Pioneer Martial Archetype (Explore the frontier with this D&D 5E fighter subclass)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The wild frontier is yours to control with the homebrew D&D 5E fighter subclass the Pioneer


An archetypical Pioneer is a hardy outdoorsperson that leads or guides a group as they push back nature’s frontier. Tending to favor defensive styles, many of the Pioneer’s abilities focus on support capabilities as they work to maintain their group’s safety. As with any fighter, a Pioneer offers a versatile suite of multi-role functionalities.


Leading a wagon train, building a fort or carving out a town from the untamed wilderness, Pioneers are a determined sort of people. Their goals are to get things built, keep their people safe and stay alive while doing it. Pioneers tend to be humans, half-orcs or half-elves but any race can feel the call of exploration. Personalities range from gruff individualists to charismatic leaders.

Pioneer Martial Archetype (Explore the frontier with this D&D 5E fighter subclass)Price: $0.99

Hexblade:Lady of the White Well Conversion

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
Back in 2010 in Dragon issue # 393 Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons released an alternate Fey Pact for their then 4e Hexblade Subclass introduced in Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms. Written by Robert J. Schwalb, the Fey Pact of The White Well added a King Arthur/Lady of the Lake fantasy feel to the hexblade story. The article also introduced new features and a new fey pact weapon to replace the Blade of Winter’s Mourning. This is a conversion of that 4e Hexblade option into current 5e rules.

-Robert J. Schwalb (2010). “Class Acts: Hexblade Warlocks”. Dragon #393 (Wizards of the Coast), pp. 35-39

Hexblade:Lady of the White Well ConversionPrice: $0.00

The Monster of the North

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

There’s treasure to be found in the arctic wastes of the north, but a terrible monster guards it. None who see the creature live to tell the tale. The frozen tundra is not a friendly place, let alone the monster. A whole town has disappeared, and there are those who would like to know its fate. Will your adventurers survive the icy lands? Or will they meet the same demise as so many before them?

This adventure includes opportunities for battle, role-play, and surviving the elements.

You may also enjoy some of my other adventures and magical item collections!

The_Solstice_Imposter_Icon_-_Copper.jpg   Tashas_Corkboard_of_Notes_icon..jpg   Insect_of_Nightmares_icon.jpg   Frosted_Spring_Icon.jpg

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The Monster of the NorthPrice: $2.95

A Letter Buried

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

What does a daring nighttime raid in a samurai’s villa and a ghost have to do with a letter in the far-flung lands of Kara-Tur?  Find out in this exciting one shot module for adventurers levels 5-10, set in the Forgotten Realms.

This module includes:

  • A 2-4 hour standalone urban adventure
  • Monster stat blocks for each encounter, including samurai and samurai warlords.
  • Unique weapons and samurai armor options
  • Also includes an optional guide, A Traveller’s Guide to the Hamato Islands, with lore, class builds, magic options, dragons and cultural tips for making your own adventures in the Hamato Islands!
  • Maps included in module, and as separate standlone scans for easier uploads to Roll20.

Only the bold will prevail, and only then can a buried letter see the light of day.

A Letter BuriedPrice: $1.95

On 5E FREE-day, Mythos Monsters are here, and Sea Monsters are coming!

Last month we ran our very successful Mythos Monsters “Quickstarter” campaign, creating a fantastic 74-page D&D 5E bestiary featuring over 40 eldritch abominations drawn from the minds of Lovecraft, Derleth, and those inspired by their oeuvre! From mythos minions like deep ones and nightgaunts to potent gugs, elder things, denizens of Leng, and hounds of Tindalos, to towering bholes, shoggoths, and […]

The Desperate and the Devious

Published 26 February 2021

Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition

The Desperate and the Devious

Preview the Fugitives and Collaborators Squadron Pack for Star Wars™: X-Wing


“Caleb Dume died with Depa Billaba. Me, I barely remember the guy.”
– Kanan Jarrus, Kanan: the Last Padawan

Throughout the history of the Star Wars™ galaxy, there have been those who stood in the shadows between the great powers of each era. From outcast Jedi padawans trying to forget their pasts after Order 66 to mercenaries who serve the nefarious First Order for credits, there have always been Fugitives and Collaborators.

