Paper Miniatures: Dungeon Classics

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Dungeon Classics Preview

Dungeon Classics

This set of 8 Paper Miniatures includes a Beholder, a Mind Flayer, a Yuan-ti, a Gelatinous Cube, an Umber Hulk, a Carrion Crawler, a Chuul and a Cloaker!

The layered PDF includes full color Front and Back Art and a Line Art Only option for people that like to color the minis themselves. Also included are several basing options that make the miniatures compatible with D&D, and unit bases for tabletop wargaming. A Cutting Tutorial is provided to help you get results like the preview image above.

Paper miniatures are a great alternative to plastic minis! You can print as many as you need whenever you need them, they look great on the table, and they are easy to store and transport!

Paper Miniatures: Dungeon ClassicsPrice: $2.95

Calpurnia’s Guide to Practical Traps (Fantasy Grounds)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

FG logo

Now for Fantasy Grounds!

Over 40 new traps and triggers for adventurers to encounter and even build themselves.

Calpurnia’s treatise on traps is a must-have for practical adventurers. Rather than detailing impossibly complex clockwork or magical contraptions, Calpurnia describes simple traps that adventurers are likely to encounter — or even construct themselves.

  • 5e Compatible. Builds upon the trap rules found in the Dungeon Master’s Guide, and is compatible with trap rules from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.
  • Trap Types. Features primitive traps, mechanical traps, alchemical traps and magic traps.
  • Crafting Rules. Most traps have rules for crafting; including material, skill check, and time requirements. Give your players something to do with those tool proficiencies.
  • Variants. Most traps include variants: ways to change the trap to be more powerful or just different.
  • Practical Focus. An emphasis on traps made from items adventurers tend to collect, including acid flasks, alchemist’s fire, caltrops, holy water, spell scrolls and wands.
  • Illusion Traps. A special chapter on turning illusionist favourites major image and programmed illusion into deadly traps.
  • Background. Calpurnia offers insight into many of the traps, discussing creative ways they can be used.
  • Bookmarks. The PDF makes full use of bookmark features, with every item linked. Also, the Table of Contents is click-able.
  • Illustrated. Art by Togohorn.

Includes the adventure: The Spectre of Sanguine Isle.

Want to put your new traps to use? Introduce your players to The Spectre of Sanguine Isle, an adventure that can scale to suit parties of levels 1 to 5.

The isolated town of Cupidinum has been shaken by a senseless murder. The culprit has fled to Sanguine Isle, and it’s up to the heroes to find him and bring him to justice. But the fugitive doesn’t want to be caught, and he knows a thing or two about guerilla warfare. Can the heroes catch their elusive prey? And was his crime quite as straight-forward as it was made out to be?




Note: This product is for use in the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop. If you would like to purchase the PDF version, click here.

Calpurnia's Guide to Practical Traps (Fantasy Grounds)Price: $8.95

Tiefling Variations

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Tiefling Variations: For All Your Alternative Description Needs.

Have you ever thought, “Man, I could really use a set of physical description tables for all non-human tiefling ancestries”? Does your worldbuilding need you to easily identify if a tiefling is dwarvish or triton at a glance while keeping within the general form and figure of a classic tiefling? Do you just need a list of animals for reference so you can describe a tiefling’s horns as something other than ram-like?

Congrats! This over-zealous nerd has done your work for you. Look inside at trait tables for 32 races, and trait tables to roll your own tiefling on.

*Colors not included.

Tiefling VariationsPrice: $0.50

Sarvin Greenscale’s Home-base Handbook

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Sarvin Greenscale, the Sword Coast’s first and only quest-by-mail adventuring tutor, has a new venture: real estate! Using his very own home-base refit system (patent pending), any space can be transformed into a home worthy of champions of the realm.

You have recently become the proud owners of a Greenscale home-base of your very own. Right now it may be little more than a simple basement or a rundown fortress, but this guide will give you all the details you need to transform it into a home worthy of heroes.

Inside you will find complete rules  for purchasing upgrades and expansions, gaining diverse  in-base crafting options to equip your team and  improve your gear, and unlock powerful downtime activities that will grant buffs and bonuses for the next time you step out into adventure.

Sarvin Greenscale's Home-base HandbookPrice: $1.67

Two New DCC Adventures For Sale on Fantasy Grounds!

