters are included. These player characters are nonhumans of 7th level which represent each of the 12 classes in the PHB. They include the races of; Lizardfolk, Goliath, Dwarf, Elf, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Tabaxi, Gnome, Halfling, Drow, Dragonborn, and Tiefling.

These characters can be tweaked to become Adventurer’s League (Season 11) compatible with very little effort. Simply replace the recommended gear presented for each hero with the standard starting equipment listed in the PHB for that particular class. 

Each hero is a masterful blend of class, race, and background with added flavor and personality. They can be any gender as well.

Each pregenerated character comes with the following:

  • A completed, condensed character card-sheet, with easy to understand features.
  • Unique social quirks and personality summaries on the included “Choose your Hero” cards.
  • Complete spellbooks for all spellcaster heroes.
  • Full color individual Hero Symbols instead of a character portrait so that the hero can be used for any gender of character – or in the case of some devious adventuers – changed on the fly.
  • Supplemental cards for mounts, servants, beast companions, backpacks, and more! 
  • Illustraded guidebook for each hero’s recommended starting equipment. Also in the guide, you will find suggestions for an ultimate reward tailored to each hero. Offer it as a reward, or tease your players with it’s allure!
This product references back to other great Wizards of the Coast titles, including the Players Handbook, the Sword Coast Adventurers Guide, and Volo’s Guide to Monsters.  To make best use of this product, it is recommended you own and have access to these titles.  It is also worth noting that these characters are not immediately adventurer’s league legal due to their starting equipment and lack of flaws/bonds/faction – please see the Season 11 Adventurers League Players Guide for more information on creating a character.


Preview 1

About the Author:

Corey “Firesmyte” Leisure is the current proprietor of Firesmyte Studios and host of the webshow, “Dungeon Dad”. He is also an avid aquarium enthusiest of both fresh and saltwater systems. His other pursuits include, but are not limited to, hiking, mixed martial arts, skateboarding, landscaping, and gaming of all varieties. He is a servant, a husband, a father, an entrepeneur, and caretaker of a dog, a cat, several chickens and many fish. 

Firesmyte's Grab n' Go Heroes: Mid Level Nonhumans (pregenerated)Price: $1.95

Event Submissions Open for Origins and LexiCon!

Convention season is right around the corner and, as of right now, two of the Cons we’ll be attending this year have opened their Event Submissions for anyone looking to run games!

Both Lexington, KY’s LexiCon, held on the weekend of April 1-3, and the long-running Origins Game Fair, taking place from June 8-12 in Columbus, OH, are now open for Event Submissions.

Note: You do not need to buy a badge first to submit an event for either of these conventions. You will just need a login for Tabletop Events. In fact, Origins is not open for badge registration for about another week.

We firmly believe that we have the best fans in gaming, and the hard-work, dedication, and creativity of our many Judges and event-runners is at the heart of every convention experience — we can’t wait to see what Goodman Games you will be running this year!

Take a look at our full 2022 Convention Schedule for a complete list of all the conventions we will be attending this year. And click below to go straight to the TableTop Events event submissions pages for Lexicon and Origins.

We hope to see you in 2022!

The DCC Bookshelf 2022

Years ago we showed you the DCC Bookshelf, and talked about the variety of covers that have come out for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Core Rulebook, and we did a follow up in 2020 that showed just how much we added to the total in the meantime. Here’s an update.

It’s truly satisfying to see the all of the different versions swelling to overcome our shelves across the years. Next time we might have to take the picture in panorama!

Here’s the latest look at the DCC Bookshelf, and how gorgeous these volumes look, like the psychedelic spellbook collection of a high-level, wizard-van driving sorcerer. It’s fun to match the spine to the edition — in fact, why not do a little contest covering exactly that . . .

The Full Shelf!

Contest Time!

Moving from left to right in The Full Shelf! picture above (you can click it to see a bigger version!), identify which cover goes with each spine. Simply name the edition or describe the cover for us, no need for links (or pictures), and send your completed spine-cover matchup list to Email [email protected] 

First 3 correct replies will get a No-Scroll!

And while you’re figuring all that out — I think it’s finally time to go look for a bigger bookshelf . . .

A Great Value on Dungeon Design Tools With Bundle of Holding!

No one does deals like Bundle of Holding — so check out these Goodman Gems for amazing savings!

This system-neutral set of books is a great addition to your collection, and right now you can get them at an amazing discount while doing some good for those in need. Entertaining and inspirational, these key works enhance any fantasy campaign with new character backgrounds, locations, setting elements, monsters, a yearlong calendar, and three alphabetic compendia that help you rethink your games at a fundamental level

For just $9.95 you get four titles in our Starter Collection (retail value $37) as DRM-free ebooks: The Adventurer’s Almanac, DM Campaign Tracker, PC Pearls, and GM Gems.

Now, that’s enough of a deal already to inspire a happy-dance, but things get even better once you pay a little more and cross the price threshold of $24.95…

Because that’s when you’ll level up and also get our entire Bonus Collection with five more titles worth an additional $57: The Dungeon Alphabet, The Monster Alphabet, The Cthulhu Alphabet, 50 Fantastic Functions for the D50, and How To Write Adventure Modules That Don’t Suck.

