Dark Magic of Faerûn

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Welcome to the DARK SIDE: A collection of the foulest, evilest, disgustingest collection of nastiness a villain could want. 

19 poisons, like cave terror, Hooloond, sickstone unguent, and ulathlasss.

21 magic weapon & armor Special Abilities, like cursespewing, strength sapping, and vile.

23 magic armors, shields, and weapons, like Hellsteel, Charnel Reaver, scourge of fangs, and Trespasser.

50+ wondrous items, like the circlet of seven serpents, flensing gauntlet, girdle of skulls, and hook of dissolution.

Plus cursed items and a selection of Divine Boons to add to the Epic Boons in the Dungeon Master’s Guide!

The magic items in this book are converted from the following 3rd and 4th Edition D&D books:

  • Book of Vile Darkness (2011)
  • Book of Vile Darkness (2002)
  • Champions of Ruin (2005)
  • City of Splendors: Waterdeep (2005)
  • Lords of Darkness (2001)
  • Serpent Kingdoms (2004)
  • Underdark (2003)

Each item has been converted with the utmost care and precision so you can feel confident that its inclusion will enhance your game. 

Faerûn is soaked in magic. From the lowliest cantrip to the mightiest, worldchanging spell, magic threads its way through the lives of even the most mundane denizen of the Forgotten Realms. 

Magical objects range from simple trinkets, like a pair of slippers that magically keep your feet warm, to unfathomable artifacts capable of bending if not shattering the very fabric of space and time.

In Faerûn, heroes quest for magic, either to keep it themselves to aid them in their adventures or to seize it from the hands of a nefarious villain. Other books in this series detail items suitable for heroes. This book takes a different tack: It gives you an assortment of thoroughly evil items, foul things that only the most despicable villain would find attractive, meant for the discerning and calculating Dungeon Master to season a campaign with repulsive flavor. 

Villains employ the same magic items available to heroes. Villains also use magic items that only appeal to wicked people, those who dominate, horrify, or peel the skin off other people while they’re still alive. These items and abilities, while not necessarily evil themselves, are ideally suited to evil use.

If my experience is anything to go by, players of all alignments will be outfitting their characters with them within a few minutes of opening this book.

That’s players for you.

—R P Davis

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Fey Charmweaver Artificer Specialization (Fantasy Grounds)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This is a module for the Fantasy Grounds VTT. If you are looking for the PDF – click here.

Fey Charmweaver Title

Play the Ultimate Fey-Touched Artificer!

Introducing an Artificer Specialization bound to the Feywild!

A fey charmweaver is a crafter of tokens and trinkets that produce mystical effects for those fortunate enough to bear them. Unlike artificer specialties that focus on arcane science and experimentation, fey charmweavers delve into the rituals and practices of the Old Ways, tapping into the lore of the primeval world to craft their creations for good or ill.

Includes new subclass abilities weaving fey magic into Artificer crafting!

Fey Charmweaver Spells
Fey Token
Sign of Warding
Lucky Charm
Bound Magic

Also includes four new feats for 5E:

Fey Charm
Twist Fate
Fey Mind

Fey Charmweaver Artificer Specialization (Fantasy Grounds)Price: $4.50

The Woebegone Valley

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Woebegone Valley is a 3-4 hour adventure for 5 1-3rd level characters.

This is is a very “bare bones” style adventure.  It gives the DM a solid framework to work with, but will leave much up to their discretion.  I do not reccomend this for DMs that are just starting out.

There are literary references and goofy things included in this adventure.  A d100 random detritus table takes up a full 3 pages.  You have been warned.

An intrepid band of adventurers find themselves in the not-so-famed “Woebegone Valley”.

This valley, nestled in a looming mountain range, is peppered with huge, ancient
hardwoods that appear largely unharvested. At the southern edge of this remote picturesque valley is the tiny hamlet of Walden.

The adventurers arrive in Walden to find villagers preparing for some kind of festival. Exhausted from many weeks of travelling, a few days in this sleepy burg might be just what the cleric ordered. Nothing could possibly interrupt a midwinter festival and threaten the lives of these good, common folk, right?

The Woebegone ValleyPrice: $2.00

Westgate Stock Map

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Moonsea Marauders’ map of Westgate

“Westgate was a seedy and squalid metropolis—with a history in piracy, powerful crime syndicates, and nameless vampiric crime-lords. Westgate thrived on black-market trade and corruption, and was perhaps one of the most sordid cities in all of Faerûn. The legacy of scoundrels and spies was found in every alley, and danger lurked for the unprepared in every corner.”

