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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
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CCC – ELF – 001 Life’s a Party
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It’s a time of celebration in Hillsfar. Bert, a local potion merchant and member of the Hillsfar Senate, is hosting a party. It has been one year since the Great Law of Humanity has been abolished. Many non-humans like Bert have helped forge a new future for Hillsfar, but what is the current reality?
A 4 Hour Adventure for 1st-4th Level Characters By Paul Johnson & Jia Jian Tin
**The module is heavy on Roleplaying and simple logic puzzles/exploration, with little combat**…
CCC-BWM-005 Chasing Madness
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Four demon lord cults are competing for the possession and control of a crate full of mined minerals that radiate an intense amount of faerzress power. Local Emerald Enclave leader, Captain Rairdon Tanheel, hires a group of adventurers to retake the crate and get it back into safe hands and investigate why the crate has been stolen.
A Two-Hour to Four-Hour Adventure for Tier 2 Characters Optimized for APL 8….
CCC-BWM-06 Introduction to Adventuring
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Recent events in the Moonsea have caused Hillsfar to become a booming economy.  This has attracted many new adventurers to the area and unfortunately brought an increase in deaths of overconfident adventurers too.  Bert the Goblin has decided to sponsor an “Introduction to Adventuring” workshop!  Explore Hillsfar and the five factions by participating in any one of five different missions and pick up basic skills while learning about the factions!
Five One-Hour Adventures for Tier 1 Characters. Optimized for APL 1.
The is 5 one hour adventures that don’t need to be played in any order. Each adventure is standalone and addresses a different aspect of the basics of D&D and introduces each of the five factions. It also contains an introduction to t…

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Arms of House Emveolstone

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Escutcheon displaying the heraldic coat of arms of house Emveolstone. One of the noble houses of Waterdeep.

Formats included: PNG with clear background 2000×2000 pixels and PDF

Commercial License: This product may be used in your own products published on the DMsGuild. This product may not be sold as part of a stock art package or similiar product. If used for any commercial purpose, Ole Arnesen must be credited as the creator.

Arms of House EmveolstonePrice: $2.00

Pactbound: The Binder Class for 5e

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

On the fringes of reality, powerful creatures of the multiverse have found refuge as vestiges. As a binder, you can call them back to reality and borrow their forgotten knowledge and paranormal powers.

This document updates the 3.5e Tome of Magic Binder for 5th edition, aiming to provide a simplified version of the class that nevertheless maintains its flexibility. The Binder is a magical class that uses either Intelligence or Charisma to make compacts with different vestiges, each providing their own proficiencies and granted abilities. Because you can form a new compact each day, you have an extremely diverse array of options. Compact Augmentations provide additional passive bonuses that you can re-select each day, and as you advance you gain the ability to bind ever-greater vestiges.

This document includes 5 Binder Cabals as class options, including the Knight of the Sacred Seal for more martial characters and the Scion of Stars for those who wish to call alien stars to defend them.

Through your work, the void will become encased in flesh once more.

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Pactbound: The Binder Class for 5ePrice: $1.49

The Half-Race Handbook

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Half-Race Handbook (5e)

A Modular System for Creating Unique Half-Races

The Half-Race Handbook contains 33 different races (not counting the included subraces), deconstructed into three categories: ability score modifiers, major features, and minor features. With the rules provided, you can combine these 3 categories to create just about any half-race that you can imagine. Each race has been broken down with balance in mind, so that it should be difficult to create a truly overpowered race. You can see all races and subraces that have been included in this supplements preview. 

Included with the modular system are 3 examples of half-races: the Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Koboldfolk, and Yuan-Ti Halfblood. There are also two new family-oriented backgrounds: Blended Family, and Adopted.

 half elf, half orc blended family

For any questions or comments on the material found in this or any of the my other works, you can find me on Twitter @LydiaVanHoy1


Tormund's Travel Guide Titles of Power Humble Beginnings : Classes for Commoners Divine Domains of Darkness

The Half-Race HandbookPrice: $3.95

The Dark Moot

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A high level (9-11 level range) adventure, which is set in the North of Faerun, specially the area known as the Moonwood. The Dark Moot deals with the actions of a group of dark druids that corrupt the archdruid in the region, who in turn convinces three treants to brutally attack and destroy the nearby hamlet of Winter’s Edge. The forest is home to good aligned drow and wood elves, wandering centaurs, pixies, hosts of shadows and evil lycanthropes in the north. In addition, a tunnel directly access the Shadowfel not far from Claw Hollow, the home of the woodlands lychanthropes.

This adventure fits into the Storm King’s Thunder and Elemental Evil storylines, as it takes place in the same region, particularly if those campaigns are near Silverymoon (the Moonwood is just to the northwest of Silverymoon).

The Dark Moot includes a local map of the immediate Moonwood area, which includes most of the nearby (canon) locals.

