Candlekeep Premium Map Pack (Fantasy Grounds)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


Now for Fantasy Grounds and includes LoS for Fantasy Grounds Unity

This product is perfect for your Candlekeep exploration! Most of them have additional versions in order to fit different situations.

Alternatively, you can use this in any library, fort or luxrious locations.

These maps where inspired on the descriptions from Elminster’s Candlekeep Companion and the amazing map of Candlekeep made by Marco Bernardini.


You may use these maps for both personal and commercial use. They can be altered, modified, cropped, or combined, but must maintain their original resolution. If you use these maps in commercial products, you must credit Christian Zeuch. You cannot resell these maps individually or collectively as their own product. In DriveThruRPG or DMsGuild, add Christian Zeuch as Artist.


This product presents 12 unique maps, each with different versions, with a total of 46 maps, containing mostly the Gridd (default), Gridless, Light, and Light Gridless versions.

  • Catacombs – [30×40 sq – Res 1536 x 2048] [20×20 sq; 2048×2048]
  • Caves [30×40 sq – Res 1536 x 2048]
  • Cliffside [20×20 sq – Res 2048 x 2048]
  • Courtyard [20×20 sq – Res 2048 x 2048]
  • Gate Encounter [20×20 sq – Res 2048 x 2048]
  • Guest Room [8×8 sq – Res 2048 x 2048]
  • Necessarium – Balcony [20×20 sq – Res 2048 x 2048]
  • Necessarium [20×20 sq – Res 2048 x 2048]
  • Office [10×10 sq – Res 2048 x 2048]
  • The Hearth [14×14 sq – Res 2048 x 2048]
  • The House of Binder [15×20 sq – Res 1536 x 2048]
  • Vault [8×10 sq – Res 1536 x 1920]




Note: This product is for use in the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop. If you would like to purchase the PDF version, click here.

Candlekeep Premium Map Pack (Fantasy Grounds)Price: $7.99

The Phantom of Music: An Adventure of Love and Death (Fantasy Grounds)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


Now for Fantasy Grounds and includes LoS for Fantasy Grounds Unity

The Phantom of Music: An Adventure of Love and Death

Strange accidents keep happening in the Singing Brass Dragon Opera of Waterdeep. Curtains fall during rehearsals, dancers stumble into the Orchestra pit, a flying glowing skull terrorizes the sceneshifters, and threatening letters arrive each day. Recently, a chandelier fell and killed a new employee. Now, a group of adventurers has been hired to investigate the crime and rumors surrounding the ghost haunting the opera.

An adventure about love and death inspired by Gaston Leroux’s story: The Phantom of the Opera


“The Phantom of Music cleverly adapts the beloved musical into a D&D mystery adventure, resulting in one of the most well-designed, narrative-focuses one-shots on the DM’s Guild”

-Rogue Watson


  • A 4-hour adventure for three to five 1st-5th level characters. It is optimized for an avarage party level of 4, however it can be easily adapted for characters from 1st to 7th level.
  • This adventure plays out mostly as a crime investigation where the characters go through a series of interrogations, collecting information, and clues.
  • Contains: Maps with fully coded Line of Sight for Fantasy Grounds.
  • 10 Handouts representing letters sent by the Opera Ghost.
  • All the stat blocks needed to run the adventure.
  • It can be replayed and customized with three different paths for the DM’s choice.
Note: This product is for use in the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop. If you would like to purchase the PDF version, click here.

The Phantom of Music: An Adventure of Love and Death (Fantasy Grounds)Price: $5.95

Session Notes Template

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Improve your notetaking!

This template is designed to help you organize your notes over the course of a campaign and make them easily referenceable. The note pages are designed as a two page spread in a notebook that you can lay flat at the table to capture and categorize the details of your session as it happens. At the end of the session, copy the important information from your notes to the index at the front, and include the page number of the session spread. This way, 6 months from now when you return to that tavern your campaign first started at, you can easily retrieve the details of the owner and find the page with the other relevant session details with ease!

Session Notes TemplatePrice: $1.00

Strahd’s Evil Plans (TEST)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


14 evil plans to add a new twist to your Curse of Strahd adventure. With an evil plan up your sleeve, you can surprise your PCs right when they think they’ve got it all figured out. 

If you want to make Strahd a more dangerous and and interesting foe, this is for you


Strahd's Evil Plans (TEST)Price: $0.00

Gazeta de PiedraBruja: Gnoll y Thri-Kreen – Nuevas Razas jugables para D&D 5e español

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Desde los infames Gnoll hasta los nomádicos Thri-Kreen cubrimos razas exóticas en este presente número de la Gazeta de PiedraBruja #5 para presentar a toda la comunidad rolera de D&D 5e en Español. 