The Goodman Games presence on Fantasy Grounds continues to grow! Right now there are not one, but TWO new products you can get to enhance your Fantasy Grounds Dungeon Crawl Classics campaign.

Goodman Games 2019 Yearbook Presents: DCC Riders on the Phlogiston and Dungeon Crawl Classics #79: Frozen In Time have been converted for use on Fantasy Grounds. They have just now been released on the Fantasy Grounds store and through Steam for use with the Fantasy Grounds engine.

These are just the latest releases for Fantasy Grounds, so make sure you check out the full line for Dungeon Crawl Classics (and don’t forget the Fifth Edition Fantasy product!) on Fantasy Grounds.

Now, let’s look at the latest!

Goodman Games 2019 Yearbook Presents: DCC Riders on the Phlogiston

One of the most popular releases of the year returns! This annual compilation of articles for DCC RPG includes Riders on the Phlogiston, the 2018 Gen Con tournament adventure module.

This year’s release includes four separate booklets: the adventure module, a player’s jack, a judge’s pack, and a book of handouts. Your local group can play the adventure just like the tournament format that was used at Gen Con and Origins!

In addition, a fifth booklet included herein includes a yearbook of the great new Goodman Games community content from the last year!

DCC #79: Frozen In Time

Eons-old secrets slumber beneath the forbidden Ghost Ice. Since the time of the Elders, the local tribes have shunned the crawling glacier, knowing it as taboo land that slays all who tread its frigid expanse. Now, the Ghost Ice has shattered, revealing hints at deeper mysteries entombed within its icy grasp. Strange machines and wonderful horrors stir beneath the ice…

Frozen in Time is a level 1 adventure for any DCC RPG campaign. It also includes new material for judges who want to send their adventurers in a Stone Age setting!

Food Bank Donation by Goodman Games for DCC Days Online Games

America, and the world at large, are in troubled times these days. Regardless of political views, we can all agree that far too many people have died from the virus, and the impact on our economy and society are extremely challenging. Among the many repercussions is a startling increase in the number of Americans relying on food banks to feed their families. It is so very sad to hear these stories of hungry Americans. It is doubly sad to hear stories of children who are hungry. At Goodman Games we are troubled by this turn of events and we would like to invite our fans to help us try to make a difference

After our upcoming convention DCC Days Online, Goodman Games will donate $5 to a food bank for every game that’s run at the convention. As of right now we have nearly 200 events listed, with more being added each day. We would like to thank all the judges who have submitted events so far, and encourage both judges and players to show up, have fun, and enjoy themselves at DCC Days Online. While doing that, we should also remember those who don’t have the means to participate, and support them as best we can. At the very least, everyone should be able to feed themselves and their family every day.

Our food bank of choice is the SF-Marin Food Bank, simply because The Dark Master has volunteered there before and can personally vouch for it. We encourage fans to support food banks as well. You can support the SF-Marin Food Bank, too, or another one that is local to you.

Please support DCC Days Online and assist us in our support of the SF-Marin Food Bank. Regardless of the convention, please also support your neighbors, especially those who are hungry.

As a reminder, Goodman Games offers discounted badges for DCC Days Online for those gamers who have been economically impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. If you would like information on this, email us at [email protected].

[Polish] We Śnie Nocy Letniej – Nieopisane lata ’20

Publisher: Chaosium

Trupa teatralna z dużego miasta zostaje zaproszona przez lorda Williama Knoxa, aby wystawić w jego zamku spektakl szekspirowski. Już od dłuższego czasu teatr boryka się z wieloma problemami, więc jest to szansa na odwrócenie złej passy, szczególnie że lord Knox to znany mecenas i filantrop. Co ciekawe, zleceniodawca uparł się, że podczas spektaklu sam zagra rolę Puka.

Aktorzy nie wiedzą, że lord, chociaż rzeczywiście kocha teatr, ma też mroczniejsze zamiary. Wie, że aktorów prześladuje dziwna istota, w antycznych manuskryptach zwana Podróżnikiem, która żeruje na emocjach i snach nieświadomych artystów. Zaprosił trupę, aby pojmać tę istotę i dołączyć do swojej kolekcji niesamowitości.

