Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A fledging adventuring company returns bloody and beaten to Lonelywood and their implacable foe follows, bringing impending doom upon the town. The result is a 4-hour combat-heavy Tier 2 adventure that is the 1st part of A Cold War Series.


Monster Hunts Weekly: Issue 18

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


Monster Hunts Weekly presents a collection of one-shot adventures, full color maps, new creatures,
magical items, plot hooks and harvest tables to quickly inject into your Dungeons and Dragons games!

Brought to you by the design team behind 100 Monster HuntsLegendary Hunts, and The Greasemonkey’s Handbook, these easy to navigate supplements are a perfect addition to any campaign theme!
Each issue focuses on a different creature type and are written by a host of talents from all over the DMsGuild, from adamantine best-sellers to new and upcoming authors!

What’s Inside This Week’s Issue?

The Horrow Lich

An undead horror with three separate forms you can use to torment your players – CR 5, 11, and 16

New Harvesting Materials 

Lich heart, horrow mask and skull fragments

4 New Magical Items To Craft 

Black Heart Amulet, Guya Mask, Horrow Ring and Lich Skull Staff

5 Plot Hooks 

Various bounties, rumors and suggestions for introducing the
Horrow Lich to your home games

The Darkness Within (APL 16) 

A short one shot adventure for 4 – 6 players of 16th level, ready to run out of
the box, complete with monster tokens and full color map, NPC details and rewards
Content Warning: Fear/Terror related Horror






This is the PDF version. Fantasy Grounds Version available Friday!

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Monster Hunts Weekly: Issue 18Price: $4.95

Fantasy Grounds 5E Spell Components Check

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


This is an EXTENSION for use with the Fantasy Grounds VTT and specifically the D&D 5E ruleset only!

Spell Components Check for 5E!

This Extension will remind players of the spell components required to cast a spell when they cast them.
If they have items in their inventory that could be used, they will be noted in the chat.
It will also notify you if the caster has a casting focus, a component pouch, or if the spell consumes items.

Fantasy Grounds 5E Spell Components CheckPrice: $2.00

The Free Cats of Loudwater

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Delimbyir Vale Welcomes You

The Free Cats of Loudwater need your help to rescue four children from the clutches of the Nighthoods. Pit your blade and spells against these deadly foes of the Ogre King.

This one-page encounter begins a series of adventures set in Delimbyir Vale and Grayvale.

A Dungeons & Dragons adventure for characters of level 1-4

For use with the fifth edition Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual and Dungeon Master’s Guide.

The Free Cats of LoudwaterPrice: $1.00

A Puzzling Legacy

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Can you uncover the eccentric inventor’s legacy?

After the passing of an eccentric inventor, his grandson discovers a wrapped package in his grandfather’s workshop. Inside the package is a note along with a puzzle cube. The note contains a hint for the first puzzle. After numerous failed attempts, the grandson seeks out the party to help solve the cube.

A Puzzling Legacy is a D&D encounter for 1st or 2nd level characters.

A Puzzling LegacyPrice: $0.50

May 31, 2021: New Releases For September

Happy Memorial Day! While we’re using our recently-vaccinated statuses to get summer started, we’re looking ahead to the end of summer with our releases with a couple of major Munchkin releases! 

Munchkin BossesMunchkin Bosses

And you thought your boss was a pain.

You’re pretty good at Munchkin – stabbed some friends, looted some rooms, killed a few monsters, won some games – and now you think you’re ready to take on the boss monsters. Well, look no further; we have all of the epic monster boosters and munchkin buffers to provide any player with a battle royale (with cheese). Add this special expansion deck to any Munchkin game and get ready to be bossed!

This is an expansion for Munchkin, and needs a base game to play. 

Munchkin RussiaMunchkin Russia

Welcome to Munchkin Russia, where the jokes get you! Enter a land of mystery, magic, and borsch. Fight the Troll Factory, KGBirds, Rasputin, or the dreaded Hangover with your Russian Wolfhound and Balalaika by your side. As you grab loot and become a Hacker, Oligarch, Athlete, or Cossak on your way to Level 10, watch out for the Revolution and the horror of the Eurovision Singer. And be sure to enjoy the beautiful seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter, winter, winter . . .

