Fantasy Grounds Random Encounter Generator

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This is an EXTENSION AND A MODULE for use with the Fantasy Grounds VTT.

The Random Encounter Generator 5E is here to save you from calculating an appropriate encounter ever again.

Get your PCs on the Party Sheet, load up some NPCs, fire up the generator from the Encounter window and you’re ready to make your players fight for their lives with the click of a button!

Filters allow you to narrow down generated encounters to the type, speed, or biome!

Biomes can be filled with NPCs and named for whatever environment you plan to make your party trudge through!

The frigid Arctic, the blistering Desert, dangerous Mountains, dense Urban landscapes, and more!

The module which is included provides a Reference Manual and a list of premade Biomes that utilize NPCs from the Monster Manual, Volos Guide to Monsters, Tome of Foes, and the Dungeon Masters Guide.

See the video below…

Fantasy Grounds Random Encounter GeneratorPrice: $10.00

Insect of Nightmares

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

An adventuring party gets attacked by a large insect that runs away. No big deal, right? Little do they know, they are in for the nightmare of their lives. From one danger to another, this nightmare ends with only one member left standing.

Built to fit a battle royale into a campaign without lasting effects, this adventure leaves most of the fighting to the party members amongst themselves, while still providing frightening scenarios.

Because most of the damage comes from each other, this module is fit for parties of all levels and sizes. Includes stat block for a new monster.

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Insect of NightmaresPrice: $2.95

New Character Creation Options [D&D 5e (2020)]

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

New Character Creation Options [D&D 5e (2020)]

New character creation options including a new point buy system, a method for creating mixed races and ability score customization, new language and skill proficiency versatility, a new background, and new feats.

Artwork in Progress

New Character Creation Options [D&D 5e (2020)]Price: $1.00

Voice of the Obsidian Idol

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Adventures of the Wayfinder Foundation

Voice of the Obsidian Idol!

An Eberron adventure for 1st-level characters


The death of a mysterious stranger on the streets of Fairhaven draws a band of adventurers into a tangled web of danger and intrigue. The winding path laid out before the heroes brings them into the orbit of the Wayfinder Foundation and its dying founder, but what secrets is the old explorer hiding? And what is really up with the strange obsidian idol?

The answers to these questions and more await in Voice of the Obsidian Idol, a thrilling scenario in the ADVENTURES OF THE WAYFINDER FOUNDATION! The adventure is designed for a party of four to six 1st-level characters, but can easily be adapted for levels 1 to 4. It serves as an introduction to the Wayfinder Foundation, including their troubles and recent history, and is ideal for setting the organization up as the Group Patron for the characters.

This adventure sets a party of Eberron heroes up with the Wayfinder Foundation as their Group Patron! Details of the organization can be found in the Wayfinder Foundation Primer available here!


Voice of the Obsidian IdolPrice: $2.99

Unscheduled Maintenance

Published 29 October 2020

Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition

Unscheduled Maintenance

Max Brooke Discusses the Nantex-class starfighter

The TIE/rb Heavy Expansion Pack and Heralds of Hope Squadron Pack for Star Wars™: X-Wing hit stores this Friday, bringing a totally new ship to the Galactic Empire while enhancing the Resistance with new pilots and upgrades as well as fresh paint schemes for the T-70 X-wing and RZ-2 A-wing. The points for these ships are now availble in the Support section of our product page, but this is also an opportunity to make adjustments to other ships, pilots, and upgrades. Today, X-Wing developer Max Brooke is here to discuss changes to one of the most prominent ships in the current competitive scene: the Nantex-class starfighter. Join him as he breaks down these changes and lets you know what to expect in the future!

The Nantex-class Starfighter has been a ship on a complex trajectory. In a faction full of fragile, high-maneuverability ships, we knew that wanted it to stand out as unique by highlighting its special features—its Geonosian pilots with their capability for high-intensity maneuvers, the specialized tractor array with which it is equipped, and its turret. All of these factors made close-in maneuvering a large part of its identity, which we reflected with the ship ability and upgrades. Making things even more interesting, it was the first high initiative option for the Separatists, which meant access to ace-style play for the faction, albeit an unusual form of it. Further still, thanks to Ensnare, it provided a control-style list to the faction in the form of multiple lower initiative ships with that upgrade.

These control-style lists are ultimately what lead to the first points change to Ensnare and tractor changes, far more than the dreaded Sun Fac. Sun Fac’s performance at tournaments was generally underwhelming, but multiple Petranaki Arena Aces with Ensnare could play havoc with middle-tier lists. It wasn’t overpowered, but it proved too frustrating a barrier for new players.

