Fey Bargains: Trade and Trickery

Fey Bargains: Trade and TrickeryPublisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Fey Bargains: Trade and Trickery


Sell your voice for fey favours!


Swap your first-born child for long-lost fey secrets!


Suffer horrible fey consequences for your hubris!


Based on the Diabolic Deals rules found in Descent into Avernus, Fey Bargains: Trade and Trickery is a set of rules for making deals with fey creatures.

Inside, you can find rules for bartering with fey of different types, from unassuming pixies to mighty lords and ladies.

Discover the wonders fey can offer, the strange demands they make and the wicked punishments they inflict on those you break their agreements.

Included are 8 devious new charms which are absolutely worth marrying an archfey.

Price: $2.00

Secrets of the Blind Palace (Fantasy Grounds)

Secrets of the Blind Palace (Fantasy Grounds)Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This is a module for the Fantasy Grounds VTT. If you are looking for the PDF – click here.

A 4-7 hour adventure for 3-7 characters of levels 1-4

The wealthy Von Crofts hire a party of adventurers to find the body of their dead son in a haunted pleasure palace – and to bring him back to life. To aid in their quest, the resurrectionists are provided with a guide: the only survivor of the previous expedition, a bard who has been unable to speak a word or sing a note since she escaped from the Blind Palace.

A thrilling adventure filled with mystery, discovery, choices that matter, engaging role-playing, and exciting combat. Inspired in part by the poem The Haunted Palace by Edgar Allen Poe and by the novels Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and The Shining by Stephen King, and by the Evil Dead movies.

Written by Tal Aviezer. Original maps & artwork by Carolyn Fox. Edited by R.P. Davis.

“I was completely enthralled with both the story-telling and design of the adventure…The mansion contains a perfect balance of exploration, combat, and role-playing opportunities…SECRETS OF THE BLIND PALACE is a fantastic haunted mansion adventure with a compelling hook, interesting NPCs, and meaningful events.” – Eric Watson, RogueWatson.com

“This is an outstanding quest, engaging and easy for a DM to get to grips with, involving minimal prep. HIGHLY recommend.” – Paul Bimler, author of Platinum bestseller D&D Solo Adventures: The Death Knight’s Squire & other awesome solo adventures

“An adventure you’ll love running as much as your players will love playing it.” – nonzerosumgames.com

Price: $4.50

Sorcerous Origin: Fey-touched

Sorcerous Origin: Fey-touchedPublisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Feywild is a twilight realm of mystery and wonder, its fey inhabitants masters of trickery and deception, their strange desires incomprehensible to mortal minds. You were touched by this place, and it has left its mark on you. Perhaps you wandered through a portal, have a distant fey ancestor, or were taken by faries for a short time as a small child. Regardless, the elegant yet untamed power of the fey lies within you, ready to break free.

Fey-touched sorcerers are skilled with enchantment and illusion, can turn invisible when they teleprort, posess potent magic resitance, and at high levels they can transport the party to a sanctuary in the Feywild to recuperate during a fight.

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Price: $2.95

Hardboiled Origins [BUNDLE]

Hardboiled Origins [BUNDLE]Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

Character Background: Bastard
Regular price: $0.64
Bundle price:
The Outsider’s Perspective Born in the shadow of wealth, power, and privilege, your family owns land, collects taxes, and wields significant political influence—but are you accepted among them? You may be an acknowledged member of the family, a social outcast your peers pretend don’t exist, or a resentful scoundrel willing to do anything to claim your rightful place. Built as an alternate approach to the Noble background, the Bastard background includes full details and questions to develop your character’s history and position as an insider on the outside. Also includes two variant options: Hedge Knight and Disinherited with additional features to flesh out your background. Also by Thieves’ Cant Games: Blood and Shadows Series
Redeemed Vampire Character Background
Regular price: $0.95
Bundle price:
Character Background Redeemed from Darkness You know the taste of blood. You understand what it is to hunger for it with no hope of ever being sated. Long ago, you despaired of ever seeing the Sun again. Yet, somehow, you stand again in the warmth of its light. At some point in your life, you were chosen—taken by a powerful undead being who fed upon your lifeblood and transformed you into a monster. Bound to your master’s bidding and compelled to hunt the night, you felt your once-pure feelings become twisted by undeath. Love turned to obsession and friendship bitter jealousy. But then you were set free! Perhaps a fearless slayer of the undead managed to defeat your master and released you from your hunger. Or an aged cleric took pity on your plight, impl…
Total value: $1.59
Special bundle price: $1.49
Savings of: $0.10 (6%)