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: Ready For An Adventure?!

In Hack & Slash, your guild of adventurers is ready for anything: battles, rescues, and the “liberation” of whatever pays the most. Choose a quest and roll the dice! You may win fame, and even recruit a new comrade for your party. Or you may fail, and slink back to the Tavern. Don’t fail! Order now on Warehouse 23!

Rise of the Genie Lords – Part Five

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The armies of Calimport and Memnon gather in the Calim Desert for a final attempt to raise one of the genie lords of old.

In this adventure, you will journey to the Wealdath in the lands of Tethyr to recruit the aid of an ancient elf, the only one capable of reforging the Calimemnon Crystal.

This is the fifth and final adventure in a series that takes you on a quest to prevent the genie lords of old from returning and reclaiming the country of Calimshan. Are you ready for the final chapter?

Rise of the Genie Lords - Part FivePrice: $7.99

Mythic actions! (Volo’s Guide to Monsters) (Fantasy Grounds)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


Mythic Actions! for the Volo’s Guide to Monsters now for Fantasy Grounds


“A crackling sound echoes through the skies as the storm that raged for years is starting to get absorbed by the giant. The body of the ancient creature trembles as pulses of energy seep through it whole. As this abnormal procedure ends, a protective layer of lightning envelops the giant and its eyes open, revealing a beaming blue light. “

-Mythic Storm Giant Quintessent

When legendary is not enough, the monsters are turning mythic! Will your battles become an epic tale of victory or a disastrous tragedy?

Inside this module, you will find mythic actions for every monster with legendary actions in Volo’s Guide to Monsters! These include the:

Storm Giant Quintessent
Elder Brain

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Note: This product is for use in the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop. If you would like to purchase the PDF version, click here.

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Mythic actions! (Volo's Guide to Monsters) (Fantasy Grounds)Price: $1.95

Ravenloft: Council of Monsters (PC Options & Adventure)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Ravenloft: Council of Monsters

This 5th-edition campaign continues right where Ravenloft: Invitation to the Council of Monsters leaves off — with a trip to Barovia itself.

This supplement for Players and DMs contains the following:
– Over 350 Pages of 5e Content
– A 170-page Adventure Starting at 3rd-level
– 25 Full-color Maps
– Over 70 color illustrations
– 13 New Sub-classes:

  • Artificer, Rage-doll Specialist
  • Barbarian, Path of the Ambusher
  • Bard, College of the Hunt
  • Cleric, Chance Domain
  • Druid, Circle of Necrosis
  • Fighter, Infiltrator Archetype
  • Monk, Way of the Ascendant
  • Paladin, Oath of Freedom
  • Ranger, Expediter Archetype
  • Rogue, Nefarious Archetype
  • Sorcerer, Pathogen Origin
  • Warlock, Pact of Dread
  • Wizard, School of the Deep Wood

– 5 New Feats
– 17 New Magic Items
– Over 50 New Monsters & NPCs
– Games within the Game
– Player Handouts



Ravenloft: Council of Monsters (PC Options & Adventure)Price: $17.92

Sewing up a Dream

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A short dream sequence to introduce or reinforce the Sewn Sisters from the Tomb of the Nine Gods.  Your players will experience a waking nightmare that foreshadows the hags and their plots.  The nightmare ends by having the players inadvertently set up one of the final puzzles in the Tomb of the Nine Gods.

This module is a 3 to 4 hour adcenture intended for use by PCs at levels 5 to 8, and is intended for use as a supplement to Chapter 2 or 3 of Tomb of Annihilation.

Included is a 10 page module, and one full color map in .jpg format for use as you see fit.

