The Haunting of Rodalen Priory

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

“About half a day’s travel from any major city, Rodalen Priory sits in stasis. The monastery doesn’t get many visitors these days. Devout monks carry out their daily tasks as diligently as ever, but a somber cloud hangs overhead, chilling the once warm and inviting atmosphere. Good thing then, that the monastery is haunted…”

In this one-shot adventure for three to six 3rd level characters, players will be tasked with solving the mystery of Rodalen Priory! Is the monastery really haunted? Will they survive the night? Venture onward to find out!

The Haunting of Rodalen PrioryPrice: $2.95

Flesh Sculptor: An Artificer Subclass

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

“Bodies are a resource. Only the particularly foolish or blind cannot see that. A combination of blaster and battlefield controller, a Flesh Sculptor is an expert in undeath. The greatest work of the Flesh Sculptor is their patchwork abomination, an undead creature made from only the best materials. In the dread plains few are more feared. Flesh Sculptors are mad scientists who have long since forgotten anything good or holy.”

The Flesh Sculptor is a horror themed Subclass for the Artificer. Flesh Sculptors utilizes lightning magic and a Frankenstein’s Monster esque companion to defend themselves and their allies.

Flesh Sculptor: An Artificer SubclassPrice: $1.00

The Gourmet: An Artificer Subclass for 5th Edition D&D

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Have you ever wanted to play a chef in 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons? Well, now you can! This artificer subclass will let you cook up dishes from your magical menu to buff allies, control enemies, and feed… well, everyone! Have I whet your appetite?

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Six Stones (An Eberron Adventure)

Steel Defender Variants

The Gourmet: An Artificer Subclass for 5th Edition D&DPrice: $0.50

Rifts® for Savage Worlds: Atlantis Rising… RISES!

Our thanks to everyone who has already helped our Kickstarter Booster for Rifts® for Savage Worlds: Atlantis Rising not only meet, but exceed its initial goal!

We quickly hit an amazing milestone of 1,000 backers (it’s just shy of 1,300 as we post this), and with a week left in the campaign, who knows how much higher those backer numbers will rise!

It’s all up to you, our fantastic friends, who keep spreading the word about the Pawns, maps, Dossiers, and especially Savage Rifts®: Atlantis and the Demon Seas.

In celebration of this 1,000+ backer milestone, we’ve just unleashed All That Glitters, a FREE One Sheet adventure for Rifts® for Savage Worlds, written by Johnny Roccia. Download it now and bring it to your game table this weekend!

Legacy backers were thrilled with their first look at Tattoo Magic, so we’re releasing this preview to everyone.

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Blast Off for Flash Gordon: Moons of Mongo—PDF Now Available!

Flash Gordon: Moons of Mongo is now available in PDF from our store for just $5.99!

This new 32-page sourcebook provides GMs all the information they need to run games on Mongo’s twin moons of Exila (the Outlaw Moon) and Lunita (the Unexplored Second Moon). Inside you’ll find background information, maps, stats for new items, enemies, and two full-length adventures.

Please note that this is for the PDF, only. The physical book can be obtained by purchasing the Legends of Mongo Booster Box. This product requires the Flash Gordon™ Roleplaying Game and Savage Worlds core rules to play.

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Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds—Rise of the Runelords Boxed Set Items Released in PDF

For those who have been waiting patiently to get their iron gauntlets on the contents of the Rise of the Runelords Boxed Set for Pathfinder for Savage Worlds, everything from that box is now available for purchase in PDF from our store! This includes all six volumes of the campaign, the Guide to Varisia, and the Map of Sandpoint.

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The Last Parsec: A Clear Understanding of Honor By John Wick from Soundbooth Theater

Written by noted game designer John Wick, and narrated by Justin Thomas James and Laurie Catherine Winkel, A Clear Understanding of Honor is the latest audiobook from Soundbooth Theater, this time set in the universe of The Last Parsec, a science fiction setting for Savage Worlds.

Captain Morham is in trouble. A strange alien species has disabled his starship and killed many of his crew. With no power, no weapons, and no shields, the only thing that can save the JumpCorp team is a clear understanding of alien honor.