“We Śnie Nocy Letniej” to scenariusz przeznaczony do systemu Zew Cthulhu 7ed, druga część cyklu “Nieopisane lata ‘20”, wydawanego w ramach Miskatonic Repository. Cykl będzie składał się z krótkich scenariuszy o jasno określonym temacie przewodnim, które można poprowadzić jako osobne przygody albo wpleść w dłuższą kampanię.

Scenariusz zawiera:

  • Rozbudowaną fabułę.
  • Dokładnie rozpisanych głównych Bohaterów Niezależnych.
  • Ciekawą lokację.
  • Pomysły na możliwe sceny.
  • Gotowe handouty do druku.
  • Potrzebną mechanikę.

W cenie scenariusza otrzymasz cztery pliki PDF.

  • Scenariusz w wysokiej jakości, z grafiką i tekstem skonwertowanym na krzywe — idealny do czytania na większym ekranie.

  • Scenariusz w wersji „light”, o nieco niższej jakości, z osadzoną czcionką — wygodny do czytania na telefonie.

  • Scenariusz w wersji do druku, czyli tekst bez grafiki i kolorów.

  • Plik PDF z pomocami do sesji w wysokiej rozdzielczości i z tekstem skonwertowanym na krzywe.

Sprawdź inne nasze publikacje na LMPublishing

[Polish] We Śnie Nocy Letniej - Nieopisane lata ’20Price: $2.50

Races of Center Space 5: Dijat

Publisher: Frughtlupes

Races of Center Space 5: Dijat is the ninth volume in a series playable races for the 5th Edition rules. Each race in the series is from the Center Space setting. While the Center Space is a science fiction setting, the races can easily be used with other genres.

This volume presents the Dijat—a race adapted to life in the desert, they are tough and virtually inexhaustible.

This book contains a racial description and a new racial feat for the Uhr, as well as suggestions for adapting it to other settings.

Feedback is always appreciated, and will be reflected in future updates.

Races of Center Space 5: DijatPrice: $1.00

Brazier Crafting Kit

Publisher: Fat Dragon Games

Includes nearly 50 new .STLs for creating your own Braziers / Pillars, many not shown in the picture.

This pack includes:
        Columns—Several styles of single part prints, most in two different heights.

        Light Covers—These brazier covers can be printed and added lit or unlit.

        Power Tower—A ring Brazier provided in a single print AND  support-less versions!

        Pipeworks—Mix and Match parts to craft a unique lit/unlit model!


Eight new lightable covers, in standard styles, and new Eye style designs.

(Dungeon style is a round base. Dwarven style has an octagon base to lock into the top of the pillar.)

This set includes 7 stlyes of Brazier / Pillars, each one in two sizes.

Also included is the “Power Tower” – use as a pillar, or as a light cap. Flexible design allows you to print it to the height you want!

Additional Releases:

More Light covers: FDG Brazier Covers

LED insert for braziers: LED Light Frame

Dragonbite Compatible

Brazier Crafting KitPrice: $5.00

Starfinder-Compatible Mega- [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Rogue Genius Games
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

The Starfinder-compatible bundle so great, it took four companies to bring it to you. From Everybody Games, Legendary Games, Little Red Goblin Games, and Rogue Genius Games, more than 50 pdfs by some of the best-known names in Starfinder game design. Adventures, rules expansions, class options, setting material, and even Skittermander Minis!

A $300 value, for less than $35.

But only for a limited time!