So when Ensnare got a points increase and tractor mechanics were changed last January, the Nantex was generally set aside by players. This isn’t too surprising: hit with both an efficiency decrease and a change to one of its core mechanics, it’s easy to see why players stepped away from it. Conventional wisdom and test data alike seemed to support the conclusion that it was

Build Your Legend

Published 29 October 2020

Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition

Build Your Legend

Preview the Jango Fett’s Slave I Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: X-Wing

“I’m just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.”
   –Jango Fett, Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

Galactic conflict may bring uncertainty, but also the chance to turn a profit. As systems flock to leave the Republic, then, those cunning and unscrupulous enough to seize them see new opportunities to make their way in the galaxy. None have used this to their advantage more than Jango Fett. Already renowned as the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy, Fett now sells his services to the Separatist Alliance, aiding them in their mission to topple the Galactic Republic.

Pre-order your own copy of the Jango Fett’s Slave I Expansion Pack at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. today!

Part of Jango Fett’s fearsome reputation can be attributed to his ship, the menacing Slave I. Fett personally outfitted this vessel with an array of deadly weaponry and soon you can put your own spin on this iconic ship with the Jango Fett’s Slave I Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: X-Wing!

The Slave I is one of the most recognizable ships in the entire Star Wars saga and this expansion adds this classic Firespray-class Patrol Craft to your collection painted in the striking blue and gray color scheme Jango Fett used at the beginning of the Clone Wars. Fett wasn’t the only bounty hunter to favor the craft, of course, and four ship cards give you access to a range of pilots to include in your Separatist squadrons.

Finally, the Firespray is known as a particularly customizable platform and this expansion also includes 13 upgrades cards for you to outfit your own for battle, including new crew cards that can be equipped by both Separatist and Scum ships.

Read on for a full look at the Jango Fett’s Slave I Expansion Pack!

Take the Job

A bounty hunter is only as good as their ship. These vessels serve many functions, from tracking targets to engaging in all-out combat and the Slave I gives Jango Fett all the tools he needs to hunt his marks and, if they won’t come quietly, bring them down on the spot. As flexible

Ashdown: The Hydra Sector For Starships & Spacemen 2E

Publisher: Luminous Design

The follow up sequel to Ashdown: Sol & Xoth Sectors For Goblinoid Games Starships & Spacemen 2E.

A vast wild frontier of space where the Galactic Confederation is not the dominant power, space-farers go missing on a routine basis, and interstellar intrigues threaten to undermine galactic peace. Pirates, space monsters, and celestial phenomenon call this region home…we call it the Hydra Sector.

Welcome To The Hydra Sector, a backwater untamed region of space where the Galactic Confederation’s presence and influence are mere echos in a vast cold expanse of space. This Campaign resource expands the Ashdown Universe for veteran players with Characters ranked level four and higher with a new region to explore. This supplement introduces 10 new solar systems, 50 new planets, 4 new unexplored forbidden stars, 2 new weapons, a new player-character race, 3 new starbases, 7 new alien creatures, 2 space diseases, several new ships and a detailed background of the region and its inhabitants.

The Luminous Design Product “Ashdown: Sol & Xoth Sectors” is required for use with this expansion. 

Ashdown: The Hydra Sector For Starships & Spacemen 2EPrice: $9.00

Friday Enhanced Map: 10-30-2020

Publisher: Paratime Design

The October 30, 2020 Friday Enhanced Map product contains a multi-layered PDF (allowing the options of white or black backgrounds, numbered or non-numbered areas, secret doors on or off, and grid or no grid) and a zip file with all relevant map files as individual jpg images.

While this map can be used as a stand alone map, it does connect to the Oct 23rd, 2020 and Oct 16th, 2020 Friday Enhanced maps.

The Friday Enhanced map is for personal use only. If you are interested in licensing the map for commercial use, please contact Tim Hartin at Paratime Design for additional info.

Friday Enhanced Map: 10-30-2020Price: $2.00

Marchlands Pocket Adventure: Dragon’s Dilemma – Adventure for Black Spear

Publisher: Sad Fishe Games

In a land of herd and pasture, where wealth is measured by their livestock, anything that threatens those numbers is a problem to be solved.  The Herding Tribe has a dragon problem.  The beast was first sighted some years ago, even then fully grown and fearsome.  For a time there was no incident, but then the cattle began to vanish, followed by a sighting of the creature flying away, cow in claw.  Now she takes cattle almost daily.  Something must be done, though what exactly may depend on what a party is capable of achieving, and what they can do while managing to sleep at night afterward.  Tracking the creature is only half the battle, after all.  