Order your own copy of these Squadron Packs at your local retailer or online with free shipping in the continental U.S. through our website today!

The Fugitives and Collaborators Squadron Pack for Scum and Villainy includes one HWK-290 light freighter and two BTL-A4 Y-wing starfighters, all flown by outsiders who find themselves drawn into deadly conflicts. Some are mercenaries like

Arliz Hadrassian

and the

Amaxine Warriors

who flock to conflicts in any era. Others are opportunists like

Gamut Key

. And still others are there not in the criminal underworld because they desire to be, but because the galaxy has left them outcast, like

Kanan Jarrus

. Whether you are a new player of Star Wars™: X-Wing or an old pirate like

Hondo Ohnaka

who has been playing Scum and Villainy for years, this squadron pack delivers the best and worst of the galactic underworld to the game table.

The Fugitives and Collaborators squadron pack comes with three ship miniatures, 13 ship cards, and 37 upgrade cards.


Surviving on the Fringe

After Order 66 and the death of his mentor Depa Billaba, Kanan Jarrus found himself an orphan in an unfriendly galaxy. During this time, he learned to survive—and never to trust others. Kanan’s pilot ability helps himself or an ally stay alive under fire, but since he only has one Force

Available Now: February 26

Published 26 February 2021

X-Men: Mutant Insurrection

Available Now: February 26

X-Men: Mutant Insurrection Is Now Available

Take a look at the latest product from Fantasy Flight Games, now available at your local retailer!

X-Men: Mutant Insurrection

Fifty miles north of New York City, Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters may seem like just another affluent private school for exceptional students. Few could guess that these students are mutants, and fewer still know that Xavier’s School is the headquarters of the X-Men—a team of heroic mutants fighting to protect humanity from superhuman threats!

Designed by Richard Launius and Brandon Perdue, X-Men: Mutant Insurrection invites you to travel across the globe on death-defying missions to recruit new mutants, capture criminals, protect innocent lives, and battle against some of the most iconic X-Men villains. You’ll build a team of mutants, with characters like Rogue, Wolverine, and Storm joining forces with Shadowcat, Magik, and Forge. Eight distinct scenarios await, each with their own challenges, and each leading to a no-holds-barred showdown against villains like Magneto, Dark Phoenix, or the Hellfire Club. The Blackbird is ready to launch—join your team and fight for the future!

Pick up your copy of X-Men: Mutant Insurrection (MI01en) at your local retailer or online at our website today!


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Tournament of Pigs: Support this Zinequest DCC Kickstarter!

We who are about to die, salute you!

Tournament of Pigs is a Zero-Level adventure module where the players assume the roles of a group of commoners that have been selected for a competition with mysterious goals and horrendous survivability. The challenges won’t just test the player’s luck with the dice, but also their ability to think quickly, solve puzzles, and employ cunning tactics. The competition includes a medieval cooking show, relay races against oozes, pig wrestling, and a lot more that we wouldn’t want to spoil! 

Will you choose to go it alone, or form an alliance with the other competitors? Whatever you choose, only one player will be declared winner of the Tournament of Pigs!

Art by Chris Arneson

The life-expectancy of a commoner thrust into deadly adventures is short, so players pre-generate enough characters to get them through the session. In Tournament of Pigs, if a commoner dies, the player introduces a replacement at the beginning of the next event. The King’s mad mage, Falazar, has spent all year preparing the events to be featured in the Tournament. The challenges vary from baleful bloodsport, to cooking competitions, to risky riddles, to pernicious puzzles. 

Unlike most adventure modules, Tournament of Pigs is not fully cooperative. Players will be competing to score the most points by the end of the session, to be declared the winner.  How competitive, or cooperative the players want to be is entirely up to them (and the GM.) 

The adventure consist of a series of contests where players are challenged to discover a secret “Silver Prize” which unlocks access to the famed Silver Cart, and scores a player one point.  Players must be careful though, if their hapless commoner falls victim to a deadly trap, they will lose a point.  At the end of the tournament, the player with the most points is declared the victor!

Art by Ian Baggley

Get more details on the campaign over at their Kickstarter page!

Be sure to check out the DCC ZineQuest3 Kickstarters page to see all of the DCC/MCC campaigns for this year’s ZineQuest.