Aethera Field Guide I (Starfinder)
Regular price: 0
Amazing Creatures of the Aethera System! Delve deeply into the worlds of the Aethera Campaign Setting in this massive 210-page exploration of the planets of the Aethera system and the flora and fa…
Arcforge: Star*Path
Regular price: 0
Find a Path to the Stars! Advanced technology in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game makes you wonder how it might fit into the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, including new rule…
Davatti Base Class (Starfinder)
Regular price: 0
Fold Space and Beat Face! Davatti is a novel base class for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game! These warrior-monks free their minds and can move in 2 new physical directions! They can fold space like o…
Legendary Worlds: Calcarata (Starfinder)
Regular price: 0
The Desolation of Dreams In the badlands of Calcarata, a long-lost offshoot of humanity has turned dream into science in an endless dance, but drug wars flourish between the lonely waypoint statio…
Legendary Worlds: Polaris 7 (Starfinder)
Regular price: 0
A World Hard and Cold   At the farthest edge of explored space, the frozen core of an icy ball of nothing beats with raw energy and priceless tritillium, and the Corporation will st…
Paper Figures: Skittermanders
Regular price: 0
Get yer skitter on! Paper Figures: Skittermanders is a collection of cut-and-tape standees for use in your Starfinder game (or any game where you’d like to use adorable furry aliens)! Five c…
Planetary Heroes (Starfinder)
Regular price: 0
Eleven exciting pregenerated characters ready to explore new worlds!     Planetary Heroes brings you an incredible collection of richly detailed and ready to use pregener…
Star Classes: Cantor
Regular price: 0
Singer to the Stars Sing the words of Creation that set the planets spinning, play the music of the Spheres as heard by your ancestors and echoing to your own ear this…
Space Dwarves
Regular price: 0
Never Underestimate a Dwarf With a Grudge One of our favorite things to do is

Hadsh truck

Publisher: Tomoko’s Paper Miniatures

3D paper models and 2D paper miniatures 28 mm for low Sci-Fi wargames. This set includes:

1. Hadsh (Alana version) – Two removable modules

2. Hadsh 2D miniatures – “Lazy” version of trucks


Hadsh 2D

Hadsh truckPrice: $3.00

May 31, 2020: GURPS On Demand Page Updated, Now With Friendlier Links!


The team has been hard at work on the GURPS On Demand program the last few months, adding more and more books so that the print-on-demand selection now includes dozens of 3rd edition and 4th edition GURPS books. They have also re-organized the page, making it easier for you to quickly scroll through the available books and decide which ones are must-haves for your personal gaming library.

Now, our web crew has made another update to the GURPS On Demand page to make it easier for our international GURPS players and GMs to take advantage of the program. Clicking on the “Available at Amazon” button under any one of the covers on this page will take you to your Amazon site. (Before the change, all of the links led to the U.S. Amazon site.) This update will make it a lot easier for you to quickly find and order the book from your regional Amazon site.

We’re not finished adding books to the program, so please keep an eye on the Daily Illuminator for news of additions to the page. And if there’s a book you would like to see released in print-on-demand, please let us know on the forums. No promises, but we’ll do what we can if we have the rights and files necessary to add a specific title to GURPS On Demand.

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Deadlands Comes To Life!

With GURPS Classic: Deadlands – Weird West, the horrific western setting comes to GURPS. With history, background, character-creation options, and a coterie of creepy critters, this sourcebook will let you party like it’s 1877 . . . and it’s a download away from Warehouse 23!

Mark of the Vestige (5e) (Fantasy Grounds)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

FG Logo

Now for Fantasy Grounds!

In the spaces between realms, accessible only through cracks in the fabric of reality, creatures of unusual power roam in search of hosts–vestiges. Using this module, one might bind a vestige to their very soul, temporarily earning supernatural abilities beyond the norm–but beware the consequences, dear friend. You may find yourself a pawn in a game beyond your reckoning.

Mark of the Vestige is a 5e conversion of 3.5e’s “Vestige” rules, as introduced in the Tome of Magic sourcebook. Using these rules, a character can perform a ritual to temporarily take on the powers of a particular vestige, in exchange for hosting that vestige in their own body–and risking the vestige influencing their actions.

This fully illustrated 56-page guide introduces the following:

  • Rules, mechanics, and roleplaying tips for including vestiges in your games
  • 32 vestiges from the Tome of Magic sourcebook, complete with lore, descriptions, and powers
  • 3 all-new vestiges exclusive to this guide
  • 20 magic items for your vestige-bound characters
  • An appendix of handouts to quickly reference a vestige’s powers mid-game
Note: This product is for use in the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop. If you would like to purchase the PDF version, click here.

Mark of the Vestige (5e) (Fantasy Grounds)Price: $9.99

The Force – Bloodline for Sorcerer D&D5E

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Upon being born into this bloodline, you feel yourself
embodied and interwoven with the force. Something
that exists throughout the multiverse and allows those
with talent and a knack for learning to control the
force, creating various feats that would be impossible
for a mortal man.

The Force - Bloodline for Sorcerer D&D5EPrice: $0.99