Price: $1.59

Savage Black Friday Bundle [BUNDLE]

Savage Black Friday Bundle [BUNDLE]Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

35 Versatile NPCs
Regular price: $0.97
Bundle price:
This PDF includes 35 customizable NPCs similar to those found in the Monster Manual, but with a great emphasis on defining abilities and customizability, that they might be applied to humanoids of all types. The file comes in a printer-friendly format.
This version of 35 Versatile NPCs has been updated to reflect the quality of the NPCs in Versatile NPCs II. However, this version lacks many of the core features of Versatile NPCs II, such as descriptions, sample NPCs, and gorgeous artwork. Moreover, it has only around half as many NPCs as Versatile NPCs II. If you want the full package, you can get it here below. However, this product can scratch that NPCs itch if you can’t afford the second installment.
My other works:
Deck of Many Horrors
Regular price: $2.91
Bundle price:
Deck of Many Horrors introduces a new way to use the tarokka deck (or a deck of regular playing cards, if you don’t have one) by providing you with a collection of events, encounters, NPCs, and items optimized for spontaneously generating new situations to invigorate your game.
You can use Deck of Many Horrors to spice up a session at any time with a simple draw of a card. Each outcome is designed to bring dread or excitement to your game. As such, Deck of Many Horrors is best suited for Ravenloft games, but can be used in any horror campaign.

What you get:

57 unique events or encounters

11 original monsters and NPCs

5 new magic items

A new 8th-level spell

Original illustrations by talented artists

A quick guide to using playing cards rathe…

Drizzt Do’Urden’s Guide to Combat
Regular price: $4.99
Bundle price:
“This is an immensely useful book, full of tips and techniques to make combat special. Highly recommended.” — R. P. Davis
“If you are already a DM and you haven’t read that [the Dungeon Master’s Guide], you’re doing yourself, and your table, a disservice. Your next step is pick up this book by Darrin Scott and read it closely. You’ll be glad you did!” — NonZeroSumGames (check out the full review here)
“My life as a DM and player in combat scenarios have been made so much easier and

Sci-Fi 5E Friday DELUXE! Plus Spectacular Starfinder News!

If you ever thought about adding sci-fi to your 5E campaign, the perfect book for you is right here, the Alien Codex! Inside you’ll find nearly 300 pages of alien races, including over three dozen with playable PC rules, over 100 new class and character options, over 200 ready-to-use alien stat blocks of every Challenge, high-tech armor and weapons, […]

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JEStockArt – Supers – Armored Mech Splits Vehicle In Tunnel – GWB

JEStockArt - Supers - Armored Mech Splits Vehicle In Tunnel - GWBPublisher: Jeshields

Image Details:
Grayscale Art
300 DPI

License Terms:
May be modified for specific needs.
Must credit ‘Jeshields’ for any use.

May not be used in the following:
Products sold primarily for artistic value (Stock art, tokens, posters, etc)
Works overtly deemed racist, sexist, or similarly offensive works
Sexually explicit works

Key Words: superhuman mech tech armor suit iron man strength break crash demolish smash split rip vehicle car tunnel modern urban city villain hero

Price: $3.99

Demon Hunter:Guia Rapida en Español

Demon Hunter:Guia Rapida en EspañolPublisher: The Death Die Club

Vampiros atacando las oficinas del Gobernador. Licántropos merodeando en los suburbios. Avistamiento de otro Kraken cerca de la costa. Otro culto haciéndose pasar por una organización de autoayuda. Todos estos eventos están amenazando la paz mundial, y acercan a la Tierra a un apocalipsis demoniaco.