Events for New DCC Players at Spawn of Cyclops Con

Welcome New DCC Players! This is the place to start…

Our cute little Spawn wants nothing more than to meet gamers new to Dungeon Crawl Classics and introduce them to her favorite game system. In fact, Spawn of Cyclops Con is designed for new DCC players. We’ve got an entire New Players Welcome track devoted to open games that make for a quick, fun introductory experience that will get new players up to speed in no time.

So if you are new to DCC, here are some great games currently still open for Saturday and Sunday, helmed by experienced Judges who love to show new players the ropes!

Saturday Games for New Players

Event #4 For the Glory of Rome (12pm EST): DCC. The roar of the crowd, the thrill of combat, you crave it all! Your team of gladiators has won a chance to fight on the biggest stage of all, the Colosseum of Rome. You will face off against a myriad of terrifying creatures. If you survive, you will receive the respect of the Emperor himself!

Event #265 The Portal Under the Stars (12pm EST, Adult 18+): Once every 50 years a Portal opens in the old stone mounds. Where does it lead? To fame and glory? To riches? Or to untimely death? Would a band of villagers dare to enter the mysterious portal and test their luck in their first real dungeon crawl? 0-level funnel.

Event #300 Death Rides the Swiftest Camel (1pm EST): Riding out from Ft. Lowell near Tucson, your posse seeks to uncover the source of pestilence, drought, and seemingly, meaningless slaughter in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. A Weird Frontiers adventure.

Event #254 Shadow of the Beakmen (5pm EST): Towering obelisks stab the sky. Monstrous knights with blazing lances prowl the night. Huts burn and entire villages are taken as slaves to be fed to darksome pits. The cries of terror and panic give the horrors a name: the Beakmen have come! A Level 1 DCC Adventure

Event #8 Against the Dockside Slasher (6pm, Adult 18+): The dockside slums of the bustling metropolis, Angleport, have been struck by a series of grizzly murders, and when the latest death strikes close to home, only the PCs stand a chance at catching the killer! *Now Full!*

Event #49 Welcome to Funnelville (7pm EST): Protect your town and your small family from

Saturday’s Lineup for Spawn of Cyclops Con


The virtual con like no other is off to a colossally cyclopean start, and the sounds of gaming, canoodling, wheeling-dealing, and the chomping of adventurer’s bones echoes throughout the Citadel of the Cyclops! But we’ve only just begun — read on to see our jampacked Saturday lineup.

One thing to keep in mind is that our Dealer’s Hall is always open — but the Vendors themselves will only be appearing during certain hours. Most of our Dealers will be in their booths and available to chat with today from 4:00 to 6:00 PM EST, but double check the schedule to make sure you don’t miss your favorites.

Now let’s look at what’s happening over on Twitch today!

Twitch Schedule for Saturday, February 27

View them all at the Goodman Games Official Twitch Channel!

10:00 am EST – Behind the Scenes with Skull & Friends

The exalted Skull, lord of all things sword & sorcery, has sent a selection of his minions and interns to satiate the mortal desire for sword & sorcery discussion while they breathlessly await issue #6 of his magazine of superlative greatness. Join Chief Editorial Minion and interns #12, 34, and 657 to learn more about the ongoing open call for sword & sorcery fiction, tips and tricks for writing great fiction, and just a good discussion of what books we’ve been reading. Intern #78 will fill in if any other interns meet their demise prior to screen time.

12:00 pm EST – Crypt of the Devil Lich LIVE!

Crypt of the Devil Lich is coming! And here’s your chance to interview some of the designers who were involved with this wretched PC slaying dungeon!

2:00 pm EST – DCC College

Join the gang of fantastic (and some infamous) DCC judges to hear tips and suggestions on how to be a better judge! Glowburn Audio Wizard Hector Cruz will be the MC, supported by acclaimed judges from several interdimensional realms!

3:00 pm EST – The Heart of Vaeninus in the Funnel of Love

In this special Valentine’s Day-themed adventure, the winners of the “Love in the Age of Gongfarmers” contest play a group of adventurers who discover that an offended god has replaced the cleric Valentinus’s heart with a child’s stuffed bear. Interpreting the abstruse inspirational messages bleated out by macabre mechanical bear, the PC’s find themselves

Sezrekan’s Shopping List

Sezrekan was wandering around the Citadel of the Cyclops and it looks like he left a few fragments of his important scrolls lying around! Silly Sezrekan. But wait…what’s that written on the fragments of his scrolls? Surely this isn’t important, is it? Is it??

