Apocalyptic 1

Publisher: Lunatic Design

This is a 5 map set of ruined towns, roads and other modern setting maps great for all of your end of the world needs. They vary from 22×17 to 44×34 and have night and day lighting scheme for each map.

Have fun and happy gaming.

Apocalyptic 1Price: $4.99

Deity Collection 2 [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Ennead Games
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

Deities and Pantheons
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 Watermarked PDF
Deities and Pantheons
“Zeus, first cause, prime mover; for what thing without Zeus is done among mortals?” Aeschylus, Agamemnon
In many ways, the deities or gods of your world should be treated as characters in their own right. They have their own desires, goals and abilities. These might be out in the open, such as preparing mortals for the end times, or they could be hidden goals, only revealed to those who prove themselves worthy.
On many worlds, these beings made the planet you are standing on, he stars in the skies. They may control the very air you breathe or can guide your blade to victory. Some gods even work with or against others divine beings.
Take your time with them and use the aspect tables to help fill in the blanks, or, use them as a starting point. Ne…
Deities and Pantheons – Names and Domains
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 Watermarked PDF
Deities and Pantheons – Names and Domains
Deities and Pantheons was a PDF produced by Ennead Games in 2017. It covered a basic system for creating deities and a pantheon for your fantasy-themed games. This takes the domain list and expands on it.
This supplemental PDF can be used on its own, or, alongside “Deities and Pantheons”. It provides you with 200 gender-neutral names for your deities, along with 400 domains, some general, some similar to each other but subtly different and some very abstract.
Inside you will find…

2 x d100 tables for simple names
4 x d100 tables for domain names

Example deity names


Example domain names


Deities and Pantheons…

Quick Generator – Holy Book Name
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Quick Generator – Holy Book Name
Give a name to the book of holy words
Holy Books are found in almost every religion. They give the followers of that religion text that help explain the creation of the world, their place in it and rules to live by. Sometimes these names can be descriptive of the contents or be metaphorical.
This Quick Generator can be used to give you a name for various holy books or a chapter/section within it. Designed

Quick Generator – Holy Book Name

Publisher: Ennead Games

Quick Generator – Holy Book Name

Give a name to the book of holy words

Holy Books are found in almost every religion. They give the followers of that religion text that help explain the creation of the world, their place in it and rules to live by. Sometimes these names can be descriptive of the contents or be metaphorical.

This Quick Generator can be used to give you a name for various holy books or a chapter/section within it. Designed for use in the fantasy genre, this can be used in modern and sci-fi setting for religions that have lasted until the current period, or for referring to holy texts of times gone past.

Featuring 2 x d100 tables that can give you 10,000 possible combinations

Example outputs:

  • The Anthem of the Epoch
  • The Matriarch Codex
  • The Sacrament of the Guardian
  • The Litany of Peace
  • The Archangel Aria

Quick Generator - Holy Book NamePrice: $1.50

August 31, 2020: Car Wars BackerKit Closing Today

The summer of Car Wars has been amazing, but all good things must come to an end. The BackerKit preorders for Car Wars Sixth Edition are closing tonight, so this is your last chance to guarantee you can get the Kickstarter items. There will be a retail release for the game after it delivers to backers, but if there’s a particular item you want to make sure to get, now is your best chance. 

Most items are still available, and while you can part it all out – for the autoduellist looking for a complete garage, I’d recommend looking at the Double Ace box. It includes two miniatures sets and a large selection of card packs, in addition to the Core Set. It’s going to get you the most bang for your buck, by a wide margin. To add to the customization, you’ve got a selection of miniature packs, all adding more unique cars – and even a set of wrecked miniatures. There’s more than enough plastic to create some real carnage on your kitchen table! 

Car Wars Car Wars 2 Car Wars 3

While we’re waiting, check out Ben’s painting guides; he has more on the way that focus on a variety of different techniques. Keep an eye on the Daily Illuminator for more Car Wars content on the way, and as always, drive offensively! 

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: Munchkin Unicorns!

Unicorns are beloved, beautiful beasts who will stab you the moment you turn your back. Time to return the favor. This set contains 15 unicorn-themed cards originally found in Munchkin Unicorns and Friends  now available on their own for people who like unicorns (but not friends). Order Munchkin Unicorns now on Warehouse 23!