This adventure is included within my Stand Alone Adventure Bundle, as well as my Everything Andrew James Woodyard Bundle (where it is sold at a discounted price considering the bundle of PDFs in each bundle).

The Dark MootPrice: $2.99

Weaver of the Cosmos

Published 30 December 2019

Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Weaver of the Cosmos

Announcing the Sixth and Final Mythos Pack in the Dream-Eaters Cycle

“It is not well that earth’s gods leave their thrones for the spider to spin on, and their realm for the Others to sway in the dark manner of Others. Fain would the powers from outside bring chaos and horror to you, Randolph Carter, who are the cause of their upsetting, but that they know it is by you alone that the gods may be sent back to their world.”
   –H.P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

Pre-order your own copy of Weaver of the Cosmos at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. today!

The end is nigh.

Ever since occult author Virgil Gray first shared tales of his adventures in the Dreamlands, your world has turned upside down. You have made your way into these mysterious lands, witnessed their incredible beauty and their terrible dangers, and now you will finally face the horror that has been behind the bridge that has made your travels possible, if only as a side effect of their greater schemes.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Weaver of the Cosmos, the sixth and final Mythos Pack in The Dream- Eaters cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping within the continental United States!

The Bridge of Webs

Weaver of the Cosmos is Scenario 4–B of The Web of Dreams campaign for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. This scenario can be played on its own in Standalone Mode or combined with the other expansions in The Dream- Eaters cycle to form a larger four-part or eight-part campaign.

After the events of Point of No Return, you have finally reached a perilous nightmarescape, the bridge between realities that you have been led to since the very beginning. Everything has led to this—Virgil’s writings, your companions’ unending sleep, the black cat, all of it. This transdimensional space is home to a spider creature that would obliterate your world and replace it with a new reality. If you cannot stop it, there will be no Earth left to return to, no escape from this hellish dream, and the Dreamlands will be lost as well. You

An Interview With The Warehouse Yeti

An Interview With The Warehouse Yeti

By Brendan LaSalle

True Believers! Today we are going to take you inside of the heart of our operation the Goodman Games warehouse. This is, of course, the lair of the Yeti, AKA Keith LaBaw.

Here we see the Yeti in his natural element – the Command
Center! We see that a few customers have sent orders through the Goodman Games
website. The Yeti has them printed and ready to pack.

Charlie the Official Goodman Games Warehouse Dog and Goodwill Ambassador then take a moment to approve the orders.

Yeti now takes the orders down to the most wonderful place
on earth – the storage room! If you stand in the center and inhale deeply, you
can actually taste mayhem on your tongue.

Choosing an order at random, we see that Christopher Avery is going to pick up a few items. We see he’s picking up a few new Goodman Games items and some 3rd party goodness. You rock Christopher!

Fun Fact: the entire warehouse is organized around Yeti’s ability to casually reach items on an eight-foot shelf. 

Order is gathered and double-checked, with perhaps an extra moment allotted for appreciating some fine cover art.

And we are in luck! This order shall be packed in one of our nifty Goodman Tome mailers. Here we see the Yeti with the box in its larval state.

The box is folded. I had to take like ten pictures of this because Yeti does it so quickly they were all just a blur of super long arms and whirling cardboard.

Don’t forget the Gazette!

Praise be the Dark Master, this order is ready to ship!

Pack, Print, Repeat: the amount of orders Yeti can get through in a weekend is staggering. And once the orders are all put together, there is only one thing left to do . . .

. . . deliver the orders in Yeti’s post-apocalyptic death
kart, fighting off death orms, bandits, rival game companies, and the Tucson
chain demons.

Yeti’s Death Kart Skills: the reason death orms don’t eat your Goodman Games stuff.

That’s the life of a Goodman Games order. Goodman Games
processes hundreds of web orders per week all thanks to Yeti. If you meet him,
shake his hand and maybe buy him a cold beverage – he more than deserves if for
the amazing work he puts in

Zgrozy: Dyabelkarium

Publisher: Chaosium
Dyabelkarium to minibestiariusz zawierający kilka pomysłów na istoty i klątwy, które będzie można wykorzystać jako antagonistów lub przeszkody w czasie sesji Zewu Cthulhu.
Znajdziesz w nim: 
  • Opis Przybysza – kosmicznego turysty, który wskutek awarii statku utknął chwilowo na Ziemi.
  • Opis Nieśmiertelnego – przeklętego darem ponownych narodzin, za sprawą działania tajemniczych bytów z innych, koszmarnych planów. 
  • Opis Odrzuconej – wyrodnej córki Atlach-Nachy, gotowej rozpocząć polowanie na śmiertelników o słabych ciałach i umysłach. 
Dyabelkarium to część serii Zgrozy. By dowiedzieć się o niej więcej, zobacz inne teksty z serii lub znajdź nas na Facebooku (/ZgrozyRPG).
Do wykorzystania materiałów zawartych w dodatku wystarczy Starter 7. edycji Zewu Cthulhu, dostępny za darmo na polskiej stronie systemu. Kupując Dyabelkarium, uzyskujesz dostęp do dwóch plików – pełnej wersji dodatku oraz pozbawionej tła i ilustracji wersji przyjaznej drukarkom.