Four versions, presented in both full color and black and white, with and without street/area names.
PNG format, 3183×2453 resolution.

Westgate Stock MapPrice: $2.50

ODFC03-03 Removing the Taint

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Riswyn Rumnaheim, a young female dwarf, has recently discovered that her sister has survived the Rage of Demons, but alas, this sister has been tainted by the Abyssal presence of the demon that owns her soul. She is on the lookout for adventurers to help her remove the taint, allowing her to recover at least some of the family that she lost. The characters will discover how to cleanse the soul and in so doing put down a rising evil that may threaten the surface.

This adventure contains storybeats from ODFC01-01, but is not rquired to enjoy this stand-alone adventure.

A FourHour Adventure for Tier 3 Characters. Optimized for APL 13.

ODFC03-03 Removing the TaintPrice: $4.00

COVID-19 and Product Releases

Published 30 March 2020


COVID-19 and Product Releases

Upcoming FFG Releases Are Postponed

Bringing the world’s best tabletop games to you, our fans, is extremely important for Fantasy Flight Games, and nothing brings us more joy than to see all of you tearing into the latest game on release day. However, our single most important goal is the safety and well-being of our employees, retailers, and fans. Due to the ongoing spread of COVID-19, shelter-in-place orders, and the closure of non-essential businesses in many states, we have made the difficult decision to postpone all new releases in the United States, effective immediately through the end of April 2020.

This will have a cascading effect, moving all announced products back at least one month. We are currently reevaluating our release schedule, and we’ll be posting updates and adjusting the Upcoming page as we know more.

As we all practice social distancing, we understand that tabletop games can be an essential part of that experience. However, if we continued with new releases through this tumultuous time, we would be doing a grave disservice to our retailers, many of whom have closed their doors for the duration of this pandemic, as well as our fans who may be unable to receive newly released products in many parts of the country. These changes are going into effect for the United States. However, due to the nature of this situation, different countries are taking different approaches. In other territories, please talk to your local retailers and distributors to learn about their plans for upcoming FFG product releases.

Although we are pausing the release of new products, we continue to offer a full catalog of existing games that offer hours upon hours of entertainment. We are monitoring the situation as it continues to develop, and while we hope to return to regular releases in the first week of May, we will adjust these plans as necessary to support the financial well-being of our retailers and in accordance with current safety recommendations and protocols. In the meantime, we hope that you’re able to take advantage of these weeks to try some games that may have slipped past you.

From all of us at Fantasy Flight Games, we wish you and your families the very best during this unprecedented time!

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The Emperor’s Edict

Published 30 March 2020

Legend of the Five Rings LCG

The Emperor’s Edict

A New Rules Update for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game

Every three months, developer Tyler Parrott takes a close look at the competitive metagame for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game and makes a number of tweaks to ensure the ongoing health of the game. You can download the new version of the Imperial Law (2.8 MB), the Rules Reference (4.0 MB), and the Multiplayer Rules (4.9 MB) today, and read on to hear Tyler’s own thoughts!

Developer Tyler Parrott on the Upcoming Rules Update

The year rolls on and it’s time to reevaluate the metagame of Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. To that end, let’s look at some updates that will roll out at the beginning of April to improve the game experience for Organized Play events.

Improving Multiplayer

Longtime players may observe that in addition to updating the Rules Reference for the standard game, I have also updated the online multiplayer (Enlightenment and Team Conquest) rules. Now that Clan War has been released, I’ve observed a couple of topics that were either being overlooked by players or were generating a noticeable amount of questions. This update should hopefully clarify some of those questions and help empower players who wish to play against multiple opponents!

The first thing that stood out was that while they appear in the printed rulebook, the rules for “eligible provinces” had eluded the online rules. They have been appropriately re-added! This clarifies that, with the exception of

The Crashing Wave

(Clan War, 66), which explicitly allows the defending player to change, players cannot use cards like

Chasing the Sun

(Into the Forbidden City, 58),

Matsu Agetoki

(Defenders of Rokugan, 20), or

Talisman of the Sun

(Meditations of the Ephemeral, 119) to redirect attacks from one player to another.

Two other points of confusion stood out in the Team Conquest rules, as there was

Princess Melody and the Spider Witch

Publisher: Amazing Tales

Bushybrow, an excitable squirrel comes running up to the heroes and blurts out the news that the kind Princess Melody has been kidnapped by the hungry Spider Witch and taken to her dark castle on the mountain. The heroes have to rescue her!