En su línea de trabajo, este es un martes cualquiera.

Ustedes son agentes de la Hermandad de la Antorcha Celestial, un grupo elite encargado de defender a la Tierra de las fuerzas del Mal. Ok. Es cierto que el término ”elite” no aplica para todos y también es cierto que su trabajo principal es sacar fotocopias todo el día, en una oficia obscura en un edificio abandonado. Pero si las fuerzas del Mal se atreven a atacar la tienda de la esquina, ustedes van a estar ahí para detenerlos.

Este libro es un complemento al manual de Demon Hunter en Español, y contiene las reglas basicas para los jugadores.  Si vas a iniciar una sesion con un grupo nuevo, puedes pedirles que bajen este documento para tener una idea general del sistema antes de la primer partida.

El manual completo en español lo puedes encontrar aqui (Demon Hunter en Español)

La version original del juego la puedes encontrar aqui (Demon Hunter: A Comedy of Terrors)

Price: $0.00

Exotic Ancestries – Minotaur

Exotic Ancestries - MinotaurPublisher: Necromancers of the Northwest

Don’t Mess With the Bull!


In the Pathfinder Second Edition roleplaying game, a character’s ancestry matters more than ever before, and because ancestries allow characters to choose from a variety of options and abilities as they continue to increase in level, there are more opportunities for ancestries that represent more exotic and exciting creatures that have normally not been suitable for player characters.


This book presents an exciting new ancestry, allowing players to take on the role of minotaurs. Powerful humanoids with the heads of bulls, minotaurs are known for their strength and their cunning, cutting down all that stand in their way. In this book, you’ll find:


  • Background information on minotaur characters, including an overview of their physical features, society, alignment and religion, and naming conventions.
  • Basic stats for minotaur characters.
  • Six minotaur heritages, including great-horned minotaur, maze minotaur, and shaggy minotaur.
  • Sixteen ancestry feats for minotaur characters, including Cavern Sense, Powerful Charge, and Mighty Swing.

      Price: $1.99

      A silent school

      A silent schoolPublisher: Trilobite production

      “A silent school” is a small adventure inside a ruined school of magic wich was abandoned because of the dark secret it holds. It have some old school elements and overall, can be approached more as a fast dungeon crawl. Suitable for levels 4 to 6 for fifth edition D&D, and can be easily adapted to most of the other fantasy settings and rulesets.

      The PDF is 12 pages in total and is not print intensive except the cover and a single map page; the adventure contains references to other products i’ve made and are linked inside this one, also all of the references are to pay what you want files, so go grab them and enjoy!

      Please, leave a review if you like, this helps me a lot in understanding if you like what i make here, and thanks a lot 🙂

      Price: $2.99

      MoonPunk QuickStart

      MoonPunk QuickStartPublisher: Wannabe Games

      This is the Quickstart Guide for MoonPunk, a tabletop roleplaying game about fighting oppression on The Moon. Fight the power and bring down oppression on The Moon through teamwork and direct action. MoonPunk is a narrative-driven, Powered by the Apocalypse tabletop roleplaying game with a retrofuturistic twist on a punk zine aesthetic. How are you gonna resist? March on the streets? Organize a labor union? Electrify a Louisville slugger to swing at The Authority when they raid your favorite bar?

      This quickstart has 12 playbooks, GM guide, player rule book, and 2 reference page. The playbooks will be updated until the release date, for the rest of the stuff consider buying the full game.

      You can find out more about MoonPunk on our Kickstarter page, which is still live!

      Price: $0.00

      November 30, 2019: Car Wars Sprints Ahead!


      Early yesterday morning, the Kickstarter launched for Car Wars Sixth Edition. Your support was immediate . . . and huge. It hit $200,000 a few minutes after noon. As this Illuminator gets put to bed, it’s over $280,000. And because it’s happening over the holidays when everyone is busy, it’ll be a long campaign – it ends on January 6.