Download A Clear Understanding of Honor, an epic and FREE Savage Story of The Last Parsec from Soundbooth Theater, today! And be sure to grab all the other Savage Worlds-inspired audiobooks while you’re there including a few thrilling tales of Necessary Evil like Fallen by Shane Hensley and Purgatory by Ed Stark!

If you like what you hear, please rate and review these audiobooks to ensure we can bring even more Savage Worlds-inspired adventure to your ears!

Adventures in Fiction: Ray Harryhausen

Adventures in Fiction: Ray Harryhausen and the Look of Fantasy

by Brett Brooks

Our Adventures in Fiction series is meant to take a look at the writers and creators behind the genre(s) that helped to forge not only our favorite hobby but our lives. We invite you to explore the entirety of the series on our Adventures In Fiction home page.

June 29th celebrates the birthdate of Ray Harryhausen. As one of the most celebrated special effects wizards in the history of cinema, his impact on filmmaking goes beyond reproach. Many of the most talented directors of the last fifty years directly cite him as a profound influence, including Peter Jackson, Guillermo del Toro, James Cameron, Edgar Wright, and Steven Spielberg. But what about role-playing games? How did he affect those? We’ll discuss that in a moment, but first, some background.


Ray Harryhausen’s career began under the tutelage of another master of cinematic effects, Willis O’Brien. O’Brien is best known as the special effects creator on the original King Kong film, which inspired Harryhausen while he was in high school. He arranged a meeting with O’Brien, took some sculptures of his dinosaurs, and O’Brien kept Harryhausen on his radar from there out. During that same time, Harryhausen became close friends with another creator who would rise to prominence, a writer by the name of Ray Bradbury. During WWII, he served under an aspiring film maker named George Pal, who then introduced him to another director working for the military, Frank Capra. Capra recruited him for the SCPC, the Special Service division, helping him make films for the US Government throughout the war. On some of those films—most notably one entitled Snafu—he worked with another up-and-coming talent named Theodore Giesel (better known as Dr. Seuss). After the war, Harryhausen and O’Brien first worked together on the Academy Award winning Mighty Joe Young. And the rest, as they say, is history.

And if his story ended there, it would certainly be enough—but of course, it doesn’t. The visuals and dynamics created by Harryhausen weighed heavily on the minds of others, which evidence indicates included the imaginations of Gary Gygax and the other people responsible for the creation of Dungeons and Dragons.

Ray Harryhausen is credited as being the special effects wizard on sixteen films, and all of them are worth note. Hints and touches from each of them

DCC Dying Earth Game Mechanics Discussion on Twitch Tonight

Tonight we explore the Dying Earth—from a mechanics point of view. Gaming mechanics, that is…

The Dying Earth Kickstarter is off to an amazing start, and tonight we’re giving everyone some insights into the new rules and how they work in the context of Dungeon Crawl Classics. Join lead Dying Earth designer Marc Brunner and Jim Skatch as they cover what makes the world tick, and how that translates into DCC RPG.

What will they discuss tonight? Good question. Here’s a short answer:

  • The Magician class! Marc and Jim will discuss true Vancian “rote” magic in DCC! They’ll cover force of will, amplification, and new spells!
  • The Wayfarer class! Luck-stealing! Rhetoric die! A new twist on the luck spends and luck checks!
  • The Witch class! Curses, demons, ritual spellburn, and vitality drains!
  • The Vat-Thing class! Artificial humans, vat-thing flaws, martial prowess, and the “invoke creator” feature! Did we mention new spells?
  • And they’ll also go over new gear, the starting animus feature, new “spell provenance”, and the new Vancian Grudge Token mechanic!

And that’s just a taste! There’s much more that the team will cover during the show.

Tune in tonight and watch Marc and Jim discuss The Dying Earth! Join us on Twitch at 8:00 p.m. EST to watch the event LIVE!