Verán en los Gnoll el retrato de los voraces hombre-hiena, desde su trasfondo como posesos del señor demonio Yeenoghu. Una raza combativa y agresiva que interesará a cualquiera que experimente con un aspecto más corrupto y maléfico del juego. 

Por su lado los Thri-Kreen u hombres-mantis no se quedan atrás. Retratando un estilo de vida colectivo, sentidos insectoides, una corporalidad quitinosa y alienígena tienen capacidades y un diseño único hasta ahora en D&D 5e.  Quienes quieran explorar una mentalidad diferente, rolar un impedimento comunicacional o de plano una de las icónicas razas que pueblan el mundo del Sol Oscuro, acá tienen su oportunidad.

Pro no solamente estas razas se verán bien atendidas, pues aparte de los 6 dotes raciales que personalizan y potencian el PJ que hayas escogido, se ofrece una estilo de Combate con Armas Natruales balanceado que puede interesar a Hombres Lagarto, Tabaxi y Minotauros. 

También se incorporan 4 diseños de armas nuevas usadas icónicamente por estas razas, epro abiertas como nuevo material de juego. 

Finalmente 2 trasfondos nuevos “poseso” y “mente de colmena” cuentan nuevas historias increíbles para cualquier tipo de Personaje. 


Gazeta de PiedraBruja: Gnoll y Thri-Kreen - Nuevas Razas jugables para D&D 5e españolPrice: $2.00

Announcing the DCC Day 2021 Lineup

We’re proud to announce the lineup for DCC Day 2021!

This year will again have two releases: The DCC Day 2021 Adventure Pack and DCC Day #2: Beneath the Well of Brass. Let’s look at the details.

DCC Day 2021 Adventure Pack will be available for FREE on DCC Day, and will contain three new adventures: “Temple Siege” for DCC by Julian Bernick, “Fathoms Beneath Witch Isle” for DCC Dying Earth by Marc Bruner, and “The Neverwhen Rock” for MCC by Bob Brinkman.

DCC Day #2: Beneath the Well of Brass is a brand-new adventure by Harley Stroh, available for $10 on DCC Day.

This year, to accommodate the many differing local conditions, DCC Day items will be available online and at your FLGS. Visit a participating retailer to get the adventure pack for FREE and buy the exclusive new module on DCC Day!

Prices will be the same for both online and in retail stores: free for adventure pack, and $10 for Beneath the Well of Brass. However, if you order from the Goodman Games online store, there will still be a shipping cost, and the items will not go on sale until the actual day of DCC Day—so, accounting for shipping, the items will actually arrive after the event.

To help make things fun, we encourage you to check with your local retailer about the possibility of running in-store events during DCC Day! PLEASE be sure to obey all safety guidelines for your area, and follow all health protocols.

Goodman Games will also be hosting an online games day to help celebrate the event. More news on that as we get closer to DCC Day itself.

Retailers interested in taking part should email [email protected] for full details.

We look forward to everyone celebrating another year of Dungeon Crawl Classics with our second DCC Day event, June 26, 2021!

March 31, 2021: Hexagram #7 For The Fantasy Trip On Kickstarter In April

As we mentioned recently, the Hexagram #6 rewards are scheduled to ship to backers very soon. The Adventures 2 and Old School Monsters hardcovers are the last pieces we need to receive in the warehouse so that we can move into the fulfillment stage, and both of those hardcovers are in the United States and expected at Warehouse 23 very soon.

With the previous Kickstarter campaign for The Fantasy Trip moving into the final steps, it is time to reveal the next project: Hexagram #7! The new issue is about 99% complete and we have some fun stretch goals lined up this time around. Better still, we created a reward level specifically for those of you who have not yet joined in on the fun: If you’re new to The Fantasy Trip, you won’t want to miss this campaign’s $60 reward level that is stocked with all you need to get started playing The Fantasy Trip with your friends.

We also have a number of add-on items ready to go, making this your chance to grab some of the TFT expansions and accessories that you may have missed.

Follow Hexagram #7 on Kickstarter today!

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Munchkin Tails!

Munchkin has gone to the dogs . . . plus foxes, mice, and ponies! Anthropomorphic animals have always been popular, from the beast-headed gods of Egypt to Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny today. Now you can take them into the dungeon and fight off opponents such as the Human Rights Activist, the Robot Vacuum, or even the feared Animal Control Enforcer. Order Munchkin Tails now on Warehouse 23!