Deals like this are like finding an unique artifact in a kobold lair — the stuff of legend!

The best part? Ten percent of your payment (after payment gateway fees) for this bundle offer will be donated to the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank. It’s a great way to get a fantastic deal and give back at the same time.


  • The Adventurer’s Almanac
  • DM Campaign Tracker
  • PC Pearls
  • GM Gems


  • Dungeon Alphabet
  • Monster Alphabet
  • Cthulhu Alphabet
  • 50 Fantastic Functions for the D50
  • How to Write Adventure Modules That Don’t Suck

The Goodman Gems Bundle of Holding is a limited-time offer! So if you want to get some fantastic system-neutral books to add to your collection, you’d best act soon!

Fearsome Foes & Fables

Publisher: Paizo

Bring fresh excitement to your Pathfinder Second Edition adventures with this collection of all-new monsters! Discover these strange and mysterious creatures through the tales of their deeds and weave them into your own story, with treasures and rewards for any adventurers strong and brave enough to survive the encounter.

Fearsome Foes and Fables includes:

  • 32 original creature statblocks, each with lore, roleplaying notes and a short story to set the scene
  • Spells, magic items, feats and more to accompany each creature
  • 2 all-new ancestries – the curious lophii and the secretive serpentaur!

Fearsome Foes & FablesPrice: $13.41

Harry Potter Potions Cards

Publisher: Second Edition

Представляем Вашему вниманию колоду карт зелий для настольной ролевой игры “Гарри Поттер”.

Размер карт стандартный 63 х 88 мм. В колоде 34 листа. Надеемся, что они превнесут удобство в ваши игры. Подержите нас рублём, если хотите, чтобы подобные продукты появлялись впредь.

Harry Potter Potions CardsPrice: $1.00

Harry Potter Spell Cards

Publisher: Second Edition

Представляем Вашему вниманию колоду карт заклинаний для настольной ролевой игры “Гарри Поттер”.

Размер карт стандартный – 63 х 88 мм. Колода содержит все заклинания волшебного мира (155 листов). Поддержите нас рублём, если хотите, чтобы подобные продукты появлялись и впредь.

Harry Potter Spell CardsPrice: $1.00

Black and White Portraits

Publisher: Zed Nope

Four portraits in an inky black and white style. Two children and two adults. There’s little to indicate setting about them but the adults are wearing clothing with a bit it fantasy/medeival flair. The kids could go either way. Each somes as a PNG with and without the backgrounds. These are large images, 2500 to 3600 pixels on the longest side, depending on the shape. They’ll give you plenty of design options.

One user, unlimited commercial or personal projects, edit it however you like, credit me. More details in download.

Black and White PortraitsPrice: $6.00

January 31, 2022: Knightmare Chess Pre-Orders At Warehouse 23


Out of print for a few years, we’re happy to report that the combined edition of Knightmare Chess (both of the 1990s sets in a single box) has reached our primary warehouse and the game is now available to pre-order at Warehouse 23. Skip the after-market prices  which have gotten out of control recently — and add a new, factory-fresh copy of the game to your collection!

You’re unfamiliar with Knightmare Chess? You’re in for a treat: this game breaks the rules of chess in wild and unpredictable ways. Some cards affect a single move, and some change the entire game. Knightmare Chess plays quickly out of the box, but it also includes variants, and it’s easy for players to customize. The possibilities are endless, and so is the fun!

Note: Knightmare Chess requires a working knowledge of chess, and a chess set, to play.

Pre-order Knightmare Chess today!

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Circuit Overloaded!

Dress up your cyberpunk or far-future games with this set of three 16mm d6. The colors (gold on green) and pattern suggest a circuit board, and the pattern runs over the edges of the dice! Order these awesome Circuit Dice now on Warehouse 23!

Child of the Eclipse

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A party of adventurers is summoned for help from the mayor of the small town of Mistholmes. An eerie message has been sent regarding the reward for an old blessing, on the next day, when the solar eclipse takes place. An one-shot adventure for a party of 4-5 level 5-6 characters.

Child of the EclipsePrice: $3.34

dnd 5e: Cartas de hechizos clérigo en ESPAÑOL [niveles 0, 1 y 2][PNP]

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

El siguiente documento tiene las cartas de hechizo de Clerigo desde trucos hasta nivel 2 Tomando como referencia los libros publicados en español (y algunas licencias para los que aun no están traducidos a la fecha).  Además los hechizos que requieran componentes materiales tendrán un valor aproximado de compra del mismo y algunos hechizos tienen reglas opcionales caseras que le aportaran un escalado justo frente otras habilidades (como es usar detectar magia de nivel 2, ampliando el radio de deteccion, puedes no usar esta regla). tambien estan los nombres en español e ingles y su libro fuente. 

 Con este documento podrás imprimir las cartas y hacer tu propio mazo de conjuros preparados y/o Conocidos

 Referencias actuales:  Player Handbook, Xanatar´s Guide To Everything, Tasha’s cauldron of everithing, Strixhaven: a curriculum of caos y  Dnd Beyond.

Contacto: [email protected]

dnd 5e: Cartas de hechizos clérigo en ESPAÑOL [niveles 0, 1 y 2][PNP]Price: $7.99