Howard and James’ Ten Vance Favorites

Howard and James’ Ten Vance Favorites

Recently the Skull issued a decree to various minions, bonded thralls, pseudo-sandestins, and temps from the secretarial pool to provide for his edification a list of their favorite works from the great and powerful wordsinger Jack Vance. Much of these replies were inferior, riddled with wrong opinions and bad taste, and those responsible were punished with hideous thoroughness for their failure. Only the perennial worthies Howard Andrew Jones and James Enge adequately fulfilled the Skull’s demands, not only sparing themselves a sorcerous expurgation, but providing a handy list of stand-out favorites from Jack Vance that make for a great recommended reading list.

Howard: With an author as gifted and prolific as Jack Vance it’s a challenge to select ten favorites because that list might change depending on your mood. It turns out that a lot of my favorites overlapped with James Enge’s, but we decided to discuss different books. And sometimes I cheated.

Five Vance Favorites from James Enge

To Live Forever/Clarges

A harrowing tale of revenge and social climbing in a futuristic city where the first prize is immortality and the second prize is death. The first prize is also death.

The Eyes of the Overworld

Here’s where I rant a bit. This is one of the greatest works of sword-and-sorcery ever written. An episodic novel whose episodes (mostly) appeared in F&SF during the 1960s, the story follows (but does not endorse) the actions of Cugel the Clever: thief, trickster, liar, and just a tad less clever than he thinks he is. He fails in an attempt to loot a sorcerer’s mansion and is hurled to the far side of the world. He has to con, sneak, and fight his way home to have his revenge on Iocounu the Laughing Magician, which he does… sort of. The setting is Vance’s greatest creation, the Dying Earth: full of magical traps, ancient menaces, and red shadows in the last days before the sun goes dark.

Space Opera

Maybe Vance’s funniest book. An eccentric millionaire drags her nephew and a picked company of Earth’s greatest operatic talent to stage an interstellar tour of opera performances before nonhumans. Nothing goes as planned.

The Blue World

This is an adventure novel on a worldwide ocean where human beings, having practically no resources except their own intelligence and determination, fight for survival against a sea monster. The biggest obstacle

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Hunter Shelburne

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d20 Modern Nights

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Something is out there in the night…
…and that something is you. This book contains classes for playing Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Strigoi (humans corrupted by Vampire Blood), Hedge Mages, and Mortals, in any modern gothic horror setting, with rules for Demons, Ghosts, Faeries, Monster Hunters (and maybe more!) coming soon in separate supplements.

These rules are setting agnostic, but are designed for a Modern time period in whichever setting you use them in, with new Backgrounds, Skills, and Items appropriate for Modern times (which can be used separately from the Gothic Horror classes if you wish!)

d20 Modern NightsPrice: $11.99

The Book of Night – Bundle of Darkness [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

The Book of Night – A Ravenloft Player Companion
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
In this brand new collection of player options, wield the dark powers of Ravenloft! Be part of the mist itself with our Mistborne lineage, seek out and destroy the dark powers with out Hunter background or choose one of the 40+ new subclasses featuring dark delights such as:
The Blood Knight: Drain your enemies and wield your body as a weapon
The College of Tarokka: Foretell doom for your foes with our new Tarokka college, feature three different ways to use the cards including Tarrot, Standard Card Deck and Dice!
Sticther: An artificer capable of making his own customised undead minion out of his fallen enemies!
Way of the Wolf: Rip apart your foes with the animalistic fury of a lycanthrope!
Oath of the Mist: Serve the mists as it sustains your very life force! Call upon its power to de…
The Book of Night – Ravenloft Artifacts
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
Heading to Barovia? Need some items with that Ravenloft touch? Look no further! This incredible collection of items is sure to make and adventurer happy, terrified or in some cases trapped within a mirror! Spooky sentient weapons like Agamon, desperatly seeking vengeance on his previous killer. Try our deliciously, dangerous potions and poisons like the bottled miasma – bring a touch of the mists to battle with you! Or don armors like our Troll Fang Shroud to make you says ‘Wow, that’s disgusting! Ancient artifacts that contain the souls of fallen pharohs, the essence of death itself or even a really aggressive chicken! From bows made of spider legs to wands made of even more spider legs, we have it all! What are you waiting for? Get it now and horrify your family, friends and players! 

Total value: 0
Special bundle price: 0
Savings of: 0 (56%)

The Book of Night - Bundle of Darkness [BUNDLE]Price: $22.90