Barbarian Path: Legendary Rider

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

As a Legendary Rider you find yourself in the company of a common beast early in your life, however that creature houses the soul of a legendary companion, reborn to serve as your mount and friend.  Though you may lose each other, your bond will see you reunited again and again.  

When you unleash the primal forces within your own spirit they flow outward, transforming your companion into a suitable steed.  Fighting in tandem or as one, together you form one of the most formidable duos alive.  By the end of your career your Rage will unlock the legendary form of your steed such as a Dragon, mythical monster, or even just a really big version of itself.

Barbarian Path: Legendary RiderPrice: $0.99

Lizardfolk Subraces

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Lizardfolk are too plain as they stand and could do with a little diversification and some extra subraces as they are aready a very interesting race.

Notice: If you have any ideas or complaints, to better balance the subraces, feel free to bring them up and I’ll work to fix them.

Lizardfolk SubracesPrice: $0.10

A Wild Sheep Chase FG Conversion

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This is a Fantasy Grounds conversion of “A Wild Sheep Chase” by Winghorn Press.

The Conversion was built in FG Classic and therefore should work in both classic and unity but LoS has not been added yet. 

Map for the second encounter will be updated soon. The current map is pulled straight from the .pdf.

If you are looking for the pdf please follow this link. 


A Wild Sheep Chase FG ConversionPrice: $1.00

Summoner 5e D&D

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The power to summon creatures of other dimentions to do you bidding. Solve problems with creatures from thease 6 archtypes.

Summoner 5e D&DPrice: $0.00

It’s DCC Demo Week!

September is about to arrive, and with it comes an all-new week of demo games! We’ve dubbed it DCC Demo Week!

Our online DCC demos have been so popular, we’re adding more! We’ve had many happy new fans tell us they really enjoyed the chance to learn the game from Judge Brendan that we wanted to accommodate.

Therefore we are doing DCC Demo Week! We have FIVE online Dungeon Crawl Classics demo games scheduled for next week, every evening starting Tuesday, September 1, and running through Friday, September 4. Each game is hosted by Judge Brendan and will teach the basics of DCC RPG to anyone.

This is your chance to learn Dungeon Crawl Classics from the best! You can sign up today for the games, but space is limited and we expect them to fill up fast!

DCC Demo Week begins Tuesday!

Hydra #10

Publisher: Wilhelm’s games

Speltidningen Hydra handlar om OSR och KSR.

I det här numret finner du äventyr till både Hjältarnas Tid och OSR, och mycket annat skoj.

Hydra #10Price: $2.49



A useful handbook containing level 6 spell’s variants and new components to empower each spell.

Alchemy Jug
Candle of Invocation
Cold Iron
Elemental Gem of Fire
Fingernail of a Hag
Flask of Troll’s blood
Immovable Rod
Iron Bands of Bilarro
Helm of Teleportation
Plate Armor of Etherealness
Powder of a Ghost
Ring of Elemental Command
Scale of a Black Dragon
Scale of a Blue Dragon
Scale of a Green Dragon
Scale of a Red Dragon
Scale of a Shadow Dragon
Scale of a Silver Dragon
Scale of a White Dragon
Snake of a Medusa’s head
Staff of Fire
Staff of Illusions


100 Fantasy Treasures – Vol 1 Furs (Basic)

Publisher: D10 Dimensions

The furs gathered from trap lines can be harvested for pelts and trimming for good money by any common villager or adventurer. From the common herbivore to the uncommon carnivores, this product gives you a wide range of animals and values.

This list is intended for any fantasy setting (like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, etc.) where the wildlife is varied and abundant, and there is no stigma against fur being incorporated into the home and expensive garments. Apply this information to a trapper or mountain man, a newly dead wandering animal, the fur available at the general store, or the attire of the nobility. (Looking for fur coats and capes? Check out our 100 Fantasy Treasures – Vol 2 Advanced Furs.)

This Roll Percentile list has one hundred possible results in this format Roll result:

A brief description of the animal and fur object (with value in gold pieces / coins (GP)).

Example 101: Musk-Ox Pelt (4 to 6 GP)

100 Fantasy Treasures - Vol 1 Furs (Basic)Price: $1.00