Here’s a fragment we found lying on the ground. Do you think this will come in useful for some con attendees?

You might find even more fragments in the Citadel of the Cyclops if you explore and look for the seven-sided Star of Sezrekan on the map.

Renharth Blackveins

Publisher: Chaosium


Monster of the Month — Volume 2, Issue 2 — February 2021

This month’s issue of Monster of the Month continues the series of Rune Masters begun last month. Inside, you’ll find a terrifying Sword of Humakt, Renharth Blackveins. Raised under the rule of the Lunar invaders, Renharth embodies patriotism without hatred, antagonism with respect. In addition to describing Renharth, this issue includes:

  • Gamemaster advice for using this new Rune Master, including adventure seeds to inspire immediate play
  • Several cult spirits Renharth has bound, including the Nightmare of the Inevitable Path, which threatens all who see it with visions of their death
  • A new subcult, Humakt Indomitable, suitable for adventurers and antagonists alike
  • Two additional non-player characters, and directions for Renharth’s retinue in war and peace

Although most of this supplement is usable with the core rulebook alone, you’ll need a copy of The Red Book of Magic from Chaosium in order to use the new subcult included herein.

About this Series: Monster of the Month is a series of bestiary entries for Chaosium’s RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. In addition to statblocks and behavior, most issues include supplemental detail and advice for gamemasters and/or new adventurer options for players.

Renharth BlackveinsPrice: $2.00

DOXA – Post-cyberpunk

Publisher: Monte Cook Games

Doxa version Online : 45€

Pour 45€ vous obtiendrez :

Le PDF interactif Livre 1 – univers

+ PDF interactif Livre 2 – règles du jeu (total de 500 pages couleurs)

+ 100 cartes de jeu

+ Un Artbook à la fin du livre 2

+ Les feuilles de personnages

+ Une feuille de rappel des règles

+ Une lettre secrète

  Le monopole de l’Ether a séparé le monde en 2 camps : Les mégacités et le monde extérieur. Futur post-cyberpunk et passé fantaisiste se cotoient sur une terre exploitée à l’extrême, créant un mélange lovecraftien piqué par 2 ou 3 doses d’adrénaline.

    Vous ne vous battez pas contre des “méchants”, mais contre des personnes emprisonnées dans un système valorisant l’aliénation. Vous êtes là pour façonner votre propre isolement dans une quête d’Ether dont vous serez le dictateur. Vous êtes un moins que rien, une merde égoïste, alors n’essayez pas de jouer au héros car votre mère n’est déjà plus fière de vous…

Que ferez vous en tant que joueurs  ?

     Vous incarnerez un délinquant ayant volé la technologie du savoir immédiat. Forcé de fuir aux yeux du gouvernement et à la convoitise des chasseurs, votre seul moyen de survivre sera de vous intéresser aux mystères que provoquent les déchets de la technologie. Vous participerez à des évènements atypiques qui vous permettront d’augmenter votre corps, au risque de devoir affronter l’étrange et l’inexplicable. Seules la curiosité et l’audace seront récompensées.

     Tout au long d’une partie, vous devrez constamment aller au-delà de votre zone de confort, faire des sacrifices, aussi bien au niveau corporel que moral, en poussant les limites de ce qui définit le vivant. Mais vous visiterez aussi des châteaux de pierre en Harley – ou bien des Apple stores en charrette -, vous pourrez croiser l’abbaye du dieu vindicateur en forme de boîtes de céréales, ou vous vous battrez même parfois avec des armes absurdes pour des causes très importantes !

     Le monde de Doxa est un monde de dualité où l’humour et le sérieux se rencontrent, où l’utopie et la dystopie se font face, passé et futur, post-cyberpunk et MedFan… Ce sera à vous de choisir votre propre direction.

Qui  sont les créateurs de Doxa ?


     Doxa est un jeu de rôle créé par la chaîne Youtube à 24 000 abonnés : NovaCorp.