Sewing up a DreamPrice: $1.00

May 30, 2021: Game Theory In The Age Of Chaos

This is a collection of political essays by game designer Mike Selinker (Lone Shark Games). Originally published as blog posts before the 2020 election, they draw connections between what was going on at the time and the world as gamers know it. I enjoyed it very much.

As a pundit, Mike is head and shoulders above most of what the media has to offer these days. He is well-informed, clear, completely literate, and always entertaining. Not always concise, but then, good punditry should be florid sometimes! He makes no secret of his own progressive convictions but makes no attempt to cover up the warts of the progressive movement. He also footnotes himself when he made a particularly bad or pointless prediction. Thus, his statements carry credibility. He does not just own his words; he maintains them.

Each essay is followed by a page of comment by Richard Malena-Webber, and in fact my only complaint about this book is that Rich was writing to a one-page format, and when that page was full, he had to stop. There were places where I would have willingly read much more.

You can get this heavy little tome (532 pages!) directly from Lone Shark Games, and if you like reading political commentary, you will understand and appreciate the unique point of view Mike has brought to the table.

Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Enhance Your Munchkin!

Flavor up your Munchkin games with these 30 new monster, Treasure, Class, and Race enhancers! For use with Munchkin, Munchkins & Mazes, Munchkin Tails, Munchkin Oz, or any set that uses the original Munchkin card backs! Order Munchkin Enhancers now on Warehouse 23!

Friday Lineup for Dungeon Con Online


The Dealer’s Hall is open, and the doors of The Inn of the Slumbering Drake have opened wide. It’s time to join us for a weekend of games and fun!

We’ve previewed the village and its Inn, and we’ve told you who will be in the Dealer’s Section of the village, and now it’s time to take a trip to this amazing place!

Of course, you’ll need to know HOW to get to the village of Dundraville, but that’s okay…we’ve got a map! Well, a link, but it’s kind of like a map. Just follow the link to enter into The Inn of the Slumbering Drake and then step outside its doors to visit all of the dealers of Dundraville!

And make sure you carve out some time today for the special events that will be happening! We’ve got some great events over on The Official Goodman Games Twitch Channel that will be running throughout the day—and the whole weekend!

Let’s take a look!


3:00 pm How to Be an Awesome Game Designer Learn how to get into narrative and game design with Storytelling Collective! This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Whu1ihEISDKbU00zUiw3_Glyph4_png.png
6:00 pm What’s Coming Down the 5E Pike from Goodman Games Sneak peaks and future plans for the Goodman Games 5E product line. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is unnamed-3-826x1024.png
8:00 – 10:00 pm D&D Duet Plays Land of Vampires Jonathan and Beth of D&D Duet play in a one-on-one 5e game in the dark fantasy realm of Steymhorod! This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is DDDuet-1-1024x600.png
10:00 pm – 1:00 am Robert Hartley GM’s Twitch Tales An interactive D&D game, where the viewer’s chat controls the decisions of the main character.

And don’t forget that we have games running all day Saturday and Sunday! There are open tables waiting to be filled so grab some dice and pull up a virtual chair at the gaming screen! Here are some great games that are looking for players for tomorrow’s sessions!


8:00 am EST – Event #116 – The Spirits One Inherits

The owner of a brandy distillery is in need of aid: the druid he hired to help with the latest harvest has gone mad! Help from the nearest city won’t arrive til morning… Who knows how much damage could be done to the priceless casks in the meantime? One thing is certain: the distillery has

May 29, 2021: ILCO Rules!

The Illuminati Confirmed Kickstarter has ended, meeting all stretch goals; the final total was $134,141.

Congratulations, Derek!

I am hugely excited and must now moderate my excitement enough to survive daily life while the plots of the Illuminati focus on San Francisco for a little while. You can expect regular updates and new images from the ILCO crew. I’m sure I will be told everything that I am meant to know, as well as everything my surviving spies can glean.

I so much want to play this . . .

Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Add Some Chaos To Your Game!

With the Munchkin Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Dice! These random number generators are the perfect addition to any game and even come with four new cards for Munchkin Warhammer 40,000! Get yours today from Warehouse 23!