      The stretch goals that have already been reached make this an even bigger and better game, and of course we’ve got more than a month to go. My private hope is that it exceeds Ogre to become our biggest Kickstarter ever. I think it could do that. But whatever happens, it’s a great campaign. Hats off to Phil Reed for all the work he did in making this happen, to Ben Williams for beautiful mini painting, to Gabby Ruenes for the refinement of rules and layouts, and of course to Sam Mitschke and Randy Scheunemann for literally years of work in creating this fantastic new design. They’ve created a game that I really enjoy playing . . . or just watching, because the components are so dramatic and the table talk is always fun.

      Keep an eye on the campaign as it progresses. We’ve still got a LOT left to show you!

      Steve Jackson


      Warehouse 23 News: Get Nostalgic With Cybernetic Tanks!

      Get a blast from the past . . . literally! It’s the Space Gamer Ogre Bundle, a collection of a dozen Space Gamer issues of special interest to Ogre fans. Discover classic material from the early 1980s, and the context of the historical gaming landscape from which Ogre was born. And if you’re looking for even more from this era, consider getting the full Space Gamer Bundle instead. Both are available to download from Warehouse 23!

      Savage Encounters Holiday Special [BUNDLE]

      Savage Encounters Holiday Special [BUNDLE]Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
      This special bundle product contains the following titles.

      Encounters in the Savage Cities
      Regular price: $6.67
      Bundle price:
      Ever needed to spice up a stay in a city?  Or, ever needed something to fill the gap between sessions when you are missing a player?  Add a little flavor to the adventurers’ city visits with a rampaging mummy, a circus gone wild, a haunted inn, and much, much, more.  You can even use these encounters in Tomb of Annihilation by adding content to Port Nyanzaru, and by using the Museum Curator background! Also included is a separate PDF containing Eberron converstion notes.
      This 80-page supplement contains 26 encounters written by best-selling Dungeon Masters Guild writers and new writers!
      Available for Fantasy Grounds by clicking here.
      Encounters in the Savage Cities includes:

      26 unique encounters / mini-adv…

      Encounters in the Savage Frontier
      Regular price: $6.67
      Bundle price:
      “Incredibly useful encounters…”, “Very useful book!”
      What could happen while traveling the vast Savage Frontier?  Just about anything!
      This 72-page supplement contains encounters written by Seven Best-Selling Dungeon Masters Guild writers and two new writers!
      *This is the PDF version.  Looking for the Fantasy Grounds version?  Click HERE!*
      Encounters in the Savage Frontier includes 24 unique encounters of various difficulty that can be used while the adventuring party travels the Savage Frontier.  It also includes several new creatures and magic items, digital hand-drawn maps (10 as downloadable .jpg files), and original artwork.  Some of the encounters are short and brief, while others may…
      Encounters in the Savage Jungles
      Regular price: $6.67
      Bundle price:
      This 80-page supplement contains 38 encounters written by many of the Dungeon Masters Guild’s best-selling writers.

      Encounters in the Savage Jungles includes 23 encounters / mini-adventures of various difficulty that can be used while the adventuring party braves the uncharted and savage jungles.  It also includes 15 Quick Encounters, and:

      A few new creatures

      New traditional weapons

      New magic items

      Downloadable maps (DM & Player)

      Custom art

      Although inspired by the Tomb of Annihilation, these encounters can be used with any official D&D campaign, or in your own home campaign.  Many could even be used in forest, wilderness, or swamp settings.
      These encounters …

      Encounters in the Savage Wilderness
      Regular price: $6.67
      Bundle price:
      What will your adventurers find in the Savage

      Winter Sorcery

      Winter SorceryPublisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

      While I think we’d all agree that hurling fireballs at groups of hapless goblins is a favorite passtime of ours, sometimes, you just want to freeze some fools.

      A fifth edition D&D archetype for the Sorcerer class.  This suppliment contains rules for creating a master of winter magics.

      This product contains: 

      • Details regarding the lore and abilities of the Winter Sorcerer
      • Statblocks for the Snow Golem and the Frostwraith!
      • One new cold-based spell for every spell level!

      This is my first shot at creating content for DMsGuild.  I sincerely hope you all enjoy it, and feedback is greatly appreciated!

      Price: $1.99