Princess Melody and the Spider Witch is an adventure for Amazing Tales written for the Deep Dark Wood Setting, although it could easily work for the Magical Kingdoms setting as well. 

Princess Melody and the Spider WitchPrice: $0.00

Fantasy Town Maps [BUNDLE]

Publisher: BattleMats
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

Cemetary gates 24″ x 24″ RPG Encounter Map
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
Cemetary Gates – RPG Encounter Map 24″ x 24″ image of a walled cemetary entrance with optional 1″ grid. Files included: 24″ x 24″ with 1″ grid pattern image (66 MB – 4808 x 4808 pixel image in .tiff format) 24″ x 24″ with no grid image (66 MB – 4808 x 4808 pixel image in .tiff format) Warning: for personal use only, commercial usage or printing for re-sale is not allowed. …
Cobblestone 24″ x 24″ RPG Encounter Map
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
Cobblestone – RPG Encounter Map 24″ x 24″ image of worn cobblestones with optional square or hex grids. Files included: For Large Format Printing 24″ x 24″ with no grid image (66 MB – 4808 x 4808 pixel image in .tif format) 24″ x 24″ with 1″ square pattern image (66 MB – 4808 x 4808 pixel image in .tif format) 24″ x 24″ with 1.5″ square pattern image (66 MB – 4808 x 4808 pixel image in .tif format) 24″ x 24″ with 1″ hex pattern image (66 MB – 4808 x 4808 pixel image in .tif format) 24″ x 24″ with 1.5″ hex pattern image (66 MB – 4808 x 4808 pixel image in .tif format) For Virtual tabletop 24″ x 24″ with no grid image (20 MB – 3360 x 3360 pixel image in .jpg format) 24″ x 24&qu…
Fantasy Token Set
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
 ZIP File
Fantasy Tokens – VTT Token/Asset Pack A selection of various tokens/assets for VTT use. Files included: 49 tokens (70 inc. variations) 280 DPI PNG files 280 DPI PNG files with no shadows (not all tokens have shadows so not all are in this set) 300 DPI multi layer Photoshop TIFF files List of Tokens / Assets Token Variants Size (Inches) Crate 1 1×1 Crates 2 Plain, Skull 1×1 Crates 3 1×1 Crate Barricade 4×1 Barrels 1×1 Chest Open 1×1 Coin Pile 1×1 Rowing Boat 3×2 Wagon Empty, Loaded 4×2 Wagon with Horse Empty, Loaded 4×6 Horse 2×1 Big Tent 3×3 Camp Fire 1×1 Bedroll 1×1 Tent 1×2 Coffin Closed, Open 1×1, 2×1 Throne Red, Bone, Gold 1×1 T…
Graveyard 24″ x 24″ RPG Encounter Map

Apprendisti Eroi

Publisher: Vas Quas Editrice


Apprendisti Eroi è un progetto nato circa cinque anni fa, con un’esigenza fondamentale: “Avere uno strumento per condividere con la propria famiglia il gioco di ruolo”. 

Nel manuale di Apprendisti Eroi troverete:

  • il regolamento completo adatto a bambini da cinque anni in su: il bambino non deve saper scrivere, non deve saper leggere e potrà giocare sfruttando i suoi giocattoli.
  • una guida completa che supporterà voi genitori a giocare con i vostri figli: redatta con l’aiuto di sociologi, educatori della scuola dell’infanzia, trattando tutte le tematiche fondamentali per la buona riuscita di una sessione di gioco, dal come stimolare la collaborazione fra bambini, al gestire le dispute, ad insegnare come un problema può diventare un’opportunità
  • decine di spunti sui quali costruire e ambientare le vostre avventure: nessuna preparazione prima di giocare
  • un’intera avventura tutorial, pronta per farvi giocare subito: “Gioca Subito” scritto in collaborazione con EduPlay di Gianmario e Elisa
  • Tutto questo per un unico scopo permettere a tutti di poter trasmettere ai propri cari la Magia del Gioco di Ruolo

Per giocare vi basteranno alcuni dadi a sei facce, attenzione non è necessario che sulle facce dei dadi ci siano numeri, sono anche sufficienti dadi con sei immagini diverse sulle facce.

Giocare Apprendisti Eroi consentirà ai vostri figli di impersonare personaggi che provengono dalla loro fantasia o perché no ispirati ai cartoni animati che vedono in TV, nei libri, qualsiasi esso sia! 