Marchlands Pocket Adventure: Dragon's Dilemma  - Adventure for Black SpearPrice: $1.95

The Cabin in the Woods (Pamphlet Adventure)

Publisher: Chaosium

The Cabin in the Woods

A group of people spends some time in a cabin, far away from the city, to party with alcohol (banned in the 1920s), camp, and hunt in the woods. After a while, some strange events occur in the cabin, and the wood surrounds the area. This scenario can be used by the Keeper to introduce a new group of Investigators that have their first contact with the Mythos.

This is a pamphlet with an adventure structure for Call of Cthulhu 7th. Print, fold and play. This is an ideal adventure for a short game, lasting an hour or two. The text presents the idea of a complete scenario, with scenes and clues. Keepers can add their own ideas to create a bigger adventure or start a campaign.

A few minutes of reading, some hours of fun.

This pamphlet is great for one-shot games. Did you get together with friends and now want to play something quick, just for fun? One of your group’s regular members missed the game, and you want to play an alternative scenario with a few hours of mystery? This adventure is for you. Just a few minutes of reading, and you will be ready to play.
By purchasing this product, you will receive:
  • A two pages PDF with an adventure pamphlet.
  • A two pages PDF pamphlet with four Pre-Made Investigators.
  • A two pages PDF pamphlet with high-quality handouts and extra (a random table with Unforeseen and Strange Events).
  • PDF files have layers with the options to hide the background (friendly print) and add fold marks.
  • Include files to print it on Letter and A4 paper sizes.

This product may undergo regular proofreading. Check this page for the latest updates.

If you find typos or grammar, have some suggestions, and comments, or if you think something needs to be different in this product, please let me know.

The Cabin in the Woods (Pamphlet Adventure)Price: $2.00

October 30, 2020: Go Vote!

It’s time to remind you again to vote! This is the last day for early voting in some states. If you miss it, don’t miss the real Voting Day. If you’re fed up with current events, this is your chance to do something about it. You can complain all you want, but your vote is a complaint that can’t be laughed off. Go do it.

Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Be Part Of A Heroic Legacy

One set with infinite adventures – what sorcery is this? It’s The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition! It includes two complete minigames (Melee and Wizard), the roleplaying rules of In the Labyrinth, two solo adventures, an extensive dungeon, and scads more. Adventure awaits a download from Warehouse 23!

Vault of Erebos

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Travel to the eternity!

Inside this adventure, you will find eight underworld encounters with story and strategy, which heroes may face on way to great artifact of Erebos – Mastix Whip.

Also you will see new mechanic of “disturbance”, which you can use in any adventure, where characters investigating some secret place with habitants, who don’t like intruders.

It’s fifth adventure from series about all five great gods artifacts from “Mythic Odysseys of Theros”.

Vault of ErebosPrice: $0.99

Traveling Calimshan

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Calimshan in a 5e setting, using materials from pervious editions to compile the dots while creating the missing ones. 

Currently a working process with information on Calimport available.

To ask questions and see the process feel free to drop by 

creativity doesn’t have a schedule unfortunately. 

Thank you for the support!

Traveling CalimshanPrice: $0.50

Dice Tombs

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Just in time for your Halloween session!

Many web sites sell fancy wooden dice vaults with very serious looking dragons carved into rare, dark wood. If you scratch mine, you owe me $80.  Some even sell coffin shaped dice boxes.

With this set, you can print your own coffin shaped dice box at home.  Or, print a tombstone shaped one.  Make a whole set for your group’s Halloween session, or any creepy adventure.


  • Fully customizable.  Wide variety of possible art, colors, and paper textures.

  • Palm-sized coffin and tombstone boxes hold about 20 dice.  Scale can be adjusted in your print dialog box.

  • Multi-layer cardstock construction is tough enough for travel on the material plane.

  • Step-by-step instructions so everyone can make one.

Game Night Advantages

  • Make a few to add serious attitude to your personal dice sets.  Or, think of a theme and gift matching dice tombs to everyone in your group.

  • Personalized designs make game night feel immersive and intimate rather than store-bought.

  • Let your players take them home as an unique and memorable keepsake.

  • Show off some creepy RPG style at home, school, or office.  Your sister wouldn’t dare take your favorite pens if doing so risked the curse of a mummy!

Dice coffin Dice coffin

Dice coffin Dice coffin

Dice tombstone Dice tombstone

Dice tombstone Dice tombstone

Dice coffin animation

Ancient trees cry out:
Why use rare wood for a box,
When paper serves well?

See more product photos at

Dice TombsPrice: $2.00