Nature Magic (Fantasy Grounds)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This is the Fantasy Grounds MOD file version of “Nature Magic, Codex Seven of the Enchiridia Mysteria.”

Have you felt your primal urges beckoning?

Some adventurers answer the call more than others, but every spellcasting class can benefit from the powers of nature to some degree.  In this collection of 57 new spells, druids and rangers benefit the most, but every spellcaster has something to learn.  Additionally, there are 2 new class archetypes: the Circle of Roots druid, and the Warden ranger.  There are also 3 new plant monsters to help support the Circle of Roots druid.

The Warden is a special labor of love here: I was fond of the 4th edition class, and I have updated them here for 5th edition as a ranger archetype.  There are the original four guardian paths to choose from (Earthstrength, Lifespirit, Stormheart, Wildblood) as well as a new path, Wintersoul.  Updating the warden required a lot of spell support, which means that 16 spells appear only on the Warden archetype spell lists for ranger! 

You may shuffle the Warden spells around if you wish, but if you make the “Form of” spells available to normal rangers and do not keep the warden’s spell list restrictions, please give the “Form of” spells a duration of concentration to address potential power level issues that may arise.

49 of the spells are brand-new, while 8 are reworked from older spells: crack ice, form of paradise’s bounty, form of the imperious phoenix, form of the starmetal warrior, form of the stone sentinel, form of the thunderstorm, form of winter’s herald, and tanglestrike is an update of tanglestaff.

Heed the call of the wild, for it may well be a warning.

An example of Nature Magic as a MOD file for Fantasy Grounds.

Check out my other works on Dungeon Masters Guild!

Nature Magic (Fantasy Grounds)Price: $8.99

The Cave

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

People have disappeared from the small village of shadow cove. Now the villagers are looking for brave adventurers who can help them.

This adventure contains

  • 1 short adventure.  
  • 1 highly detailed map over Moonshae, Trollhills and Cloak Wood 
  • The maps are extremely detailed and these types of maps will be the main source for a few adventures. Size (4294 x 2883). 

The CavePrice: $6.00

Reskinning Races

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The details in Reskinning Races are designed to give flavour and special features to the core character races of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. It allows the player and GM to use alternatives to each race to give them a more distinct feel. 

Reskinning RacesPrice: $0.38

Ships at Sea Map Pack

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

In this free map pack you’ll find four differently theemd ships for you and your party to either use as their own vessels or you can use them as the ships of your enemies. Also included are templates of ship to start you of making your own maps. 

Ships at Sea Map PackPrice: $0.99

Shadow Hunter Ranger Archetype

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Shadow Hunter is a Ranger who uses illusions and fearsome shadow beasts to hunt their foes. Good for those who want a strong subclass that provides some tactical options and utility, as well as a darker flavour for the ranger class.

Shadow Hunter Ranger ArchetypePrice: $0.00

DCC Dying Earth Cover Art Reveal

At our recent “What’s New With Goodman Games” seminar at Gary Con we debuted the cover art for the complete lineup for the DCC Dying Earth product line—and now we want to share it with you here!

This artwork includes covers for the boxed set, the three rules volumes inside the box, and all the adventures currently in the lineup. DCC Dying Earth is both a sourcebook and a setting for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role-Playing Game that offers a portal to the singular world of The Dying Earth novels by Jack Vance.

This amazing artwork includes contributions by Erol Otus, Russ Nicholson, Sanjulian, and, of course, Doug Kovacs. The books themselves contain the design and writing of Marc Bruner, Terry Olson, Bob Brinkman, and Julian Bernick, with editing by Jen Brinkman, and additional contributions by Harley Stroh, Brendan LaSalle, and Michael Curtis.

We plan to launch the Kickstarter this June, so keep your eyes open and get ready to explore DCC Dying Earth!

Now let’s look at that artwork!