Imparerete immediatamente ad improvvisare una sessione di gioco, senza nessuna preparazione da fare prima e questo vi consentirà di poterlo giocare in qualsiasi momento della giornata. 

Ma forse la magia più bella che stiamo per donarvi con questo gioco, è il fatto che Apprendisti Eroi è un percorso, un gioco di ruolo con il quale i vostri bambini inizieranno a giocare con voi e con il tempo potranno ambire a giocare da soli con i loro amici (man mano che saranno più grandi). 

Prima di leggere il regolamento completo: leggete l’avventura tutorial Gioca subito (pagina 118), provate il gioco e poi andate ad approfondire nel resto del manuale il regolamento!

Apprendisti EroiPrice: $10.00

Hostile Gunlocker

Publisher: Zozer Games

The complete compilation of firearms for Zozer Games’ HOSTILE SF RPG setting. Here are all the guns from HOSTILE, the Marine Corps Handbook and Dirtside along with 18 new firearms and 4 new types of grenades. In addition there are two pages of firearms accessories and a fast-play rule for determining hit chance using the range band method. 

Artist Ian Stead provides full-colour up-to-date illustrations of all the firearms, old and new, as well as the grenade launchers and grenades. 

Hostile GunlockerPrice: $4.49

World of AEIOUS: FreeView #3

Publisher: RAdV Creatives

Welcome to the World of AEIOUS!

If you love anime, fantasy, and action then you will enjoy this. Whatever your favorite hero can do, you can emulate here to a close degree. All it needs is your imagination and daring adventurous passion. But it doesn’t stop there, AEIOUS is a whole new world where you can create your own stories and carve your own legend in the wide, wild world. 

The World of AEIOUS is a role-playing game inspired by the super actions of Dragonball Z and others that it inspired throughout the years. It is designed with an original fantasy world, distinctive races and classes, grand powers, skills, and abilities, supported by a host of legends and stories, and a fighting system that will empower you to enjoy adventuring in old and new settings; using magic, technology, luck and everything that you can get your hands into.

Prove your mastery as you develop your character’s powers, abilities, and techniques in this brave and bold world. Strive to become a master, endure to become a legend, and maybe you might get a whiff of immortality.

Fight other powerful warriors, defeat monsters, discover new lands, and prove your worth in this new adventure game. Create your own story and become part of the mythos of the world.

Enter the World of AEIOUS.


Find other FREE titles! Discover the core books!

Check out the World of AEIOUS book lineup

Subscribe and follow to be alerted when new free titles come out…

World of AEIOUS: FreeView #3Price: $0.00

Salvage Op: An Adventure PDF for The Expanse RPG

Salvage Op: A short adventure PDF for The Expanse RPGIt can be hard to keep track of the days when you’re on the float, but our hand terminals tell us it’s Monday. In honor of another week spent breathing recycled air, we’ve put  Salvage Op, a short adventure PDF for The Expanse RPG, up for sale.

(If you backed our Kickstarter campaign for The Expanse RPG you should already have this PDF as a part of your backer rewards.)

Salvage Op is a short adventure for The Expanse Roleplaying Game intended for a crew of four to six 1st to 3rd level characters. The characters encounter a small ship floating dead in space. Salvaging the ship’s cargo could be an opportunity for riches, but what danger awaits onboard? What happened to the crew, and why is it here? This adventure works well as a one-shot or can be easily inserted into an existing campaign.

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March 31, 2020: Free Gelatinous Solitaire Rules PDF!


If you’re looking to entertain a younger child during these tough times, we have another tool for your arsenal: free solitaire rules for the Gelatinous game! To play, all you need are 13 six-sided dice (all of the same size), a scrap of paper, a pencil, and this free PDF

What is Gelatinous? It’s a new dice game for three to six players in which you are a mindless blob of goo wandering through the dungeon, trying to form into a cube. To do this, you roll seven 12mm green-glitter dice and then follow the rules printed on the dice bag. You can learn more about the game at the official Gelatinous website.

Gelatinous is now open for preorder at Warehouse 23. The game is not currently scheduled for distribution release, but feedback from retailers at the GAMA show has us exploring a possible wider release for it in the future.

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Fast-Driving Fiction At Your Fingertips

It’s difficult to determine what drives a hero; it’s much easier to determine what a hero drives. Discover classic tales set in the world of Car Wars, with Autoduel Tales: The Fiction of Car Wars. Collected herein are 30 stories from Autoduel Quarterly, complete with artwork. We hope you’re driven to download it today from Warehouse 23!