Zgrozy: DyabelkariumPrice: $0.00

Curious Items: Dolls

Publisher: Healing Fireball

In a small town a brightly painted toy shop is run by a matronly old toy maker.  This simple shop exterior belies the wonders within and the network of shops its matron has spawned.

Need some new treasure to give to players?  Want to add some background color to your village?  Want a new setpiece that can be easily added to any world?  Well, look no further –  your friends here at Healing Fireball Publications are here with another book in our Curious Items line.  Curious Items: Dolls offers a collection of dolls and stuffed animals, both mundane and magical.  These items can be used to spice up your world with some new and unusual magic items or simply to add color to the towns of your world.

But that’s not all – Curious Items: Dolls also offers a fully fleshed-out setpiece that can be easily slotted into any world.  A Friend Indeed Toy Shop is a cheery little shop run by a matronly old toy maker and her street urchin assistant that functions a place to encounter all the new items present in this book.  But that’s still not all – Curious Items: Dolls also presents a collection of feats and even a spell that those adventurers that would carry dolls into combat can use to get an leg up on their opponents.

Curious Items: DollsPrice: $4.00

JEStockArt – SciFi – Cloaked Merc with Energy Rifle – CNB

Publisher: Jeshields

Image Details:
Color Art
300 DPI

License Terms:
May be modified for specific needs.
Must credit ‘Jeshields’ for any use.

May not be used in the following:
Products sold primarily for artistic value (Stock art, tokens, posters, etc)
Works overtly deemed racist, sexist, or similarly offensive works
Sexually explicit works

Key Words: mercenary soldier man at arms warrior marine military agent cloak stealth night ops operation

JEStockArt - SciFi - Cloaked Merc with Energy Rifle - CNBPrice: $3.99

December 31, 2019: Dungeon Fantasy Companion 2!


Coming to Kickstarter in 2020, the Dungeon Fantasy Companion 2 expands our GURPS-driven Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game with new magic items, new monsters, and new villains . . . all written by Sean Punch! 

This 64-page book will be offered in print (U.S. only during the Kickstarter stage) as well as PDF. Why only U.S. for print? As with the Dungeon Fantasy Magic Items 2 campaign from earlier this year, if the project is successful then we will release the Dungeon Fantasy Companion 2 print book as part of the ongoing GURPS On Demand program. Using this tool will save our international players and GMs money; the majority of you will pay much less for shipping than if we were to mail the print books from Warehouse 23.

To receive email notification when the Dungeon Fantasy Companion 2 project launches, please click the “Notify me” button on this page.

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Don’t Forget Your Old Acquaintances

Sometimes what defines a hero is the interpersonal interactions with others. Give those parts of your GURPS the same detail as other mechanical aspects, with GURPS Social Engineering. This award-winning supplement is just a download away from Warehouse 23!

In Darkest Day, In Deepest Snow

In Darkest Day, In Deepest SnowPublisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

“I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape–the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ” -Andrew Wyeth

The winter is a time of darkness and cold, but also a time of renewal and rebirth. Why for centuries have humans both feared and venerated these snowy months, written so many poems and songs and stories that both hallow and alienate the winter?

This is a far deeper topic than what we are going to chat about in this supplement, but I wanted to take that idea – of winter as a being, as something that humans have fought against for so many millennia – and build those different features into D&D subclasses. In this book you will find the Old Man Winter Patron, the College of Carols Bard, the Oath of Winter Paladin, the Circle of the Blizzard Druid, and the Trapper Fighter. All inspired by and using those old stories and tales from years and years to create some winter-time roleplaying fun.

Price: $2.95

Druid: Circle of the Gatekeepers

Druid: Circle of the GatekeepersPublisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Gatekeepers have a vital place in Eberron history. They are one of the oldest druidic sects, primarily found among the orcs of the Shadow Marches. They act to protect Eberron from aberrations and other unnatural creatures and seek to prevent extraplanar incursions and attacks. The Gatekeepers maintain ancient seals that hold long-forgotten evils at bay.

Developed by thousands of generations of orcs, a tough and rugged race, Gatekeepers are equally tough and rugged. Combining martial prowess and an expanded spell list, druids of the Circle of Gatekeepers are the perfect warriors to banish foul evils to from whence they came.

Circle Features:

  • Expanded Spell List
  • Guardian Training
  • Protector’s Resolve
  • Extra Attack
  • Focused
  • Daelkyr Defender

While traditionally orcs from Eberron, any race in any campaign setting would make a good fit for a Gatekeeper.

Price: $1.00