DCC Dying Earth cover treatment, by Doug Kovacs
DCC Dying Earth full wraparound cover, by Doug Kovacs
DCC Dying Earth, Book One: The Players Libram, by Doug Kovacs
DCC Dying Earth, Book Two: The Primer of Practical Magic, by Doug Kovacs
DCC Dying Earth, Book Three: Intimate Anatomy of Several Creatures and Personages of the Twenty First Aeon, by Erol Otus
DCC Dying Earth #0: The Black Obelisk, written by Marc Bruner, cover art by Erol Otus
DCC Dying Earth #1: The Laughing Idol of Lar-Shan, written by Julian Bernick, cover art by Erol Otus
DCC Dying Earth #2: The Sorcerer’s Tower of Sanguine Slant, written by Terry Olson, cover art by Russ Nicholson
DCC Dying Earth #3: Magnific Machinations at the Grand Exposition, written by Bob Brinkman, cover art by Doug Kovacs
DCC Dying Earth #4: Mind Weft of the Moonstone Palace, by Marc Bruner, cover art by Sanjulian
DCC Dying Earth #5: Penumbra of the Polar Ape, by Harley Stroh, cover art by Erol Otus

This Week on Twitch – March 29 – April 4

No fooling, we’re heading into the first of April this week, and we’ve got some great shows planned for you to enjoy!

This week’s trio of programming keeps the gaming spirit alive and rolls into a new month of fun.

And don’t forget you can catch up on all our shows over on the Goodman Games YouTube channel as well!

Let’s check out the full schedule of all our Twitch shows for this week!

Schedule for the week of March 29

3:00 pm EST, Thursday, April 1

1000 Insane Worlds

Host and Guests: Brendan LaSalle and Friends

Rosin your bow and pull on your moc boots! This week 1,000 Insane Worlds takes you deep into fantasy Appalachia for there to climb Shudder Mountain!

Something’s gotten into the women-folk of the Shud, and the menfolk may not live to sing the tale! Get ready for a wild ride through yet another of the 1,000 Insane Worlds!

Tune in Thursday at 3:00 pm EST to be a part of the adventure! 

10:00 pm EST, Saturday, April 3

Danger Strangers!

Host and Guests: The Defenders of Kobold

The Defenders of Kobold are playing a new level-1 Umerica adventure written and created by Gilbert Isla, editor and writer of Umerica.

Defenders of Kobold present Danger Stranger! A live play-through show airing every-other Saturday at 10:00 pm EST.

Hop in the van adventurer! IF YOU DARE!

5:00 pm EST, Sunday, April 4

Blades Against Bandwidth: Lankhmar

Host and Guests: Judge Brendan and cohorts

This week on Blades Against Bandwidth: Lankhmar: the gang has survived their first heist! Now it’s time for the honored tradition of the City of Seven Score Thousand Smokes: fencing the goods! But nothing is ever as easy or as straightforward as it should be, and trust comes at the point of a dagger.

Don’t miss this week’s exciting second part of Masks of Lankhmar

Be sure to check out all of those great events! And don’t forget to visit all of our recent streams on the Official Goodman Games Twitch Channel!

Time Is Fleeting: Active Campaign Settings

Madness takes its toll … but before we launch into a chorus of “The Time Warp,” let’s talk about time as it applies to RPG campaign settings, in particular some of those published by Green Ronin.

Freedom City Second Edition!It begins a long while ago, the 1990s, to be specific. That was when I first began to experience the notion of an “activated” game setting. Shortly before I began freelancing for FASA Corporation, the publishers of BattleTech and Shadowrun made a point of making their respective gaming universes “active” ones, places where time passed. In the case of Shadowrun, the setting was 61 years in the future, and stayed that way as time went on. Time also marched on in BattleTech’s universe, although more prone to jumping ahead a generation or two after a couple of epic wars. Then came the multiversal campaign of Torg, with it’s “live” monthly newsletter updates of the Possibility Wars.

Many other RPGs adopted what came to be known as a “metaplot,” an advancing timeline where things happened in the setting whether you were actively playing in it or not. Sometimes, a setting would start out fairly static, as it was fleshed out and detailed, and would later be “activated” to launch a metaplot and moving timeline (as was the case later on with FASA’s fantasy RPG Earthdawn).

I worked on or with all of these settings in one form or another, so the notion of an activated campaign setting became pretty common for me. Along comes the d20 System, the Open Game License, and my career at Green Ronin Publishing. I was involved with two settings right out of the gate: the world of Aldea for Blue Rose and Freedom City (what would later become Earth-Prime) for Mutants & Masterminds. Both started off as static settings, “snapshots” of a moment in time of their particular worlds. Arguably, we “activated” Freedom City when Time of Crisis, its first full adventure, was published, but at the time the adventure was an “optional” event.

It was when the second edition of Mutants & Masterminds (and Freedom City) came along a couple of years later that things got more active. Given my prior experiences, it seemed like a fun idea to not only update the stats and expand on the world information in Freedom City, Second Edition, but also to have the same